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Shanghai high-speed railway tried to push Starbucks, tea Yan Yuese won the lawsuit of unfair competition, commune was accused of obtaining hundreds of millions of yuan of financing, Yurun Food restructuring plan was approved, and McDonald’s plans to restart more restaurants

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Since yesterday, three trains from Hongqiao, Shanghai have launched a pilot service of grinding Starbucks coffee, which is provided in the form of seat code scanning and ordering, and waiters getting off the carriage for sale. The price is the same as that of the same model in the store. In the future, freshly ground coffee will be gradually introduced to all the high-speed railway Fuxing issued by China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (to Shanghai)


Yurun Food restructuring plan approved


Yurun Food announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today that the reorganization plan was approved at the creditors’ meeting on January 28, 2022 and approved by the ruling of Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court on January 28, 2022. 44 restructuring companies have become subsidiaries of the new platform since the whole plan has been approved. The main business of the group is the production of “Harbin Roulian” series brand products. “Harbin Roulian” series trademarks, which are crucial to the remaining core business of the group, have been transferred to the group free of charge since the relevant reorganization plan was approved. (Interface)


The second judgment of “tea Yan Yue se” v. “tea Yan Guan se” is coming


On January 29, the intermediate people’s Court of Changsha City, Hunan Province announced the second instance result of the unfair competition case of “Cha Yan Yue se” v. “Cha Yan Guan se”, which upheld the original judgment and “Cha Yan Yue se” won the case. (Changsha intermediate people’s court)


The fine brewed fresh beer brand “Ruien fine brewed” completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan


Brewed fresh beer brand “Ruien brewed” recently completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, invested by blue ocean Zhongli capital. This round of financing will be used for product R & D investment, digital upgrading and market expansion. (36 krypton)

Restaurant and bar chain brand commune received hundreds of millions of yuan of a + round of financing

Commune, a chain restaurant and bar brand, recently completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of financing is led by early capital, followed by Hillhouse investment, tomato capital, and Jupiter capital as the exclusive financial adviser. At the beginning of 2021, commune obtained a round of financing from Hillhouse investment. (36 krypton)

AEON faying police loss or over HK $470 million

Yesterday, Yongwang faying police, which operated AEON department stores and other brands, issued a warning. AEON expects a loss of about HK $470 million to HK $490 million last year, compared with a loss of HK $36.8 million in the same period in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 1231.5%. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Meituan flash Shopping Festival drives the rapid growth of brands


According to the relevant person in charge of meituan flash shopping, the number of brands participating in meituan flash Shopping Festival this year has tripled that of last year. At the same time, many local brands and emerging brands have joined and began to layout real-time retail channels. Up to now, the growth rate of brands participating in the activities has far exceeded the average, driving the growth of the overall market. For example, the trading volume of Yili liquid milk has more than doubled. (


Double digit growth in Diageo’s net sales in the first half of the fiscal year


Diageo recently reported that net sales increased by 15.8% to £ 8 billion in the first half of the fiscal year (six months to December 31, 2021), with growth in all markets. Ivan Menezes, CEO of Diageo, said that strong sales growth and continuous high-end driven the improvement of organic operating profit margin in the first half of the year. This is due to increased marketing investment to gain share and support innovation, especially in North America and greater China. (Foodbev)


Japanese restaurant chain is now “French fries war”


After McDonald’s in Japan announced to reduce the amount of French fries due to the shortage of raw materials, some local fast-food enterprises attracted consumers through French fries promotion discounts. For example, hamburger chain freshness burger announced to increase the amount of French fries per serving by 25%. (9Honey)


McDonald’s plans to restart more restaurants to ease the pressure of drive by


Chris kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, said at the recent earnings call that reopening the restaurant is the focus of McDonald’s in the next quarter because it will reduce the “huge pressure” on the drive through restaurant. As of January 2022, about 80% of McDonald’s restaurants in the United States are open, and the rest are expected to restart in the near future. (Business Insider)


Quick reading of food industry information



Video Conference on improving the query rate of infant milk powder traceability data held

On January 26, the Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a video conference on improving the traceability data query rate of infant milk powder. Representatives of relevant provincial, district and municipal competent departments of industry and information technology, CCID Research Institute and domestic infant milk powder enterprises attended the meeting. Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Department of consumer goods industry, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting proposed to further improve the traceability data query rate of infant milk powder as the key task of the construction of traceability system in 2022. It is required to further expand the popularity and influence of traceability platform among consumers and effectively enhance consumers’ sense of improvement of the quality of domestic infant milk powder. (official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology)

There are more than 69000 enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables in China


According to tianyancha data, at present, there are more than 69000 enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables in China. In 2021, nearly 4000 enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables were newly registered. In terms of geographical distribution, the number of enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables in Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu ranks among the top, accounting for 12.6%, 9.3% and 7.7% respectively. (36 krypton)


2022 Baijiu liquor sales were accused of “dull”

“The Spring Festival 2022, the wholesale market of Baijiu is much lighter than that of last year. There are basically no people. Now the drinks are seriously overloaded and the channels are under great pressure.” Recently, an old Hu, a wine merchant in Yunnan, said. It is said that there are not a few liquor merchants worried about the sales in the “peak season” of the Spring Festival, and even the sales of liquor merchants in the Spring Festival fell by more than 50%. Huang Fu Shang Min, Secretary General of the circulation Committee of Henan wine industry association, said that the problem now is that the sales are not booming in the “peak season” of the Spring Festival and the channel inventory is large. (per network)


New year’s Eve takeout soared


According to the relevant person in charge of meituan, in early January, the number of orders for group purchase packages for online New Year’s Eve meals across the country also exceeded the same period last year, and the orders containing the words “New Year’s Eve dinner” and “new year” in takeout dishes increased by 1590.63% month on month. Jin Yong, vice president of China Hotel Association, believes that under the epidemic, new changes such as small dishes, takeout and prefabricated dishes reflect the richness and diversity of new year’s Eve dinner consumption and promote the online and offline integrated development of catering enterprises. (Xinhuanet)


In January, food, wine and other industries maintained rapid growth


According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in January, the production index was 50.9%, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous month. Among them, the production index of industries related to consumption during the Spring Festival holiday, such as food, wine and beverage, refined tea, paper printing, culture, education, sports, beauty and entertainment products, was higher than 52.0%, and the production maintained a rapid growth. (interface News)

A mother and child living center in Hangzhou was adjusted to a high-risk area


Yesterday, Hangzhou announced that it would adjust Gutian global mother and baby store (Gutian global imported mother and baby life hall) in Fuyang District of Hangzhou to high-risk areas, and adjust many places to medium-risk areas at the same time. (released in Hangzhou)

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