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Yuanqi forest’s first strategy in 2022: normal temperature lactic acid bacteria bubble drink, Jindian ultrafiltration milk, heavy listing… | hot smell in a week

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1. Yuanqi forest released the first new product in 2022. Countermeasures: normal temperature lactic acid bacteria bubble drink
2. Continue to build high-end dairy products, and Yili has continuously promoted two new products: Jindian ultrafiltration milk and pasteurized Zhennong fresh milk
3. Aiming at children’s breakfast, CASS released A2 β- Casein pure milk, affinity protein nutrition, full cup
4. Amuxi’s new amx Dandong strawberry milkshake flavor yogurt has 12 processes and high-quality jam to break the shackles of 0 sucrose taste
5. Cow hair black Shangxin Qinghai Tibet yogurt, 0 sucrose and 0 sugar substitute, showing the natural sweetness of dairy products
6. Restore the fresh and sweet flavor of Oriental plants, and Naixue bottled tea was launched
7. Wangwang ya-mi low sugar bubble sugar comes into the market with vitality, and novel taste + bubble bring a refreshing taste
8. Oreo’s new flower and fruit taste is limited to the market, and the freshness in spring is reduced
9. In addition, it is convenient for lazy people to eat fast food. Chuji has launched Japanese light cooking, Kanto cooking, and eating strength control card
10. Wonderlab launched fish collagen tripeptide beverage with 4-fold protein and double effect formula to awaken skin water, light and elasticity
11. Huaxi black zero launched black zero GABA sleep drink, with 98% high purity added to help sleep all night
12. Box horse joint name vegetable dog IP launched soft heart chocolate tart, which was sold out in some stores on the first day of the new year
13. Lutra Rex × The modern sky pushes the trend of drinking in the west, integrating the “boiling life” of young people into the wine
14. Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan, a new Chinese prefabricated dish brand, has completed round B + financing and is committed to becoming a “prefabricated dish brand that understands the Chinese stomach”
15. Almond milk brand, namely apricot, won an angel round financing of 10 million yuan to seek the differentiation of vegetable milk
16. The ready to drink beverage brand has completed the pre-A round of financing by drinking nod, focusing on natural ingredients and taking Stevia extract as the main sweet source
17. Beijing Meimiao food, a local plant-based dairy company, obtained a financing of US $1.2 million and is committed to providing dairy substitutes for Chinese consumers
18. The brand of children’s health fresh food, Weixian liangpin, won an angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan. Relying on the advantages of the supply chain, it focuses on “fresh and fast” children’s products
19. Functional dinner brand relaxed law completed nearly ten million yuan Angel round financing, and advocated scientific formula and full nutrition control card
20. The functional food and beverage brand source research institute won two rounds of financing, seed round and angel round, with a cumulative amount of tens of millions of yuan
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21. IFF invests in the development of a new generation of fermentation strains and capacity expansion to strengthen its leading and innovative plant-based solutions


On January 14, Yuanqi forest launched the first product countermeasure of the new year, soda normal temperature lactic acid bacteria bubble drink (non viable bacteria type), adding the European patented strain sli-1 to help the health of intestinal flora. The new product has 0 sugar and 0 fat, and a bottle of calories is less than 0.5 apples; Tmall flagship store sells 450ml * 6 bottles / piece / 79.9 yuan.
Source: Yuanqi forest flagship store


On January 17, Jindian launched a new ultrafiltration milk, declaring that “one bottle of milk, twice nutrition”. The new product adopts ultrafiltration process to optimize the composition of recombinant milk and improve the protein and calcium content. The original high protein content per 100ml is 6G, about twice that of ordinary milk of the same volume. The original high calcium content is 180ml, equivalent to 150% of the national standard. At the same time, it significantly reduces the fat and sodium content, reduces the intake burden and optimizes the nutritional structure. In terms of packaging design, the product adheres to Picasso Cubism, mainly composed of golden and green modules, which interprets and reshapes the new aesthetics. The golden bottle cap is more luxurious and smooth as a whole, and the ultra-high appearance is very eye-catching. The product is now priced at 250ml * 8 bottles / 96 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Photo source: Jindian flagship store
On the same day, Yili fresh milk also announced the launch of 75 ° C pasteurized Zhennong milk. The raw milk comes from gap first-class certified pasture. It is the first 75 ° C pasteurization process in China to retain five fresh nutrients such as immunoglobulin and lactoferrin. The protein content is 39% higher than the minimum standard of the national standard. It tastes mellow and has pure milk flavor.
Source: Yili fresh milk


