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Luo Shide retired as the chairman of Guangzhou frozen food. If Yuchen cooperates with Costa strategically, COFCO has more flexible control over Mengniu. Aunt Qian believes that Yihe catering may be sold because she underestimates the difficulty of the Beijing market

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Rochester retired as chairman of Guangzhou frozen food


According to the industrial and commercial information, on January 20, there was a personnel change in Guangzhou Frozen Food Co., Ltd., and the chairman of the board, Mr. Luo Shide, withdrew from the main personnel and added Angelo Giardini (Chairman). (snack generation)

Ruoyuchen reached strategic cooperation with Costa to jointly build coffee E-commerce

Recently, ruoyuchen and Costa officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Wang Yu, founder and chairman of ruoyuchen, and Ouyang Qingqiu, general manager of Costa China, attended the ceremony. The two sides announced that they would carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of e-commerce channel expansion, digital marketing and consumer operation, so as to jointly create a new pattern of coffee e-commerce cooperation. (Global Fortune)

Aunt Qian admitted that she underestimated the difficulty of the Beijing market


Recently, the news of aunt Qian’s centralized closure of stores in Beijing has once again attracted the attention of the industry. Aunt Qian believes that it underestimates the difficulty of the Beijing market and the operating pressure brought by high house rents in the Beijing market. After comprehensive evaluation, the company plans to invest more resources in relatively stable and mature markets, and will also increase the R & D and investment of prefabricated dishes in these mature markets. (connect insight)

COFCO implements a more flexible management and control mode for Mengniu

The official website of SASAC pointed out yesterday that Mengniu Dairy is a non actual control enterprise of COFCO group, and the group has further streamlined its approval and filing matters. For example, in terms of investment management, the board of directors of Mengniu is responsible for making its investment plan and major project arrangements, and the group votes by sending directors; In terms of personnel management, the group sends the Secretary of the Party committee and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission to Mengniu to recommend the candidate of the general manager, and the board of directors of Mengniu is responsible for selecting and employing the management team. (SASAC)


Yiyang Qianxi becomes the forest of gas bubbles and water.


Today, the yuan forest announced that Yiyang Qianxi became the spokesman for the bubble forest of the Yuan Dynasty. (issued by the company)


Maotai was pointed out that the new regulations regulate speculation


Recently, it is rumored that Guizhou Maotai has introduced a new regulation to rectify market speculation: 500ml Feitian Maotai is 100% sold out of the box and 100% cartons are retained. According to the financial Associated Press, citing Maotai sales customer service, the company will conduct random inspection from time to time, “Beware of violations of rules and discipline in specialty stores.” (AI finance and Economics)

Ajisen China’s same store sales fell 14.7% in the fourth quarter


Ajisen China announced yesterday that same store sales fell 14.7% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of last year, an increase of 5.4 percentage points compared with a decline of 9.3% in the third quarter of last year. As for the sales of fast leisure restaurant business, it decreased by 12.7% year-on-year, and the decline also expanded by 4.8 percentage points quarter on quarter. (company announcement)


Jardine was accused of studying the sale of Jardine’s catering group


According to Bloomberg recently, Jardine’s catering business is undergoing a strategic assessment, including the study on the sale of Jardine’s catering group, which has KFC and Pizza Hut businesses in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. However, the assessment is still in the preliminary stage and no specific decision has been made yet. According to online data, Jardine’s brands include KFC, Pizza Hut and PhD. Jardine’s catering group operates more than 900 branches. (Ming Pao)


Weixian liangpin completed Angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan


It is reported that the children’s health fresh food brand “only fresh and good” recently completed an angel round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan. The investor is Fengrui capital. This round of financing will be used for new product R & D, brand upgrading and talent introduction. (36Kr)

PepsiCo was awarded the 2022 outstanding employer certification


Yesterday, PepsiCo announced that it had once again won the authoritative certification of outstanding employer research institutions, was rated as “China’s outstanding employer in 2022” and ranked among the “top 10”. This is the 11th time that PepsiCo Greater China has won the title of “outstanding employer in China”. At the same time, PepsiCo Asia Pacific also won the title of “outstanding employer in Asia Pacific”. (issued by the company)

