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How long will it take to fry a cage of night steamed stuffed buns for 1000 yuan?

from its birthplace in Chengdu to Shanghai, the “incubator city of online popularity”, and then all the way north to Beijing. In just over six months, night steamed stuffed bun has rapidly opened nearly 100 stores all over the country.
The online red night steamed stuffed bun, which claims to wait in line for 3 hours and sell for 1000 yuan, has finally arrived in Beijing recently.
Baoyao night steamed stuffed bun opened in Chengdu in mid-2021. Some people didn’t grab the steamed stuffed bun when they lined up to close at 2:00 in the middle of the night. The magic store lined up for 3 hours and was scolded for hot search. Even Ouyang Nana couldn’t escape the temptation of late night hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot steamed stuffed bun.
The female boss of Shenzhen night steamed stuffed bun store drives palamera to work (tuyuan @ food probe)
Ran Ran, a Chengdu girl working in Beijing, said she missed the taste of her hometown and went to Sanlitun store with me to taste it.
The result is as many people share: the queue is on fire, the taste is ordinary, the only harvest is to send a 9-figure circle of friends with yellow and blue neon lights, and fashionable people set up KPI and + 1.
So, how long can such night steamed buns last?
Why did night steamed stuffed bun become the king of queue?
At about 10:00 on Wednesday evening, Ran Ran Ran and I came to Sanlitun. On a cold night of minus five degrees, several fashionable young people in thin clothes passed us in a huff, and then there were the delivery boys on their way in a hurry.
Sanlitun is slightly depressed at night. Except for the bar street, almost all other shops have closed, and only night steamed stuffed buns are still open.
The light board with blue light, with yellow and white font, is also dominated by blue and white in the store, full of strong national tide wind, so it is very easy to take photos.
Many online Red bloggers come to punch in, not for steamed stuffed bun, but for this touch of blue and white.
We shivered into the night steamed stuffed bun shop, and a smell of steamed stuffed buns came to our faces mixed with the buzzing voice.
Sometimes the fashionable hot girls in the team are attracted by the recommendation of a certain sound. At the moment, they hold their mobile phones and try to take pictures with steamed stuffed buns and stores from different angles.
The store is less than 10 square meters visually. The store is cleaned very clean, without the greasy feeling of ordinary steamed stuffed bun shops. The ten square meter store is full of people, so it’s difficult to turn around.
We asked the clerk how long it would take to wait. She said that at least two hours, the people in the waiting area had to worry.
A Beijing aunt who came to join the fun pushed the door in and sighed, “what kind of steamed stuffed bun is harder to arrange than the Forbidden City?” Turn around and leave.
The back kitchen is the most spacious place in the store. Four or five aunts roll out skins, steamed buns and steamed buns around the console.
There are a few fashionable young people in the team, most of whom are “big cattle” in gray and black down jacket. When you pass by, you will lower your voice and ask, “girl, do you want steamed stuffed buns?”
Brother scalper, who holds a stack of orders, mentioned that half of the orders for night steamed stuffed buns are sent to nightclubs and bars.
Late at night, young people who have exhausted their energy by jumping on the dance floor of the nightclub are in urgent need of high-carbon water.
Carbon underwater belly can bring the most primitive sense of satisfaction and soul homing.
Therefore, in terms of site selection, night steamed stuffed bun will give priority to opening a shop in an area with the most abundant nightlife in the city, such as Jiuyanqiao, bar street in Chengdu, Shaanxi South Road, an area with dense Internet popularity in Shanghai, etc. Facts have proved that it is easier to get angry in the popular area.
From Chengdu, the birthplace, to Shanghai, the “online Red incubation city”, and then all the way north to Beijing, in just over six months, night steamed stuffed bun has rapidly opened nearly 100 stores all over the country.
In addition to the first tier cities in Chengdu, the second tier cities in Shanghai are also opened.
Many parents in third and fourth tier cities will go to the night steamed stuffed bun store to place an order after work, so that they can take the night steamed stuffed bun home for dinner or breakfast after picking up their children from school.
But just for dinner, night steamed stuffed buns are small and expensive, cost-effective and average in taste. It’s not as good as five yuan a cage of fresh meat steamed stuffed buns downstairs.
Figure source @ meet Zhangjiagang
Night steamed stuffed bun became famous in Shanghai. In its heyday, it took 3 hours to get it. It can be called “Hermes of steamed stuffed bun”; Fortunately, there is no need to distribute goods for the time being.
