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Have you got the new concept of goods consumption in 2022?

What changes will the new consumption trend usher in under the
annual goods war?

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

The new year is approaching, and the purchase of hot new year goods is coming to an end. According to the big data of the Ministry of Commerce, quality annual goods have become a hot spot in procurement. The sales of gift box food and nutritional supplements increased significantly. Chocolate gift box and black sesame pill increased by 67.4% and 105.9% respectively year-on-year. Semi finished dishes were sought after, and the sales of prefabricated dishes increased by 45.9% year-on-year.
It can be seen from the changes of procurement hotspots that with the changes of people’s material and spiritual needs, the annual goods have also undergone great changes. According to the report released by first finance and economics, emerging people after 95 pay more and more attention to the sense of traditional Spring Festival ceremony, and the consumption of new year goods increases with participation. The young people who have gradually mastered the right to purchase new year’s goods also show different consumption preferences and shopping forms from the previous generation of consumers. The consumption of new year’s goods tends to be healthy, diversified and high-quality. New features of online and offline integration have emerged in New Year’s goods shopping. The purchase of new year’s goods in the online “annual collection” has broken the space gap and shaped a different “New Year’s flavor”, while offline supporting activities, It enriches the consumption scene and experience.
The purchase of new year’s goods is not only the centralized feedback of consumers on the good expectations of the next year, but also the centralized embodiment of the shopping needs of the whole family from the elderly to children. What new consumption trends does the Spring Festival in the year of the tiger reflect? How do online and offline platforms and food and beverage brands capture consumers in the fierce “competition for new year’s festival”?

healthy young people pursue “non greasy” new year goods

With the enhancement of health awareness, people’s health needs are also more and more vigorous, and people are more rational and targeted when choosing food and beverage. Vipshop data show that the post-90s pay more and more attention to health, and nutritional health products have become a new choice for their new year’s products. During the vipshop annual goods Festival, the orders of nutritional and health products purchased by the post-90s increased by 15% and 20% compared with last year. At the same time, according to the data of Taobao New Year Festival, the turnover of probiotics and melatonin in the live broadcasting room also increased by 59% and 44% respectively.
Photo source: Swisse overseas Jingdong self operated flagship store
In addition, healthy snacks have also become a new trend of new year goods. Snacks with high fiber, calcium, protein, whole grains, vitamins and minerals are increasingly favored. Reducing sugar, salt and fat seems to be an important eating rule for young people. Compared with the previous generation of consumers, healthy young people pursue “moderate drinking” and “healthy slightly drunk”, and make new choices for adult consumption of pre mixed alcohol. According to, the purchase trend of pre mixed liquor increased significantly in December, with a year-on-year increase of 143% in transaction volume, and the sales of alcohol free and low alcohol liquor increased by 11 times year-on-year.

the outbreak of filial piety consumption and the back feeding of young people gave birth to a new attitude of silver hair food

“Before people arrive, gifts come first”. With the coming of the new year, many young people choose to send new year goods to their hometown elders to be filial. During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to avoid the intake of big fish and meat, high oil and high sugar diet. For the sake of the health of parents and elders, consumers pay more attention to healthy diet while giving their best.
As the “2022 annual business hot spot of daily food” released by foodaily points out, the new ideas, new cognition and new attitudes of young people are bound to inject fresh vitality into the traditional elderly food market. The back feeding from youth has become a factor that can not be ignored in the contemporary pension model, and it is also a new force to promote the food for the elderly. At the important time node of the Chinese new year, such a change trend is already very obvious.
Recently, Jingdong supermarket released the 2022 Jingdong supermarket gift box consumption report, which is particularly eye-catching. The sales volume of health care gift boxes for the elderly increased by 153%, and 0 lactose milk has also become a new trend of gift giving. Among them, the sales volume of Shuhua products increased by 42% year-on-year. In addition, low sugar pastries also emerged, with sales increasing by 530% year-on-year.
The rice sweet village has launched the sugar and alcohol cake box for the elderly, which contains 11 kinds of classic cakes, including beef tongue, Mo-tse and wife cakes. The products are free of sugar and xylitol as raw materials for sugar, especially for diabetic patients.
Photo source: Daoxiang Village Suzhou store
China will enter a moderately aging society. The report on the current situation and trend of young people’s digital filial piety to the elderly jointly released by the Chinese society of Gerontology and geriatrics and Alibaba group shows that the trend of young people’s “digital filial piety to the elderly” is obvious. Among them, the digital filial piety index of the post-80s is the highest, and the growth trend of the post-90s and post-00s is obvious. At the same time, the online orders of clothing, food and medicine have shown a significant growth trend, and the growth momentum of food and medicine is the fastest. The “food” is transitioning from traditional to modern, and the demand for traditional pastries has been replaced by milk powder, nutrition and health care products.
Photo source: report on the current situation and trend of young people’s digital filial piety to the elderly

time-honored brands are revived and the national tide is blowing. Take advantage of the traditional charm

