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Nongnongshan spring enters the bureau with boiled water, and JUNLEBAO buys RMB 200 million to expand the southwest business of Huang’s subsidiary… | hot news in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.

1. Jindian promotes the Spring Festival Limited bottle of the year of the tiger collection, and the gradual creative bottle body delivers good luck in spring
2. Yili Shuhua launched Hey dad lactose free milk, fortified taurine + 50% calcium
3. Guangming orders new flavor cheese yogurt at will, and fresh milk fermentation is only to reward the current little indulgence
4. Nongfu mountain spring promotes new boiled water, which contains mineral elements to create product differentiation
5. Akita Manman launched goat cheese milk blocks to help the baby grow with alcohol and high protein
6. Xiaoman tea field initiated a new series of golden loquat drinks, which selected Yunnan loquats and peeled them by hand to moisturize the whole winter
7. Jinmailang completed a financing of 600 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by Canadian capital
8. Huang Swan completed the round C financing of 600 million yuan, focusing on the medium and high-end brand market
9. The new lemon tea brand won hundreds of millions of yuan of a + round financing in the lemon season, and won two rounds of rush to the current lemon tea track within half a year
10. Active hydrogen functional drinking water brand hydrogen seven won nearly ten million angel rounds of financing, and Hanpan venture capital invested exclusively
11. Xiuyuan YangZheng, a seller of functional drinks, completed a round of financing of 20 million seeds, with a valuation of 100 million yuan
12. JUNLEBAO purchased the equity of Huang’s dairy subsidiary for RMB 200 million to expand its business in the southwest market
13. Unilever’s world’s first ice cream “lighthouse factory” was put into operation in China to create the integration of intelligence and flexibility
14. Rural base rushed to the Hong Kong stock exchange, and China’s largest Chinese fast food group was listed for the second time


On January 12, the official of Yili Jindian announced the launch of the Spring Festival Limited bottle of the year of the tiger collection, creating the industry’s first gradual creative bottle body. The new product breaks through technical barriers, uses multi-layer PET process to support the bottle body, and is supplemented by the innovative appearance of color gradient effect, so that it has relief texture, showing the effect of tiger head pattern and gradual Golden Classic Green. This new product is a global limited edition and does not circulate through sales channels.
Source: Jindian


Recently, Yili’s brand Shuhua launched Hey dad lactose free milk for the “Dad” group. The formula of the new product has also been upgraded and adjusted, adding 50% more calcium and vitamin D to promote calcium absorption; At the same time, strengthen taurine. The content of taurine in each package of 220ml is 24.2mg, which helps dad full of vitality. Vitamin A and vitamin E protect eyes and skin. The patented LHT lactose hydrolysis technology converts lactose into glucose and galactose, which does not increase the burden on the intestines and stomach, and can be drunk on an empty stomach. The price of the new Shuhua applet is 220ml * 12 bottles / 76 yuan.
Source: Shuhua


Foodaily found that Guangming Xinxin order launched a new tasting cheese flavor fermented milk to bring delicious joy to leisure time. The new milk source is selected from Guangming’s own pasture and is fermented from fresh milk that has been strictly tested. It uses high-quality imported probiotics and does not contain gelatin, pectin and food additives. It adopts ESL ultra clean filling technology, strictly sterilizes and purifies the canned space, ensures the nature and purity of each cup of yogurt, and realizes the fresh direct delivery from the pasture to the factory. The new tmall flagship store costs 9 yuan / cup.
Photo source: Guangming Xinxin flagship store


It is reported that nongnongshan spring recently launched a new product “boiled water”, which is different from other similar products. The new water source is from Taibai Mountain and contains a variety of natural mineral elements to create differentiation. On the package, the new product is mainly a teapot with visual pattern, and is equipped with the words “from natural water, a variety of mineral elements”. The specification of each bottle is set to 550ml.
Image source: FMCG


On January 21, a new “goat milk cheese point” milk block was put on Akita mantianmao flagship store. The new product was selected from Inner Mongolia high-quality goat milk powder of golden animal husbandry belt, which is rich in concentrated alcohol and high protein. The protein content per 100g is 12g, which is equivalent to 3.6 times of the same amount of milk; In addition, each 100g milk piece also adds 3G dietary fiber and 2G prebiotics, to increase the power of the baby’s intestinal health. No additional sugar, salt, pigment, essence and preservatives are added to reduce the burden of children’s consumption. The selling price of the 100g/ bag is /29.9 yuan.
Source: Akita Manman flagship store


