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The second round shortlist of Isee innovation award was announced | fruit and vegetable & Marine snacks broke out, and the national tide element enabled new categories This is the innovation of “new food era”

observe global innovation from the perspective of business ecology, gather local and overseas innovation forces, and let innovation be seen by more people together!
Condensing global innovative ideas and practices and accommodating new brands and products from all over the world, the fourth Isee award Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) has received submissions from 450 + domestic brands and 1300 + SKU products from November 9, 2021 to January 21, 2022, Isee innovation awards will work with them to show the annual innovation of Chinese food to the industry / business / consumers.
In addition, Isee Innovation Award covers products & brands, technologies, enterprises and people. Due to the large number of cases submitted, we will conduct preliminary review according to different award categories and publish the shortlist in batches. At present, the first round shortlist of “products / brands” has been published.
Next, let’s take a look at the second round shortlist of “products / brands” of the fourth Isee Innovation Award. In addition, we look forward to the submission and participation of more excellent technology / enterprise / person cases.
“Food” shortlist (second round)
The food category covers five categories: Catering and catering +, functional food, snacks, candy and chocolate, and baking.
Catering and catering + innovation key words: one person food, light cooking, plant-based, regional flavor, high-end ingredients, exotic cuisine, quick ready to eat, quick cooking God, exquisite dry rice, life smoke and fire······
Key words of functional food innovation: sleep aid, eye care, sobering up, probiotics, her health, light food tonic, Chinese tonic, medicine and food homology, staying up late for maintenance, weight management, dietary fiber, diversified product carriers······
Snacks & candy chocolate innovation key words: marinated, marine snacks, fruits and vegetables, nuts, sugar reduction, high protein, one bite size, no spicy, fun enjoyment, refined feeding, fresh lock new technology······
Key words of baking Innovation: fresh handmade, high fiber and low calorie, national tide elements, Western cooking at the midpoint, charging plus meal, substitute meal and light food······

“Dairy & Beverage” shortlist (second round)
Key words of dairy Innovation: function +, high protein, probiotics, sustainability, creative small materials, high-quality milk source, quality upgrading, intestinal health, special population, sugar restriction and fat control, household consumption, new sterilization technology······
Key words of beverage Innovation: slightly drunk, sharp mouth, sugar reduction, national tide, refreshing, warm drink, fruits and vegetables, meals, fresh extract, portable, sustainable, adaptive, plant protein, female pleasure, ultimate taste, packaging sublimation······

From May 31 to June 2, 2022, the Food Expo 2022 daily food innovation Expo will be held in Shanghai. The “Isee night” award ceremony, the global awards exhibition area and a wide range of innovation activities will be presented in 20000 square meters. Let’s go to a grand award ceremony belonging to the food and beverage industry and witness the annual innovation achievements of the food industry!
Lineup of Isee innovation award jury
Award contact
Source: Isee Global Food Innovation Award (ID: isee_award), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Fbic2022food daily food joined hands with the world’s top business and industrial partners to build fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first Food Expo daily food innovation Expo “new food era – brand ecology” in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it together. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction). related reading

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