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“Middle age” encounter of jelly

jelly has developed from a small food for children to a leisure snack covering all age groups.
That’s right, the color of QQ is crystal clear and juicy.
Since its appearance in the 1980s, jelly has been sought after by young consumers because of its unique taste, compact shape and its low heat energy and high dietary fiber. With the growth of jelly consumption “aborigines” and the strong rise of consumer groups after 00, jelly has developed from the initial small food for children to leisure snacks covering consumer groups of all ages.
Encountered a “midlife crisis”,
Traditional jelly needs new innovation
Jelly was born in Japan, developed and flourished in China. Over the past 30 years, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of jelly.
However, due to the low technical barriers in the industry, the jelly market, now 30, is experiencing a “middle-aged crisis”.
First of all, in the eyes of many consumers, jelly is still synonymous with childhood snacks. Such category image limits the possibility of jelly radiating to more consumer groups. In addition, the serious homogenization and lack of innovation are also the current situation of the jelly market. Due to many factors, the development speed of jelly market is gradually slowing down. According to Euromonitor International data, the retail sales of jelly in China increased from 9.4 billion yuan in 2010 to 12.8 billion yuan in 2014, with a compound growth rate of 8%; The compound growth rate of China’s jelly from 2015 to 2020 is estimated to be 5.4%. The retail sales of China’s jelly will reach 17.8 billion yuan in 2020. Although there is some growth, it shows a slow trend as a whole.
It is undeniable that the jelly market is still a highly competitive industry. Euromonitor International data show that from 2013 to 2017, the market share of China’s three jelly Giants: Xizhilang, crayon Xiaoxin and kiss food was decreasing, and the market share of kiss food fell from 11.4% in 2013 to 6.2% in 2017. At the same time, the market share of small brands is expanding, from 24% in 2013 to 43% in 2017. The emerging small brands have eroded the three major brand markets and injected new vitality into the jelly market.
With the rapid development of society, the rapid growth of jelly industry has reached a certain degree and encountered corresponding development restrictions. However, with the rapid growth of snack food in recent years, it undoubtedly reflects its development potential from the side. However, if we want to seek new development in the new era, it is urgent for the industry to speed up product innovation, optimization and upgrading.
Multi crowd, scene oriented,
Broaden the consumption boundary of jelly products
Throughout the traditional jelly market, not only the homogenization is serious, but also the label of “childhood snacks” limits the consumer groups.
In the face of this situation, in recent years, the jelly industry has also made great efforts to promote the development of high-end, healthy and young products. By improving the taste and texture of jelly packaging, the products can fit with different consumer groups, and meet the various needs of all ages with multiple kinds of jelly, so as to broaden the age and consumption boundary of traditional jelly products.
For example, the fuel suction and freezing products launched by fix xbody, a subsidiary brand of Wangwang, are specially customized for sports people. It is reported that as a nutritious food customized for sports people, Wangwang fix xbody is specially added with L-carnitine (1800mg per 100g), taurine (100mg per 100g) and a variety of vitamins (B1, B2 and B6) to supplement the nutrients required by the human body. It is full of fuel and refreshing; Packed in small bags, a box of seven bags, it is convenient to carry and escort the people who love sports at all times of the week. It is a good sports partner for sports people to eat at any time.
Different from the traditional jelly for children, the “Yunneng suckable jelly” with 0 fat, low calorie and small package launched by Pro food focuses on the young group as the main target audience, focusing on the functions of food substitutes such as filling hunger and filling stomach and replenishing energy. The product adds vitamins and minerals needed by the human body, as well as the energy supply form of maltodextrin, which can quickly make up for the problem of insufficient intake of trace elements by consumers. In addition, the products take 0 fat, low calorie and small package as the selling points, which can enable young groups pursuing health to enjoy delicious food and supplement energy without burden.
Aiming at women’s health care market, Chali tea brand has launched collagen peptide tea jelly and absorbable jelly. The product follows the classic peach flavor, with Q elastic soft waxy and 0 fat. It innovatively adds phosphatidylserine (which has the function of beautifying the skin). Phosphatidylserine is not less than 30mg for every 100g. It tastes smooth and refreshing, so that female consumers can not only experience delicious food, but also meet the specific needs of beauty.
Leisure and interesting,
Add social attributes of jelly products
As one of the earlier snack foods, jelly has always been very popular in the children’s market. However, as the jelly industry has entered a mature period in recent years, the product categories tend to be fixed.
With the progress of the times, people’s consumption level has improved, the consumption concept has changed, and the demand for jelly has also changed based on the current situation. Nowadays, consumers are not only satisfied with “tasting fresh food”, but also begin to pursue spiritual pleasure. Jelly products also meet this demand and seek breakthroughs, resulting in the transformation of high-end, leisure and interest.
