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Only fresh and good products have been financed, and supply chain companies are encircling baby food in three ways

baby food track will further strengthen its power.
As early as September 2021, the children’s Institute Club published an article entitled “these supply chain companies rob baby food across borders”. Recently, another company with a supply chain background, vixianliangpin, entered the track. Moreover, vixianliangpin recently announced that it has obtained nearly ten million Angel round financing. The investor is Fengrui capital, and the financing will be used for the research and development of new products Brand upgrading and talent introduction.
Why are supply chain companies interested in children’s food? We have also conducted research before:
1) Fresh supply chain companies are mostly companies that control imported deep-sea fish, imported beef and mutton and other high-end ingredients, and have advantages over other food brands in the storage, logistics and source of ingredients of these categories.
2) Infant food has higher requirements for raw materials, and these infant food brands with supply chain background are more likely to be favored by consumers.
3) Capital is also optimistic about such companies, such as yucute with the background of tuna supply chain and calf Casey with the background of beef and mutton supply chain.
4) The number of infants and children is huge. At the beginning of 2020, the population aged 0-16 in China reached 250 million, and the market capacity of children’s food alone is more than 600 billion. Baby fresh food has attracted more attention from companies recently because it covers the dinner.
Next, we will mainly sort out the current background of these supply chain companies or the main playing methods of players with supply chain advantages.
From supply chain to children’s Prefabricated dishes
Because the prefabricated dishes are in line with the current era when lazy people are in power and pursue health, they are a hot track in recent years. In addition, Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan also announced that it has obtained round B + financing again recently. Last October, Zhenwei xiaomeiyuan also obtained round B financing of tens of millions of yuan. The cumulative amount of round B and round B + financing is more than 100 million yuan.
Behind the popularity of prefabricated dishes is young people who don’t want to order takeout every day, but want to eat fresh and hot food.
Similarly, convenience, quickness and rich nutrition are also the requirements of every family Baoma for children’s meals.
Relevant statistics show that the proportion of full-time mothers after 95 in China has exceeded 82%, and the consumption concept of generation Z has changed, so the whole baby food market is bound to usher in a completely different market from the past. Therefore, many entrepreneurs began to work towards fresh food for infants and children.
An Muran, the founder of weixianliangpin, told the children’s Research Institute club that they found that at present, many entrepreneurs mainly compete on the two tracks of infant supplementary food and children’s snacks, and they chose the fresh food track for children over the age of 3 because they have accumulated many years of experience in the nine traction supply chain.
By selecting deep-sea salmon, COD, tuna and other food materials, relying on the global high-quality food material supply chain and using its own cold chain system, it can meet the needs of children’s families for high protein, heating and instant food in the deep sea.
Weixianliangpin said that relying on the warehousing and logistics system distributed in various regions of the country, they are the first enterprise in all children’s food enterprises to transport all products in the cold chain. Therefore, they can make some products into products with three-month short-term warranty.
Different from the explosion logic of many brand single products, the only goal of fresh and good products is to create nutritious fresh food suitable for families to eat more scenes. Therefore, the product categories focus on the heating and instant eating of deep-sea fish and shrimp such as cod, salmon and tuna. It is positioned as a medium and high-end high protein heating ready to eat semi-finished product that takes into account convenience and nutrition.
An Muran said that in order to ensure nutrition, we only make cold chain packaged food, not room temperature, so as to ensure no addition. It is estimated that the target sales in 2022 will be 50 million.
In addition to only fresh and good products, at present, many baby food enterprises also have layout in children’s seafood dumplings, such as luyouxian. Relying on the advantages of the previous Atlantic cod import supply chain, they have launched products such as seafood dumplings, salmon shrimp cakes, COD pieces and so on.
Woxiaoya, Akita Manman, baby greedy and other brands also have frozen cod pieces of Atlantic real cod respectively. But this belongs to the second part we will elaborate: cooking ingredients.
From supply chain to instant cooking ingredients
Some time ago, when investors resumed trading in 2021, some investors said that the current food brands must pay attention to the construction of the back supply chain, because the back supply chain platform has three advantages, namely:
1) Scale effect. With the increase of scale, there will be some room for decline in both the export price of products and all aspects of costs.
2) Uniqueness. Many supply chain platforms tend to be particularly strong in one aspect. For example, seafood supply chain platforms may have unique technical advantages for a certain category: cod, tuna, etc.
3) Platform bilateral effect. However, this effect is more reflected in Internet companies or trading platforms such as Taobao.
Because of the above, especially the first two advantages, enterprises with supply chain background are very easy and easy to operate when they cut into children’s instant cooking materials.
Children’s Research Institute Club notes that many supply chain platforms or major brands, such as Daxidi, huamuxian and Tianhai Tibetan, have begun to launch children’s instant cooking ingredients, children’s steak, children’s cod and children’s pasta.
Calf Casey, which received 100 million yuan of a-round financing in August 2021, can be traced back to 2008. In 2009, it established the first modern beef processing plant, which is equivalent to the layout from the supply chain. By 2013, when it was a fresh e-commerce, the founder had accumulated nearly six years at the supply chain. This is the basis of the supply chain provided by fresh food e-commerce and calf Casey chain catering brands.
From supply chain to baby snack
Infant and child snacks are the segment track with the most obvious growth rate in the past two years. According to relevant statistics, the growth rate of infant and child snacks is more than 90%, both online and offline. The online growth rate of infant condiments also exceeded 90%, and the growth rate of infant and child supplementary foods also exceeded 21%.
In view of this, many brands will focus on the baby snack track.
Yucute is one of the few companies in the supply chain that rush to eat the highly competitive baby snack track. According to the news on August 28, 2021, the angel round financing of yucute, which focuses on the development of high-end tuna children’s food, won 30 million yuan. Yulovely is the children’s nutritional food brand of yutaiping group, and the main company is yutaiping (Dalian) Supply Chain Management Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 47.54 million yuan and 17 years of mature tuna fishing and cutting experience.
At present, the main categories include: deep-sea tuna sausage, tuna pine seaweed Phoenix roll and tuna pine.
Judging from the current sales volume of tmall, it is not very optimistic. The monthly sales volume does not exceed two figures.
From the perspective of categories, yucute is not special. Whether it’s deep-sea fish intestines or meat floss, almost these categories are brand standard in the highly competitive baby food track.
There is no product differentiation, but also a new player in the baby snack track. Among the competitors who often obtain hundreds of millions of yuan of financing, the differentiation advantage of yulovely becomes no longer obvious.
In addition to the new players who have obtained multiple rounds of financing, the infant and child snack track also includes the snack industry bat: three squirrels, liangpin shop and baicaowei. In addition to bat in the snack industry, there are also brands such as Wangwang group, Wahaha and even Baobao Jinshui working on children’s food and drinks, as well as cross-border robberies such as Shuanghui children’s cod intestines and xufuji children’s biscuits.
At present, on the whole, the competition of the whole track is fierce and the homogenization is serious. It is about to enter the Red Sea stage of price war. This is also the reason why companies with supply chain background enter the snack track.
These are the main ways for companies to cut into the children’s food track in the context of the current fresh supply chain. We see that in addition to the highly competitive snack track, there is still a lot of room for development in the area of instant cooking materials and fresh food. We also expect these companies to bring better solutions for children’s dinner.
Author: big orange; Source: Children’s Institute Club (ID: eryansuoclub), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Fbic2022food daily food joined hands with the world’s top business and industrial partners to build fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first Food Expo daily food innovation Expo “new food era – brand ecology” in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it together. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction). related reading

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