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Happy Spring Festival, foodaily daily food for everyone to wish you a happy New Year!

In the twinkling of an eye, another year has passed. I wish my friends and family well-being, auspiciousness and vitality in the year of the tiger!

The year of the ox that has left is a year of returning to rationality and building professional ability. We see that brands focusing on the fission opportunities of subdivided categories have won more growth and value than expected.

The coming year of the tiger will still be full of changes. We will look for certainty in the long-term uncertainty and move forward with determination. The young, digital, brand and professional abilities of business owners jointly determine how stable and how far enterprises can go.

The fourth Isee Innovation Award continues to focus on discovering, mining and commending those excellent products, brands and enterprise practice and innovation figures behind them. 2022 business hotspots help us tap business opportunities in unsatisfied market segments and implement them together. We met at the annual innovation Expo from May 31 to June 2 to talk about “brand ecology”, so that good products can be seen by more people.

We expect everyone in the whole ecosystem to open up and cooperate with each other, win long-term growth and value in a more efficient and sustainable way, and obtain better business development and social value.  

The future can be expected. Let’s leave the ox and meet the tiger together and walk hand in hand!

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