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Ashley has won three international certifications, and ruibu en has become the first infant powder certified by EU in China

Ruifuen, a brand mainly cultivated by Yashili, has become the first infant formula milk powder product in China to obtain SGS EU product certification through testing.

In the last two days, representatives of SGS, an international authoritative certification body, have granted Ashley international the EU standard product certification certificate for infant formula food, SQF (safe quality food) product certification certificate and fssc22000 food safety system certification certificate. Representatives of Intertek, an international authoritative certification body, have also granted Ashley international the fssc22000 food safety system certification certificate.

This also means that Yashili has become the first infant matching enterprise in China to obtain EU product certification. The relevant person in charge of SGS commented that Yashili has obtained three international certifications at the same time, indicating that its infant formula production has reached the world-class level.

EU standard

It is understood that in the above review process, SGS conducted on-site audit on the production process of four infant formula milk powder production plants under Yashili international in accordance with the detailed rules for the implementation of food EU standard evaluation and the technical specification for food EU standard audit, and conducted on-site sampling of products in accordance with the requirements of EU regulations. Statistics show that SGS is the world’s leading professional inspection, identification, testing and certification organization.

“All domestic factories of Yashili have passed the rigorous audit of SGS EU food safety standard certification, and Rui nurn milk powder has also passed the test, becoming the first infant formula product in China to obtain SGS EU product certification.” Yashili said.

In order to build a high standard food safety system, the company takes the risk early warning information issued by international authorities such as the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the food safety inspection agency (FSIS) and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Agency (FSANZ) as the input for the enterprise to formulate risk monitoring on the premise of adopting the requirements of relevant EU regulations, And continuously through the risk assessment of raw and auxiliary materials to identify and control the food safety risks introduced by raw and auxiliary materials.

At the same time, Yashili international has also formulated a quality management system based on the management concept of GMP, covering 26 modules of the whole industry chain, such as quality planning, process quality monitoring, quality performance management and quality management evaluation, so as to promote the standardization and standardization of production and operation quality management behavior, and successively passed GMP, HACCP, FSSC 22000 Food safety system SQF food safety and quality certification, and continuously strengthen product quality management.

In fact, the EU’s food regulations have always been known for their preciseness and strictness, and the EU’s food safety standards have always been respected internationally. Compared with most countries, the provisions of EU regulations on infant formula food are more scientific and comprehensive, such as provisions on a number of food safety indicators such as chloropropyl alcohol ester, perchlorate, dioxin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticide residues.  

Build a star brand

Since 2020, Rui buen has become the focus of resources invested by Yashili in all aspects. At present, Rui buen has become a well deserved star brand in terms of product R & D, innovation and brand strategy.

On the one hand, through the strategic deployment of quality improvement from 2018 to 2020, the product quality has been recognized in many aspects. In 2020, Yashili Rui nuren won six quality awards awarded by China Quality Inspection Association, including “national consumer quality trustworthy products”, “national leading brand in infant milk powder industry”, “national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise” and “national top 100 quality integrity standard enterprise”.

Last year, Mengniu ruibu enjingpo, which applied the latest research results of Chinese breast milk, also won the breast milk innovation award of research results of national key research projects in the 13th five year plan. In order to further improve the nutrition of ruibu enjingpo series milk powder, the product adopts New Zealand high-quality milk source and advanced MSD production process (multi-stage low-temperature drying process), so as to minimize the thermal denaturation of whey protein and other nutrients in the milk powder and retain the activity of nutrients to the greatest extent.

At the same time, Yashili ruibu enjingpo series (cross-border version) also took the lead in applying the innovative scientific research achievement UPU, realized the simulation of triglycerides in infant formula from single OPO to multiple UPU, and also brought Yashili’s infant formula into the “UPU era”.

From the perspective of brand strategy, in July 2020, ruifuen carried out brand renewal and upgrading, issued a new brand proposition of “milk powder more friendly to baby’s physique”, and accelerated the investment in brand construction and key channels.

Looking forward to the future, Yashili International said that it would continue to uphold the enterprise values of “consumers first, first and first”, fully implement the action of “quality design and perfect products”, present high-standard products with consistent appearance and feeling to consumers, and provide high-quality products and perfect consumption experience that meet consumers’ expectations “.

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