On January 21, Xiaoman tea field, a tea brand, announced the launch of the first batch of loquat series drinks in the tea industry. The new series selected the juicy Yunnan Mengzi loquat and stripped the core of each hand. The golden loquat bomb is matched with pineapple and chamomile, with sour and sweet taste, fragrance and eyesight; Hand peeling loquat into Sydney upgrades the lung moistening combination of Sydney and loquat, and the production method of hand tamping makes the two better integrate; Loquat clear orange tea with sweet chrysanthemum as the base of tea, and add perfume lemon to add fragrance and fragrance. Golden loquat pineapple snow cheese dices the pulp of loquat and Sydney and spreads it all over the bottom of the cup. The integration with sand ice is more refreshing and enjoyable. The new series has been launched in some stores in Beijing, Shanghai and other regions.
Source: Xiaoman tea field
7. Jinmailang completed a financing of 600 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by Canadian capital

Since its establishment in 1994, jinmailang’s enterprise scale and comprehensive strength have developed rapidly, becoming one of the few industry giants across the two tracks of food and beverage in China, with a revenue scale of more than 20 billion yuan. After five years of contact, the two sides officially joined hands. Song Xiangqian, founding partner of Canada China capital, said he was optimistic about jinmailang’s strong infrastructure capacity for people’s livelihood and altruism. At present, the company has completed the layout of food and beverage production capacity nationwide, with an in-depth distribution network of more than 2.3 million terminal outlets. Its jinmailang, liangbaikai, ramen fan and other brands have gradually grown into Chinese national brands.
Photo source: jinmailang food official microblog


It is reported that recently, the new lemon tea brand “lemon season” completed hundreds of millions of yuan of a + round financing. This is the second financing of Ningji in half a year, and detai capital acts as the long-term exclusive Financing Consultant. This round of financing is used for national operation layout, it system construction and supply chain optimization in the lemon season.
Lemon season was founded in February 8, 2021 in Changsha, Hunan, with perfume lemon as raw material. The whole product line of lemon season is dominated by lemon style. It contains 12 SKU, including Changsha limited, fruit series and special tone series. The first store was established in Changsha in February 2021, with the current scale of more than 140 stores, mainly in Hunan, with a monthly revenue of 200 thousand +. The number of stores across the country is expected to triple in 2022.
Source: Entrepreneurial Chinese


On January 26, Fengji Food Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of domestic medium and high-end egg brand yellow swan, completed a round C financing with a scale of 600 million yuan, setting a record for the largest amount of egg brand financing this year. The institutions participating in the round C financing of yellow Swan include: round C1 is invested by strategic investors, people’s network’s industrial fund and kunyan capital, round C2 is led by Fengshang capital, followed by Huaying capital and Yinggang capital, followed by the old shareholder Jianfa Xinxing investment and Yiyuan capital, and Taihe capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser.
Founded in 2019, yellow swan is a whole industry chain food enterprise focusing on high-quality egg production and egg deep processing business. It has grown rapidly in recent years. It has been in the egg industry chain for a long time, forming a whole chain layout from chicken seedlings, feed, R & D and production, to brand construction and channel operation. In terms of channels, at present, the Yellow Swan market has penetrated into Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as more than 10 large and medium-sized cities such as Chengdu, Hangzhou and Nanjing, ranking among the top egg brands sold through channels such as HEMA,, tmall and dingdong. In addition, it has also arranged channels such as boutique supermarket, Ka and community fresh supermarket.
Source: 36 krypton


It is reported that hydrogen Xiaoqi Food Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., the parent company of hydrogen Xiaoqi, recently completed nearly ten million angel rounds of financing, which was exclusively invested by Hanpan venture capital. The company plans to use the funds for channel development, brand building, team optimization and construction.
Founded in 2021, hydrogen Xiaoqi is a high-end cutting-edge brand of active hydrogen functional drinking water focusing on hydrogen supplement and anti oxygen for the body. It is also an invited brand in tiktok’s overseas directional supply chain. The target consumer groups are the social elite groups aged 25-40 in the first and second tier cities in China and overseas users, so as to meet their daily healthy pursuit of easy anti oxygen. The concept of “daily hydrogen supplement” caters to the health needs under the background of epidemic globalization and consumption upgrading.
Photo source: H7


