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Huishan dairy joined hands with Xiaomi TV to explore a new path of content marketing for 70 year domestic brands

In January 25th, tiktok produced by Nanjing Daba Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Sheng Chan Film Co., Ltd., and millet TV and jitter joint broadcast. The first full star team of the Hui Shan dairy industry and the master’s hot mom competition for the reality show “Hi! Hot Mom” was officially launched.

as a national old brand dairy enterprise with a history of more than 70 years, Huishan dairy rushed to the “big screen content marketing track”, reached in-depth cooperation with hi! Spicy mom, and realized effective dialogue with the new generation of consumer groups and created a new national trend of dairy products with the help of variety shows that are highly consistent with the brand.


It is understood that “Hi! Spicy Mom” is the first attempt of Xiaomi TV’s Internet business to enter the content track. The reality show with the main star lineup leading the whole team and selecting the talent competition of talented spicy mom is expected to become a “trendy Mom” topic variety after “sister Lang” and detonate the topic of independent women’s perspective again.



Through the implantation of programs in the vertical field of mother and child, Huishan dairy will imperceptibly output the product concept and strengthen the brand tonality in the continuous exposure and penetration of multiple scenes, so as to make the audience become the “tap water” of the brand. This exploration, at a time when the fertility rate continues to decline and the cost and consumption power are under pressure, also provides a new marketing idea for the mother and baby industry to break the growth dilemma.




The source is the guarantee of quality. For the dairy industry, the safety and quality of milk source is not only related to the survival of enterprises, but also related to the health of consumers.


According to the data, Huishan’s brand history can be traced back to 1951. It is one of the first large dairy enterprises to practice the whole industry chain model of dairy industry in China. It realizes that 100% of the milk source comes from large-scale self operated pastures, and has the largest Juan Shan cattle population breeding base in China.

The biggest characteristic of juanshan dairy cattle is strong milk quality. The content of milk fat and milk protein is significantly higher than that of ordinary dairy cows. The milk fat rate is 5%, which is more than 1.3 times that of ordinary dairy cows; The protein content of high-quality milk reached 3.8%. As the first batch of dairy enterprises in China and the first one in Northeast China to pass the acceptance of high-quality milk, a variety of infant formula milk powder under Huishan dairy is welcomed in the market.


“Huishan dairy’s main value lies in its upstream breeding. Its upstream supply system is very complete, including forage planting, forage processing, dairy farming, etc. the value of the whole animal husbandry resources is very large.” Song Liang, a dairy analyst, said publicly.

It is reported that Huishan dairy has about 360000 mu of feed raw material planting base, a feed production base with a capacity of 550000-600000 tons and about 130000 cow resources. The foundation of the upstream raw milk supply chain is solid.

A complete upstream industrial chain is the moat of dairy market competition. However, with the continuous decline of population birth rate and increasingly fierce market competition, how to seize market share and have a place in the hearts of consumers has become a new topic for major dairy enterprises.


On December 6 last year, Liaoning Yuexiu Huishan Holding Co., Ltd. was officially established, and the asset restructuring of Yuexiu group and Huishan dairy industry yielded fruitful results. At the founding press conference, Han Chunhui, general manager of Yuexiu Huishan, stressed that with Yuexiu Huishan new company officially entering the new track, Huishan milk powder will also enter a new stage of “brand driven”.


The joint Xiaomi TV is an attempt of Huishan dairy to realize the family scene of brand depth. According to the 2020 bright strategy technology Ott user questionnaire survey, the average daily use time of Xiaomi TV is up to 6.4 hours. The weekly viewing days and average daily viewing programs are higher than those of the industry as a whole. Users have strong stickiness and high touch frequency, which can go deeper into family scenes more effectively.

At the same time, the questionnaire survey also shows that the proportion of mothers and infants of Xiaomi TV is higher, and the proportion of families with children under the age of 6 is higher than that of the whole. Among mothers and infants, the purchase demand of luxury goods and high-end household appliances is higher than that of the industry and has certain consumption power. It can be seen that the user group highly covers high-quality marriage and childbirth families.

In addition, according to the consumer questionnaire survey, in the comparison of brand advertising value index, Ott large screen ranks first in terms of forming cognition, deepening connection and transmitting trust, which is higher than traditional TV advertising and business district building advertising.

Huishan dairy has reached a cooperation with hi! Spicy mom this time. It is believed that it will be able to fully grasp the advantages of family scenes and childcare scenes, establish customer trust in immersive connection, stimulate consumption consensus, and then affect the family’s purchase decision of dairy products.




According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics on January 17, the annual birth rate fell to 7.52 ‰ in 2021, a record low since the founding of the country. The deepening trend of “old age and fewer children” of the population has plunged the mother and child industry into a growth dilemma.

In addition, according to the data of iResearch, in 2020, the cumulative proportion of mothers under the age of 30 (after 90 / 95) in China exceeded 60%.


The digital Aboriginal generation has become the main force of childcare, and the channels for mother and child families to obtain childcare knowledge have also changed – from the traditional teaching from relatives, friends and elders to the Internet as the main way to obtain information. The opinions of mother and child big V and KOL have become an important basis for parents to make purchase decisions.

Increased market competition and changes in the characteristics of target consumer groups mean that the marketing channels of mother and child products should also be upgraded accordingly.


Brand communication around variety shows has naturally become the preferred marketing channel for dairy enterprises. In the past two years, dairy products as sponsors and namers have sprung up in variety shows. It has become the consensus of the dairy industry and even the mother and baby industry to expand the brand voice with the help of variety IP.


It is understood that the use of cross screen variety for brand marketing is a highlight of Huishan dairy variety implantation.

Through the program form of short video social x Xiaomi TV, Huishan dairy can combine short video, live broadcast and long video variety to drive brand marketing and explore more possibilities in these huge traffic pools. The same frequency resonance of large screen and small screen will also become the trend of mother and baby products sinking into the young market and brand marketing.


In addition, “Hi! Spicy Mom” focuses on the perspective of independent women and defines “new era Mom”, which is easy to drive the audience’s brand resonance and favor for the title merchant Huishan dairy. The program is vertical to the mother and baby content, accurately radiates the target audience, and helps to promote efficient communication between the brand and users.


It is worth mentioning that Huishan dairy, which has a good reputation of consumers and customer loyalty in Northeast China, integrates the female “she” strength of the mother of the new era into the brand image by naming “Hi! Spicy mother”, which can not only effectively spread the brand, but also inject young vitality into the brand and stimulate the potential energy of old brands for the national dairy industry, Provide a model for entering the young consumer market.


Throughout the industry, deep product research and development and adhering to the pursuit of quality are the foundation of the brand, while innovative marketing means are like “icing on the cake”.

Under the tide of attention economy, the old domestic products represented by Huishan dairy enter the content track, and help the brand marketing break through with Xiaomi Ott large screen content. It is named cross screen variety to open up multi port traffic, which is expected to become a classic marketing case in the mother and baby industry.

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