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The footsteps of the Chinese New Year are getting closer and closer!
in this year of the tiger, gift giving is an essential scene. Whether it’s buying new year goods for your family or sending blessings to relatives and friends, a thoughtful gift box can make you happy and lucky.
foodaily and suprechao’s trendy friends also took advantage of the auspicious blessings of the Spring Festival to design a super gift box for food! Whether you are a kitchen expert, a snack eater, or a healthy light truck pie, you can find the exclusive surprise. At the same time, if you are dazzling in gift giving, you can also find the most suitable blessing for the elderly, children and friends here.
if you are interested, let’s watch it together ~ (1000 yuan super Koi welfare at the end of the article)
week zero / neighbor Tiger New Year gift box
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Chinese plant protein food brand “Monday” has launched a gift box for the year of the tiger, focusing on smiling and happy shaking cups. In addition, there are picnic plates, picnic mats, sports frisbees and masks. Use five kinds of beauty in the year of the tiger to explore the small and beautiful happiness of life. I hope you can enjoy the tiger in the new year.
neighborhood tiger homonym “neighborhood”, meaning neighborhood. I hope every young and life loving you can bring the Tiger Tiger New Year gift box to the neighborhood for fun, explore delicious and healthy eating experience and live an interesting and sustainable lifestyle in the new year.
fit8 / fortune gift box
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Fit8 collects the best-selling and highly praised items throughout the year, and combines protein bar, protein Weihua and probiotic protein powder to create a “fortune gift box”. The black technology formula of light truck and high protein allows you to avoid “losing three kilograms in festivals”. Coupled with the limited surroundings full of New Year atmosphere: Fortune satchel and mahjong cards, contract your eating, drinking and fun during the Spring Festival.
getting rich is the most sincere wish of the Chinese people for the new year, and it is also everyone’s expectation for the new year. Take it, so that you can not only play mahjong well this year, but also play a pair of ideal figure cards in the new year. 2022 good luck is worth Max!
coconut full / Tiger coconut New Year gift box
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Yeman united with cutting-edge artists to boldly integrate traditional Chinese elements into the nautical map in a more lovely way. The lively watermelon red is used to replace the traditional positive red, and the Chinese character “tiger” with round lines is used to interact with the illustration of wind coconut forest. It is surrounded by nautical maps, and there are Thailand, Malaysia, etc. that yeman family has been to… Finally, a box of the year of the tiger is formed. Reappearance of childhood memories is more suitable for modern people’s preferences. It is a hearty New Year gift. Marinated awakening / year of the Tiger Limited gift box slide left and right to see more
The year of the tiger limited the gift box to jump out of the bright red. The warm orange was selected as the main color of the gift box to include all the popular products. The cute tiger with full heart was surrounded by a charming tiger holding a piece of hot meat on the package, which is the happiness everyone longed for to eat meat wantonly without getting fat!
Dr. cheese / year of the tiger limited stick bucket
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The new year must be the most anticipated festival for children. You can not only get soft hands with red envelopes, but also delicious cheese! Dr. cheese, who specializes in real cheese for babies aged 0-6, has become the best New Year gift for children this Spring Festival. The year of the tiger is limited to the stick barrel, which gathers the master products of Dr. cheese’s family, platinum sticks, cheese slices, as well as the lovely and warm designer tiger hat and Zhu Jingyi’s couplet, and the new year’s red envelope. I hope every baby can be strong in the New Year!
round coffee / huhusheng coffee gift box
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“Huhu SHENGFEI” is a limited gift package for the new year, which meets all your fantasies about coffee: a kind-hearted cup for the year of the tiger and a tiger like round top boutique coffee “round”, so that you and your family can drink five boutique flavors at a time and enjoy the super warm aroma of coffee at the happy moment of “round” of the whole family. The gift box also has a specially customized tiger Nianli seal on the circle. I hope everyone who likes coffee can feel this blessing. In 2022, tiger and tiger will have “coffee”!
TNO / one tea and one Fragrance Gift Box
, , , slide around to see more. The addition of Dongjia sandalwood, Shanshui incense seat and reading white tea plate are all to express the natural lifestyle: TNO tells the soft mind of three meals, four seasons and gentle accompanying with a sense of ceremony of one tea and one fragrance on the occasion of 2022 new year.
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Lemon Jelly & I’m not fat tiger’s genuine jelly bucket. It’s nice and fun to give gifts in the year of the tiger! The bucket is filled with pleasure, and the quantity is large and super affordable. 0 fat, no trans fatty acids, three kinds of fruit flavor, not greasy, soft q-bomb! It can be called the best Chinese New Year gift in the year of the tiger. Adults and children love it!
Zhaifood zhenzhai / Huanxing star kitchen Zhizhen gift box
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Everyone must be familiar with my house? The leader of prefabricated dishes makes it easy for novice Xiaobai who can’t cook to cook a global exquisite new year’s Eve dinner full of ceremony. Flower glue chicken, Japanese braised eel, Wellington steak… Each dish can make people happy. When the whole family is reunited, it can also make circles and films on your social media. It’s not ordinary! Let me help you bring the star chef home!
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