Nongfu mountain spring once launched a tea that can be “chewed” – frozen tea, which is different from the traditional fruit flavor tea. Its biggest highlight is the addition of tea jelly on the basis of fruit tea, which has a tender and smooth taste. The more you chew, the more you enjoy it. At the same time, the product 0 is low in fat and sugar and can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be eaten with a spoon like jelly; You can drink directly with a straw; It can also be shaken into jelly pieces. The greater the strength, the smaller the jelly pieces. There are three flavors: green orange oolong tea, lemon black tea and grapefruit Luoshen flower tea.
The beverage brand parallel universe launched a special small Wine Jelly – Wine Jelly, which is divided into “wine little movement” black cans and “wine little movement” blue cans. The product is positioned at the age of 18 + urban young trend groups with drinking habits or willingness. In terms of food materials, konjaku is used as jelly raw material, which is healthier than ordinary jelly products. In terms of taste, it contains a variety of flavors to meet the diversified needs of consumers. The black can contains strawberry beer, White Peach Oolong gin and plum saint and daughter fruit plum wine, while the blue can contains osmanthus sweet wine, strawberry thick milk brandy and pineapple white coconut rum. In terms of packaging, the wine bottle shaped independent small bag packaging is selected to convey the properties of alcohol containing products. At the same time, it is small, portable and easy to carry.   
The soda jelly “Hey jelly” launched by Hankou No. 2 factory innovates the combination of jelly and soda. The collision of the two tastes enriches the products and increases the interest of the products at the same time. It is understood that in the future, Hei jelly will adhere to the concept of “everything can collide”, take jelly as the medium, creatively mix and match with everything, actively create fun, and make consumers experience unknown sensory enjoyment while creating social topics.
Healthy and functional,
Promote the comprehensive upgrading of jelly products
In the memory of the Post-70s and post-80s generation, the advertising language of “choose a happy man for jelly” still lingers in our ears. However, for the post-90s and post-00s, jelly is no longer the only commodity attribute of “snacks”. Taking care of health is becoming a new reason for global consumers to buy jelly. Cbndata’s 2018 cross border consumption trend report on National Health pointed out that the forms of “snacks” jelly and other health food are growing explosively, and the burden free experience has become a new direction for “punk health” young people to choose health products.
With the rise of healthy consumption, the jelly industry also sees this trend, and major brands begin to launch more functional and healthy jelly.
The new daily Honey Jelly konjaku Honey Jelly launched by Qiaqia is 0 fat, low calorie and light burden. It is reported that the new product is added with real fruit juice and honey. It is rich in dietary fiber and 0 fat. There are two kinds of white peach and lactic acid bacteria. Among them, white peach cut into the scene of staying up late to reduce heat accumulation and reduce the burden; Lactic acid bacteria are beneficial to digestion, promote intestinal patency, clear and reduce greasy feeling; The small and portable package makes it easy to carry and enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere.
Wang Laoji launched a probiotic Manuka Honey Jelly. It is reported that the product adopts the ancient fresh pressing technology and innovatively adds functional components such as New Zealand honey, white kidney bean extract, fruit and vegetable dietary fiber and three prebiotics + probiotics to add ingredients for health and beauty. It is suitable for people who love big fish and meat, lack green diet and lose weight.
Joliyoyo, a brand committed to providing scientific, professional and high-quality edible products, launched lactic acid bacteria enzyme jelly products, added enzymes, 6 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, 2 kinds of prebiotics, cassia seed and konjac, extracted and adjusted into nutritional formula and comprehensive intestinal care. At the same time, the product is lactic acid bacteria flavor, with 0 fat, 0 pigment and 0 sucrose added, which is delicious and healthy without burden.
Gugufun health fruit movement has launched three healthy low calorie jelly products, namely “yuejixing people”, “yanjuixing people” and “huodaxing people”, which have different product positioning according to the added ingredients. Among them, yuejixing people contain 9 vitamins and 3 minerals of calcium, iron and zinc needed by the human body, and the taste is white peach; Yan Qianxing added about 2000mg of 1000D (Dalton) small molecule fish collagen peptide, which tastes like rose and litchi; Each package of huodaxing people contains 1.65g gold and silver pollen and 0.8g Forsythia powder. The taste is lemon black tea. Product packaging caters to the current popular national trend and retro style, which is more in line with the wishes of young consumers.
In addition, minayo, a functional food brand with the same origin as the main medicine and food, has also launched plant enzyme jelly strips for pre meal scenes and collagen jelly strips for oral beauty; Super patch, a brand of nutritional tonic that patches the nutrition of young people, has launched yeast extract VC jelly and hyaluronic acid collagen peptide jelly according to the whitening needs of consumers
Generally speaking, jelly, as a traditional category with a large market chassis and unabated consumer demand, has also reached a critical turning point of rapid iteration and innovation. This jelly is not only an opportunity for young people who are willing to play with the traditional and innovative brands, but also an opportunity for them to stay with the new brands.
In the future, how to innovate products for the new generation of consumers, introduce new products into the jelly market and meet the different needs of consumers is the problem that brands should think about.
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