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In depth research: the road of three and a half 0-1 rise


Before announcing the facts, we did “key” research and Analysis on several problems that many people ignored:
1. What were you doing three and a half times before the can was born?
2. How does three and a half meals do product innovation? 3. What are the innovations of three and a half meal products? 4. How does the three and a half ton product strategy 5 and the three and a half ton return plan iterate? 6. How do three and a half meals do marketing? 7. Why do users like to buy three and a half coffee? 8. How did three and a half meals start from 0-1? 9. How did three and a half meals maintain rapid development? 10. What is the core of three and a half brands? 11. How does Sandun and a half identify new and old users in logistics and maintain the state of saving resources? 12. Why open an offline store for three and a half meals? 13. What is the growth curve of the three and a half ton strategic framework? 14. Discuss the future development strategy of three and a half tons? 15. Summary of the success factors of three and a half brands 16. Innovation of three and a half brands
what were you doing three and a half times before the can was born?

As mentioned above, the founder of Santon and a half started to build this brand in Changsha in 2015, At that time, it was positioned as “a studio that studies manual diet, hoping to make some new ideas outside the dinner”. That is to say, at that time, three and a half meals just wanted to make some manual diet products through some of their own resources and abilities. Wu Jun, the founder of three and a half meals, said: “we think our previous understanding of” fine coffee “is relatively narrow, and we are wondering whether it can be broader, It is more convenient without sacrificing quality, so that more people can understand and perceive it. In 2015, we made a “flavor exploration studio” to combine coffee with chocolate, macaroni, nougat, etc. In one year, we did all kinds of research and development. We had a good time and ate all kinds of things every day; The applet sold thousands of boxes of macarons and hundreds of chocolates.
Macarons, in 2015, made three “half product” innovations, such as the Hawaiian fruit, the cow’s candy and the macaron. The sale was sold through the official account. That time was the beginning of the official account. That is to say, three and a half of the products were caught up with a wave of platform bonus.
However, Wu Jun, the founder of Santon and a half, is not satisfied with this, but continues to explore, because he realizes a problem: These are just attempts of various flavors. It lacks commercial logic and a sense of order – they have not figured out what Santon and a half is going to achieve, and are still in the exploration stage. After the exploration of the team, I think we need a carrier to support the whole business logic.
Seeing here, we understand that a brand must have a main product, just as Nongfu mountain spring mineral water is the main product – large single product, and then other extended products, such as Oriental leaves, water-soluble, vitamins, tea π, etc.
However, at this time, there was no single product for three and a half meals. Therefore, it was decided to test the familiar ear hanging coffee innovation first, and then extend related products, such as hand brewing pot, coffee pot, etc; In this attempt, three and a half meals were right, and users began to repurchase them, calling them “Grand Slam suits” (because there are ear coffee, coffee pot and cup in this grand slam); It also solves the needs of the use scene, that is, after this set is available, as long as there is hot water, you can drink a cup of good coffee.
The concept of user feedback makes the three and a half teams understand that they are solving the needs of consumer scenarios. They also realize that to do flavor research, we must first “stand” in a scenario, and then do presentation and expression.
This is similar to the logic of painting. Friends who have studied painting know that no matter what they draw, they should draw a line draft first, lay the bottom, and then color and effect; This is also similar to building a house. You have an open space, but you don’t know what to do, so you start all kinds of experiments: planting, leasing and breeding. After trying, you find that the area is limited and the ground can’t replicate more business, so you start to try to build a building, first lay a foundation, and then layer by layer. Slowly people find that you are building a building, and it is getting higher and higher, This building can be used for living or as a company, which solves the physiological needs of many people.
At this time, three and a half meals were in such logic, and the success in this aspect did not stop three and a half meals from innovating, so they began to look for new scenes. Until later, they established the packaging of small cans and explored the positioning of global flavor coffee.
Change in the founding team’s understanding of coffee
Founder Wu Jun had worked in Beijing for eight years before 2008. Then he returned to his hometown Changsha and opened his first Cafe – together with the founders of three and a half meals, all of whom were his classmates. Their understanding of coffee has been evolving over the past 13 years.
In 2011, after three years in the coffee shop, the team made a home life brand. In the process of making this brand, the team met many suppliers with technical strength, had a new understanding of product technology, and almost systematically learned a large number of materials and processing technologies such as ceramics, glass, hardware, wood, painting and molding, This makes the team more confident to make coffee related products.
After seven years of training, the team’s attitude towards coffee has changed, so that they no longer have the so-called “myth” of high-quality coffee, but also wash a certain “sense of superiority” brought by high-quality coffee, and have a better understanding of coffee growers and living conditions. At this time, the team has a new thinking. For high-quality coffee, it should be more attitude than price, The market should be the public, not the rare minority.
In the past eight years, they were working as coffee shops. By 2015, they began to understand that their pursuit of coffee was not just the expression of personal interests, but to explore more possibilities of coffee. After the change of this concept, many things are logical.
How does
and do product innovation?
Three and a half meals will clarify two things before developing products: 1. Can new products become a daily way of use? 2. Compared with the existing market products, does the new product provide a new possibility?
first determine these two problems, and then polish the details. After the idea of the product comes out, it will quickly enter the design and hand board stage. With the help of the supply chain, it will be directly tested in a small batch after adjustment.
What are the innovations of
and three and a half ton products?

to study the product innovation of three and a half tons, we should first understand the product matrix of three and a half tons. At present, three and a half tons have the following main product series: Basic series, digital series, Yunnan series, city series, tea series, ear hanging series, follicular coffee series, nougat and coffee bean / powder.

The basic series, digital series, Yunnan series, city series and tea series are all freeze-dried types. Among them, the basic series and digital series use the “super extraction” technology developed by themselves, and 100% acabila coffee powder is used in the raw materials. Yunnan series and city series are product series cooperated with local / different city cafes. See the report pictures for details.

Of course, in addition to the innovation of raw materials and technology, another innovation is the innovation of packaging. The innovation of small cans is the key to open the hearts of users. It is also the success of product innovation for the second time. The first success is the “coffee Grand Slam” suit, which unlocks the use scenario of users making coffee by hand, The emergence of small cans solves the problem that users can easily carry and brew at any time, and extends the possibility of more coffee scenes. This is also the insight into the use scene of users drinking coffee behind the small cans made by the three and a half meal team.
three and a half ton product strategy

three and a half ton product strategy: “basic series” are all small cans without numbers. In the basic series, the black cans have cold extraction flavor, medium and light baking, prominent flavor and high acid feeling; Orange pot is made of latte, which is deeply roasted, with low acidity and mellow bitterness; The gray pot is oatmeal latte, which is moderately roasted and has more balanced acidity and bitterness.

