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Yili has driven 5 million farmers and herdsmen out of poverty and become rich, and built a model of common prosperity in the whole chain

Bidding farewell to 2021, Yili, China’s largest dairy enterprise, continues to rush all the way towards the goal of reaching the top three of the global dairy industry in 2025.

At the 2021 annual conference, which was broadcast live online a few days ago, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, said: “2021 is a year for Yili people to work hard. From a difficult start to a perfect end, we overcame the huge pressure of repeated epidemics, rising raw material prices and increasingly fierce competition, forge ahead, cut through thorns and thorns, created the best business performance in history, and once again achieved a historic breakthrough in China’s dairy industry.”

Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, delivered a speech at the 2021 annual cloud conference

According to the data, Yili achieved a total operating revenue of 85.007 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2021. In addition to its record performance, Yili Group also led its internal employees, farmers and herdsmen in the upstream of the industrial chain and downstream dealers to accelerate their progress towards common prosperity.

Share dividends

In the process of realizing the rapid development of Yili, we always pay attention to the internal employees of the enterprise, the upstream and downstream of the industry and other relevant stakeholders, so as to ensure that all parties can fully share the dividends brought by “Yili speed”, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties.

Within the enterprise, in 2021, Yili issued more than 1.2 billion yuan of incentives to employees. Under the corporate philosophy of “condensing people, developing people and achieving people”, Yili has raised salaries for employees for more than 10 years, even in 2020 and 2021 affected by the epidemic.

In addition, Yili employees can enjoy more than 40 kinds of benefits. The enterprise also provides personal growth and promotion channels for employees through a series of mechanisms such as strategic goal incentive and optimizing talent training mechanism, so as to help employees realize their personal value.

Yili joins hands with global partners to achieve common prosperity

In the upstream and downstream links of the industry, on the one hand, aiming at the problems of “weak technology, difficult financing, high risk and slow transformation”, Yili has established and improved the “interest connection” of technology, finance, industry, risk, high-quality and high-yield forage, cow quality upgrading and comprehensive close service with its upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain, so as to provide all-round assistance measures for farmers and herdsmen, Drive 5 million farmers and herdsmen on the road to prosperity.

For example, Bian Junfeng, from Heping Village, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has cooperated with Yili since 2011. With the help of Yili, his pasture has developed rapidly. He has also become the first person in the village to raise cows to get rich.

“Yili’s technicians provided regular inspection and on-site technical guidance for the ranch, which greatly improved the breeding level.” Bian Junfeng said that with the technical support of Yili, the stock of the ranch has reached thousands, and the unit yield has doubled to 34 kg / day. By 2019, Junfeng animal husbandry has made a profit of more than one million.

Bian Junfeng (left) and Yili staff (right) patrol the ranch

So far, Yili has distributed milk funds of about 145 billion yuan nationwide. Yili also announced in 2020 that it will invest 30 billion yuan to support the upstream dairy industry in the next five years and help the common prosperity of the whole industrial chain. The project has led many pastures to the road of common prosperity.

On the other hand, Yili also supported more than 13000 dealers to achieve win-win development. At the global partner conference held at the end of 2021, Yili invested nearly 100 million yuan to reward excellent dealers.

“Yili nutrition 2030” public welfare project enters Yunnan Ludian queluo primary school

In addition, Yili has also actively implemented the social responsibility of corporate citizens and adhered to social welfare. It has successively launched public welfare projects such as “Yili nutrition 2020”, “Yili Ark”, “Yili future park” and “Yili starry sky”. It has also invested more than 92 million yuan to protect the growth of teenagers and promote the “common prosperity of the whole people”. After the outbreak, Yili donated 280 million yuan to the front line of anti epidemic.

Innovative assistance mode

It is worth noting that, in addition to providing financial support such as financing, Yili also innovated the financial model of the industrial chain, explored a new financing model characterized by “core enterprises bear substantive risks”, and successively launched financial products such as “silage insurance”, “pasture insurance” and “cattle purchase insurance” to provide guarantee for farmers’ financing.

Liu Jiashui, a well-known wealth leader in Lindian, Heilongjiang Province, once benefited from Yili Industrial Chain Finance. His ranch has a long-term cooperative relationship with Yili. At present, there are about 2000 cows in stock. In 2020, affected by the typhoon, the local silage corn fell down and reduced production in a large area. He was faced with the problem of large shortage of reserve silage funds and tight time, and the operation was unsustainable.

Yili organizes Chinese and foreign experts to provide technical guidance for the cooperative pasture

After learning about this situation, Yili immediately applied for a green channel for silage financing for Liu Jiashui. In only three days, the ranch got a silage financing fund of 12 million yuan, which solved the urgent need. In Liu Jiashui’s view, Yili not only helped him get rich, but also spared no effort to help him in difficult times. Such an enterprise is trustworthy.

According to statistics, since 2014, Yili has provided financing support for the ranch totaling 26.692 billion yuan. Among them, about 7.596 billion yuan of financing funds were issued from January to December 31, 2021.

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