McDonald’s China was certified as “China’s outstanding employer” for the 12th time

Yesterday, McDonald’s China won the “China’s outstanding employer 2022” certification issued by the outstanding employer research organization. In the past year, McDonald’s China was re certified for continuously deepening the personnel brand proposition of “we believe in young people” and practicing the five corporate values of “service, inclusiveness, integrity, community and family”. This is also the 12th time McDonald’s China has obtained this certification. (issued by the company)


Yum China has won the title of China’s outstanding employer for four consecutive years


Yesterday, the outstanding employer research organization officially announced that Yum China has been the “outstanding employer in China” for four consecutive years and has become the only catering enterprise in the top 20. (issued by the company)


Pernod Ricard won the title of outstanding employer in China


Yesterday, Pernod Ricard China won the title of “China’s outstanding employer” for the second time in a row. Over the past year, the company has adhered to the “people-oriented” principle, and launched excellent policies and put them into practice in strengthening the training of talents in the industry and deepening the value of corporate culture. (issued by the company)


Coca Cola supply chain executives join startups


Recently, Chris Gaffney, vice president of global strategic supply chain of Coca Cola, joined supply chain careers, an American start-up. Gaffney has more than 20 years of supply chain experience in Coca Cola. (prunderground)


Unilever investors call for the development of healthy food


Recently, some investors of Unilever said that they had submitted a new resolution. The resolution requires Unilever to disclose the current sales proportion related to health products, and urges the company to set a goal to “significantly increase” the share of related products by 2030. Unilever said it was important to develop long-term strategies and goals for nutrition and health, and pledged to reduce sugar, salt and calories in its products. (Reuters)


Fonterra said it was trying to achieve its goal


Fonterra’s chief operating officer recently said that in 2022, it will work towards the company’s objectives, including stripping the Chilean business integrated by the cooperative and determining the most appropriate ownership model for the Australian company; In addition, consideration will be given to reducing and giving priority to the development of areas of nutrition science, where competitive advantages can be established; Fonterra’s primary task is to achieve environmental, personnel and business performance objectives. (NZ herald)


McDonald’s will expand the supply of plant-based hamburgers to 600 stores in the United States


McDonald’s said that from February, residents of the San Francisco Bay area and Dallas Fort Worth will be able to taste plant meat hamburgers. In these areas, there will be about 600 stores serving vegetable meat hamburgers. (cengnews)

Quick reading of food industry information


Replacing imported labels with domestic labels, an operator of a food wholesale department in Beijing was put on file for investigation

271st novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work press conference was held in Beijing today. According to novel coronavirus pneumonia (male, 46 years old), a food wholesale Department operator, violating the relevant regulations of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control, unauthorized import labels of imported seafood from some Southeast Asian countries, such as hairtail, were replaced by domestic labels to avoid the normal supervision of imported cold chain products, and there is a serious danger of the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At present, Yang has been filed for investigation by Fangshan police according to law. (CCTV News)

Italian Espresso enters the candidate list of human intangible cultural heritage

On January 20, Italian Vice Minister of agriculture, food and forestry santinayo informed the media that Italian Espresso has been listed as a candidate for human intangible heritage by UNESCO and will be officially approved and released in Paris before March 31. (China News Network)


China Consumer Association reminds consumers to treat merchants’ discount and promotion rationally


As the Spring Festival approaches, shopping malls, supermarkets, travel agencies, e-commerce platforms and other operators have launched a variety of preferential activities, including price reduction and promotion. In this regard, the China Consumer Association reminds consumers to rationally look at the discount and promotion behavior of businesses, polish their eyes, distinguish whether the so-called “low price” is a “real benefit” or a “set routine”, and pay particular attention to preventing the ultra-low price trap of illegal businesses. (Xinhuanet)

In 2022, China’s express business is expected to reach a new high of 122.5 billion pieces


In 2021, China’s express business volume is expected to reach 108.5 billion pieces; In 2022, it is expected to reach a new high of 122.5 billion pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 13%. At the same time, in the top 50 list released by China Federation of logistics and procurement, the threshold for private top 50 logistics enterprises rose to 1.07 billion yuan, an increase of 200 million yuan over the previous year. (SSE report)

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