“No. 1-6” is a digital series, with 6 flavors. The smaller the number, the more prominent the flavor is, and the sour flavor is biased; The larger the number, the more bitter it is. “No. 0” super soluble special product is specially designed to cooperate with global baristas. For example, the [slab town] belongs to deep baking, and the acidity will be low. There is also a co branded series “&”, which is dedicated to lifestyle co branding.

The three and a half ton product sales strategy reminds me of Tesla’s sales strategy. Many automotive review media say that Tesla’s sales volume in 2021 is very poor, and few people buy models X and models. However, after our sales experience in Tesla, we found that 80% of Tesla’s sales stores do not sell models X and models to customers at all, but only model 3 and model y, which are the only two models in the exhibition hall, This is Tesla’s sales strategy.
At the marketing level, Tesla can not advertise. It has opened the official [Tesla legal department] on the whole network, and sent a lawyer’s letter to the car reviewers who once said Tesla. For this matter, the car reviewers will not miss this good opportunity to market themselves, so they sent video responses one after another. For a time, the car reviewers on the whole network were talking about Tesla, and Tesla won again.
how is the three and a half ton return plan iterated?
for return plan:
“What we need to study is why we do it?
How to do it?
What’s the point of doing this? How big is it?
If our own brand wants to do similar things, how to do it?
How does three and a half meals motivate users?
How to let users come out and participate?
How to make offline businesses cooperate? Is there any other way besides monetary reward?
How to make users who come to participate have a good experience?
How to make an appointment online and land offline?
Instead of simply listing how three meals are done.
The purpose of the study is to find out why?
What is it?
What is the value to the brand?
If we do it ourselves, what is the reference? “
On the surface, the three and a half ton return plan is a key publicity activity for them. It is a long-term plan for recycling empty coffee shells. It is carried out twice a year. Users can make an appointment through an exclusive applet and go to the return points set in various cities on the designated open day to exchange empty shells for theme materials, The recovered empty shell will also be reused to make living peripheral products.
In the initial design of small cans, 100% recyclable materials were selected for three and a half meals, and it was confirmed with the factory that the recycled materials can be reused, but will not be reused in food related packaging materials.
The first quarter return plan is from October 26 to October 27, 2019. At that time, the team of three and a half meals did not have a 100% bottom in mind. I don’t know how many people will come to participate, how much space and institutional support will there be, so I just listed the approximate number of stores, but it can be seen from the text that they are trying to do it carefully.

Three and a half coffee shops interested in cooperation were invited as return points, and a return fund of 5000 yuan was provided. Finally, 29 return points in 17 cities were established. We believe that among these 29 stores, there are resources accumulated by teams and resources recommended by friends. This part accounts for the majority, and the stores spontaneously participating are expected to account for 30% – 40%.
Because there are not only cafes, but also third parties such as shared space and bookstores, and even public welfare organizations to provide return points, we think it is a good start to organize such a large-scale return plan for the first time. In this season, Santon and a half wanted to hold a return trip without disturbing the partners, so they didn’t prepare a lot of materials for the return trip plan at that time. However, with the development of follow-up activities, we see that the materials for Santon and a half are becoming more and more abundant.
In the first quarter, the threshold of return is to have a small jar to participate in return. The whole activity adopts the mode of online reservation and offline exchange. A small program is specially developed as the carrier of the activity reservation platform. This small program is version 1.0 of the return plan, and all functions are not complete.
For example, you cannot view the return location in the applet. To this end, three and a half specially made a web page to put all return points into it and form a QR code.
After seeing the surroundings of the return plan, smart users have begun to convert how much they can exchange for their small cans; The team of three and a half meals also took this issue into account when developing the applet, so users can enter the number of their cans on the applet to automatically generate the number of redemption surroundings. It also developed the “friend on behalf of return” function for users who cannot participate in the return plan.
It can be said that the team has made great efforts in small programs for the return plan in the first quarter.
However, the return plan looks like an empty tank recycling plan after all. In order to attract users to participate and add more interest and significance, the team specially designed an IP that can be changed into various forms. This IP only appears in the three and a half return plan and does not appear in the main product. Through IP design, a story runs through the whole return plan.
As we thought, the same is true of the brand. Everyone can copy the lululemon model, but not everyone can build the brand. Most people who play this model eventually become personal brands in the circle, or circle brands, and can’t be bigger, because there is no reason to run through it. You organize activities, circles People who come to participate will subconsciously think that this is your own brand, not a mass brand.
At this time, you are the brand image, and you represent the brand. If you want to get rid of this image, you must separate yourself from the brand and add more other people’s stories and images to the brand, such as stars, online celebrities, KOL, Koc plain people, etc. find a point to connect these people, which can represent the content that the brand wants to express. We believe that the same is true for Party B’s entrepreneurship.
Back to the theme, after designing the IP for three and a half times, first build the story framework, then invite and encourage users to participate in it, and reward high-quality content. When there is a story, the return plan will no longer be just an empty tank recycling plan, but a flesh and blood, emotional and meaningful task.
When users see that after drinking coffee, they find that participating in the small activity of returning home can not only protect the environment, but also receive small gifts, so they have the initiative.
Of course, in terms of peripheral gifts, three and a half meals have never disappointed people. If you look at the surroundings of three and a half meals alone over the years, you will mistakenly think that it is a peripheral culture company, which iterates every season. In the first quarter, there are more than five peripheral products: short sleeves, badges, canvas bags, stationery bags, theme tape, environmental protection bags and small cans of coffee, All peripherals are customized according to the theme.
Thousands of people participated in the return plan in the first quarter.
The second quarter’s return plan is from May 16 to May 17, 2020. There are obvious iterations in this quarter’s return plan. Compared with the first quarter, this quarter has more defined the theme [interstellar post office] and updated the applet. You can view the return point on the applet and do the write off function. The friend’s return function has also been improved.
As a coffee brand, the happiest thing may be to go to the coffee shop to organize return activities, so in the second quarter, three and a half meals finally paid off, and return activities were opened in 42 coffee shops in 24 cities. This shows that the return activities in the first quarter have achieved good results, and more and more peers begin to join.

