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Tiger spirit, spring festival marketing this brand “power”!

The Spring Festival, for major brands, is a war without gunsmoke and a place for strategists.

The lunar new year seems like a natural IP. All brands in all industries are using this festival with the most Chinese characteristics for publicity. They hope to take advantage of this major festival in various ways to expand brand influence and promote product penetration and conversion rate.

Amid the contention of a hundred schools of thought, xiaoshidai noticed that Jindian fresh milk stood out in this “spring festival marketing competition”, and jointly carried out cross-border cooperation with the folk art pioneer brand “Wang’s hand creation” in Miao embroidery of intangible cultural heritage with the theme of “2022 tiger spirit”.

As a result, Jindian has become the first brand in the fresh milk industry to cooperate with intangible cultural heritage, attracting people’s attention and winning by surprise.


Since the launch of Jindian brand, it has been accurately targeting the target population “quality life home”. They are a group of people who love life, enjoy life and pay attention to the quality of life. They hope to bring the best to their families and themselves.

This group of people can be senior middle-class, or cutting-edge white-collar workers, and more exquisite mothers. However, regardless of their status, they are advocates and practitioners of quality life.

In this certain position, the combination of Jindian fresh milk and Miao embroidery is an unexpected and reasonable choice. Miao embroidery is a national embroidery that is as famous as the four famous embroidery in China (Shu embroidery, Su embroidery, Guangdong embroidery and Xiang embroidery), and was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council in 2006.

Miao embroidery is a spiritual pursuit with obvious attributes and a life ornament separated from daily basic needs. Its deep cultural background and artistic connotation need a pair of eyes to find beauty to understand and appreciate, which coincides with the needs of the core group of Jindian.

From the perspective of users, Jindian has a comprehensive insight into the preferences and characteristics of the target population, and through meticulous observation and accurate capture, it injects the spiritual connection between the product and consumers, and opens up the target group, which can not only deepen the brand stickiness of the existing user population, but also quickly recruit potential consumers.



Matching with the target group constitutes the background of the cooperation between Jindian and Miao embroidery, but what makes the two sides more consistent is the linkage of quality.

Xiaoshidai learned from the 2021 China dairy index report that in the post epidemic era, 30.7% of the public said that the consumption of dairy products had increased after the outbreak, and the public’s daily intake of dairy products had also increased from 240ml four years ago to 260ml.

In recent years, fresh milk has become one of the fastest growing categories of dairy products. In the increasingly crowded track of fresh milk, Jindian fresh milk has become an industry benchmark for creating “higher quality fresh nutrition”.

As “liquid gold”, fresh milk is rich in nutrients needed by the human body. Among them, natural active substances are one of the biggest advantages of real pasteurized fresh milk, which is different from other ordinary fresh milk.


To retain more natural active nutrients, Jindian strives to be at the forefront of the industry. Every 100ml of Jindian fresh milk is rich in 3.8g of raw fresh milk protein, 27% higher than the national standard.

For the same cup of milk, the fresh nutrition of Jindian fresh milk is 1.6 times that of ordinary fresh milk, with immunoglobulin ≥ 200mg / L and lactoferrin ≥ 50mg / L, while the milk peroxidase undetectable in some similar products is as high as 2000u / L in Jindian, which also makes the low-temperature milk truly advance to a new era of fresh nutrition.

The pursuit of “higher quality fresh nutrition” makes Jindian different, and the more vivid color is also an impressive characteristic of Miao embroidery.

Each Miao embroidery work contains bold and strong colors, and its complex and fine embroidery method draws exaggerated but vivid patterns one by one.

The combination of Jindian and Miao embroidery compares fresh colors with more fresh nutrition, so that the brand image of “classic casts Jindian” has a more vivid and concrete expression.



The realization of “higher quality fresh nutrition” depends on excellent production technology. Compared with normal temperature milk, the shelf life of fresh milk is shorter, generally 7 ~ 15 days.

