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PepsiCo’s ambition is not only at the dinner table, but also the whole scene of the New Year!

“It’s already raining Pepsi expression on wechat chat? It’s time to prepare for the red envelope for the Spring Festival!”. Following the success of dominating wechat on the screen for 7 days with a unique red envelope rain at the beginning of last year, how will PepsiCo tease consumers this year? What new tricks will spring festival marketing play?

Xiaoshidai noticed that PepsiCo’s strategy this year not only locked the dinner table, but also seemed to be aiming to open up the whole scene of the new year. Next, let’s have a look.


New consumption scene in the new year


According to the insight into the new trend of 2022 young people’s new year jointly released by cbndata, hungry marketing and brand cooperation business center and Ali new service research center on January 20, the main body of new year shopping has gradually moved closer to young people. Hungry? The data shows that nearly four adults place orders for takeout after 95; Ali’s mother’s data also proves the rapid growth of annual consumers in the Spring Festival market after 90 and 95.


In the event of the new year, young people obviously have their own “rules”. The research shows that there will be a variety of personalized new year’s Eve parties and new year’s Eve parties, which will also reflect the changes of young people’s way of eating and buying new year’s Eve games, although there will be a variety of personalized new year’s Eve parties and new year’s Eve games.


Obviously, PepsiCo has gained insight into young people’s sense of new year ceremony, which is no longer limited to a reunion dinner, and began to look for interesting spring festival experience in all aspects of entertainment and social networking.

Therefore, PepsiCo also showed greater ambition for spring festival marketing by “taking music home” this year. It seems that it wants to open up more opportunities outside the dinner table of the Chinese new year, strengthen the penetration of the brand in various scenes, and “surround” the life of the target population 360 degrees.


Occupy social scenes


The Spring Festival, the biggest social activity, besides visiting relatives, may be sending red envelopes. Those lively moments of sending, receiving and grabbing red envelopes are not only the source of happiness for many people, but also a new opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers. Especially with the increasing popularity of mobile payment, online distribution of Spring Festival red envelopes has gradually become one of the important means for various brands to start the new year marketing war.


In 2021, PepsiCo cooperated with wechat to realize the first commercialization of wechat’s “expression rain” function, which has covered almost all point-to-point chat scenes during the Spring Festival, and gained up to 1.2 billion exposure in only seven days, which is a breakthrough in the “ceiling” of consumers’ social experience.


The newly upgraded “multiplayer mode” expression rain 2.0 just launched at 0:00 today refreshed the wechat chat interactive form again. From today to February 5, for seven consecutive days, as long as you enter brand keywords such as Pepsi Cola, 7 Xilinmen, meinian Tengda, smile fun bubble and take music home in the dialog box, you can trigger expression rain. Clicking on the blessing bag can also participate in the lottery without threshold, and obtain rich prizes such as red envelope cover, cash red envelope and various partner lottery tickets.

Xiaobian experience group chat and grab “blessing bag”

Compared with last year, the biggest upgrade point of this year’s expression rain version 2.0 lies in the group chat scene. When multiple people send blessings continuously, the picture of multiple Swiss lions “robbing” the blessing bag will appear on the screen at the same time, which is jubilant.

For wechat, a social chat software almost used by the whole people, behind any slight change, it needs a lot of technical polishing and user experience testing.

It is reported that this upgraded version of Pepsi expression rain is the result of the efforts of Pepsi and Tencent project team for nearly half a year. While retaining the traditional meaning of red envelope New Year custom to the greatest extent, it integrates the elements of brand new year into it, creates a more interesting, interactive and shared digital consumption experience, and occupies the main battlefield of wechat social networking in a natural way in this special season of Spring Festival.


Xiaoshidai also noted that in addition to the expression rain activity for seven days of the Chinese new year, PepsiCo’s digital red envelope platform had been online as early as the end of last year. The activity of “touching auspicious animals to win good gifts” in the prize pool, which is worth more than 100 million yuan, combines the happy new year bonus with the “red envelope” loved by young people, so that family and friends can play and enjoy together through red envelopes.

In addition, compared with the only form of online interaction last year, PepsiCo’s red envelope activity this year has radiated to a wider range of offline channels, and the activity will continue until the end of February, so that the annual flavor will continue to accompany the whole January.

Moving entertainment scene


Questmobile2021 data show that during the Spring Festival, people spend the most time on video, social networking and games, up to 71.5%. In 2021, the total duration of the industry increased by 6.6 percentage points compared with the same period of the Spring Festival in 2020. The small screen has gradually replaced the large screen and become an important way for people to have fun during the Spring Festival.


This seems to indicate that to get through the new year entertainment scene, it is necessary to comprehensively plan the brand content layout. Changing the content playing method of micro films in the past, PepsiCo has created a full platform content matrix composed of new year blockbusters, documentary stories and “national style Spring Festival Gala”, taking the customized content in line with the entertainment ecology in the station as the communication fulcrum, and more targeted to pry consumers in diversified entertainment scenes.


Take the New Year blockbuster as an example. This year PepsiCo will no longer stick to the way of storytelling, but instead produce a song and dance blockbuster full of new year flavor in a younger and entertaining way. The traditional New Year customs of sending red envelopes, painting sugar paintings and welcoming the Lord of wealth are performed by means of hip-hop dance, rap and popular music arrangement, so as to bring different new year interests to the old and young in front of the screen.

Henan satellite TV “South China Sea Lion awakening”

The three documentary stories created by PepsiCo and pear video show the Spring Festival illustrated books of modern young people from the perspective of photographers. While everyone is paying attention to the strong contrast between “blind box” and “locomotive” and their mother and grandmother, PepsiCo’s different insight into driving family reunion with young strength this year has directly touched the hearts of the people.

“Young people’s new year Handbook”

Consolidate the mind of eating with food


The dining table is a scene that is always inseparable from the Spring Festival. In 2022, PepsiCo continued to open the dining table scene by launching the Spring Festival Limited product packaging. Ye Li, general manager of PepsiCo’s beverage business in Greater China and chief marketing officer and chief sustainable development executive officer of PepsiCo’s Asia Pacific region, mentioned this insight in an interview with snack generation in 2019, “freshness is very important for young people.

A survey showed that 83% of consumers said they were very willing or more willing to buy products with novel and unique packaging, including product appearance and product name “.

PepsiCo 4 auspicious beast new year theme cans


This year, PepsiCo upgraded to create four auspicious beast new year theme cans. Four auspicious beasts, including Golden Lion, tiger, magpie and Koi, flew into the product cans, naturally bringing out three brand blessings of “Pepsi Cola”, “seven Xilinmen” and “meinian Tengda”. The new year is limited to the meaning of young packaging and good color head. The double blessing makes the products more bound with the Spring Festival, creates a sense of table ceremony and consolidates the mind of brand dining.


Make the brand “social”


In the 2022 spring festival marketing war, PepsiCo’s goal is not only to make its products appear on the reunion tables of more families, but also to pass on its brand concept through socialized and entertained ways, and turn brand assets into more people’s social currency, so as to form a strong interactive relationship between Pepsi and the Spring Festival, and finally achieve the marketing purpose.


PepsiCo breaks through the stereotyped expression of Chinese New Year flavor, such as going home, having a reunion dinner and raising a glass together. With young brand understanding and expression, PepsiCo presents consumers with a Chinese New Year full of “Youth” and “happiness”, “inheritance” and “interaction” genes.

Pay attention to “snack generation” (wechat: foodinc) “and reply to” Pepsi “to see wonderful news.

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