On January 22, Shanghai Xiuyuan Yangzheng Technology Group Co., Ltd. completed a seed round financing of 20 million yuan, with a valuation of 100 million yuan. This round of financing will be used to revise the establishment of Shanghai National operation center of Gegen Zhiju antidote beverage newly developed by the group, and expand the marketing team to promote the sales growth of new products. This investment is completed by Shanghai Zhongke third pole, the base platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Xiuyuan YangZheng, founded on December 28, 2021, is a seller of functional drinks. It is mainly engaged in the sales of functional drinks of the group. The main product is the Gegen Hovenia dulcis Thunb anti alcohol drink newly developed by the correction group. Taking a small bottle of Gegen Hovenia dulcis Thunb before or during drinking can help people effectively alleviate the problem of drunkenness. In the future, the company also plans to deeply build a new retail and sharing economy model around the revision of the group’s products.
Image source: Spirit

It is reported that JUNLEBAO recently purchased 20% equity of Yunnan Huangshi laisier dairy and 20% equity of laisier intelligent dairy, the holding subsidiary held by Huangshi group, which were 178.58 million yuan and 21.4138 million yuan respectively. Through this equity acquisition, JUNLEBAO will expand its business in the southwest market, including Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other places. On January 22, 2022, Huang’s group and JUNLEBAO dairy held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shijiazhuang. The two sides will deepen exchanges and cooperation in breeding, breeding, processing, R & D, fine management and other fields.
Leser was founded in Dali, Yunnan Province in 1996. In 2011, Huang’s group became the controlling shareholder. At present, its products include buffalo yogurt, buffalo pasteurized milk, milk beverage, cheese, plant protein beverage and other series of more than 80 products, covering yunguichuan, East China, central China, North China, Northwest and other major markets in China. As JUNLEBAO’s business in the southwest market is relatively weak, it also hopes to achieve new business growth with the help of this purchase of equity.
Source: China business network


On January 15, 2022, Xu Yucong, vice president of Unilever food and ice cream division, shared the new practice path of high-quality development of Unilever ice cream industry at the seminar of “high-quality development of food industry enabled by scientific and technological innovation”, and introduced the formal completion and operation of phase I ice cream factory project of Taicang production base.
Unilever invested 100 million euros to build Unilever China’s food production base in Taicang as early as 2020. This is also the world’s first ice cream factory integrating intelligence and flexibility. In September 2021, Taicang food production base was selected as the first “lighthouse factory” in the global ice cream industry. At the beginning of this year, the first phase of the ice cream factory project was officially completed and put into operation. Ice cream “lighthouse factory” is committed to the overall layout of the digital supply chain. At the same time, Menglong ice cream adopts a flexible production line, which balances intelligence and flexibility to produce multiple flavors of ice cream on one production line at the same time to meet the personalized needs of consumers.
Source: safe food news


According to the disclosure of the Hong Kong stock exchange, rural base fast food chain Holding Co., Ltd. officially submitted its prospectus on January 25, with Goldman Sachs and China Merchants Bank International as the co sponsors. The prospectus shows that most of its revenue comes from restaurant operations, including restaurant business and takeout business. The net proceeds from the IPO will be mainly used to expand restaurants, strengthen supply chain capacity and technical capacity to further improve operational efficiency.
Rural base fast food chain Holding Co., Ltd. now owns two brands: rural base and Mr. rice. Among them, rural base was founded in 1996 and Mr. rice was founded in 2011. As of September 2021, there are 602 stores in the rural base, most of which are concentrated in Chongqing and Sichuan, with strong regionality. In fact, as early as September 2010, rural foundation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. However, due to the rapid expansion speed, the profit decreased continuously and was delisted in 2016. During the epidemic period, the expansion was accelerated. In June 2020, the rural base received hundreds of millions of yuan of Sequoia Capital Investment again.
Photo source: Village Based microblog

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