Foodaily observed that Cass recently launched A2 with more protein properties for children and expectant mothers β- Casein pure milk. The product selects A2 homozygous cow milk source passing professional gene screening, and each box of A2 β- Casein content is not less than 1.8g, which is more natural in digestion and absorption. It is suitable for breakfast, study, exercise, sleep and other scenes. At present, the new product sells at tmall flagship store for 200ml * 10 boxes / 99 yuan.
Source: classykiss flagship store


On January 15, amuxi launched the new amx Dandong limited strawberry yogurt. Mature Dandong strawberries directly collected from the origin were selected to produce high-quality 0 sucrose strawberry jam through 12 processes, which was carefully matched with yogurt to highlight the natural sweetness of fruit and break the shackles of 0 sucrose taste. In addition, the red packaging of the product not only caters to the Spring Festival, but also meets the sweet girl heart of the majority of female consumers. The new product is now on sale in amhershey flagship store, with a price of 230g * 10 bottles / 118 yuan.
Image source: amush


Recently, Niumao heihei flagship store launched a Qinghai Tibet yoghurt. The new product inherits the Tibetan ancient brewing process. Through breakthrough fermentation technology improvement, lactose is transformed into galactose and glucose without adding any sucrose and sugar substitutes. The sweetness comes from the natural fermentation of the dairy product itself, which is real and healthy. In addition, the global strains are preferred for the product, each bottle contains 10 billion active patented probiotics, and the price is 200g * 6 bottles / box / 76.8 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: ox hair black flagship store


On January 30, Naixue’s tea launched a new bottled tea for the first time, focusing on the natural freshness and sweetness of Oriental plants, aiming to “encounter Oriental plants between fruit and tea”. Low sugar grape oolong tea uses Luohan juice extracted from 100% fresh fruit to replace sugar substitutes such as sucralose. While adding sweetness, it does not dominate. The content of grape juice is ≥ 40%, and the taste is fresh and sweet without greasy. In addition, the content of sodium hyaluronate per liter is 50mg; The sugar free black tea series include two kinds of golden mountain black tea, oolong and oolong tea, and the original leaves are selected. The first tea leaves are extracted. The content of tea polyphenols is more than 400mg/kg, without any essence or preservative, and the real taste of authentic tea is restored. The price of grape oolong tea wechat applet is 500ml * 15 bottles / 110 yuan, and the price of good tea series is 500ml * 15 bottles / 95 yuan. The new products are also available in offline convenience stores / supermarkets in Guangdong and Fujian.
Source: Naixue’s tea


Recently, Wangwang launched ya-mi bubble candy, a low sugar net red snack tablet candy. It has two flavors: Cola and yogurt. The sugar content of each package is only 0.1g. The low sugar and burden free product characteristics meet the low sugar needs of contemporary young people. At the same time, it restores the wonderful taste of cola and yogurt and doubles happiness. In addition, the product is packaged in mini, which is light and easy to carry, and has a high appearance. Netizens call it “it’s very prosperous just looking at the packaging”. At present, the price of the product in Wangwang food tmall flagship store is 12g * 10 packs / 27.5 yuan.
Source: Wangwang food flagship store


The annual spring Oreo arrived as promised. On January 20, Oreo launched a limited new spring flower and fruit flavor series to create a new flower + fruit flavor combination. The product has two flavors: rose grape flavor, rich flower fragrance, cherry pomelo flavor, sour, sweet and refreshing, full of spring flavor. In addition, the product packaging maintains the consistent high appearance design of Oreo’s exclusive style. This time, a special surprise black technology is launched: wipe the sandwich pattern of the packaging, you can smell the fragrant fruit fragrance; Then take the package and bask in the sun, you can attract butterflies to “appear”. At present, the new products have been sold in some convenience stores such as the whole family.
Source: Oreo


