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Through Japanese food machinery & raw and auxiliary materials, see how the underlying technology promotes the industry

the innovation of mechanical equipment and raw and auxiliary materials is the surging engine for the food industry.

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There is no doubt about the role of food technology in promoting industrial development. Foodaily reviewed the rapid progress and bright prospects of hot technologies such as intestinal health, sugar reduction, artificial protein, preservation and plastic reduction in the article “review of food technology in 2021” released not long ago, which makes people look forward to the future of food. Compared with them, food machinery and equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are the more core elements of shaping excellent quality, and their innovation is of greater significance to enhance industrial competitiveness.
Japan is the highland of Asian food industry. Not only in product innovation, but also in the field of food machinery and raw and auxiliary materials, it has always kept improving, constantly upgrading and changing, showing vitality.
In order to encourage the innovative development of the food machinery and equipment and raw and auxiliary materials industry and commend the great contributions made by relevant enterprises, the food news agency, the largest industry media in Japan, specially set up a “great reward for excellent food machinery / materials / raw and auxiliary materials”. The selected works cover food machinery, equipment, packaging, additives, functional raw materials and food raw materials.
Photo source: Hachi shokuhin
Next, foodaily selected several eye-catching products from the award-winning works in the three years since Japan stepped into Linghe. From them, we can have an insight into the underlying strength of Japan’s food industry.
Mechanical equipment: iron wall,
Building the great wall of steel
with brand protection
1. Ice cream machine with built-in CO2 refrigeration device (type アイスクリムフリザ゘ in CO2 refrigerator)
The food retail market has always been at the forefront of refrigeration and refrigeration technology. In recent years, affected by market drivers and regulations, sustainable refrigeration and refrigeration technology worldwide has been listed as a priority area of technological innovation. In this context, CO2, as a natural refrigerant to meet the needs of advanced and environmental protection, stands out in the new generation of refrigerants. The ozone depletion potential (ODP) of CO2 is zero and the global warming potential (GWP) is 1. It is usually regarded as the environmental standard for measuring other refrigerants.
After the signing of Montreal Protocol in 1987, the great impact of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCS) on the environment has been gradually known to the world, and has been gradually phased out in recent years. CO2 has no flammability and toxicity of other natural refrigerants, which greatly improves the safety of the refrigeration process. In addition, the heat transfer coefficient of CO2 is much higher than that of other refrigerants, which makes the temperature difference between evaporator, condenser and gas cooler very low. The pipe size required to conduct CO2 will also be very small and the impact of pressure drop will be low. When it is used as secondary fluid, the energy demand of circulating pump is very low.
R744 (CO 2) – pressure / enthalpy diagram. Source: Bitzer
CO2 has the volume refrigeration capacity characteristic of high volume ratio, which is about 5 times higher than HCFC-22. Therefore, the size of the system can be greatly reduced, so as to greatly improve the energy saving and reliability of the refrigeration system, and greatly reduce the system cost.
CP engineering is the equipment enterprise with the largest market share of ice cream freezer in Japan (up to 80%). The world’s first ice cream freezer with built-in carbon dioxide refrigerator “ws-15sc-j-co2”, jointly developed with American gram Equipment Co., Ltd., won the mechanical equipment Excellence Award of “the 24th solar eclipse excellent food machinery / materials / raw and auxiliary materials Award” due to its characteristics of low environmental load, low energy consumption and low cost.
Photo source: Japan Food News Network
It is reported that many food giants have put the product into use, hoping to achieve the demands of energy conservation and environmental protection through equipment upgrading. Among them, the Puhe plant under Lotte Group introduced this equipment to reduce the CO2 emission of the plant and reduce the environmental load and power consumption.
2. Desktop rice flour mill
In recent years, the bread and pastry industry in Japan has developed vigorously, and the raw material processing technology has been continuously improved. Rice flour has become a hot raw material for food manufacturers and consumers, with increasing attention.
In order to obtain higher quality rice flour raw materials and shorten the production process, Xicun Machinery Manufacturing Institute lasted four years, continuously optimized the parts and design structure on the basis of the original model, and launched the award-winning work fairy powder mill in 2021.
Photo source: Official Website of Xicun machinery manufacturing office
Xicun Machinery Manufacturing Institute has been deeply ploughing powder equipment for a long time. Using the technical know-how of controlling submicron powders and particles, they have successively expanded the application scope of equipment and systems, and applied the existing technology to the fields of food, chemistry and waste recycling. Xicun machinery has also established an independent powder and particle engineering system by integrating various technologies such as electrical / Electronic Engineering, mechanical engineering / control engineering, powder engineering and measurement engineering, so as to realize the control and processing technology of powder and particle materials based on computer, which is at the leading level in the industry. This fairy powder mill is the full embodiment of the ultra-high technical strength of Xicun machinery.
