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Spring Festival holiday, have you found a good sleep you haven’t seen for a long time?

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Stress, anxiety and insomnia are becoming the pain points of people’s life all over the world.
The World Health Organization once listed stress as a global health epidemic in the 21st century. Now it has become the sixth leading cause of death in the world. In the United States alone, pressure causes economic losses of $300 billion a year.
According to Philips 2019 global sleep quality survey, about 62% of adults worldwide think their sleep quality is poor, and only 10% think their sleep quality is particularly good. Among them, stress and anxiety are the main reasons, accounting for 54%.
Source: calmclinic
Also because of stress and anxiety, I can’t sleep well. Rachel yarcony and dovev Goldstein, who used to be executives of Teva pharmaceutical, Nestle and Strauss group (the second largest food company in Israel), founded myair in 2019. The developed nutrition bar caters to the three consumption trends of plant-based, personalized nutrition and stress management, and can improve people’s anxiety score and sleep quality. What kind of product is this? How does myair do it?

food for mood, can food really improve stress?

Like many entrepreneurs, their own pain points often become the first driving force of entrepreneurship. Rachel yarcony and dovev Goldstein are executives of the company. The dual pressure of life and work makes them pay less attention during the day and lack sleep at night. After failing to try meditation and mindfulness to manage stress, they decided to regulate stress through a nutritious diet. They look forward to serving more working people like themselves: aged 25-45, they have a busy and active life, have high professional requirements, expect to be outstanding in work, but also hope to maintain a good balance between work and life, especially to control their own pressure. So myair was born.
Together with a team of experienced executives and scientists from the pharmaceutical, food and technology industries, they introduced the first personalized nutrition concept for stress management to the market and created a long-term health system based on continuous monitoring and rooted in data.
Source: myair
1. From 0 to 1, what is myair?
During the research of artificial intelligence, co-founder dovev found that different consumers usually have different stress symptoms, which are more obvious than others. Myair uses machine learning technology to analyze the data recorded on Intelligent wearable devices, and customize nutrition bars based on behavioral characteristics to improve the pressure of each user. Myair has developed a series of nutritional bars with personalized advantages. Each formula is supported by scientific research and can have an effect on specific stress.
Each nutrition bar is made of a mixture of nuts and fruits, and added with plant extracts such as sage, hops, oats, valerian, rosemary, etc. and the system function of myair to adapt to the original formula. It can be reasonably matched to resist stress, reduce anxiety, help relax, promote high-quality sleep and improve attention. It is worth noting that myair nutrition bar does not contain gluten and transgenic ingredients; No sugar is added, which is in line with consumers’ pursuit of natural healthy food.
Source: myair
Myair believes that the premise of relieving stress is to analyze data to manage stress. Connected to the myair insights platform through a smart watch, 80000 data can be collected every day, including heart rate variability, sleep quality, energy level and stress patterns. The platform can also collect cognitive data according to the psychological questionnaire and deeply analyze the individual’s response to stress cognition, so as to analyze the physical and mental status of users. According to the US magazine startup CPG, the myair team is applying for a patent for this algorithm that can analyze physiological and psychological data. This algorithm can analyze each person’s specific emotional and stress status, and then determine which formula can alleviate stress.
In addition, the personalized operation interface developed by myair can provide customized analysis, decompression methods and behavior guidance for everyone, educate and motivate users to set decompression goals and track progress. Co founder yarcony stressed that myair’s specialty is to be able to combine data with individual physiological aspects of users.
Source: myair
Based on ease of use, reliability and easy collection of relevant indicators, myair team chose to use the device of wearable company Garmin to track users’ stress, sleep and exercise. Dr. Gil lewitus of the Israeli Institute of technology led the study on the physiological effects of myair nutrition bar, and measured the sleep time, sleep quality and stress level of participants through Garmin equipment. After the participants wore the device for two weeks to establish the baseline of physical data, they ate myair nutrition stick every day and were monitored for two weeks. The results showed that myair nutrition bar improved 73% of participants’ anxiety and 84% of participants’ sleep quality. 54% increased their sleep time and 64% increased their deep sleep time. The research shows that the adaption and hops extract added to the nutrition bar can effectively alleviate stress and improve sleep quality.
Source: myair
Although the technology behind myair is very complex, its purchase process is very simple. After the website completes the questionnaire for about 3 minutes, the company will send the customized nutrition stick to the consumer’s home according to the preliminary test results. Next, connect to the myair platform through wearable devices Garmin, Fitbit or other smart watches to track and monitor stress relief in real time. Myair will send products to users every month according to the collected data. Garmin will provide free decompression service for users who have purchased garair watches for 3 months. According to myair’s research, most users can significantly feel the improvement within the first 1-5 days of eating plant sticks. Of course, for some people, it may take longer. If it doesn’t work, myair guarantees a full refund.
Source: myair
2. From 1 to 10, out of Israel
To the surprise of Rachel yarcony and dovev Goldstein, the global epidemic that began two years ago created a good opportunity for myair to flourish. When millions of people are trapped in their homes looking for food that is more conducive to improving their health, the myair nutrition bar delivered to the door every month has become a “good medicine” for many people to face anxiety and stress.
Although it has only been established for more than two years, myair’s pioneering practice in the field of plant-based food has attracted extensive attention inside and outside the industry. Last year, myair was selected as food tech studio – bites launched by scrum studio! The list of “20 food technology start-ups” was launched in September 2020 to help food entrepreneurs calmly deal with the challenges in the global food supply chain.
A large number of European and American media, including startup Valley, a startup magazine, act foodtech, a food technology website, and Bloomberg, a financial information company, reported on myair one after another, and even one media regarded it as “a change in the rules of the personalized nutrition game”.
Source: myair
At present, myair has factories in Israel and California, and will expand to Europe and Japan in the future. Myair didn’t say how many paying customers it had, but yarcony said there were about thousands. In 2022, myair stress science experts will present recent research results: customized plant rods combined with myair insights platform reduce stress levels and promote sleep.
The fast-growing global market for decompression and sleep aids has made the two founders confident in the future of myair. Within five years, AI technology will affect the way we eat snacks, just like GPS car navigation, which is already common today, Goldstein said.
If the rapid development of AI, big data, cloud computing and other scientific and technological tools is the confidence of a large number of start-ups to bet on the future, then the urgent desire of consumers for their own health represented by decompression and sleep aid, and the concept of personalized nutrition are gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, which is another surging driving force for science and technology to promote food innovation.
Looking around the world, in addition to myair, what are the solutions to decompress and help sleep?