In recent years, more and more people favor and support traditional culture, consumers are also willing to understand their own culture and history, and cultural self-confidence has climbed to a new height. At the same time, the epidemic makes people passively or actively have a wider connection with the local place of life, have a growing understanding of the foreign land of life, and have a stronger demand for the hometown flavor in memory.
These are reflected in the growth trend represented by traditional culture in the new year goods market. The “regional pride” represented by local specialty food and wine has attracted the “local time-honored brands” to sell again.
According to the report of Taobao live broadcast, during this year’s new year’s festival, more than 400 time-honored brands certified by China’s time-honored chamber of commerce also participated in the live sale of new year’s products and were widely loved. Among them, Qiulin lidos, the representative of halbing red sausage, increased the transaction volume of the live broadcast room of the flagship store by 1513% during the new year’s goods Festival; The transaction volume of the live broadcast room of taoju flagship store has increased by 18431%, which can be seen from the charm of Cantonese tea; The typical representative of China’s “Phoenix flavor Baijiu” liquor is Xifeng Liquor. Its official flagship store has also increased its turnover by 2611%, and the fragrance of “fragrant and elegant” has spread to all parts of the country.
Photo source: tmall supermarket
Jingdong consumption data show that Guochao is one of the important characteristics of the consumption trend of Z generation’s Spring Festival gift giving. On the eve of the Spring Festival, a variety of gift boxes, including IP New Year gift boxes, are selling well. In particular, the order volume of Guofeng IP gift boxes increased by 300% year-on-year, and the tide playing IP gift boxes increased by 100% year-on-year. Compared with other age groups, the sales volume of time-honored gift boxes purchased after 00 increased by 4.5 times year-on-year. They not only pay attention to the commodity itself, but also pay more attention to the subsequent historical heritage and cultural innovation.
Chinese time-honored brand zhiweiguan and natural creation jointly launched a Guochao New Year gift box called “play out of the East”, which combines traditional pastries with shadow play. Just like its name, it shows the East. The box of this gift box can be assembled into a small shadow play theater. While enjoying pastries with your family, you can re experience the ancient traditional Chinese folk art, eat and play, deduce and watch an interesting shadow play performance.
Source: zhiweiguan official flagship store
Haagen Dazs launched the “hongyunfa” mahjong ice cream gift box, with golden and red colors as the main colors, innovatively integrated into the traditional quintessence of mahjong culture, and made mahjong ice cream with different flavors. As a national entertainment activity full of smoke and fire, this Spring Festival gift box also has the beautiful meaning of “good brand Tiger and Hu style”, which is full of interest and has a strong festival atmosphere.
Source: Haagen Dazs flagship store

release time and energy, new year’s Eve dinner “lazy” a new way to eat

New year’s Eve dinner is the highlight of new year’s Eve.
With the post-90s taking over the “purchase right of new year goods”, the younger generation of consumers have gradually become the main force of the kitchen. Convenient operation and high-quality prefabricated dishes have become a new choice for consumers. By eliminating the great expense of traditional New Year’s Eve dinner preparation, consumers can liberate themselves and realize a high-quality and authentic prefabricated New Year’s Eve dinner in a shorter time and at a cheaper price.
The “local Chinese New Year” policy brought about by the uncertainty of the epidemic also gave birth to the demand of young people for prefabricated vegetables. Hungry? Data show that the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, and the order volume of hungry prefabricated dishes has increased by more than 70% year-on-year. For young people who spend the new year alone and have limited cooking skills, prefabricated dishes can also well solve the problem of eating alone and preparing new year’s Eve dinner independently. They not only retain the sense of ritual of cooking for the new year, but also fill up the “noodles” of new year’s Eve dinner.
Relying on the advantages of product research and development and cold chain, the new cutting-edge simple meal brand lixiangguo has launched the limited edition “new year dish series gift box” in the year of the tiger, including three specifications: new year dish gift box, potted dish gift box and golden soup Buddha wall jumping gift box, so as to meet the different needs of consumers for new year’s festivals. Among them, the gift box of new year’s dishes is jointly launched by four famous chefs of Guangdong, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Shanghai style fusion dishes, including ten new year’s dishes such as spicy red croaker, Hongyun wine stuffy Dongpo meat and Huaiyang stewed lion head. The theme implies “going all over the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas and going to a family banquet”. The pot full of bonsai gift box in Zhaofeng year means “a pot of prosperity, human fireworks in the new year”, and a collection of delicacies such as abalone, sea cucumber, COD flower glue, Cantonese roast meat and white cut chicken. The altar is full of golden soup Buddha jumping wall gift box to welcome Fulu. It uses 12 hours of slow boiling golden soup, with a mixture of real materials and seafood.
Source: Dajiagou
Under the dual role of “housing economy” and fast pace of life, prefabricated dishes have ushered in rapid development. The gradual optimization of domestic economic structure and the improvement of residents’ income level have also laid an economic foundation for the consumption of prefabricated vegetables. According to AI media consulting data, the scale of China’s Prefabricated vegetable market in 2019 was about 244.5 billion yuan. Guohai Securities also predicts that the current stock of China’s Prefabricated vegetable market is about 300 billion yuan. If estimated according to the compound growth rate of 20% per year, China’s Prefabricated vegetable market can grow into “the next trillion catering market” in the next 6-7 years.
In the secondary market at the beginning of 2022, the concept stocks of prefabricated vegetables of A-share staged a daily trading tide for three consecutive days. Several stocks, including Guolian aquatic products, Fucheng shares, delis and Haixin food, staged a continuous board market. With the renewal of food material standardization technology, capital investment in prefabricated vegetables and new retail system, and the iteration of consumer groups and demand, the prefabricated vegetable industry will accelerate its maturity. In the future, a simple cooking, smoky and homely meal will be everywhere.

