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Naixue estimated that last year’s income exceeded 4.2 billion yuan. She likes tea new investment, Yang Guofu delivers overseas listing materials, Hershey is accused of withdrawing cabinets and stores, Coca Cola’s wholesale price in Japan will rise, and Fonterra’s milk price will drive its peers

Hot company information and announcement


Naixue expects to earn more than 4.2 billion yuan last year


Today, Naixue’s tea announced that it is expected to record a revenue of about 4.28 billion yuan to 4.320 billion yuan and an adjusted net loss of about 135 million yuan to 165 million yuan for the year ended December 31, 2021. The epidemic situation in mainland China has eased. The tea shop in Naixue in Xi’an has fully resumed business, and the impact of the epidemic on business performance is limited;.

Hi tea responds to investment in sugE fresh tea


Industrial and commercial data show that recently, Guangzhou Biaoding Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of the tea chain “sugE fresh tea”, has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and Zhuhai sugE investment partnership (limited partnership) has been added as a new shareholder. The equity penetration chart shows that Nie Yunchen, the founder of Xicha, is the executive partner of the above partnership. In this regard, Xi tea responded to the snack today, saying that it is taking the initiative to layout the market opportunity, and hopes to support the better development of excellent start-up brands with its own years of accumulation, experience and resources. (snack generation)

Book also burns fairy grass and obtains an investment of more than 600 million yuan


Tianyancha app shows that Sichuan Shuyi Catering Management Co., Ltd., a company under the brand of “book also burns fairy grass”, has added a number of investors, including Sichuan Chengdu Xinjin siyiwu equity investment fund partnership. Xinjin siyiwu was founded by Jue Wei food, Qiaqia food, Tencent, Keming food, etc. It is reported that the scale of this round of financing is more than 600 million yuan. (Interface)

Suzhou Daoxiang Village fined 13000 yuan


Recently, Daoxiang village in Suzhou, a “time-honored brand of China”, was administratively punished by the market supervision department for false publicity and inaccurate advertising, with a cumulative fine of 13000 yuan. According to the decision on administrative punishment, when handling the complaint, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park found that the sodium content publicized on the food sales page of Suzhou Daoxiang village when selling food in online stores was inconsistent with the actual situation; Not all moon cake gift boxes sold are sugar free moon cakes, and the title is marked “sugar free”. (China Finance)


Fu Hongbing, vice president of Yanghe Co., Ltd., retired at the age of


Yesterday, Yanghe shares announced that Fu Hongbing, vice president of the company, applied to resign as vice president of the company because he reached the legal retirement age and no longer held any position in the company after his resignation. Surging news reporters learned from relevant people of Yanghe shares that Fu Hongbing’s successor is Chen Taisong, who arrived at the post years ago. (surging News)


Yang Guofu Malatang submits overseas listing materials


On January 27, Yang Guofu Malatang submitted relevant materials for the approval of overseas initial public offering to the CSRC, which may become the first share of Malatang. At present, the total number of Yang Guofu spicy hot shops has exceeded 6000. (Zhitong Finance)

Hershey removed the cabinet and the store


Following Hershey’s previous announcement to adjust its business model in China, the original dealers of Hershey Chocolate in many places recently revealed that Hershey (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hershey) has quietly evacuated from the office located in Xinmei Union Square, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. In addition, Hershey tmall flagship store has long disappeared; Hershey Jingdong’s self operated flagship store has a variety of hot selling goods, which are out of stock. (Yilan commerce)

The wholesale price of Coca Cola in Japan will rise to maintain the retail price

Coca Cola bottling, Japan’s largest cool beverage company, will raise the price of high-volume goods in May. Only for retailers selling at low prices such as supermarkets, the supply price will be increased by 5% – 8%, and the supply price for convenience stores will remain unchanged. The main brands that will raise the price are carbonated beverage “Coca Cola” and tea beverage “Lingying”, which are aimed at large bottles of goods with 2-liter and 1.5-liter packages. It is expected to account for nearly a quarter of the total sales. The price of products supplied by supermarkets, drugstores and online stores will be raised. (Nikkei Chinese website)


Tyson Foods said the price rise did not weaken demand


Tyson Foods said the rise in meat prices had not weakened demand from local restaurants and retailers in the United States. In the three months ended January 1, the average prices of beef, pork and chicken of Tyson food increased by nearly one-third, 13% and about 20% respectively compared with the same period of the previous year. Driven by the rising profit margins of the three departments, Tyson food’s net income rose sharply to $1.12 billion in the quarter. (Wall Street Journal)


Fonterra raised milk prices to drive peers to follow up


In response to Fonterra’s forecast to raise milk prices last month, New Zealand dairy farmers said that this is a strong measure under the uncertain situation, and it also brings insight into how other dairy enterprises respond. Sources said that xinlaite had raised the expected price of quarterly raw milk by NZ $1.25 to NZ $9.25 per kilogram of milk solid last week. (Rural News Group)


Great John meets the challenge of labor shortage in the United States


Recently, in a letter to American consumers, great John said that he was exploring ways to solve the challenges brought by labor shortage to the operation of local restaurants, including shortening business hours, closing some stores and limited distribution capacity. Rob Lynch, CEO, said that great John was responding by increasing takeout options, updating store operation time and expanding personnel recruitment. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

Quick reading of food industry information



Coffee reserves fell to their lowest level in more than 20 years


According to the data released by ice American futures exchange on Monday, the inventory of Arabica coffee beans, the favorite of chain coffee shops such as handmade coffee shops and Starbucks, totaled 1.078 million bags, or about 143 million pounds. This is the lowest inventory level monitored by the New York Stock Exchange since February 2000. Ice coffee reserves have been declining since last September due to soaring transportation costs and the decline in production in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee grower and exporter, due to bad weather. (Zhitong Finance)

Jinan issued the first special food franchise store in China

At the beginning of the year, the first special food franchise store in Shandong opened, and Jinan market supervision bureau almost simultaneously formulated and issued the country’s first “operation specification for special food franchise stores (for Trial Implementation)”. It is worth noting that the specification requires that the store should be equipped with full-time food safety management personnel to be responsible for food safety management. They should master food safety laws, regulations, standards, nutrition, pharmacy and other relevant professional knowledge, and have special food safety management ability. (love Jinan news client)


Guangdong realizes full coverage of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area

On February 8, the State Council approved the establishment of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in 27 cities and regions, including Shaoguan, Shanwei, Heyuan, Yangjiang, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Jieyang and Yunfu. So far, Guangdong has achieved full coverage of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas, ranking first in the country. (South +)

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