In terms of materials, in the second quarter, “miracle materials and on-site coffee” was presented, so that users can get a cup of coffee at the store while exchanging. This experience is difficult for coffee lovers. The cooperation mode of three and a half meals can not only attract more users to participate, but also drain the coffee shop. Users may not have been to the shop before, but because three and a half meals have given users a good experience here, the user will come back to spend again to a large extent.
This season’s coffee shop is called “city coffee map” by users. In addition to these, sponsorship products of other brands also appeared this season, such as clothes sponsored by the north and shoes sponsored by keen. Even a character story was added this season to raise the exploration mileage of a b-stop up master. When a user exchanges energy in a small program, three and a half meals will subsidize his mileage of one kilometer, which is different from the usual brand marketing.
Under normal circumstances, if a brand wants to tell a character story and enrich the brand image, it will find various circles KOL, take a video according to the brand spirit, and then spread it all over the network. But three and a half meals is not the case. This character story is not spread all over the network, but appears in the return plan.
This season’s supplies are divided into “conventional supplies” and “miracle supplies”. Conventional supplies include: customized coffee, theme pen bags, post office theme return badges (these are the same as last season), cool shopping bags, sticker sets, return plan mobile phone cases, mobile phone brackets, super shopping bags, and theme skateboards (only board). The “miracle supplies” are issued in the form of lottery, Including skateboards, keen shoes, North clothes and co branded bags.
In view of the high incidence of the epidemic at this time, Sandun and a half made a protection video of the return plan during the epidemic before the start of the activity to remind users to return safely.
The third quarter’s return activity is from October 16 to October 18, 2020. The epidemic situation is relatively stable. A total of 18857 people participated and 2081 people signed up for volunteers. That is, starting from this quarter, three meals and a half will recruit volunteers as a long-term plan. The work of volunteers is not limited to the return plan, but also includes on-site volunteers and creative volunteers, In order to meet the vacancy in exhibition / market / Photography / short video, the return point of this season has finally made a breakthrough, not only coffee shops, but also lifestyle stores have been added to echo the theme of lifestyle.

Such as bubble mart, McDonald’s theme store, erdingli in olive mountain, Ditan, silver salt, artificial, and even organized return activities at Lujiazui Coffee Festival. As for materials, there are also changes this season, “conventional materials and miracle materials”, and “volunteer materials and public welfare materials” are added. Volunteers can get exclusive materials. This detailed design reflects the unique status of volunteers.
As for materials, we have to make an inventory, because there will be new changes every season: the popular round blind box colored egg themed doll is designed in the conventional materials. In addition to the previous conventional materials, earphone covers and skateboards (complete board) are also added, and other joint materials are various joint materials: Joint Frisbee, mobile phone case, carry on bag, key chain, small light bulb and algae ball. Public welfare materials are also badges jointly produced with public welfare organizations. Miracle materials are jointly signed organic cotton bags and sports bicycles worth thousands of yuan. Volunteer materials are staff themed T-shirts and themed card bags.
Every season, the three and a half teams will seriously discuss the activities and give users a very good experience through the return plan as much as possible. Therefore, in the third quarter, the return plan has made a new breakthrough. Three and a half joined more than 20 third partners to add interesting activities on the basis of the return point, such as cooperating with Patagonia [return theme cloth sewing], Cooperate with Freitag Store Shanghai by harbook + [make personal Freitag key chain], cooperate with badmarketback bad [bring idle clothes back to life], organize [Street cycling race of speed and skills] with alley donkey, return [theme illustration exhibition] with silver salt, organize “shipping game” with fufu house, etc.

All return points will organize different activities at different places at the same time, which reflects the organization ability, communication ability and coordination ability of the three meal and a half team. To do this well, both sides need a good foundation of trust, the same goal and the unity of three views. It’s not difficult, but it’s not easy.
In the face of a large-scale return activity across the country, three meals and a half will be assisted by headquarters personnel and local volunteers. For areas where there are no volunteers or where there are too many participants, three meals and a half will draw people from the team to assist, and discount the boxes and other materials used in the activity on site without more waste. With the development of the third quarter, more and more users began to share on the Internet spontaneously. Nearly 60% of users still agreed with this activity and said they would continue to participate.
In the fourth quarter, there were 168 boutique cafes in 52 cities, covering more than 90% of three and a half users. In three days, 438 volunteers and 31285 users participated in the return plan, and 2846229 empty coffee cans were recycled together. To this end, three and a half tons made a return documentary.
Yes, we can feel that the return plan of three and a half meals has made new changes this season. By shooting a documentary to record the daily life of three and a half meals of coffee users, the brand core is more full and rich.

The materials in this season have also been upgraded. There are as many as 24 conventional materials in this season. In addition to the materials that have been retained, more joint materials have been added, such as joint square towel, joint glasses rope, joint pet saliva towel and T-shirts of 6 joint artists. Public welfare materials and volunteers have also been iterated.
The creative source of each quarterly return activity of three and a half meals is similar to the development method of the creative company, which may be related to the team background (most members are from design and media). Each season has a different theme:
the first season is “return plan”, the second season is “interstellar post office”, the third season is “to ° the ‘stars”, the fourth season is “take coffee flight”, and the fifth season is “on the mission”.
The fifth quarter return plan has been expanded to 56 cities and 196 stores. The return plan has obviously become one of the most important things outside the product, and the team members are tired. In the fifth quarter, in addition to the regular return activities, two new tasks were designed:
1. For the test flight of energy, within the specified period, buy a cup of coffee at the return point to get a return r-mark coffee. The purpose of this task is to start deep integration with coffee shops, try to channel users to cooperative coffee shops and create benefits for partners. 2. Become a volunteer.

