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Unexpectedly, the canteen of the Winter Olympic village actually ate these?




laments the size of the room and the intention of preparing welcome gifts:

In addition to the regular operation of Beijing roast duck, it’s the most shocking thing for me

Free ice cream and desserts are also considered a great country style:

But I never expected that there would be robots to cook rice, mix wine and make coffee
So how many surprises do you have in the Winter Olympics canteen that I don’t know?

In fact, the athletes’ menu of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was announced on November 13 last year. There are 678 dishes on the menu, with a cycle of 8 days. Basically, there are more than 200 dishes for athletes of various countries every day.
has Asian, Chinese characteristics, vegetarian, Jewish clean food, Italian and other dining tables. For the new year, it also prepares Chinese special dishes such as dumplings, roast duck and so on.
simply from the menu, each dish is just an ordinary home cooked dish, but it is not easy to make it.
for example, the Winter Olympics has three competition areas: Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. According to the requirements, the meals, dishes and tastes of the three places should be the same.
for example, the matching of dishes should be delicious, full, nutritious and not fat. Therefore, during the Winter Olympics, a card was specially made next to each dish to introduce the dish name, nutrients and raw materials.
for example, the supply time is limited. Unlike the university canteen, which is only supplied in the morning, noon and evening, the Winter Olympic canteen is supplied throughout the competition, so that athletes can have a hot meal no matter when they finish the competition.
also has the most difficult taste control. The dishes presented should be carefully considered whether they are salty, light, sweet or sour.
Kung Pao diced chicken with cashew nuts is divided into Sichuan cuisine and Shandong cuisine in China. When it comes to the Winter Olympics restaurant, how to choose is a difficult problem. Therefore, the standard practice of the Winter Olympics is to choose the integration of North and south, and make it more nutritious as far as possible on the basis of not destroying the original flavor.
also has Yangzhou fried rice, which requires not only rich material selection, but also separation of grains. Therefore, in the selection of rice, it is not enough to only use northeast rice, but also put it in the refrigerator to cool after making, so that there is less water, and it is more delicious to fry.
of course, only care is not enough, and the high-tech products of Chinese catering should also keep up.
in the smart restaurant of the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there are robots that can cook rice. They can cook 100 or even 120 rice in one hour and provide 24-hour uninterrupted service.
and each stove head has accurate fire control, and each bowl of boiled rice is made of golden rice.
also has an intelligent automatic frying pan that follows the “top ten chefs in Shunde” and can completely reproduce the chef’s heat control, frying methods and blanking sequence:
also has a machine bartender who can mix and shake wine and can make a cocktail in 3 to 5 minutes:
hand punch robot more accurate than hand punch master:
robot that can not only make hamburgers, but also pack hamburgers:
but what shocked foreign friends even more was the way we served.
Winter Olympics smart restaurant uses the same “cloud track in the air” of wanghong weightlessness restaurant to deliver dishes. It can put the dishes fried by the robot on the track, and then intelligently plan the optimal path to deliver them to the sky over the table, so as to realize my dream from small to large: pie falling from the sky.
well, here’s my biggest concern. Is it delicious?
although we can’t eat, in fact, through the evaluation of athletes at home and abroad, we can know what the Winter Olympic canteen is like.
some Japanese players were shocked by desserts, ice cream, drinks and KFC’s free eating, while Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam basked in the happy life of eating spicy hot in the canteen:
American athletes eat bean paste bags and their eyes shine. They say yummy:
there is also a funny athlete in Italy who goes to the toilet because the food is too delicious and too much

So the answer is very clear: in the unofficial common language of the Winter Olympics, it is: must ~ ~ ~.
Finally, I wish every athlete the best results and have a good time in China, but be careful not to eat fat. Delicacy
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