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Danone has been an outstanding employer in China for five consecutive years!

“2022 China outstanding employer certification” was released today. Danone China, which has won the award for the fifth consecutive year, has achieved the best result since participating in the evaluation! Initiated by the international authoritative top employees Institute, the award aims to certify the world’s leading employers who provide excellent working conditions for employees. It is one of the most influential and appealing annual awards in the field of human resources in the world.

In this regard, Xie Weibo, President of Danone Greater China and Oceania, said: “Danone has been rooted in China for nearly 40 years. It not only pays attention to product and business innovation that fits Chinese consumers and patients, but also adheres to the development concept of” in China, for China “at the level of corporate culture and human resources construction. The five consecutive” outstanding employers in China “is an important recognition of Danone’s continuous efforts in the Chinese market.”

Du Li, vice president of human resources in Greater China and Oceania of Danone, said: “in this year’s selection, Danone has made outstanding achievements in ‘sustainable development’ and ‘caring for employee health’, which makes us happy, because these are the areas we focus on and the performance of our external and internal commitments, and we will continue to strengthen them.”

Win win business and social values

Eat your own vegetables in the canteen and enjoy and water your own flowers during lunch break. This “pastoral life” is the daily life of Danone’s employees in Wuhan factory. What’s more amazing is that all the water for watering the vegetable garden and garden comes from the treated production wastewater, realizing the internal water circulation in the plant.

This “feng shui treasure land” is a “pulsating ecological garden” proud of factory employees. Since its establishment in 2018, it has developed into a “online Red punch in point” of the local community.

In fact, Antoine Lieb, the founder of Danone, put forward the dual commitment of business success and social progress more than 50 years ago, which also makes Danone a pioneer in promoting and practicing enterprises in the food and beverage industry to achieve win-win business value and social value.

Statistics show that in 2020, Danone early life nutrition Greater China obtained the B Corp (mutual benefit enterprise) certification, becoming the largest mutual benefit enterprise cluster in Asia. Last August, Danone China beverage also obtained this certification, becoming the largest “mutual benefit enterprise” in the beverage industry in Greater China.

Danone China has also set up a variety of corporate social responsibility projects and platforms. Taking the “pulse Pathfinder program” as an example, the initial investment of the project is 10 million yuan, which supports 100 new migrant youth to realize their university dream every year.

Danone will also specially build a “pulse Growth Camp”, invite Danone China’s management and senior business backbone to serve as career development mentors for young people, and will use Danone’s industrial chain resources to seek more development opportunities for them.


In addition, Danone China also actively cares for rare diseases and the health of children in poor areas. The “Rainbow care plan” project launched by the company in 2016 also achieved a comprehensive upgrade last year and launched the first professional parent-child camp for phenylketonuria (PKU) in China.

The incidence rate of congenital metabolic diseases is only 1/16500. So the market can not bring considerable profits to the company. Danone has been committed to helping them get more dignity and quality.

Danone has also cooperated with government departments to participate in poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization. The “children’s nutrition package” project implemented in China has so far provided Danone’s nutrition package products to more than 300000 children in more than 2500 villages. By further promoting nutrition equalization, Danone will help healthy China and lay a solid “nutritional foundation” for common prosperity.

Create a “healthy culture”

As a global health and nutrition food giant, “health” not only runs through Danone’s core business links from R & D to production, but also deeply integrates into Danone’s corporate culture. Therefore, “employee health without trifles” has also become an indispensable part of Danone’s Chinese employer values.

In Danone, additional commercial medical insurance and accident insurance have been fully covered, and every Danone employee enjoys full commercial medical insurance. In addition to physical health, Danone also pays attention to the mental health of employees, and cooperates with professional institutions to provide 7 * 24-hour professional psychological counseling and guidance services for employees and their families.

Physical and mental health are escorted by the company, and employees are bound to be “relaxed and fat”? No! In order to keep employees healthy, Danone China has also added many ingenious ideas to employee care.

For example, in 2021, Danone China innovatively launched the “low calorie program”, which marked the number of calories of various snack products on the snack cabinet to remind employees to supplement energy from a healthy diet.

In addition to reminding employees to “keep your mouth shut”, the company also launched an employee fitness plan to help “open your legs”. It not only successfully built a “net red” sports club, but also kindly invited fitness coaches to provide professional door-to-door guidance services.

Think what employees think, “people-oriented” is Danone’s excellent cultural concept for many years. In the past 40 years of Danone’s development in China, the company has also constantly explored an employer value management system suitable for localized talents, and finally formed a “more grounded” employee care management model.

Jin Lilai, general manager of China, an outstanding employer research organization, pointed out: “the outstanding employer certification is an objective certification for enterprises based on the audit of human resources environment. Danone China has won this certification continuously, which fully proves that the company has always maintained a competitive employment environment and innovative human resources management practice for many years.”

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