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An innovative track was opened across categories, and Mengniu Chunzhen greedy yogurt “jumped” into the new blue ocean of dairy products

in the face of the fiercely competitive normal temperature yogurt category, will yogurt snack be an effective way to break the circle in the future?

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With the increasingly fierce competition in yogurt Market and serious product homogenization, it has become the consensus of all brands to provide more novel and differentiated consumption experience to improve recognition. How to open up a new track in a mature category, let’s take a look!
100 billion yogurt market volume,
Category innovation seeks to break the circle
In decades of development, the growth of China’s yogurt market has led the world. According to Euromonitor data, the sales volume of China’s Yogurt Market in 2020 was 150.7 billion yuan, and yogurt has become a mature category in the dairy industry. Looking back at the category evolution of yogurt, from niche market to the inner volume of the industry, and consumers’ pickiness about high-quality and diversified dairy products, the maturity of category development means greater pressure. Dairy enterprises must constantly look for innovation points to obtain opportunities to expand the market.
From delicious tasting to functional pursuit, low-temperature yogurt and normal temperature yogurt stand on the same side
In the early 1980s, the modern production of yogurt in China began. At that time, solidified yogurt was the most popular. Yogurt in porcelain or glass bottles has become the first sweet memory of a generation about yogurt.
In the middle and late 1990s, China’s yogurt industry entered a period of rapid development. According to the data of IDF China National Committee, the output of yogurt in China was 120000 tons in 1998 and increased to 420000 tons in 2001. According to Nielsen’s data, there were 8 kinds of food and beverage products with double-digit growth in China in 2001, of which the sales growth rate of yogurt / sour milk reached 39%, ranking first in all categories.
In 2009, China’s first normal temperature yogurt was born. In China, where the cold chain logistics is not perfect enough, the emergence of normal temperature yogurt has created a new category of yogurt. Compared with low-temperature yoghurt, normal temperature yoghurt is convenient to transport, preserve and carry. It is not limited by distance and region. The production and sales volume has increased sharply, opening tens of billions of markets and new tracks for Chinese yoghurt.
In the competition between low-temperature yoghurt and normal temperature yoghurt, their growth gradually slows down. Normal temperature yoghurt urgently needs to find new ways to break the circle, explore richer consumption scenarios and realize secondary growth.
Enjoy the variety of senses, “snack transformation” creates a new track for yogurt snacks
In addition to health demands, more and more consumers expect the upgrading of sensory experience, the expansion of consumption scenes and the strengthening of social attributes of yogurt products.
Foodaily believes that by observing the explosive products of other categories such as beverages, new tea drinks and baking in recent years, it can be found that the unique taste and pleasant rich eating experience can be said to be the tried and true explosive code, and it is also an important way to differentiate the manufacture of new products of many brands. If the product also has the characteristics of “light burden”, the possibility of big explosion will be higher.
picture source: Mengniu
Returning to dairy products, yogurt has the impression of “health” in the eyes of the public, and can also provide a certain sense of satiety. At the same time, it has milk aroma and sour, sweet and refreshing feeling. It naturally has the characteristics of “healthy and delicious”. Whether it is eaten directly or as an ingredient of other foods, it can provide unique taste and flavor. Therefore, many people develop more patterns of eating yogurt in their daily life and use yogurt as raw materials for snacks and desserts.
Many recipes can be seen in the little red book. Various fruits, grains and other ingredients are added to yogurt to make yogurt desserts and snacks of “delicious but not fat” and “immortal eating method”, such as low-fat yogurt bowl, yogurt jelly, frozen yogurt, yogurt toast, thick cut yogurt block, oatmeal yogurt box and so on.
Yogurt Recipe on little red book, picture source: Little Red Book
It can be seen that yogurt, as a “healthy and light burden” food, yogurt snack yogurt is in line with the preference of contemporary consumers for “high-quality satisfaction” products that are delicious but not fat. It should also be an important opportunity for yogurt innovation in the future. Adding ingredients to increase the richness of yogurt products is an important way to snack yogurt.
Following Chunzhen, a young consumer group, the recently launched greedy yogurt is a typical case in line with this opportunity point. It aims at the cross category of yogurt x snacks, creates a unique sensory experience by matching rich and interesting materials, and demonstrates a new way out of the circle of high-end normal temperature yogurt.
What kind of product is Chunzhen greedy yogurt, and what are the characteristics and creativity? Looking from Mengniu Chunzhen greedy yogurt to the whole yogurt category and breaking the category boundary, how can yogurt find a new growth point? What ideas does the cross track playing method of Mengniu Chunzhen greedy yogurt provide for the innovation and change of the yogurt industry? Now let’s take a look.
Jump out of the yogurt circle! Yogurt + novel ingredients + original packaging, pure greedy yogurt occupies a place, a new track for yogurt snacks
After three years of polishing, Chunzhen’s greedy yogurt with jumping sugar is finally available. The design of each part of the whole product reflects the ingenuity of the R & D team.