a sense of ceremony is indispensable to inject auspicious buff into the new year

As the most important festival in the eyes of the Chinese people, “Chinese New Year” is a sense of ceremony engraved in the bones of the Chinese people. All kinds of New Year gift boxes are dazzling, and the packaging of new year goods is mostly red, which symbolizes reunion, excitement, auspiciousness and full of festivity.
Compared with pure picture and wordless packaging, consumers prefer to have a good omen from the beginning of packaging. The intuitive text auspicious words on the new year’s packaging box bring the blessing of the new year in the most straightforward way. Consumers also expect to get the expected good luck by using the corresponding products.
Yuanqi forest launched a special package for the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger – the “lucky bottle” for the new year. Integrate the traditional paste “Fu” into the product packaging, showing a close-up of the word “Fu Qi”. The new year’s “blessing bottle” has launched two flavors, namely Hawthorn soda bubble water and classic white peach soda bubble water, which were launched in 2022. The formula is still 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie. With a super large capacity of 1.25l, it also has the meaning of super “blessing”, which makes consumers full of “blessing”.
Source: Google
Fit8, a healthy substitute food brand, launched the “fortune making gift box”. Using the homophonic stem of “fit8 = Huifa”, it launched a spring festival gift box with the theme of quintessence mahjong, including delicious, nutritious and burden free healthy snacks, fortune making bags, mahjong cards and other good things around, so as to fill the New Year atmosphere step by step.
Source: Netease
Wang Laoji launched the totem pot herbal tea of Baijia surname at the end of 2021. Users can buy the red pot herbal tea with their own surname and totem copy. A total of 115 surname products can be customized, but most of them have been sold out at present. Wang Laoji said that “auspicious” culture is a typical representative of Chinese traditional culture. Through personalized creative packaging, it can meet the consumption needs of consumers with various surnames. Through exclusive surname cans, it can help consumers convey more symbolic auspicious blessings to family and friends and realize the youthful expression of “auspicious culture”.
Photo source: Wang Laoji’s official flagship store

live broadcast online, a “new stage” for export of new year goods

With the rapid transformation of new year’s goods consumption from offline to online, the live broadcasting room of new year’s goods Festival has also become a “new stage” for anchor and brand to realize value transition.
According to the report of Taobao New Year’s festival, the transaction amount of 2022 New Year’s festival has maintained an increasing trend. Among them, the transaction amount of live broadcast channel has increased by 20.5% compared with last year, and the number of transactions has increased by 16% compared with last year. Although the number of transaction users in the live broadcast room accounts for only 3.6% of the overall online, and the population base is small, it has a stronger purchasing power of annual goods. Tiktok special purchases for the Spring Festival show that the special purchases for the Spring Festival are 31 million 710 thousand hours long, and the total number of live broadcast shows is 42 billion 400 million. The number of live broadcast of the new games is 158.


From offline traditional supermarkets to one click mobile phones to buy new year’s products, from “giving gifts only for expensive” to intimate choices that pay more attention to the health of elders, from “sniffing” at semi-finished dishes to prefabricated dishes can also support the brand of new year’s Eve dinner. The change of consumers’ choice of new year goods also reflects the change of new consumer demand after the change of lifestyle and living standard. When young people take the initiative, the Jianghu of new year goods may also change.
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