Photo source: Official Website of Xicun machinery manufacturing office
Fairy powder mill is an air mill with high-speed air vortex. It adopts a method that raw materials collide with each other repeatedly while being rubbed by ultra-high-speed air flow, so as to produce high-frequency vibration and achieve self crushing. Through this method, the particle size of the obtained powder is highly uniform and fine, which can be used for fine grinding of grains, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical products and ores, so as to meet the needs of material pulverization in different industries. The airflow crusher can also adjust the particle size of powder by adjusting the number of revolutions and the amount of air inhaled, so as to meet the demand of customization.
During the working process of the machine, a large amount of air buffer can effectively inhibit the temperature rise and reduce the impact of temperature rise on the powder quality. Due to the self crushing technology, the machine does not need to install the necessary metal blade of the traditional crusher, so as to avoid the collision between raw materials and metals and reduce the pollution of metal foreign matters. Thanks to such a simple design, the equipment can be easily disassembled without tools, which is highly hygienic and easy to clean.
3. Bag breaking sorter for separating workers
In food production, how to quickly distinguish product contents from packaging is one of the key factors to improve production efficiency. In particular, products with complex combination packaging often have to rely on manual work to achieve accurate differentiation, which is a big pain point for enterprises pursuing high production efficiency.
The sorting machine for separating workers and breaking bags launched by Moki production aims at the production pain points accurately, and achieves the accurate sorting effect through easy and convenient operation. Once the product was launched, it was highly praised by the production enterprises and won the “great prize for excellent food machinery / materials / raw and auxiliary materials of the 23rd solar eclipse”.
Source: Official Website of Moki production Institute
This sorter can divide packaged food into contents and packaging in a short time, complete mass sorting and crushing, with separation accuracy of 99.6% – 99.9%, and realize zero emission by removing waste plastics. The equipment supports various types of food, whether it is independently packaged seasonings, cooking bags, combustible garbage, noodles, biscuits, soup powder, ice cream, etc. For example, put expired frozen spaghetti into the machine, and the crushed “container” and “spaghetti” will come out of different exports.
In addition to convenient sorting, the machine can reduce the volume of waste and reduce the treatment cost by crushing the waste. The efficient sorting and crushing system automates the sorting work in the manually completed food production process and expired food processing process, so as to shorten the working hours and reduce the labor cost.
It is reported that this sorter can also provide customized operation settings according to customer needs, with wider adaptability.
Function display of bag breaking sorter for separating staff. Source: Official Website of Moki production Institute
The great contribution of sorters to efficient food recycling has attracted the attention of the industry. The machine has obtained a number of patents, has been adopted by a large number of well-known enterprises and institutions such as Kansai Airport, and sells well in Southeast Asia and other overseas countries. It is reported that up to now, the return rate of the bag breaking sorter for separation workers has remained at 0%.
Raw and auxiliary materials: fueling the fire,
The touchstone of product innovation
1. “Sun active” series of solar Chemistry (QCD ¥ HCD ¥ NCD)
Sun Chemical was founded in 1948. Its predecessor was a company that produced and sold soap. Later, the company successfully developed the first food emulsifier in Japan by using soap production technology, which provided strong support for the production of ice cream and caramel at that time. Since then, solar chemical has continuously introduced innovative technologies to meet the needs of the times. Today, most food enterprises in Japan are using solar chemical products.
The sun active series of raw materials developed by Sun Chemical enhance the stability and efficacy of compounds by adding cyclodextrin to flavonoids and enzyme treatment. The product overcomes the weakness of poor solubility and low absorption rate of flavonoids, and has excellent solubility and absorption.
Photo source: Japan Food News Network
“Sunactive QCD” in the series aimed at improving the water solubility and absorption of quercetin derivative “isoquercetin” has obtained gras certification in the United States. Quercetin and quercetin glycosides (such as isoquercetin and rutin) have strong antioxidant capacity and various physiological functions such as preventing metabolic syndrome, which have attracted the attention of scientific research circles all over the world. However, their water solubility is extremely low and their absorption efficiency into the body is also very low. Therefore, many dietary supplements have to increase their intake (more than 500mg-1000mg / intake). This not only increases the consumption cost, but also brings great inconvenience to daily drinking.
Solar chemical adopts the patented manufacturing method to realize the industrial production of water-soluble isoquercetin preparation. In the absorption contrast test for healthy adult men, after taking sunactive QCD for 3 hours, the absorption of quercetin is twice that of traditional quercetin, the difference is as high as 25 times after taking it for 6 hours, and still more than 10 times after 24 hours. Due to its excellent absorption and water solubility, sunactive QCD can also be used as a “powerless” beverage supplement of quercetin and rutin in addition to being the next generation supplement instead of quercetin and rutin. With its rapid absorption advantage and strong free radical scavenging ability, it helps the product improve sports performance, reduce muscle damage in sports and quickly recover muscle fatigue.
2、Triple booster(トリプルブースター ®)
With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, consumers’ health awareness has been greatly improved in recent two years. The “healthy” attribute of product selection has become one of the major factors affecting consumer decision-making. Foods that claim “low sugar”, “low salt” and “low fat” are gradually favored by consumers. How to “perfectly match” delicious food and health has become another difficult problem for food enterprises.