The materials in this season are similar to those in the previous season, except for the change of CO artists. Therefore, we can deduce the goal of the three and a half ton return plan: the first season of
is to try to involve users; The second season of
is to involve cafes;
The third quarter is to let lifestyle partners participate and let users participate in the activities of partners, rather than unilateral drainage;
The fourth season is to involve more boutique coffee shops;
In the fifth quarter, users are inclined to the partner side, so that the partner can start to benefit;
These may not be three and a half meals on purpose, maybe a little help, but from the perspective of the return plan as a whole, this is a big chess game to cultivate users’ habits.
Season 1-2 is just a simple return mission. There is in-depth cooperation in the third quarter and an attempt to drain to the cooperation end in the fifth quarter.
It is worth mentioning that the poster design of the fourth and fifth seasons specially invited digital artist and designer gray day to create.
The return of three and a half meals each season also requires a lot of preparation:
·The story line of returning every season· Connect with various spaces and institutions nationwide and build hundreds of return points· All return points shall be prepared with convertible coffee supplies· Optimize the return applet · prepare dozens of return materials, including unlimited reservation materials· Prepare to tweet in the near future· All we media update the return progress in real time· Recruit docking volunteers
Three and a half meals are obviously more realistic than some unscrupulous merchants in returning to exchange gifts. The meal point is 1:1, and the consumption is how many meal points. There is no exaggerated exchange mechanism.
Sandun and a half tried to practice the concept of sustainable development at the beginning. The return plan is a good case, which is the feedback brought by practicing social responsibility consumers. It can not only interact with users, but also improve brand reputation, increase brand assets and spread the brand.
how does three and a half meals do marketing?
if you just look around three and a half times, you will doubt that three and a half times is a culture surrounding company. All the peripheral products of Santon and half are very attentive. Except for the joint brands, they are basically customized. It is conceivable that the Santon and half team must have spent a lot of time looking for suppliers, making models and designing. This situation is rarely seen in other brands. Putting the energy and patience of the main products on the peripheral products is enough to show the sincerity of Santon and half.
So how do three and a half meals do marketing?
Jointly sign limited products with lifestyle partners, carry out offline activities with lifestyle partners, implant the concept of three and a half meals of portable coffee into the activities, and strengthen users’ awareness of brand positioning. The forms of joint signing include launching new products, jointly doing offline activities, jointly publishing publicity films, etc.
Here, we only analyze the marketing of Santon and a half after the small can was launched in 2018. After the small can entered the market, Santon and a half still maintained a low-key and pragmatic way of marketing, that is, encouraging customers to try it out and then share it with the social platform. Three and a half tons of their own investment is not much, and more marketing is joint branding. It is a low-cost but effective way to spread through joint cooperation with a third party.
Yongpu also makes many joint names, but different from three and a half tons, yongpu has no lower limit and cooperates in almost any industry. Three and a half meals are very restrained in the matter of joint naming. They do not cooperate because the other party is the head or a well-known title. Instead, they continue to cultivate the coffee industry and cultural circle.
Coffee industry: for example, we have cooperated with Mr. Taguchi to limit products, and even set up a professional coffee joint brand series in the product series. This series only cooperates with boutique cafes and coffee pioneers, so it is a way of deep product driven marketing, which is worth learning.

Cultural circle: cooperate with lifestyle institutions, designers and artists, and literary and art youth bloggers, such as exploring healthy life with keep, exploring more camping lifestyles with ABC camping, and designing youth.
“Joint name with blogger crazy AMI”: Crazy AMI is a blogger who likes movies. He suffers from pneumothorax and needs to carry an oxygen bottle with him when he goes out. He can’t take a plane, but he didn’t give up his dream. He insisted on taking a train to Shanxi to participate in Pingyao film exhibition for five consecutive years in order to realize the dream in his heart. Crazy AMI has a van Gogh’s Woolen doll, which is his job opportunity after graduation. When he went to Amsterdam to see Van Gogh’s authentic works, he was deeply moved and began to take a van Gogh villain with him and travel with him.
Fans familiar with him know that this van Gogh doll is the spirit and power to support the dream of crazy AMI; The three and a half ton cooperation with crazy AMI also revolves around this little Van Gogh. Crazy AMI in order to encourage his fans and more people to pursue their dreams bravely.

Therefore, in the view of outsiders, this is just an ordinary joint name between the brand and the blogger, but the joint product and badge are not just a badge in the hearts of fans, but the driving force for persistent pursuit of dreams.
The combination of brand and this spirit will change in the user’s brain, touch the string in the depths of the inner soul, and then rebound back to the brand. At this time, the brand is no longer a symbolic name, but carries more spirit and meaning. Among them, this is a joint name with “spiritual meaning”, which is more than simply changing traffic, This is the first point of marketing innovation.
If three and a half meals are compared to a person, he must be a literary and artistic youth, not the kind in the stereotype, but the fashionable literary and artistic youth of Shanghai Street returnees. He has a career he loves. He usually likes to drink coffee, make friends and participate in various cultural and artistic activities. He even organizes some activities and invites friends to participate, such as silver salt Tokyobike, I’m Bai Lianming. I invite his friends to participate in cycling activities, art dialogue activities, and get peripheral products when they are present.
Yes, this is the second point of marketing innovation of three and a half meals. In addition to co branding with lifestyle, we should also organize offline activities with CO branded lifestyle institutions, invite users to participate in them, implant coffee lifestyle into them, and bring more user experiences different from other coffee brands.
Podcasting is a marketing form rising in recent years. For the content expression of this kind of literature and art, three and a half meals have not fallen. Launch flight radio, invite ordinary people with different stories and industry backgrounds to record, and spread them in small universe podcast, Himalaya, Netease cloud music and apple podcasts.

This way reminds me of the spread of McKinsey, which is very terrible. Many people have heard of McKinsey even if they don’t know the consulting industry, haven’t been to a large company, and even in a fifth tier small city. This is because many of McKinsey’s research contents are spread by institutions and people in different industries, and 90% of them are spread by themselves.
This means that one day in the future, you may hear someone’s story in a podcast or audio app, but the story is known through the three and a half ton channel, which is also a realm of branding.
Just like Lenovo promotes chip technology, while Apple pays tribute to you behind the Mac. Feel it for yourself. Different ways of branding are rooted in the founders. Employees who agree with Lenovo culture may not agree with apple culture, and there will be no intersection between them in terms of brand; This is the strategy of different brands, technology strategy or cultural strategy, its a problem.
The current marketing strategy of Sandun and a half is “cultural strategy” to explore the possibility of more coffee lifestyles. Therefore, we see cooperation with art exhibitions and actively participate in offline market activities. This kind of cultural activities are obviously more in Shanghai and Beijing than in Guangzhou, such as the human market in the park, the “plant B, breaking grounds” underground market, ABC book exhibition, the Woodstock flavor conference Shanghai coffee life festival, Lujiazui Coffee Festival, etc.

In exploring more coffee lifestyles, three and a half meals are in line with lululemon and the new fashion life, and they organize walking shows, table tennis competitions, cycling, boating, Frisbee, basketball, etc. one thing to pay attention to here is that these activities will first organize stuff participation, not user participation, so they are currently in the internal test stage.
Three and a half meals attach great importance to the user experience, which we have noticed in the research. For example, the cooperation with yuexianhuo is not the spontaneous behavior of the three and a half meals brand, but the feedback from the user’s actual operation experience. The user found that making coffee with yuexianhuo’s milk would be more palatable, so three and a half meals and yuexianhuo had in-depth cooperation.

