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Create “contrast cute”, these stores are a little interesting!


Who is quietly breaking through behind the homogenization of store creativity?


Today, with the support of beauty economy and curiosity, the creative brand store has become a “24-hour salesman”, attracting the current young consumer groups to enter the store for consumption.
So, how can we catch the hearts of young people without some innovative ways? In this issue, CEO brand observation collected several “inconsistent” stores to see how they successfully attracted consumers’ attention.
aihuan washing ifunwash
coffee shop vs laundry

In recent years, self-service laundry cafes integrating laundry and coffee shops have emerged in China, but most of them are located in communities and few brands enter shopping centers. However, aihuan wash, a self-service laundry and coffee shop from Changsha, boldly chose to enter the shopping center to bring a new lifestyle scene to all young consumers.
Aihuan first washing store is located in fenghuanghai shopping park, hi Park, Changsha. When passing by this store, it may be difficult to associate it with “washing clothes”, because the sale of boutique coffee and dessert at the entrance is highly “confusing”, and the washing machine in the store is also like a photo scene made by the store. But in fact, every washing machine in the store can be used. Besides self-service laundry, the store also provides services such as intensive washing of clothes and shoes, luxury care and so on.
In December last year, aihuanxi opened its first flagship store in Guiyang. It chose Guiyang Vientiane shopping center, the first commercial project of China Resources Vientiane living in Guizhou, and added baking and flower art elements to the store to form a diversified business store of “laundry + coffee + baking + flower art”, which is highly consistent with the place spirit of “tide, hi, dare and Shuang” of Guiyang Vientiane.
The creativity of professional laundry + boutique coffee, aihuan washing is not the only one, but the brand boldly breaks through, which not only realizes the multiple needs of laundry + social + leisure, but also provides great convenience for young people.
harmay Huamei Hangzhou tianmuli store
Office vs Beauty Collection store
At the end of November 2021, harmay Huamei created a brand-new store in Hangzhou tianmuli with the concept of harmay office. This is also another “contrast beauty” space created by harmay Huamei after the concept store of “vegetable market”.
It is understood that Hangzhou tianmuli store is the first store to use color elements in harmay plum. In this store, the brand selects warm and bright orange and grass green as the main colors, and takes the retro office scene of the 1970s and 1980s as the inspiration, and integrates modern design to build a unique “office” atmosphere.

The iconic storage and display shelves are matched with neat lattices to allow consumers to “cross” in one second. However, what is on display is not documents and office supplies, but the popular and selected products sold by Huamei, which makes the shopping scene interesting and fresh. At the same time, many detailed designs have been added to the store, such as the first generation desktop computers and winding wires, adding a retro atmosphere to the space.

It is worth mentioning that at the opening of the store, Hua Mei also tried to move the catwalk show to the store for the first time, and deduce the past, present and future working conditions through three groups of models, so as to make consumers have a more sense of substitution for harmay office.
wassup house
coffee shop vs chaopai shop

This brand-new shop built by popular tide brand wassup is located in o2park maker Park in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Since its official opening in March 2021, it has undertaken many functions such as office, retail, exhibition, light catering and so on.
In terms of appearance, the most eye-catching thing in this shop with three floors is the coffee bar on the first floor, which makes many people mistakenly think that this is just a coffee shop.
This coffee bar connects the inside and outside of wassup house, and will change the theme according to different activities, providing regular coffee drinks and limited drinks updated from time to time. Previously, wassup also worked with Jpg Coffee Co – branded, created in this bar Jpg coffee window brings rich coffee experience.
In fact, in addition to coffee, consumers can also easily obtain the carrier of the brand’s thinking way of outputting “work sport play” – fashion clothing and limited peripheral in wassup house. The middle of the second floor of wassup house is a fixed clothing display area.
However, compared with “commodities”, wassup house emphasizes “cultural exchange”. Therefore, wassup house has also planned rest areas, studios, exhibition halls and office areas in the space, and has successively carried out rich and diverse theme activities based on the multiple attributes of the space, so that young people are willing to take photos, punch in and go shopping for recreation.
Haus Shanghai
Art Lab vs retail assembly space
Haus Shanghai, located in Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, is the world’s largest flagship store built by Gen Minster in Shanghai and its second composite retail store in the world. It officially opened at the end of September 2021.
In the four floor space, the single family Haus Shanghai integrates gentle monster, its art dessert brand nudake and fragrance brand tambourins to create a future retail space integrating fashion art and fantasy technology.
Among them, the most “contrast” is nudake on the first floor. In this space, Haus Shanghai’s iconic giant mechanical organism “the probe” passes through it, surrounded by smart mechanical horses. Coupled with soft clothes full of perceptual aesthetics, it may be difficult to associate the dessert space full of soft elements with it.
In addition, in the gentle monster store on the second floor, the exhibition space on the third floor and the first flagship store of containers in China on the fourth floor, a variety of art installations also bring consumers a new and all-round retail experience.
It can be said that Haus Shanghai broke the traditional business space model and combined fashion art with pioneer technology to create a strong sense of contrast and make the whole space more innovative and interesting.
bath coffee
bathroom vs coffee shop

Unlike wassup house, aihuanwash and other stores that use coffee shops as “camouflage”, bath coffee is a family bathroom to “camouflage” its own coffee shop.
After opening in June 2019, bath coffee has become a “net red” on Yongkang road in Shanghai due to its retro bathroom style decoration and soap like macarone mousse cake. Last May, the brand opened a new store called show coffee on Yongkang Road, further extending its consistent “bathroom style”.
Bath coffee has a small area. The store selects Coral Orange as the main color, and dark green mosaic tiles add a lot of retro charm to the space. The operation room and dining area are separated by a “shower curtain”. The dining area also has faucets, showers, shampoo, combs and other bathing facilities and supplies. The overall design of show coffee is more concise, with blue as the main tone, reproducing the public bathing place in memory.
Bath has a guest seat, which can provide consumers with “heavy special” coffee and creative dessert with relatively complex production process, while show only takes it out and provides “light special” coffee with relatively simple production process. The two small shops are less than 100 meters away, but people who come to taste coffee can easily get a complete and interesting “washing experience”.
Facing consumers with increasingly diversified consumer demand, brands are always thinking about why their stores are not attractive enough. Therefore, there are more and more innovative patterns in brand stores, and the combination of formats is also strange.
In the era of we media, we have grasped the important magic weapon of expanding the influence of the brand. At the same time, these stores have not “copied and pasted” on a large scale, and maintain a certain “scarcity”, so they can maintain a personalized connection with consumers.
These brands have created “contrast sprouting” in unexpected ways and achieved good results, which may inspire other brands to open stores.
Author: Wang Wan; Source: CEO brand observation (ID: new_shop_), Reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); the 8th foodaily ✕ 0, which is the theme, runs through the upstream and downstream of the food industry chain and links the whole scene of new consumption business through the three-day new consumption innovation test ground ✕ the stage of global innovative products ✕ the food Developer Conference ✕ the top product social circle, takes a further step towards the end of the new food era and tells the future of new food consumption in China once again, 360 ° presents brand ecology.,

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