Nagaoka flavor Co., Ltd. of Japan has launched a flavor product triple booster to assist the sensory expressiveness of “three low” products with the design concept of “eating well and living a healthy life”.
Source: Changgang spice official website
Triple booster series includes “sweet booster”, “salt booster and” salt replay “and” fat booster “. Among them, “sweet booster” can provide the natural sweetness of products such as granulated sugar, increase the overall sweetness saturation and make the taste level deeper. “Taste refresher” can improve the bitterness and metal aftertaste of the sweetener and make the taste of the product softer. It is very suitable for beverages, baked snacks and candy.
The product increases sweetness saturation and improves aftertaste flavor. Source: Changgang spice official website
Designed for low salt foods, “saltbooster” is a spice that uses original ingredients to enhance saltiness and enhance overall flavor. It can also mask the bitter and metallic taste of potassium chloride in low salt products. Saltreplay is a powdered flavoring salt designed to reduce sodium chloride by 50% by replacing salt.
Triple booster series use cases. Source: Changgang spice official website
“Fat booster”, which is used for low-fat products, uses a unique process for enzymatic treatment of oil raw materials to obtain a good fat taste without damaging the natural feeling. It can provide various taste optimization functions and effectively improve the flavor. For example, applying it to the baking center can give the product a balanced sense of fat and mask the sense of powder.
Enzyme treatment can increase fat flavor. Source: Changgang spice official website
3. Edible film Claire ® (edible)
Ina food industry is located in ina City, Nagano County, mainly producing agar and related products. The company developed an edible ecological film made of agar, Claire ® Won the “excellent food machinery / materials / raw and auxiliary materials award of the 22nd solar eclipse”.
When many Japanese convenience stores sell noodles, there is usually a layer of resin film between the noodles and the ingredients to prevent the noodles from losing their best taste after soaking in the sauce for a long time. Consumers need to take out the film after microwave heating to fully mix the noodles and sauce. However, in the process of taking out the film, it is easy to dirty your hands and even stain your clothes. If the barrier film can be replaced with a heated and melted edible film, it will not only make the eating process more comfortable, but also help to reduce garbage and benefit the environment.
Claire ® It is designed for the demands of the above scenes. It can prevent water migration in food, can be used as a separator to prevent food flavor, can also be used for food packaging such as condiments, and can also be pasted on the surface of food materials as edible printing materials.
Use purpose of the product. Source: Official Website of ina food industry
Claire ® It includes three products with different melting temperatures: high temperature (above 80 ℃), medium temperature (above 50 ℃) and low temperature (cold water). This edible film is colorless and tasteless even if melted, and will not affect the flavor of dishes.
Solubility of products at 3 different temperatures. Source: Official Website of ina food industry
4. Plasma bread general (powder general)
In Japan, snacks and dishes covered with bread bran, such as coke cake and fried pork chop, have always occupied an important part of the table. However, when cooking, the outer bread bran is easy to fall off, which not only causes a waste of food materials, but also the bread bran accumulated in the oil pan is easy to produce bad flavor and harmful ingredients after repeated high-temperature frying.
In order to optimize the frying process, nisshinoillio group launched a frying artifact of “plasma bread general”, which won the “excellent food machinery / materials / raw and auxiliary materials reward of the 22nd solar eclipse”.
This product only needs to be diluted with water and then sprayed on the bread bran, which can enhance the adhesion between the bread bran and food, reduce the peeling during frying and enhance the crisp taste of fried products.
Photo source: Japan Food News Network
From the above award-winning works, it is not difficult to find that the innovation of Japanese mechanical equipment and raw and auxiliary materials is mainly carried out in the three directions of “cost reduction”, “sustainability” and “health”. Through the continuous upgrading of basic equipment, help enterprises reduce a lot of time and labor costs at the production end, so as to reduce the product premium and benefit consumers; The efforts for “sustainability” and “health” are closely related to the current social development and consumption trend. Whether from the demonstration of self-values or personal health, they find the “shortest way” for products to the hearts of consumers.
Compared with its neighbors, China’s food industry still has considerable room for improvement. Taking the machinery industry as an example, the self-developed food machinery has few core technologies, few modern CNC equipment, and low manufacturing level and informatization. More than 80% of the high-end equipment of large food enterprises depend on imports, with an annual import volume of nearly 30 billion yuan.

In view of this, the state vigorously supports the technological innovation of the food industry and enables the upgrading of mechanical equipment and raw and auxiliary materials industries in various ways. In November last year, the “2021 China machinery industry science and Technology Award”, which represents the highest achievement in the field of mechanical engineering in China, announced the list of awards. The award-winning projects involving agricultural food include intelligent breeding, intelligent processing of rice flour products, complete sets of technology equipment for resource treatment of kitchen waste, nondestructive testing of fruit quality, sterile carton packaging of liquid food and other industries, It makes people full of confidence in the future of the food industry.

Powerful in science and technology and equipment. The development of food industry is inseparable from the progress of machinery and raw materials. Foodaily expects more innovation to integrate solid kinetic energy and promote the industry to move forward bravely!
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