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Unilever investors called for a thorough restructuring. Ruixing’s 1.2 billion sky high ticket has been handed in. Carlsberg plans to raise the price this year, Riqing instant noodles plans to raise the price on a daily basis, and the three departments strictly investigate the food containing gold and silver foil powder

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Ruixing coffee 1.2 billion sky high price ticket handed in

On Friday local time, Ruixing coffee submitted documents to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which showed that the company had met the conditions for reaching a settlement agreement with the SEC, that is, the final judgment of the federal court for the Southern District of New York agreed to pay a fine of US $180 million (about 1.2 billion yuan). On December 16, 2020, Ruixing coffee announced that it would pay US $180 million to reach a settlement on the accusation of accounting fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). (Securities Times)

The company involved in “one thousand yuan a cup of olive juice” was fined 500000 yuan

A beverage store in Shenzhen previously attracted attention for selling a thousand yuan cup of olive juice. The local market supervision department filed a case against the illegal act of the company affiliated to the beverage store suspected of false publicity, and made a decision to punish 500000 yuan. In November 2021, the “yecuishan molecular juice” beverage store operated by Shenzhen Haolin catering Co., Ltd. attracted attention because it sold a thousand yuan cup of olive juice. The Shenzhen market supervision department reported on November 26 of the same year that the actual purchase price of the raw materials of the store was inconsistent with the advertised price, and the illegal act of the company suspected of false publicity has been filed for investigation and punishment. (surging)


The annual output value is expected to be about 180 million yuan, “Wahaha” is officially produced in Jinshan, Shanghai


On the morning of January 27, the certification ceremony of Shanghai Wahaha drinking water project was officially held. It is understood that Shanghai Wahaha drinking water Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. the project was started on October 23, 2020 and officially put into operation on January 27, 2022. According to the forecast, the annual output value of the enterprise is about 180 million yuan and the tax revenue is about 18 million yuan. (I Jinshan)

Coca Cola Winter Olympics in Beijing


On February 4, Coca Cola China’s consumer interaction activity of “moving ice and snow to welcome the Winter Olympics” came to Beijing, the city of double Olympics. The event featured the Olympic torch since 1992, the All-Star Olympic mascot, and the historical Olympic posters with a blend of classics and creativity. Since its launch in October last year, the consumer interaction activity of “Changdong ice and snow welcomes the Winter Olympics” has lasted 104 days and successively appeared in Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other places, covering 12 cities. (Beijing News)

Unilever investors call for a complete restructuring of the company or the board of directors


After Unilever failed to acquire GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer health business for £ 50 billion, Unilever’s two major investors recently called for a complete restructuring of the company or its board of directors. Among them, Bert flossbach, founder and chief investment officer of flossbach von Storch, is an 80 billion euro asset management company headquartered in Cologne and the top 10 shareholders of Unilever. He said Unilever should consider substantially reforming its structure. “Unilever should seriously consider splitting the company,” he said. “Talking about synergies between different businesses is usually theoretical and aimed at maintaining the status quo. Synergies are smaller than the efficiency gains obtained by splitting businesses.” (Financial Times)



Riqing Food Holding Co., Ltd. said on Thursday that it would raise the price of its signature instant noodles “Hewei” from 193 yen to 214 yen ($1.86) from June, the first rise in three years. “Hewei” is a fast food innovation of the company in 1971. It consists of dried noodles, soup powder and ingredients such as vegetables or meat in a disposable cup, which makes consumers (including students) only need to add hot water to prepare. (Reuters)

Hershey and Yizi are expected to raise prices in the US market


Consumer goods in the US market will usher in a new round of price increases this year. Chocolate maker Hershey said that in addition to the price increase that will take effect in the first quarter, it will further raise the price of products in the United States in the first half of the year. Hershey also said that despite this, it is still expected that the gross profit margin will decline in 2022. Cadbury chocolate and Oreo biscuit maker Yizi revealed last month that it may “adjust prices many times” this year to keep up with US inflation. Weihaomei food and general mills also said last week that it is expected that American consumers will further feel the rise in prices in the coming months. (Reuters)


Carlsberg plans to raise prices this year to cope with the sharp rise in costs


Recently, Carlsberg said it plans to raise beer prices this year to cope with the sharp rise in costs. The Danish brewer, which owns brands such as leburg and klenburg 1664, said sales last year had exceeded pre epidemic levels, but it was expected that rising costs and the continued impact of the epidemic would put pressure on its business in 2022. Cees’t Hart, chief executive, said the cost rise was significant and its goal was to offset it by increasing sales revenue per 100 litres of beer, but there were still some uncertainties. (Financial Times)

Changes in board members of kafheinz


A few days ago, kafheinz announced that Alexandre van Damme, the director nominee of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway company, will retire at the end of his term of office. Berkshire Hathaway has said it plans to nominate Alicia Knapp, President and CEO of bhe renewables, to fill van Damme’s vacancy at kafheinz. Knapp, 43, is responsible for leading Berkshire Hathaway energy’s renewable energy project. (issued by the company)


Hershey adjusted its performance presentation department


Hershey said recently that it will begin to express its financial performance through three new reportable businesses. The company said it was adjusting from two reportable departments to three, that is, from North American market business, international and other market business to North American candy business, North American salty snacks business and international market business. It added that its retail business would be included under the North American confectionery business. (Wall Street Journal)

Former Danone CEO publishes new book

Recently, former Danone CEO fan Yimou released his new book ouvrir une voie in France. He told local media that the epidemic did affect the company’s performance, but it was highlighted by people who wanted to make profits from it. However, he is still grateful for his experience in the company over the past 25 years, including exploring different possibilities and promoting change, as well as developing himself and his team. He also said that when making difficult decisions, try to keep the original intention. For example, when promoting the plan of “local priority”, which has always been inclined to regional business, he hopes to protect most vulnerable employees around the world. (parismatch)