During the promotion, a super bucket was designed for three and a half meals. There were 80 coffees, 12 bottles of oat milk, 12 bottles of coconut milk, 8 bottles of Yue fresh milk and coffee cups. Finally, director Jia Zhangke was invited to participate in the shooting of advertising films. Yes, it’s involved in shooting advertising films, not guiding advertising films.
In this regard, the team of three and a half meals seems to be an advertising creative company, which embodies the creativity in products, surroundings, return plans and even advertising films. It is precisely because of these creativity and persistence that three and a half meals go very steadily and solidly every step, and the barriers are getting higher and higher.

If you don’t have a deep understanding of the story behind each cooperation, others can only imitate a small pot on the product side. In marketing, put in some bloggers who like drinking coffee, participate in some industry exhibitions, do some self think great joint names, and also cooperate with coffee shops and other institutions to carry out a recycling plan. Such operations are operations that many so-called traders think they are professional, The way of making explosive products looks the same on the surface, but the logic seems the same, but the design of the bottom layer and the top layer are completely different.
The underlying logic of three and a half meals is the concept of “exploring the flavor of the planet and presenting the true richness of nature”. The top-level design is: “explore more lifestyle of boutique coffee”.
Each step is to implement the bottom and top-level design in an innovative and creative way, so that users can personally experience the concept of the brand. The moat of the brand is like this. We need to constantly practice the brand concept. The deeper users feel, the deeper the moat will be.
Why do users like to buy three and a half coffee?

after studying the 0-1 of three and a half meals, we found that to make a brand, in addition to the excellent product, we also need to make the product into a social artifact. Good looking products can bring visual enjoyment. They can be both good-looking, delicious and fun. They form a circle culture and gather different circles. This brand is a spiritual symbol. Just like Luffy in the pirate king, the strongest is not the fighting ability, but the ability to gather people’s hearts. Note that the circle of three and a half tons is only limited to the [cultural circle].

Users of three and a half meals will communicate which brand is better to drink on the social platform, appreciate the environmental protection activity of three and a half meals – return plan, and communicate how to frame empty bottles with photo frames. The packaging of three and a half meals is also very creative. It needs to screw down to open it, and the return plan is also very worth exchanging gifts.
People who pay attention to products will say that three and a half meals have made product innovation technology and solved the problem of cold shock. People who pay attention to marketing will say that three and a half meals have done the launch marketing of new media, joint branding with brands and return plan. People who pay attention to design will say that three and a half meals are creative design on the bottle and visual association.
But in fact, these are not the key points, at least not all. According to our research, The team of three and a half tons is a group of “unprofessional people who do professional things”. The products of three and a half tons are not in this form at the beginning, but ear hanging coffee. The team opened a coffee shop under the Changsha line in 2008 and thought of making a different coffee brand in 2015. The seven years between them are the time for the team to precipitate and study products and consumers.
Therefore, we summarize it into four points:
1. Good looking – visual level 2 Fun – spiritual level 3 Creating circles – social level 4 Delicious or delicious – tactile level
Bubble Matt only accounts for three levels. Eating and drinking is human nature and just need, while toys are not. They are spiritual things. Users buy bubble Matt more in company psychology.
So here’s an interesting topic: which brand can go further or which brand can do more in the spiritual level? Look at the global consumer brands. In 2020, Nestle’s sales volume is 84.3 billion Swiss francs; USD 91701540000, DKK 43.7 billion for LEGO; 6652661064.4258 USD, welcome to discuss together.
The biggest difference between new consumer brands and traditional brands in terms of user communication is “more direct”. You can have a direct dialogue with the founding team of three and a half meals, but you can’t directly make suggestions with Wahaha executives to improve new products; This is a fact that traditional brands cannot change for a long time, but it is also a barrier and opportunity for new consumer brands. This flat mode of direct dialogue may be one of the reasons why new consumer brands have the opportunity to break through the competition of traditional brands.
Traditional brands may never send a document to explain why they want to cooperate with XX brand, nor will they share the fun and twists and turns in the cooperation. It is precisely because three and a half meals share such a story that they have a deeper understanding and favor in the hearts of users.
About the joint name of three and a half meals and tea Yan Yuese
This may be the difference between small enterprises and large enterprises, and between new consumer brands and traditional brands. Small enterprises are more flexible in finance, organization and marketing. Although there are few large enterprises with new consumption, they are also more flexible than traditional enterprises from the perspective of vitality forest or perfect diary.
If a traditional enterprise wants to pass a decision, it needs approval, discussion and research at all levels. There are few opportunities for trial and error, and there is no room for major mistakes; It is difficult to separate personnel from the original organization to do new business. Even if the management wants to make innovation, it is still difficult to make innovation by relying on the original resources of the enterprise.
From the case of Wahaha making milk tea, we can see that these traditional large enterprises can only follow the trend of new consumption for the time being. After all, employees do not want to do two things or even more extra work in one job with the salary of one job. Under the original KPI, they dare not focus on new business opportunities, Therefore, many opportunities will be lost.
On the joint mechanism of three and a half meals:
Three and a half meals are for people who explore themselves, people who explore more lifestyles, not donkey friends, people who pursue a better life. The reason behind only cooperating with people who feel right is that the founder has limited vision and cognition. For brands or artists he recognizes, fans of brands he thinks feel right may also be fans of three and a half meals. On the contrary, fans of brands he recognizes will also recognize his brand.
Three and a half meals is a brand user, making more friends with the same feeling. He is establishing his own circle / community through his own resources and strength, which is confirmed by the joint name. The three and a half [&] series is an exclusive lifestyle joint name.
In addition to conventional co branded products, offline activities will also be conducted with CO branded brands. At this time, the brand will directly talk to users. Users will experience all aspects of the brand in the activities and verify whether the brand is consistent with their inner image.
Through our research, we believe that three and a half will only find the right cooperation in the literary circle. The literary circle is very large, there are many artists and many art types, but three and a half are very restrained. They have their own screening mechanism to judge whether they meet the joint naming standard.
For example, if Santon and a half is a brand, the brand they cooperate with may be “a +” X “to a large extent, rather than other brands such as B / C / d. Santon and a half will never be associated with the secondary style, because this must be contrary to their brand concept,” a + [a + “x]” model. It can be explained that you like coffee, and I also like coffee, but while you like coffee, you like chatting with friends outdoors in a sunny afternoon. You usually like reading books and exhibitions. You like XX artists and brand f; While I like coffee, I like to watch exhibitions, ride, travel, Xe artists and D brand; This is actually a simple portrait of two users. They are similar in age and hobbies. They will eventually meet because of the joint name of three and a half meals.