Passing Shanghai aunt sighed, “this night’s bag queue is longer than LV bag.”
There are also many urban legends about driving a luxury car to buy night steamed stuffed buns and grandma queuing for two hours to buy breakfast for her grandson, which enrich the “package” of night steamed stuffed buns.
Northeast big brother wears pajamas in the middle of the night and drives to line up to buy night steamed stuffed buns
The original price of night steamed stuffed buns is 15 yuan, and the purchasing price is 50 yuan. Three cages of steamed stuffed buns will be handed over to cattle for 150 yuan.
It is said that in Shanghai, scalpers will be priced according to the car. Those who drive Audi will cost 185 yuan, while those who drive Rolls Royce phantom will have to double to 1000 yuan. Scalpers are clearly robbing money, and the owner is willing to accompany them.
It is certain that the female star and we are in a wave. Ouyang Nana said she wanted to eat night steamed stuffed bun during the event in Shanghai, but she failed to do so.
The regret of such a female star was captured and amplified by we media. Many short videos on a certain audio were labeled “it’s hard to find a bag of female stars” and “Ouyang Nana is eating”, which attracted more people to punch in.
How long can the night steamed stuffed bun last?  
We spent a lot of money in tears to buy a bag of steamed stuffed buns and a cage of six Mini steamed stuffed buns from brother scallop. The dough is full of meat stuffing and the red oil soaked in the dough is as attractive as the bloggers’ sketches.
The real object is really attractive
However, he first ate a hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot steamed stuffed bun and sang the Sichuan singer Gai’s “Lao Zi eats hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, you eat hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom”, which proves that art comes from life;
The other two “light piapia” are nothing special. They are all fat meat. It’s better to eat hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom.
This greasy and salty taste is obviously not in line with the taste of Shanghainese. Many local netizens in Shanghai commented that it was “unpalatable” after tasting the fresh food.
Nanjing netizens said that after eating night steamed stuffed buns, they will think of the good Jinling big meat bag again. It costs 6 yuan each. There are many big meat, full and at ease.
Brother scalper also told us that he never had repeat customers.
According to @ Fanyi private school, the problem of taste has reduced the re purchase rate of night steamed stuffed bun products; Simple product structure can not build enough attraction.
After all, it has spread all over the country. There are only four signature flavors: spicy, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot flavor, mushroom sauce meat and rattan pepper chicken, trying to eat fresh all over the world. The category is not rich enough, the taste is general, and it is not fireworks.
Searching for the keyword “night steamed stuffed bun”, we will also find that there are many night steamed stuffed buns of other brands. The low threshold and easy replication bring the problem of homogenization.
The reason why night steamed stuffed bun is difficult to buy is not all because there are many people waiting in line to buy it.
Night steamed stuffed buns are mainly steamed in cash, and the production is slow. In this way, there is a basis for queuing. The confusion of the management mode in the store will prolong the waiting time again.
When the Sanlitun store was just opened, it was out of the door
For example, the call is all based on manual wheat shouting. When packing, it is found that it is not ripe enough to return to the cage. If the wrong steamed stuffed bun is loaded, the customers who have been waiting for two hours will go to the end of the line to queue up again.
The night steamed stuffed bun store stipulates that each person is limited to 3 copies per order. However, a young scalper wearing a B & C fluorescent green mask told us that he still had 12 orders, 3 cages of steamed stuffed buns per order and 36 cages of steamed stuffed buns.
We asked, how can scalpers buy four times the number of ordinary people without talking about martial virtue?
The little brother of green mask is calm. He told me that each scalper buys more than ten orders at a time, which can be regarded as running the sales volume of the store. The clerk not only didn’t stop, but also was happy to talk to them.
The clerk and we are like two worlds, anxious and leisurely at the same time.
In just over half a year, online red night steamed stuffed bun has experienced from brilliance to being gradually swallowed by traffic.
Nowadays, there are more night steamed stuffed bun lightning protection notes on a red book than grass planting notes. The scores of night steamed stuffed bun on a comment hover around Samsung, and night steamed stuffed bun stores in Chengdu and Shanghai are no longer in line.
At first, night steamed stuffed buns were aimed at the city’s night market, but it seems that there is no room for night steamed stuffed buns in the night market.
“If breakfast is the conscience of a city, then supper is the soul of a city.” Xiaokuan, the founder of a mouthful of food new media, said so.
During the day, every city looks the same. In the similar stone excrement forest lattice, workers knock the same keyboard.