McDonald’s in Japan resumed selling Chinese fries from the 7th

McDonald’s in Japan suspended the sale of large and medium fries for the second time on January 9 due to the delay in the schedule of importing potato raw materials from North America; McDonald’s in Japan announced that it would resume selling large and medium fries from the 7th of this month (next Monday) because the logistics problem had been solved. (gelonghui)


Quick reading of food industry information



Resolutely curb the “wind of eating gold”! Three departments strictly investigate food containing gold and silver foil powder

On January 29, the General Administration of market supervision, the State Health Commission and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued the notice on investigating and dealing with the illegal acts of producing and selling food containing gold and silver foil powder according to law, severely cracking down on the illegal acts of producing and selling food containing gold and silver foil powder, falsely publicizing the edible value of gold and silver foil powder, and importing food containing gold and silver foil powder.

According to China’s food safety laws and regulations, gold and silver foil powder is not a food additive and cannot be used in food production and management. The notice requires that food producers shall not purchase and use gold and silver foil powder to produce and process food, food sellers shall not purchase and sell food containing gold and silver foil powder, and catering service providers shall not make and sell meals containing gold and silver foil powder. Strictly supervise online transactions, urge the online trading platform to prohibit the operators in the platform from selling food containing gold and silver foil powder, strengthen the online transaction monitoring of “food containing gold and silver foil powder” and “edible gold and silver foil powder”, and take off shelves and other disposal measures according to law. Strictly investigate and deal with advertising activities that violate the good social fashion, such as promoting money worship with the gimmick of adding gold and silver foil powder to food. Strictly supervise the safety of imported food. Food containing gold and silver foil powder shall not be imported. If it has been imported, the sales shall be stopped immediately.

All relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement. Once relevant illegal acts are verified, they will be strictly and severely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law; Anyone suspected of committing a crime shall be transferred to the public security organ for criminal responsibility according to law. (Xinhuanet)

In my hometown, “have a cup of freshly ground coffee”

Coffee shops commonly found in the first and second tier cities can now be found in the third and fourth tier small counties, and even in some small villages and towns. With the upgrading of consumption and the gradual narrowing of the gap between urban and rural areas, coffee consumption in county towns has ushered in explosive growth, which has also attracted more and more young people to return home to start businesses. According to the data from xiaohongshu, a social platform, the search volume of “coffee shop entrepreneurship” in 2021 increased by 311% year-on-year compared with that in 2020, of which 35% came from third tier and below cities, and more and more people are testing the water to “go back to their hometown and open a coffee shop”. (Xinhua News Agency)

Founder of small and medium-sized milk powder enterprises: big brands cut prices, and found a glimmer of vitality in the cracks

“2021 is really not easy for the milk powder industry. The market shrinkage superimposes the impact of the epidemic. It is estimated that 90% of milk powder brands have declined or did not grow.” He Kanghui, general manager of Hangzhou Gaoge Tantu Trading Co., Ltd., told the first financial reporter. “The milk powder of domestic well-known brands, which was originally priced at 300-400 yuan / can, was sold for 200 yuan when the terminal was the cheapest, and the price was unstable.” He Kanghui said. In 2021, he Kanghui focused on the “gap” of big brands and went to the first-line market to win over small and medium-sized dealers and chains (First Finance)

Milk powder from the world’s largest camel milk processing plant is sold to China


According to CCTV Finance recently reported that said’s dairy factory is currently the world’s largest camel milk processing plant, with an annual output of more than 3 million liters of fresh milk and 170 tons of milk powder. According to him, fresh milk is mainly supplied to the local market of the United Arab Emirates and surrounding countries, while milk powder is sold to more countries and regions such as China, the United States and Japan. Before the outbreak, milk powder exported to China accounted for 85% of the total output. (CCTV Finance)


Liu qiangdong will donate $2.34 billion in shares to charities

Jingdong group announced on February 2 that Liu qiangdong, chairman and CEO of the company’s board of directors, will donate 62376643 class B common shares to charities for charitable purposes. According to public data, as of the closing of U.S. stocks on February 1, the share price of JD group was $75.08 per ads, and the donated shares were worth more than $2.34 billion. (36 krypton)

Amazon has set a single day market value growth record in the history of American companies

Amazon broke the record of the largest one-day market value growth of U.S. companies on Friday, a day after Facebook’s parent company meta platforms Inc. suffered its largest one-day decline in its history. These dramatic moves suggest that investors are reassessing the valuations of some of the largest U.S. companies and quickly distinguishing their growth prospects in anticipation of rising interest rates. Both stocks have soared rapidly in recent years, so their sharp fluctuations may shake the overall market and set various records. Amazon is the fourth highest market value company in the United States, with about $1.63 trillion, second only to apple, Microsoft and alphabet Inc. (Wall Street Journal)

Shuey Rhon Rhon Bing dwen dwen, Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee

Bing dwen dwen, a spokesman for Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, said that when reporters asked about the unusual ice block and “hard pier” in the market, this reflects the high heat of the ice and snow movement in China, Zhao Weidong said. Bing dwen dwen Shuey Rhon Rhon Bing dwen dwen, “these two days, many friends asked where to buy ice pier, because the factory is on holiday during the Spring Festival holiday, so the ice pier is very tight. We are also increasing coordination and increasing supply. In fact, everyone can also care about snow and Rong Rong, and it is also very good.” (Beijing Youth Daily)

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