We can verify it by studying the user portrait of three and a half tons and the user portrait of the joint party, but it feels meaningless. Obviously, they must have a high degree of overlap, which is the basic cognition of practitioners. Generally speaking, brands will not cooperate with brands with great differences in their own styles.
But there are also surprises. For example, yongpu, a brand that has been jointly branded, does not mean that it is not good. Its existence is reasonable, which meets the needs of users to a certain extent, and can expand countless circles of users. Why do you say so? Go and see yongpu’s products, such as cars, greeco, Chow Tai Fook, Beiding, shengyouhuo, holoholoholoholo, xiaouniverse, the first The Himalayas…. It can be said that it covers all walks of life and also gains fans from different circles.
How did three and a half meals start from 0-1?
Stage 0-1 needs to be viewed from several dimensions: product, marketing, brand, sales, general environment, channel and user. As we analyzed earlier, the team had many years of experience in coffee shops and e-commerce before 2015. These are not enough to support the whole business, but they are one of the basic conditions for success.
First, from the product side, the product iteration can be divided into three stages: the
.1.0 era is the innovative hand-made products in 2015, such as coffee nougat, zongzi, cake, etc; The age of
.2.0 is a hand brewed coffee Grand Slam. At this time, the team has realized that this product meets the needs of users in a certain use scenario, so they continue to look for new opportunities;
.3.0 small jar was born. After the birth of small jar products, based on this product team, it strengthened marketing and channels, resulting in sales growth.
It is worth noting that Santon opened a bakery on Taobao in his early half years. In the era of product 2.0, he was unable to find the team of target customers, and even found the original loyal buyer of Taobao. He gradually found the direction in the form of sample feedback.
In terms of social media at that time, xiakitchen was an app that was even more popular than xiaohongshu now. Three and a half meals also seized this opportunity and obtained platform support.
3.0 the launch of the product attracted tmall’s attention and received traffic support. On the surface, it seems that there has always been “noble help”, but in fact, the product itself is the foundation. At that time, the general environment was the concept of high-quality coffee, but the public did not understand it, so the promotion was not as simple as we thought;
Platform support is only short-term, and ultimately depends on the brand’s retention ability: whether the whole process of pre-sale – in-sale (user experience) – after-sales is perfect.
After three and a half meals started in 2018, the company quickly followed up the marketing and landed the return plan in 2019, which provided more opportunities for face-to-face communication between the brand and users.
So that later, they encountered a new wave of consumption and frequently received investment. It can be said that today’s three and a half meals was paved by more than ten years in the early stage, and it was not smooth sailing. It was successful to hype explosive products with Marxism.
How does
and maintain rapid development?

We know that there have been four times of financing history from three and a half to the time of publication:
“Completed the pre-A round of RMB 8 million financing in November 2018;
Completed a round of 10 million yuan financing in November 2019;
Completed round B financing of USD 30 million in September 2020;
Completed the round B + financing of RMB 246 million in June 2021
Three and a half meals are basically achieved in each round of financing plan,
If in the pre-A round, three and a half meals will be planned:
Adjust SKU, further enrich coffee categories, strengthen e-commerce operation, and extend user groups and circles
Corresponding to the upgrading of product taste, all the beans from No. 1 to No. 6 are upgraded, better beans are extracted more finely, the super baking arrangement from shallow to deep is realized, and the baking difference of 10% baking is supported; Newly added master 0 Cooperation Fund.
In 2019, the financing plan:
It will further expand the product system and create a coffee consumption lifestyle around the needs of different scenarios
This corresponds to the start and landing of the three and a half ton return plan.
In the 2020 financing plan:
Complete the upgrading and transformation of the supply chain, brand building, new product R & D investment, innovative consumption scenario building and other aspects——
Correspondingly, it has cooperated with artists, designers, third-party lifestyle brands or institutions to explore more coffee lifestyle activities, continued to consolidate brand construction, released a new generation of cold extracted super soluble coffee on the product side, which has been updated to 5.0, and released No. 7 Yunnan place series and super oolong tea series, completing the upgrading of the supply chain;
In June 2021, the financing plan:
It will be used for the layout, brand and content upgrading of multiple new product lines, as well as the attempt of new channels,
Up to now, in January 2022, we have seen a lot of changes in three and a half ton offline stores, organized various lifestyle activities, and jointly shot an advertising film of super bucket with Jia Zhangke at the end of 2021, launched three and a half ton of vegetable milk for user testing, and tried to guide users to buy coffee in cooperative coffee shops to complete the task in terms of return plan, The new product has not been released yet.
Overall, the rapid growth of three and a half tons has been planned and completed in the early stage, and the financing is only an auxiliary acceleration.
As the Jianghu rumor goes: “for entrepreneurs, capital can not directly help enterprises make money, but it can accelerate the operation of enterprises and shorten the time to make money”.
The reason why the plan can be implemented in three and a half meals on time is inseparable from the planning and execution ability behind it. Just as Wu Jun, founder of late, interviewed:
“Investors pay more attention to the repurchase rate of three and a half meals. I pay more attention to the long-term value of users. If we want to quantify the growth of users, how much coffee consumers are willing to consume in three and a half meals a year, and whether they are constantly increasing the frequency of consumption, these are my more concern. We don’t have the saying of” success rate “, and we won’t speculate and design how users take photos, But we care about how consumers will recommend three and a half meals to their friends. “
The three and a half teams have made great efforts behind the scenes. The return plan in May and October each year needs to be planned several months in advance, and the node promotion needs to be completed after each return plan. After May, it is 618 and after October, it is double 11. This is also why the return plan is arranged at this time point.
When other brands frantically spend money to seize traffic on the eve of the node, they are thinking about how to bring users a better experience and how to communicate better with users. The final result is that the node promotes the champion.
according to our understanding, the team of Sandun and a half is currently divided into more than ten groups. Different groups coordinate with each other and have different division of labor:
1 1. The “product planning group” is responsible for the development of new coffee products and peripheral products;
2. “Visual design group” is responsible for graphic design, space design, exhibition design and photography;
3. “Brand activity group” is responsible for innovating and creating some new activities;
4. “Galaxy creation group” and new media operation group are jointly operated. The creation group is responsible for transforming products or into graphics, video and other content, while the operation group is responsible for operation management and interactive operation of users in new media;
5. The “new media content group” is responsible for cooperating with more life players and artists, creating and publishing them to the social media platform to affect more coffee lovers;
6. “Offline New World Group” is responsible for offline stores;
7. The “force resource team” is actually the human resources department, which is responsible for managing the company’s human resources related matters, and volunteers are also responsible for the management of this part;
8. “Operation center” is the e-commerce Department of three and a half tons, mainly responsible for e-commerce operation and planning;
9. “Supply chain center” plans to build a supply chain management system, which will be managed and developed by relevant personnel;
10. At present, the digitization of the “Digital Center” is to develop, manage and operate small program communities;
summary: three and a half dinners’ efforts and efforts at the organizational level have been rewarded. Maybe some users did not have such a pleasant experience in the event,
What is the core of
and three and a half ton brand?