At night, every city has its own temper. Night snack sellers have figured out the psychology of customers who eat night snack.
Many young people in cities are “night carbon water monsters”: starve during the day, eat less carbon water, less oil, less salt, low calorie and low fat, and work hard for a day; Then in the evening, I really lived in Bengbu and began to eat carbon water crazily.
Is that you
Most of the people who rule the night snack Jianghu are also spicy and delicious food with carbon water explosion, which gives the night steamed stuffed bun a chance to appear.
However, as a night snack, night steamed stuffed bun is unqualified because of its single category, long queue and entrenched cattle.
Noisy days, fireworks filled with excitement and joy, wearing pajamas and dragging a pull board, you can eat easily and casually. The gathering of three religions and nine streams and the tolerance of various emotions are the most essential appearance of night in many people’s hearts.
At the night snack stand, a group of people can scratch their fists and chew squid, or drink and cry alone in the corner. When they are accidentally seen, they push the pot on the boss: “I said to put less pepper, it’s too spicy.”
After 10 p.m., small restaurants, large food stalls or mobile stalls in many cities began to display night snack signs.
Figure source @ popular information in Chengdu
A friend from Chengdu said that people in Chengdu would drink night beer on a muggy summer night. They gathered together a table of friends and ordered a bundle of cold beer. They all wore flip flops and big underpants and joked recklessly.
Dinner has been digested, beer is cold, and a little carbon water pad in your stomach is really comfortable.
There are many night snack stalls on the roadside of the streets. A three wheeled gas tank has a rich variety. The third brother snail, mother’s hoof flower, fat sausage noodles and cold cups compete for beauty. You can be caught by incense and smoke in the night sky.
Tianluo, the third brother of Chengdu’s “ghost diet” and a legendary old store for more than ten years
When a large group of people talked about the happy place, they could also shout: “boss, 10 more strings of each kind of meat!” All the dishes will be ready in a few minutes.
But the night steamed stuffed buns had a long queue, and the cauliflower was cold when they got it; There are so many kinds of fillings. Except for a little illusion of health preservation, it can’t provide real satisfaction.
There aren’t many people lining up at the night steamed stuffed bun store in Shanghai.
From queuing to occasional customers, night steamed stuffed bun fell out of favor in Shanghai
The fried wonton in Benbang noodle restaurant preferred by old Shanghainese can easily defeat greasy night steamed stuffed buns in every way;
The excitement of the night steamed stuffed bun queue has passed, and most young people in Shanghai eat night snacks politely. In those Jianghu stalls that are so dirty, messy, happy and have no door and sect, they don’t go shirtless and shout loudly;
Fashionable people who end up dancing in the middle of the night, after a taste of fresh food, prefer the Hong Kong style side stove with an average of 1000 + per capita, or go into the daily material store and have a few more drinks with a bird burning lantern. After all, enjoying the petty bourgeoisie’s nightlife is worthy of the hard work during the day.
Most young people in Beijing who work in the CBD and live outside the Fifth Ring Road are tired of running around and are more eager to get physical and mental comfort. Midnight snack can just catch your little mood in the night with weak will.
If you can’t go to the front street of Beijing’s night snack to eat hemp and stew at the front door, you’d better wrap your down jacket tightly, go into the wooden house at the door of the community for barbecue, 10 strings of meat tendons, a string of big kidney and half a bottle of beer, and you can continue to eat liver the next day.
Sanlitun is so far away that it is not a place where migrant workers often go to eat supper; In addition, night steamed stuffed bun is obviously not in line with the taste of old Beijing.
Brother cattle mentioned that once in the night steamed stuffed bun queue, he met a Beijing aunt. The night steamed stuffed bun clerk immediately asked her to rank first according to the principle of respecting the old and loving the young. As a result, the aunt said, it’s not as good as the fourth steamed stuffed bun in the west, and turned and left.
Ranran and I left Sanlitun night steamed stuffed bun store and missed the “night CBD” in college.
A row of night snack stalls under the yellow street lights, countless fried rice, river noodles, roasted string, stinky tofu, Zizi, oil and fragrant in all kinds of pots, about 10 yuan to eat; Fruit stall owners have houses and cars in Beijing. They set up stalls because they are free.
The most popular Little Red Riding Hood baked cold noodles always has the longest line. I met a smart Professor Xie Ding who wanted to take a class here, but I always peeked at the boys in front of me.
Finally, we walked back to the dormitory with supper. The troubles of the whole day disappeared and our tomorrow was full of hope.
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