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Chuan Li Ji intends to sell all the milk powder business, Rand CEO’s departure, Ausnutria’s executive stock holdings declined, and the Spring Festival reception exceeded 8 million people, and the Baijiu market was dull in the Spring Festival.

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Chuanli Jieshi plans to sell all milk powder business

According to Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the situation”, Li Jieshi is evaluating its infant nutrition business, including potential sales. According to the news, this assessment of Lijie is global and has informally attracted the interest of some buyers, including private equity funds and peers in the milk powder industry. If the sale is successful, it will overturn the previous acquisition of Mead Johnson by Lijie. At present, the evaluation is still in the preliminary stage, and it does not rule out that Lijie will retain this business in the end. Barclays analysts estimate that the value of Li Jieshi’s milk powder business may reach US $7.5 billion to US $8.8 billion. Jeffrey analysts believe that due to antitrust review, Nestle and Abbott are not easy to bid successfully, which makes Danone, China flying crane and private equity funds possible bidders. Affected by the news, Li Jieshi’s share price opened up 2.4% today. (Bloomberg)

A shares opened year, Baijiu shares mediocre

After the Spring Festival, the A share market has been booming, but Baijiu Baijiu, which has attracted much attention from the market, has not achieved a good start. The liquor index has been running high and low, and it has turned green once in the middle of the market. The Baijiu index fell flat on the day before closing, while Guizhou Moutai fell 1.01%, while Luzhou Lao Jiao fell 0.86%, Wuliangye fell 1.39%, Gujing Gong liquor rose 5.75%, and the Yanghe River shares rose 4.19%. (Financial Associated Press)


Haidilao said that during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, it received more than 8 million customers, and 400 delivery points provided home dining services to nearly 60000 families. From the perspective of cities, the top ten cities of Haidilao during the Spring Festival are Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chengdu. (issued by the company)

The executive director of aoyouyi cashed in more than HK $300 million


According to the latest disclosure of the stock exchange, Bartle van der Meer, executive director and chief executive officer of Aoyou dairy, sold out the shares of Aoyou dairy on the 28th of last month, reduced 31 million shares, priced at an average of about HK $10.06 per share, cashed out HK $312 million, and the shareholding decreased from 7.23% to 5.24%. Bartle van der Meer was also one of the sellers in the previous Yili acquisition. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Haitian Zhang Xin adds persons acting in concert and transfers shares

Haitian announced today that its shareholder Zhang Xin added the “single asset management plan for investment promotion and asset management” as the person acting in concert due to the needs of personal asset planning, and transferred a total of 1869000 shares of the company to the asset management plan, accounting for 0.044% of the total share capital. (issued by the company)

Chongqing Beer’s net profit in 2021 was 1.167 billion yuan, an increase of 38%

Recently, the annual performance express for 2021 released by Chongqing beer showed that the total operating revenue in 2021 was 13.119 billion yuan, an increase of 19.90% over the same period last year, and the net profit attributable to the company’s shareholders was 1.167 billion yuan, an increase of 38.82% over the same period last year. Previously, Carlsberg group released a new corporate strategy – Yangfan 27, “continue to succeed in China” has become one of the strategic priorities. (upstream News)

The company established chaoniang muyin Co., Ltd

Recently, Beijing chaoniang muyin Trading Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 million yuan and a legal representative of Yang Weifeng. Its business scope includes liquor business; Food business; Sales of daily necessities, clothing, electronic products, etc. The equity penetration chart shows that the company is indirectly wholly-owned by byte beat (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (36 krypton)

Randles CEO leaves

Recently, Philippe palazzi, CEO of French dairy giant lantris, resigned after 13 months in office. The company said in a statement that it was “unable to meet the requirements to be consistent with the group’s strategy”. (just-food)

JBS agreed to pay $52.5 million for the beef price manipulation settlement

Recently, JBS announced that it agreed to pay US $52.5 million to reach a preliminary settlement with the purchaser for the alleged manipulation of US beef supply to raise the price. Other defendant companies in the case include Cargill, national bee packing and Tyson food. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information


The market potential of goat milk industry is huge

Goat milk is the second largest category in the domestic dairy market and the third largest category in the global dairy market. According to the estimation of industry experts, the market development potential of China’s goat milk industry will be more than 200 billion yuan in the next 10 years. By 2020, the market scale of infant formula sheep milk powder has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and other sheep dairy products also have a market capacity of about 10 billion yuan. A number of leading brands have grown, and will still maintain an annual growth rate of about 30%, with great market potential. (Inner Mongolia Daily)


According to first financial report, many liquor dealers revealed that so far, the Baijiu market has been showing a dull overall performance this Spring Festival. Many wine traders said that Moutai did not sell well in the Spring Festival last year. Industry experts believe that this change is related to the gradual regression of Baijiu consumption under the epidemic situation, and the concept of Baijiu Spring Festival and other consumer nodes are gradually weakening. (First Finance)

Spring Festival consumption report: c-place debut of prefabricated dishes

At this year’s dinner table, semi-finished products and prefabricated dishes came out in C. According to the consumption data of Jingdong hourly purchase and Jingdong home Spring Festival, the sales of wonton dumplings, noodles, refrigerated pickles, cooked food gift boxes and microwave food increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, and the conditioned meat kebabs increased by 8 times year-on-year. Semi finished clean vegetables increased by 2.6 times year-on-year. Sushi, French fries, roast sausage, salad, hot dog and other Western flavors also increased by 3.5 times or more year-on-year. (issued by the company)

Guangdong’s Spring Festival consumer market is full of vitality, and the sales of new year vegetables and ingredients have doubled

Prefabricated dishes have become the first choice for middle-aged dishes of many Guangdong citizens during the Spring Festival. According to the recent sales data of dingdong shopping, during the Spring Festival, the sales of new year’s Eve food ingredients and prefabricated dishes related to the Spring Festival increased by 300% year-on-year. The data of HEMA Guangzhou store also showed that the sales of prefabricated new year vegetables increased by 345% compared with the Spring Festival in 2021. (Southern Network)

During the Spring Festival, more than 50% of the riders on meituan, hungry and other platforms stayed in Beijing

Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce released data showing that meituan, hungry and other key takeout enterprises kept sending them during the Spring Festival, and more than 50% of riders stayed in Beijing on weekdays. The express industry has increased the reserves of personnel, venues and transportation capacity, and strengthened the elimination of express mail. The on-the-job rate is more than 60%, of which the on-the-job rate of postal, Shunfeng, Jingdong and other enterprises is more than 80%. (Beijing business daily)

Guangzhou cross border E-commerce

Since the launch of cross-border e-commerce retail import business in 2014, Guangzhou’s cross-border e-commerce retail import has ranked first in China for eight consecutive years. Among them, Nestle, Amway, P & G, Laramie and other well-known brands realize international distribution in Guangzhou as a distribution center. (Yangcheng sect)

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