insomnia economy, supporting the world’s 400 billion market

The most direct manifestation of “high pressure” is the low quality of sleep. According to statista, the top five countries with the worst sleep satisfaction of adults in the world are Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea. In 2019, the global sleep economy, which includes a variety of products, services and applications, is worth about $432 billion. The industry is expected to be worth $585 billion by 2024. In the food industry, the global market has launched a variety of pressure acidolysis and sleep promoting products.
Source: statista
1. European and American markets: plant extracts are still hot
How much pressure are Americans under happy education? To this end, HBO made a documentary “one nation under stress” to explore the relationship between the degree of stress in the United States and the decline in life expectancy in the United States. According to a Gallup study, Americans’ stress levels are higher than the world average. In addition, the annual survey of the American Psychological Association found that as many as 63% of Americans feel pressure on the country’s future, money, work, politics, violence and crime. Or, as Forbes describes, stress is becoming an epidemic. Lepaya’s research found that 66% of respondents had experienced work-related stress. In order to meet people’s decompression needs, a wide variety of decompression foods have appeared in the European and American markets.
Source: HBO documentary “one nation under stress”
Europe and the United States have a lot of decompression sleep food with adaptation as the main ingredient. Adaptogens refer to non-specific substances that claim to strengthen the body’s immunity and resist stress. They are often used to alleviate stress-induced fatigue. Common adaptive plants include citrus, licorice, Cordyceps, etc. they contain terpenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and other adaptive substances, which can calm the central nervous system, reduce stress and eliminate fatigue. Hiyo’s non-alcoholic beverage sparking social tonic, St hildie’s canned beverage tincture tonics, herbs of gold’s stress ease and energy shot’s woke up! They all add adaptogens from different adaptive plants to help the body regulate and reduce stress, improve sleep and relieve tension.
Source: drinkhiyo
South African drunk eggplant is often used in different types of decompression and sleep aid foods because of its excellent sedative and sleep aid effects. Flora’s functional food stressveda, plantfusion’s plant milkshake inspire women’s diet supplement, nature’s best pink latte pink latte collagen, Himalaya’s brewing powder Hello peace and mud WTR’s 30: rest in addition to adding South African drunk eggplant, it is also combined with other plant ingredients to help relieve stress and balance emotions.
Source: mud WTR
In addition to adapting to the original and South African drunk eggplant, European and American food enterprises have also developed decompression sleeping food based on other raw materials. Good health’s fast calming dietary supplement rapid calm adds L-theanine, an amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier to help calm and relax. It exists in the form of effervescent tablets, which can quickly dissolve in water and become a delicious natural lemon drink. Little helper, a supplement added with melatonin, won the best product of poy2021. The award was voted by American consumers, which can show consumers’ love for the product and the public’s demand for decompression and sleep support. In addition to melatonin, designs for health chocolate also adds amino acid 5-HTP to help rest and relax. Charlotte’s Web combines melatonin and marijuana CBD into fudge to help manage daily stress and restore sleep.
Image source: Charlotte’s Web
2. Japan and South Korea Market: there is always a type of food to help you decompress
As mentioned above, the sleep satisfaction survey shows that Japan, which ranks last, also has the highest suicide rate in the world. According to statista, 54.2% of Japanese employees felt serious insecurity and stress in the working environment in 2020. South Korea, also a developed country, ranks third from the bottom in the sleep satisfaction survey. Therefore, Japanese and South Korean food enterprises have developed different types of decompression and sleep aid foods to help everyone reduce stress.
Korean film source: Kim Ji Young 82
Unlike Europe and the United States, which mainly use plants to reduce pressure and help sleep, the most frequent component in the Japanese and Korean markets is γ- Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. It can be secreted naturally by the human body and has good water solubility and thermal stability. As a small molecular weight non protein amino acid, GABA has edible safety and can be used in the production of beverages and other foods. Studies have shown that a certain amount of GABA can improve the body’s sleep quality.
Most health care products containing GABA mainly exist in the form of capsules or drugs. However, considering the psychological feelings of anxious users, body aura not only launched capsules and tablets containing GABA, but also launched drinks to facilitate consumers to choose the most suitable form. As a country that likes to add functional ingredients to daily food, Japan has also added GABA to different kinds of food. Different levels of GABA are added to Yamazaki’s GABA bread, Ridong black tea’s GABA milk tea, taste sugar’s GABA sugar, Lotte’s GABA gum, housefood’s GABA beverage and Brooks’s GABA jelly to help consumers reduce psychological pressure. In addition to daily snacks and drinks, daisho and keipe also added GABA to instant noodles and onion soup respectively, so that consumers who prefer different types of food can easily supplement GABA.
Source: body Aura
In addition to GABA, functional foods launched by food enterprises in Japan and South Korea also have different decompression and sleep supporting ingredients. The hydrolyzed milk protein contained in ildong foods is derived from milk and can improve sleep; The SOD (superoxide dismutase) added in zeria food is taken from papaya and claims to alleviate fatigue caused by stress; L. gasseri cp2305 strain introduced by Asahi can help alleviate psychological stress and improve sleep quality (sleep depth); 5-aminolevulinic acid phosphate mentioned in SBI can improve sleep quality and alleviate temporary depression. It is suitable for people who are dissatisfied with sleep quality and temporarily depressed; Saffron contained in Dazheng pharmaceutical food has the ability to support good sleep (improve sleep quality and relieve sleepiness and fatigue when waking up); Citric acid added in taste sugar food can reduce temporary fatigue and stress after daily life and exercise.
Source: SBI