three and a half tons has been “exploring the planet flavor” with new products because coffee is one of the fruits with the most abundant flavor in the world. Thousands of flavor changes are caused by microclimate, treatment method, baking degree, blending method and extraction method in different producing areas. The possibility of this different flavor has been pursued for more than ten years, and it also supports three and a half tons to explore new things all the time. As the founder of Santon and a half said: “Santon and a half also have less successful products, but they have been communicating with users in a sincere way. This kind of exploration can only be presented normally. Don’t modify it or hide it – it must have shortcomings, but it will evolve and iterate in a good direction.”

The brand core of three and a half meals is: the courage to explore and innovate, not afraid of failure and no burden.
How does
and identify new and old users in logistics?
and how to maintain a resource-saving state?
three and a half tons adopt sustainable AB distribution in logistics. In August 2020, three and a half tons upgraded the delivery system to support AB distribution plan, that is, the system will identify new and old user orders, send complete express content to new users, and only send simplified version to old users, that is, old users will not receive repeated delivery materials, Without affecting the basic experience such as delivery and after-sales.
The trial AB distribution plan in batches is expected to reduce 200000 + single pages and paper cards per month (renewable paper is also used at present).
Three meals and a half will attach the return plan to the packaging box of new users, and you can scan the code to obtain the return points and understand the details, so that customers can directly visit the official website of the brand and establish stickiness to the brand. Three meals and a half has 50% coverage. We analyze that about 10% of re purchase users come from the return plan rather than the sales of the product itself.
why open an offline store for three and a half meals?

Three and a half meals hope that this offline space can take care of coffee, scene, experience and other aspects, but more importantly, coffee is used to connect and cycle more. Build the relationship between users and products in this space, and reshape the relationship between people and goods.
Santon and a half have a relationship with the neighborhood through the store, and the space has been designed in three modes:
1 1. Exhibition mode, which can meet the daily small-scale exhibition and display in the store. At present, a variety of activities and exhibitions have been completed in the store. The latest exhibition is a touch dialogue with the artist “I am white” and invites users to participate. Only loyal users of Santon and a half can understand this activity, Because the activity is not introduced on the official platform, but the subscription number “force flight” of the offline store is newly opened, which will carry the content of communication between the offline store and users.
2. Storage mode. In this mode, small activities such as table tennis and catwalk can be carried out. The early stage is also in the inner stage, and the main participants are Dafu (volunteers) with three and a half meals.
3. Coffee mode, which is the state of daily operation in the store. All tables and chairs in the store are customized and can be rotated, lifted and stored. When you walk into the store on weekdays, the clerk may give you a badge, a small gift or a crossword puzzle while you wait for coffee. All these are three and a half customized materials, Bring users a different experience in a specific space; You can also try sharing tables with friends.
summary. At present, the offline store of three and a half tons is mainly to test more communication methods and possibilities between brands and users. For the time being, chain franchise is not considered. We expect this test to last for some time or even longer.
three and a half ton strategic framework, what is the growth curve?

through our research, we believe that the three and a half ton strategy is mainly based on the bottom logic and top-level design, with product innovation in the middle (the bottom logic of three and a half ton is to explore the flavor of the planet and present the concept of “natural richness”, while the top-level design is to explore the lifestyle of more boutique coffee), and is based on innovative products.

Taking small cans of coffee as an example, the left hand of small cans is a joint product: joint names of brands in different industries, peer brands, coffee masters, places of origin, artists, lifestyles, and more cultural circles;
Small can right hand return plan: the return plan is the key marketing content. At present, it has united nearly 300 coffee shops, lifestyle and other institutions in China, with more than 30000 users at the highest; There must be other actions in the future. Based on this, the growth curve of three and a half tons has been clear.
The logic of enterprise growth is to find the growth point and gradually connect it into a rising curve. There are three rising curves in total:
the first is the handmade products produced by the handmade flavor studio; The second is the ear hanging coffee Grand Slam; The third is the birth of small cans;
These are different curves. Generally speaking, this curve is realized by core large items, such as mineral water of nongnongshan spring and small cans of three and a half tons. In the future, there must be other growth curves in three and a half tons.
This is the “super system” strategy mentioned by Santon and a half internally: “drive new products with new technologies, continuously connect new scenes, contents, numbers, users and other modules to the products based on new products, turn the products into” super systems “, and continuously expand the ability and value of system service users, so as to establish brand culture and create more meta coffee lifestyles, We will systematically build products and retain many interfaces in terms of design language, core delivery, content creation and digitization. “

This also leads to the thinking of the future development direction of three and a half tons.
discuss the future development strategy of three and a half tons?

By combing the strategic framework of three and a half tons and summarizing the growth curve, we can see that the strategy of three and a half tons in the next three and a half years will be a strategic form with small can products as the development strategy of large single products, supplemented by continuous R & D and innovation of coffee ecology and other products.
In terms of large single products, we will continue to deeply cultivate and upgrade the brand and content in the form of small can products, explore more third-party institutions that can cooperate, explore more lifestyle cooperation, as well as origin cooperation and joint cooperation. We will also continue to explore the lifestyle of high-quality coffee, try to create scenes and combine people with pets and leisure.