Fresh milk has very strict requirements on milk source and production time. To have its own milk source base, it is necessary to reduce the temperature at the first time after milking, process raw milk into pasteurized milk in a very short time and store it in the whole cold chain.

The processing technology and storage and transportation conditions of fresh milk also determine whether it can lock the precious active nutrients, retain the taste of raw milk and protect the fresh quality.

Some enterprises are subject to these harsh production conditions and can only make “super barf milk”, that is, pasteurization at more than 75 ° C. Ultraba is not a real pasteurization process, and it is difficult to retain precious active proteins and enzymes.

Jindian fresh milk has a gap first-class certified pasture, and the milk source is better than the EU standard, that is, the microbial and somatic indexes are better than the EU standard, which further ensures the fresh quality of milk.

At the same time, Jindian is based on the 75 ° C pasteurization process, especially the industry-leading double membrane fresh locking process, which retains the precious active nutrients in the raw milk. Jindian has overcome the difficulties of fresh milk production one after another, using high-quality fresh nutrition and strong strength to protect the health of Chinese people.

For Miao embroidery, “technology” is also the key to presenting more vivid colors. There are 12 types of Miao embroidery, each of which has a lot of stitches, which are rich and changeable, so as to show the exquisite, bright and bright style of embroidery.

The complex “technology” further strengthens the fit between Jindian and Miao embroidery. Starting from the products, Jindian interprets the strong relationship between the brand and Miao embroidery in many aspects, continuously deepens the output of the core selling points of the products, and adds the traffic brought by IP, providing a steady stream of attention for brand marketing.



Based on hard core products, Jindian’s spring festival marketing is icing on the cake to further expand its brand influence.

On the one hand, Jindian makes full use of the opportunity of “Spring Festival” to create a handmade tiger hat with the theme of “2022 tiger spirit” and “Wang’s hand creation”, and adds more memory points to the brand with timely “national tide” marketing. It coincides with the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger. It’s most appropriate to choose the tiger head hat for joint creation.

It is a traditional Chinese custom to ask for colorful heads during the Spring Festival. The tiger head hat implies good wishes for good luck and protection, adds more flavor and ceremony to the new year, shows the flavor of national tide, and creates an exclusive memory of Chinese style, Spring Festival and Jindian for everyone.

On the other hand, Jindian reaches young people in the way they like.

Jindian aims at the talk show popular with young people, seizes the east wind of traffic, and works with well-known talk show actors to create short videos of plot, life food and funny New Year’s greetings. It uses the intangible cultural heritage quality of Miao embroidery to compare the quality and ingenuity of Jindian fresh milk, soft implants the selling points of products, breaks the circle in a fashion and reaches more consumers.

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Jindian’s marketing is based on the trend talk show superimposed by the tide of intangible cultural heritage countries. It uses the collision between tradition and youth, multi scene and multi platform to output brand information, seize the attention of consumers, promote memory stimulation and cognition, and deepen the precipitation of the brand image of “classic casts Jindian”.



According to the data in the report on Market Research and analysis and investment strategy discussion of China’s fresh milk industry from 2020 to 2026 released by Zhiyan consulting, China’s fresh milk market still has great potential, and the market sales are expected to reach 47.2 billion yuan in 2024.

Fresh milk will become the main force driving the overall market growth of liquid milk, and will also be one of the key supporting categories for the profitability of dairy enterprises.

The market prospect is good. I believe that more dairy enterprises will further strengthen the layout of fresh milk. In the development of brand and industry, product quality is always the core of winning.

With the pursuit and technology of “higher quality fresh nutrition”, Jindian fresh milk has become a new nutritional coordinate of the industry.

In the IP cooperation with the representative brand of intangible cultural heritage Miao Embroidery “Wang’s hand creation”, the two sides joined forces to consolidate the brand image through in-depth content, produce ripple communication effect through multi scene strategy, touch the national feelings, let the brand establish deeper emotional communication with consumers, and look forward to finally seizing the consumption highland and successfully leading the race track.

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