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It is said that many parties intend to bid for meisujia’er. Unilever’s share price soared after being overweight by radical investors. Nongnongshanquan promoted boiled water products. Tencent was accused of investing in lemon tea and lemon season. The performance of Tsingtao Beer reached a new high last year

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It is said that many parties are interested in bidding for meisujia’er

Today, Bloomberg quoted “sources” as saying that Bain Capital and Carlyle Group have become potential buyers competing for the Meisu Jiaer brand of fislan. Bloomberg said a number of private equity companies have shown interest in the brand. In addition to the two private placements, baring Asia Investment Fund was also mentioned as a possible buyer, and JUNLEBAO dairy in Shijiazhuang was mentioned as one of the “candidates”. Previously, feishilan announced that it would conduct a business review of the Meisu Jiaer brand. (Bloomberg)

Tencent invests in lemon tea brand lemon season


On January 21, a number of industrial and commercial changes took place in Hunan SANFA Catering Management Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was added as the shareholder, with a shareholding ratio of 12%; The registered capital of the enterprise increased to about 2.8169 million yuan, an increase of more than 19%. Statistics show that Hunan SANFA catering management company has a tea brand “lemon season · hand lemon tea”, and its stores are mainly concentrated in Changsha, Hunan. (Interface)


Other meat customers settled in Shanghai City Supermarket


Tiantian orchard and other meat customers, a global pioneer brand of plant meat, recently announced a strategic cooperation. Other meat customers will settle in eight stores in Shanghai of Tiantian orchard’s city shop. (Beijing Tianjin News Network)

Starbucks China continues to promote the “beautiful coffee” plan


From January 24 to January 28, Starbucks increased the number of free good coffee to 2022 cups a day, and turned on the “good heart pool” function. During this period, as long as customers consume coffee express or special star delivery channels on Starbucks app and wechat applet, they will have the opportunity to get a free medium cup of hot latte. The plan originated in 2014. (issued by the company)

“Sugar substitute leader” ternary biology completed the offering

Sanyuan biology, a sugar substitute manufacturer with no sugar, such as Yuanqi forest, is only one step away from logging in to the gem. On January 24, Sanyuan biological successfully completed its offering. Statistics show that the issue price of Sanyuan biology is 109.30 yuan / share, which is the only stock with a share price of more than 100 yuan in the A-share “sugar substitute concept”. In addition, the P / E ratio of Sanyuan biological issuance is 63.39 times, much higher than that of its peers of 43.85 times. (Kechuang board daily)

Nongfu mountain spring launches boiled water products

On January 24, nongnongshan spring confirmed to the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that it had launched boiled water products. The reporter of Beijing business daily searched the official website of nongnongshanquan and the official flagship store and found that there are no boiled aquatic products on sale online at present. However, it is reported that some dealers have received boiled water products from nongnongshan spring at a price of 2 yuan per bottle. (Beijing business daily)

Tsingtao Beer’s business performance hit another record high

Huang Kexing, deputy to Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Tsingtao Brewery Group, said recently that in 2021, Tsingtao Brewery’s business performance reached another record high on the basis of three consecutive years of rapid growth. It is reported that at present, Tsingtao Beer’s happy plate with beer as the core is growing against the trend, and the healthy plate with beverage as the core is developing healthily. It has quickly ranked among the forefront of the industry and the national layout of the fashion plate focusing on consumer experience. (people’s daily)

The net profit of Tianwei food is expected to decrease by 50.96% last year

Today, Tianwei food disclosed in the performance forecast that the annual operating revenue in 2021 was about 2025.5142 million yuan, which is expected to decrease by about 14.34% year-on-year. The net profit is about 178.6231 million yuan, which is expected to decrease by about 50.96% year-on-year. The main reason why the performance did not meet expectations was the rise in the cost of main raw materials; The gross profit margin decreased due to the change of product structure; The industry competition intensifies and the promotion is strengthened. (company announcement)

Barbie foods expects net profit to increase by 74% – 80% last year

Today, Barbie food released its annual performance forecast for 2021. It is expected that the net profit during the period will be 305 million yuan to 315 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 73.82% – 79.52%. As the company indirectly holds Dongpeng beverage shares through Tianjin Junzheng, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is expected to increase by 140 million yuan to 150 million yuan. (company announcement)


Radical investors increased their holdings of Unilever, whose share price rose


Yesterday, people familiar with the matter told Reuters that trian partners, a radical strategic hedge fund with a scale of up to $8.5 billion, had increased its stake in Unilever, but it was unclear about the scale or start time of trian’s increase. It is understood that trian partners has always been famous for streamlining the company’s management reform and obtaining a lot of returns in the process. After finally giving up the pursuit of GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer health business, Unilever’s strategy has attracted close attention from the outside world.

McDonald’s is expected to have strong demand in the fourth quarter

McDonald’s will announce the fourth quarter results of 2021 before the US stock market on January 27. The market expects that the company’s Q4 revenue is US $6.04 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%; Earnings per share was $2.34, a year-on-year increase of 37.6%. In the past year, as McDonald’s continues to recover from the severe damage suffered at the beginning of the outbreak in early 2020, its passenger flow and ordering volume have rebounded significantly. (Zhitong finance and Economics Network)

Quick reading of food industry information


In view of the snow and bad weather, are you hungry? Meituan cancelled the assessment of riders over time difference


In view of the recent snow and bad weather, the two takeout platforms of hungry and meituan have taken flexible measures to cancel the assessment of riders’ overtime and poor rating; At the same time, provide free lunch, ginger soup, hot porridge and other cold resistant food and drinks to provide warm rest points for riders. (Beijing Daily)

Shanghai will carry out special rectification on traffic violations of express delivery electric bicycles from now on

Starting today, the Shanghai Public Security Traffic Police Department will carry out special rectification of traffic violations of express takeout electric bicycles. Express delivery electric bicycles without special number plates will be punished with a maximum fine of 200 yuan. (released in Shanghai)


Strictly investigate the marketing of food to minors without bottom line


Today, the market supervision bureau, together with the Ministry of education and the Ministry of public security, issued the “notice on carrying out the special treatment of non bottom line marketing food for minors”, which should focus on strengthening the daily supervision and sampling monitoring of food safety in and around the campus, and strictly investigate and deal with the following violations.

(General Administration of market supervision and Administration)


The US food supply chain is facing “unprecedented” pressure

On January 23 local time, the Wall Street Journal published an article saying that the U.S. food supply chain is facing unprecedented pressure due to the surge in the number of people infected by Omicron. The crisis of serious shortage of employees has spread from food factories to transportation systems and even large chain department stores and grocery stores. According to market research firm IRI, the food inventory level of retailers in the United States was close to 86% as of the week of January 16, lower than the level of more than 90% before the epidemic. Among them, sports drinks, frozen cookies and refrigerated dough are particularly low, with inventory levels between 60% and 70%. (International Finance News)

Partners of Kindu law firm responded to market rumors of “IPO project affected”


Today, some media quoted the partners of Jindu law firm as saying that “Jindu law firm, a famous law firm, was involved in the case of LETV’s letter Phi fraud”. The rumor content was “title party”. For whether Jindu law firm was filed for investigation, it pointed out that “that’s not the case”. Last week, on January 20, Shenzhen Xinghe Automation Co., Ltd., which applied for IPO on the gem, was cancelled due to “force majeure, accidents or other special circumstances” on the night before the meeting. Subsequently, rumors speculated that “force majeure” might be related to Kindu law firm. (Tencent stock selection, 21st century economy)

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