In terms of channels, we will try to test some new online and offline channels. We expect that three and a half tons will consider going to sea. The official ins of three and a half tons has been in operation and is still in the test stage.
In terms of products, it will continue to layout multiple new product lines, continue to look for the points of the next growth curve, and extend on the basis of determining the points to form the next growth curve.
summary of three and a half success factors
1. Innovation of small can products 2. The innovative application of freeze-drying technology in coffee products and the innovation of packaging and technology solve the problems of consumers in use scenarios 3. Brand facing consumer mode 4. Tmall support 5. User operation and return plan 6. What should not be ignored is the continuous attempts of the three and a half teams before 2018, which is an experience that cannot be copied, We can copy packaging and even technology, but we can never copy the innovative ideas and spirit of a successful brand. 7. Put the user experience in the first place of brand operation, focus on the user’s experience and response to the product, pay attention to Koc, and continuously optimize the product according to the user’s feedback. 8. Focus on online and offline content operation
innovation of three and a half meals brand
01 co branded limited products with lifestyle partners, and carried out offline activities with lifestyle partners to implant the concept of three and a half meals of portable coffee into the activities to strengthen users’ awareness of brand positioning. The forms of CO branding include launching new products, jointly doing offline activities, jointly publishing promotional films, etc. 02 conventional products 123456 are sold in a mixed way, No. 0 and No. 7 are sold separately, and No. 8 is only sold offline. Co branded models are sold during the promotion. In order to promote advertising with Jia Zhangke, many gifts will be added and the price will be reduced. 03 launch the return plan to increase the sense of corporate social responsibility, make users feel good about the brand and increase the stickiness between users and brands 04 open a brand circle of friends and have a direct dialogue with users. The content of the circle of friends is the same as that of ordinary people. 05 the basic innovation is products, three and a half tons of raw materials are coffee from all over the world, followed by the innovation of small can packaging, The innovation of packaging has brought the brand to a higher level. 06 the brand launched lifestyle activities and continued to explore the possibility of coffee and more lifestyles. 07 it continued to pay attention to user feedback, from grand slam to coffee and milk, launched vegetable milk for three and a half meals according to user needs, and cooperated with yuexianhuo. 08 it insisted on setting up offline stalls and participating in market activities, Let more consumers experience the product 09. Launch the flying radio to spread the story of plain people. This is an invisible asset. In the future, you may hear the story of three and a half interviews with plain people when listening to crosstalk, expand the publicity circle 10, cooperate with the literary circle, sponsor artist painting exhibitions, cooperate with art bloggers, and launch joint branded products 11 offline space innovation, Cooperate with the architectural space office to combine the offline space with the street, try to establish contact with the street, and design and customize adjustable tables and chairs to provide three types of space atmosphere for different use scenarios. 12 daily operation in the store. When waiting for meals, the brand will provide innovative customized games for users to experience, and will attach customized badges. 12.1 in his spare time, various activities, exhibitions, shows, table tennis, etc. will be held to create a cultural experience space
thinking summary
The success of three and a half meals can be said to be the success under DTC mode, and DTC mode has become one of the ways for new brands to impact the peak of the industry. With the reduction of industry entry barriers, big brands are losing their traditional scale advantages. New brands are good at taking advantage of subtle changes in the industry and using data and flexible consumer insight to understand the situation of target audiences, And can cooperate with suppliers for rapid iteration and response, so as to further increase market share.
in today’s market, we believe that new consumer brands should seize the market in this way:
Suppliers can build new factories with new brands, expand production capacity and realize the full link integration of technology, products and market 02
Cooperate with new channels, conduct product testing by flash, establish offline image for digital brands, realize large-scale and maintain asset light in the absence of offline self operated stores. 03
Use digital media and diversified marketing content to achieve accurate touch of target users. 04
Using peer recommendation and social platform pictures, videos, articles, comments and other content, consumers increasingly trust these contents, rather than high-cost and high-powered marketing activities. 05
Cooperate with professional TP companies to reduce the exploration time of early e-commerce operation and quickly enter the professional operation stage. 06
The establishment of brand self-supporting community is no longer limited to a single activity, but expands to lifestyle activities to further obtain potential users. Under this mode, the brand can establish a deep relationship with users, so as to improve the position of the brand in the industry and new consumer brands 07
It can directly obtain and collect user feedback and form data to create a feedback cycle mechanism, which can not only optimize user mileage and user experience, but also correctly allocate resources to promote innovation and production 08
Omni channel personalized marketing to get more users 09
Personalized multi content marketing to reduce the cost of getting customers, establish a user retention mechanism on the brand side, optimize the user experience, and maximize the user life cycle value 10
Launch and test innovative products in the shortest time, and then make rapid adjustment according to consumer feedback 11
In addition to selling products, it also combines services, products and brands into a systematic capability enabling organization 12
Content product, product content, test products through the deep combination of products and content, and use product content to communicate with users, rather than relying on advertising 13
Explore with users how to better iterate the product 14
In offline self operated stores, more suitable packaging size can be set for consumers, product supply and pricing 15
Through predictive analysis and demand perception, brands can redistribute products, personalize recommended content, and use message push to manage user Life Cycle 16
Through emotional analysis, understand the current life and mental state of consumers, innovate and establish new products and services, such as three and a half meals return plan 17
The brand builds its own cultural community, activates users through activities loved by the circle, integrates with the core spirit of the brand, and continuously outputs diversified contents
To establish a good brand relationship with ordinary users, KOL can not support a brand, but thousands of users can
Three and a half times of exploring the planet flavor is similar to PMPM’s exploring the world. They are exploring global raw materials and exploring more possibilities. In fact, many new consumer goods brands are exploring in their respective segments, which may be the entrepreneurial spirit of this generation of entrepreneurs.
New consumer brands have successfully won the first wave of victory by excavating subdivided tracks, strong operation ability and carefully innovating products.
We believe that the cognition of the founders is the first driving force for the development of the enterprise. The brand must learn to control the complexity of the business model, rather than maintaining the model of low product prices or directly copying a popular online product.
Today’s post-90s, post-95s and post-00s consumers no longer have great demand for a single product, but have greater demand for the lifestyle, emotional premium and social networks brought by the brand.
Author: doctor; Source: great route strategy consulting (ID: wdhlzx), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); for the sixth consecutive year, foodaily released the annual business hot spot of the food industry – exploring the development law of categories from 200000 new products around the world, studying the changes of global consumption, studying the changes of new consumers and consumption demand in combination with the in-depth insight into the Chinese market, and exploring the new value brought by the two new consumption drivers of technological reconstruction and brand popularity, Focus on the prospective discovery of category cracks / innovative products, so as to help new consumer entrants anchor market segments and category fission opportunities, and provide inspiration and decision-making reference for product innovation in the next year. (click the picture to view the detailed introduction) related reading

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