Recently, Chuji has a new traditional bonito flavor, Japanese light cooking, Kanto cooking. The product adopts bonito flavor soup bottom and selects high-quality meat sources. Each meat contains about 80% and is rich in protein; At the same time, strictly control the heat. The heat of each bowl is only about 182kacl, which is about equal to the heat of two apples. Reducing the burden without reducing the taste is very consistent with the life concept of healthy diet of contemporary young people. Compared with ordinary convenience store Kanto cooking, Chuji Japanese Light food Kanto cooking emphasizes high-quality animal meat. There is no sucrose and oil at the bottom of the soup, and it is cooked at one time, which is more fresh, healthy and nutritious. The price of the product on tmall is 36.6 yuan / box.
Source: Chuji food flagship store


Recently, wonderlab launched fish collagen tripeptide beverage. During production, the added amount of collagen peptide is 5200mg, including 1000mg of fish collagen tripeptide. Compared with traditional macromolecular collagen peptides, fish collagen tripeptide has 5 times the absorption efficiency. Its collagen tripeptide can be directly absorbed by the intestine in the form of collagen, making the absorption more efficient. This product is blood orange flavor, 0 fat, sour, sweet, fresh and refreshing. It is ready to eat after opening the bottle and easy to take. At present, tmall flagship store sells for 25ml * 10 bottles / 269 yuan.
Source: wonderlab flagship store


Recently, Huaxi black zero, a food brand of Huaxi biology, launched black zero GABA sleep drink to accurately solve sleep problems with patented biotechnology ingredients, aiming to help solve the insomnia problems of young people. 98% high purity gabaralax is added to the product ™, More effective, it can effectively relieve mood, relax mood and improve sleep quality; At the same time, each bag is scientifically matched with tea theanine, lily, jujube kernel, passionflower extract and valerian root extract to help you sleep better. According to tmall flagship store, the price of this product is 30ml * 10 bags / 109 yuan.
Source: Huaxi black zero


On January 17, the box was put on the shelves, and the cabbage dog soft heart chocolate tart jointly launched with station B, priced at 19 yuan / box. Cabbage dog is a blind box of vegetable elves raised by the crowd in station B, and the fresh “everything can be eaten” of box horse has a wonderful chemical reaction when it meets the super cute culture in station B. The cute and flexible shape makes the cabbage dog soft heart chocolate tart sold out as soon as it was launched in some new stores. In addition, both pink and blue cabbage dogs can be obtained by purchasing gift boxes at station B.
Image source: Tianxia E-commerce

13、LUTRA乐獭×摩登天空推潮流西打酒,将年轻人的“Boiling Life沸腾人生”融入酒中

Recently, Lutra lotra and Modern Sky launched a trendy Xida wine, lotra modern Xida wine, jointly developed by Lutra lotra and modern sky, at the new product launch of “2022 Lutra open drink”. Xida wine is a kind of fruit wine fermented with apple juice. This product innovates the process in the traditional brewing method of Xida wine, and 100% full juice fermentation, which brings the pure Xida wine with unique sour and sweet taste and thick apple flavor to consumers. Its brand spirit “boiling life” conveys a young people’s sunshine, blood and boiling life attitude and lifestyle.
Photo source: Lutra Rex


It is reported that the new Chinese prefabricated dish brand Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan has completed the B + round of financing. This round is led by Baidu venture capital, followed by Dingxiang capital and zero one venture capital. 42 capital under 42 Zhang Jing serves as the exclusive financial adviser. Last October, the brand received tens of millions of yuan in round B financing, and the cumulative amount of two rounds of financing was more than 100 million yuan.
Founded in 2019, Zhenwei Xiaomei garden focuses on C-end users and adheres to the cost-effective route. At present, it has been subdivided into four product lines: home cooked dishes series, special pasta series, online Red dishes series and family banquet dishes series, so as to explore the value of prefabricated dishes in different dining scenes as much as possible and strive to become a “prefabricated dish brand that understands Chinese stomach”.
Source: 36 krypton


It is reported that apricot, the brand of plant almond milk, has completed an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million, which is jointly invested by Xiangtai investment, Jin Huifeng and tomato capital. The amount of this round of financing will be used for product R & D.
Apricot, founded in 2019, is a brand of plant almond milk launched by Beijing Centennial photosynthetic Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. its core users are mainly new middle-aged people aged 25-45 who are distributed in first and second tier cities in China. Its products take wild almonds unique in the north as raw materials and adopt UHT instantaneous sterilization technology to make the process of drawing and sending products more smooth. At present, it also promotes products through cooperation with coffee and milk tea chain stores.
Source: 36 krypton