Jumping candy + broken almonds + pitaya pudding + crispy milk, rich creative ingredients and multiple novel experiences
In terms of raw materials, Chunzhen greedy yogurt continues the consistent brand proposition of Chunzhen real materials, and selects four small materials: Qiqu Tiao sugar, sea salt almond chips imported from the United States, FD vacuum freeze-dried red heart pitaya pudding and milk flavored crisp milk. Rich small materials with thick, dense, delicate and smooth fragrant yogurt, the strength of the food industry, and the players work together to deduce what is “delicious to jump up”.
Source: Mengniu
Mix the small ingredients into the yogurt. In one bite, the crispy almond kernels release a rich and full aroma of nuts. The milk is round and lovely. The taste of crisp milk is very crisp. The light and crisp freeze-dried red heart pitaya pudding will be mixed with the whole cup of yogurt to produce a beautiful natural light pink. The girl’s heart is full, The addition of jumping sugar can be said to inject an interesting soul into this product.
When the ingredients are poured into the yoghurt and stirred, you can hear the “crackling” sound of tiatiao sugar. When you eat it into your mouth, Tiao sugar continues to pull the yoghurt to dance in your mouth and directly explode fireworks on your taste buds. The crisp and small popping sound comes one after another, all the way from the mouth to the ears, bringing double sensory stimulation of hearing and taste.
Greedy yogurt is very layered from vision to taste. It’s delicious and fun. The novel and rich experience is irresistible. While delicious, it also fully endows the product with a sense of differentiated experience and social sharing attributes.
In terms of formula, although it is positioned as “yogurt snack”, Chunzhen greedy yogurt still pays attention to the health of products and caters to the current consumer preference for low sugar products. The content of white granulated sugar decreased by about 31%, and the protein content was 35% higher than the national standard of flavor fermented milk. It uses four kinds of bacteria to ferment. It is a delicious and light negative healthy appetizer yogurt snack.
The first up-down mirror structure packaging, patent integration and customized spoon are more environmentally friendly
In terms of packaging, Chunzhen greedy yogurt adopts the first up-down mirror structure packaging in China. The product shape also has recognition and memory points, so that people can always see it on the shelf at a glance.
The cup body uses 8 layers of CO extruded high barrier PP preformed cup, the outer layer blocks light and the middle blocks oxygen, providing full protection for the contents with excellent barrier performance. The small material bag adopts multi-layer composite film structure and also has good barrier performance to prolong the freshness of small materials.
In addition, Chunzhen pure yogurt adopts a patented integrated custom spoon to connect the upper cover and the lower cup, reducing the separate plastic bag for the spoon, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.
Source: Mengniu
Play business alienation, and creative marketing promotes Chunzhen’s new products to jump out of the circle quickly
Based on the differentiated characteristics of the product “Tiao Tang”, the brand spokesman Zhang Yixing, TVC and posters quickly spread and discussed in the fan circle, rapidly improving the cognition of new greedy yogurt. Since its listing, greedy yogurt has ranked first in the new products of tmall Chunzhen flagship store, and its sales performance is very bright; It also won the title of tmall’s good quality goods, with a good reputation of 10 points (data source: Voice of customers).
Source: Mengniu
KOL consumes grass and creates net red yogurt snacks
After greedy yogurt went on the market, Chunzhen and xiaohongshu launched a new product experience activity. The novel product selling points and bright packaging attracted nearly 10000 people to apply for registration in just three days; From the drama, office rest, afternoon tea and other life and work scenes, cut into planting grass, comprehensively spread, deepen consumers’ awareness of greedy yogurt, trigger a large number of Koc tap water communication, and take the initiative to plant new Amway grass.
Greedy yogurt in the little red book, this wave of new product experience planting grass has won a lot of praise from consumers: “this yogurt will jump on my tongue!” “This yogurt can set off firecrackers in your mouth!” “I want to drink after drinking a cup!” “You have to eat two cups in a row!” “Great!”. This delicious and fun yogurt snack has reached 2.32 million + views on topics in little red book.
Feedback on little red book, picture source: Little Red Book
With the increasingly fierce competition in the yogurt Market and developing towards a more differentiated direction, the emergence of Chunzhen greedy yogurt not only enriches the product matrix of Chunzhen series, but also accurately captures consumers’ demand for nutritious, healthy, delicious and fun snacks. Its product design shows us that yogurt can also have a new way of breaking the circle of “breaking away from common sense”, which opens up ideas for iterative innovation of yogurt categories. The product’s clear positioning of “yogurt snacks” can also be said to signal the opening of a new dairy track, lead the new track of yogurt snacks, and expand the new blue ocean of categories in the yogurt Market. Look forward to the new products and actions of Chunzhen Series in the future, and lead the next break in the yogurt industry!
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