domestic decompression and sleep aid market in the bud

Insight into national sleep health trends in 2021 jointly released by the first financial business data center and dream Lily shows that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, and more than 8 adults say they will control their sleep status. From 2013 to 2021, China’s GDP rose from 59.3 trillion yuan to 110 trillion yuan, while the average sleep time fell from 8.8 to 7.0 hours. Poor sleep has become a major factor in national health problems, and the accompanying psychological pressure is the primary culprit affecting sleep quality.
Source: Tencent
In China, products with the demands of decompression, soothing and sleep assistance have formed a huge market of hundreds of billions of yuan, which directly drives the continuous emergence of a wide range of functional foods.
Since 2021, Huaxi biology alone has launched two drinks with GABA added. Huaxi black zero, a subsidiary of Huaxi biology, launched black zero GABA sleep drink, adding 98% high-purity GABA. It is scientifically matched with tea theanine that can release pressure, lily that can relieve tension, passion fruit extract that promotes GABA absorption, valerian root extract that regulates GABA receptor and wild jujube kernel. Adopt Japanese patented technology to improve GABA absorption rate. Clear your mouth and soothe your heart.
Photo source: Black zero tmall flagship store
The new “dream corner” series launched by Huaxi biology has been launched in its wechat applet “dream corner”, in which 300mg 98% high-purity GABA is added to each bottle of GABA alcohol free drink and hyaluronic acid GABA alcohol free drink to help the brain relax nerves, regulate mood and improve sleep. Different from other foods, music is also provided for each drink in the corner, leading users to relax and experience multiple three-dimensional enjoyment of audio-visual taste.
Image source: no corner applet
In June 2021, the “ready to use food ingredients for the record of health foods” and the regulations on its use (2021 Edition) and the formulation and technical requirements of health food products for archival filing (2021 Edition), which were introduced in the year, were formally incorporated into gel candy (soft sweets) in the form of health food products. The opening of this policy means that functional fudge will have the blessing of “health food”, which further caters to the market demand and makes the functional fudge market develop healthily. Based on this policy, in the past year, many enterprises have launched soft candy added with GABA and tea theanine. Not only the cutting-edge brands Schrodinger’s cat, buff X and wonderlab, but also the old enterprise Zhengda Group has jointly launched functional candy to regulate sleep quality, and traditional pharmaceutical enterprises such as Baiyunshan of Guangyao have also launched amino acid GABA soft candy.
Photo source: Schrodinger’s cat tmall flagship store


Stress, emotion and sleep management have become a hot field in the development of functional food. The birth of myair not only sets a new development direction for decompressing sleep food, but also a good example of using new technology to promote the innovation of functional food.
Not long ago, foodaily specially mentioned the special position of Oriental herbs in product development in its annual business hot spots. Including myair, the favor of many European and American start-ups for herbs also reminds us: combine modern nutrition science, herb culture and new health needs to find more grounded category expression and product form more in line with Chinese lifestyle, so as to make Oriental herbs shine with greater charm.
Cover picture source: Zhihu column
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