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Flying crane to the next city! The fresh milk powder standard system passed the review of 14 academicians and experts

On January 20, Feihe officially released the “6 + 1 + 1” fresh infant formula standard system (hereinafter referred to as the fresh formula standard system), including 6 process standards, 1 service standard and 1 product standard.

It is understood that the standard system is the result of comprehensive upgrading on the basis of Feihe 2018 fresh milk powder standard. It was drafted by Feihe in conjunction with the dairy innovation team of China Institute of standardization and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and fully discussed and approved by 3 academicians and 11 experts in dairy industry and related fields.

Flying crane fresh standard system review meeting site

As early as 2012, Feihe carried out theoretical research on the “freshness” of infant milk powder and carried out practical exploration step by step in combination with the research results.

In 2018, Feihe cooperated with China Institute of standardization to carry out field research around its “fresh” exploration in all links of the industrial chain, and finally summarized the fresh milk powder standards covering six links of the industrial chain, including feed, milk source, formula, processing, storage and transportation and intelligent manufacturing.

After the formulation of the standard, Feihe continued to carry out the “fresh” practice of the whole industrial chain around six links to continuously improve the freshness of milk powder. It was only after four years that the standard system was upgraded again, and it also had the confidence and confidence to invite 14 academicians and experts to conduct standard review.

At the review meeting, the expert group conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on “fresh milk powder” and the development of China’s dairy industry. Experts agreed that Feihe fresh milk powder standard was formulated based on a large number of enterprise practice, literature research, field research and test data, with mature content, standardized style and advanced indicators. “Feihe took the lead in making the fresh milk powder standard system, which is the first time in the industry and plays a great role in promoting the development of the industry.” Li Defa, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and President of China Dairy Association, commented.

Lu Jiaping, a researcher at the Institute of agricultural products processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that “the standard total number of colonies of Feihe fresh milk ≤ 5000 (CFU / ml) is a very good standard. On the premise of ensuring safety, it can moderately reduce the later sterilization temperature and time, and better ensure the freshness and nutritional balance of products.”

Zhou Zhenfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China Dairy Association, stressed that strictly controlling the processing time, temperature and storage conditions is very important to ensure the freshness of milk powder.

Yao Xin, Secretary General of the commercial industry committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade, paid more attention to service standards. He believed that “this will not only help Feihe further strengthen communication and interaction with consumers, but also play a very good guiding role in leading the dairy industry to pay attention to services.”

Liu Yaqing, vice president and Secretary General of China Dairy Association, said that the upgrading of “fresh milk powder standard system” is an important embodiment of Feihe’s continuous innovation. Academicians take the lead in project initiation, drafting and evaluation, and experts guide and participate. The standard system has a rigorous framework and clear guidance, which condenses the latest research and practice achievements of Feihe. “

group photo of experts and leaders of Feihe fresh standard system review meeting

Participating experts believe that the formulation and implementation of Feihe fresh infant formula standard system is of great significance to promote the quality improvement of domestic infant formula and the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of China’s dairy industry. Experts suggest that the standard should be further developed into a group standard and an industry standard in the future.

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