It is reported that the ready to drink beverage brand Youyin nod completed the pre-A round of financing, which was led by proterra investment and followed by Linyi Hongying. Proterra investment is the world’s largest agricultural industry investment fund. Cargill’s direct investment department was transformed and established to focus on agricultural investment in the Asia Pacific region.
Founded in 2021, Youyin nod is committed to providing consumers with “noordinary extraordinary” ready to drink drinks. The “good taste water” series 0 sugar flavor water launched now focuses on natural ingredients, takes Stevia extract as the main source of sweetness, and adds real fruit juice at the same time.
Source: Sohu


Recently, Beijing Meimiao food marvelous foods, a local plant-based dairy company in China, announced that it had completed a financing of US $1.2 million, invested by lever VC and new climate ventures. This round of financing will be used to expand the existing product portfolio and increase sales channels.
Mei Miao food was founded in 2019. Its brand Yeyo coconut yogurt is the only vegetable coconut yogurt brand with China’s only 100% pure coconut fermented, 0 added sucrose, essence and pigment. The brand is mainly aimed at women and now has more than 90 distribution points, including different catering services and retail chains. Meanwhile, yeyo yeuge is also cooperating with fitness brands Maia active and lululemon to carry out brand activation projects.
Source: yeyo yeyogurt


Recently, the children’s health fresh food brand weixianliangpin completed an angel round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan. The investor is Fengrui capital. This round of financing will be used for new product R & D, brand upgrading and talent introduction.
Founded in 2021, weixianliangpin focuses on Chinese modern family healthy children’s fresh food products. It takes Arctic deep-sea fish as food raw materials and mainly provides fresh and healthy deep-sea food materials for families of children aged 3-12. Its products mainly use salmon, COD and tuna. Relying on the global high-quality food material supply chain and using its own cold chain system, Protect nutrition and restore the freshness of the ingredients themselves.
Source: Weixian liangpin


It is reported that the angel round financing has been completed for the functional dinner brand relaxed law, and the investors are delicious investment and Shangshi investment. The current round of financing funds are mainly used for R & D products, strengthening the supply chain and building teams.
The relaxed rule was established in 2021, positioning the card control dinner, guided by the concept of full nutrition card control, and focusing on the three dimensions of nutrition, card control and delicacy, it developed “healthy, low card and delicious” dinner food, so as to realize weight management without breaking the conventional eating habits and meet human needs. The brand has developed more than 30 card control dinner products, including rice, noodles, vermicelli, chicken breast, eggs, Qiya seed soup, European bread, soybean milk and cellulose drinks.
Photo source: Automobile Test and evaluation report


It is reported that the brand source Research Institute of guoyuanli (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. successively completed seed round and angel round financing within half a year, with a cumulative amount of tens of millions of yuan and a valuation of more than 100 million yuan. Investors include Taiyou fund, youyou fund and other institutions and well-known investors in the industry. This financing will be mainly used for channel expansion and marketing.
Founded in May 2021, Yuan Research Institute focuses on developing soft drinks with high consumer awareness and guaranteed functional components according to various sub-health problems. It hopes to provide diversified health products with drinks and other carriers without changing consumers’ living habits. On December 14, 2021, the brand officially launched the first product with eye care function – Blueberry anthocyanin juice on tmall and other platforms.
Source: 36 krypton


On January 21, IFF announced new investment in the development and technology of a new generation of fermentation strains. The cooperation with DTU National Food Research Institute of Danish University of science and technology aims to develop cutting-edge tools that can support the research and development of next-generation strains, so as to improve the adaptability of strains to plant-based raw materials, give full play to the synergy between strains as much as possible, and better understand the complexity of these raw materials, so as to help strengthen the existing plant-based strain product portfolio of IFF.
IFF will also make a major investment in its plant in dangre Saint Roman, France, to improve the production capacity of its plant-based fermentation strains. The expansion of production will enable the company to continue to meet the growing demand for plant-based fermentation strains through its existing product series solutions.
Source: nutrition and Biotechnology
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