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Hi tea responded to the “big layoffs”, Master Kang raised the price of some instant noodles, Nestle established the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Mengniu Yili applied for the liquor trademark, Wuxi two Starbucks were fined, and the shortage of infant formula milk powder in the United States continued

Hot company information and announcement


Hi tea responds to “big layoffs”


Sina Finance and economics has laid off more than 30% of its employees, and it is confirmed that it will lay off some of its employees a year ago. Today, it will lay off more than 30% of its employees. Some employees said that all employees had no year-end bonus, while others said that “deferred payment”. All information security departments were cut, and the store expansion department was cut by 50%. In this regard, Xicha replied that the relevant rumors are false information. There is no so-called major layoffs in the company. A small number of personnel were adjusted and optimized based on the year-end assessment before the year. At the same time, the year-end bonus of employees has been normally distributed to employees before the Spring Festival according to their performance. (Sina Finance and economics, snack generation)

Price rise of some instant noodle products of Master Kang


Recently, the retail price of Master Kang’s “classic bag noodles series” was adjusted from 2.5 yuan / bag to 2.8 yuan / bag, officially opening the price rise. At the same time, Master Kang’s “classic bag noodle series” has been comprehensively upgraded: the addition of flour cakes and vegetables. For Master Kang, who occupies nearly 40% of the market share of the instant noodle market, this time takes the lead in jumping out of the price war, which is conducive to the return of the value of the instant noodle market. (food industry)


Acquisition of baijifu? Yili responded that no message was received


Today, there is market news that “Yili has completed the contract for acquiring baijifu”. Baguiffe is a cheese brand of French savencia group. It entered China in 1997 and took the lead in launching baguiffe stick cheese in 2004. For the rumor, Yili said today that it had not received relevant news. (snack generation)


Mengniu Yili applies for liquor trademark


Tianyancha app shows that recently, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the trademark “Niu beer”, which is internationally classified as wine, and the current trademark status is under application. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has also recently applied for the registration of several “Fisherman” trademarks, and the status process has been changed to “Notice of rejection”. The international classification includes convenience food, beer and beverage. The above trademarks have applied for registration in October 2021. (Business Watch)

A Kuan food plans to impact A-share “the first share of instant noodles”

Recently, Sichuan Baijia akuan Food Industry Co., Ltd. officially disclosed its IPO prospectus and plans to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In 2018-2020 and the first half of 2021, the operating revenue of a Kuan food was 422 million yuan, 631 million yuan, 1110 million yuan and 593 million yuan respectively, and the net profit was 6.0848 million yuan, 23.6485 million yuan, 76.2649 million yuan and 21.9294 million yuan respectively 4%. (IPO observation)

Two Starbucks stores in Wuxi were fined a total of one million yuan

Eye check app shows that recently, the Wuxi Zhenze Road store and Wuxi Changxing building store of Shanghai Starbucks Coffee Operation Co., Ltd. were confiscated of their illegal income and fined more than 690000 yuan and 670000 yuan respectively by Wuxi Xinwu district market supervision and Administration Bureau. Previously, media reporters conducted undercover investigations in the above two stores and exposed their private label change of expired ingredients and the re launch of overnight cakes. (Chongqing Morning Post)


Metro branch was fined 85000 yuan


Tianyancha app shows that recently, Beijing Caoqiao East Road branch of Metro Commercial Group Co., Ltd. was fined 85000 yuan and confiscated 3856.22 yuan of illegal income by Beijing Fengtai District market supervision and Administration for selling double date drinks. The specific reason for punishment is that the party concerned purchased 100 boxes of Italian illy latte flavor coffee drinks for sale in June 2021. The production date of the drinks is November 3, 2020 and the shelf life is 15 months. Some of the goods have double dates, 2021.11.03 and 2020.11.03 respectively. (China News Network)


Hungry? Fined 200000 yuan


Tianyancha app shows that recently, Shanghai lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of hungry, was fined 200000 for violating Article 38 of the e-commerce law. The specific reason for the punishment is that the party concerned failed to fulfill the obligation to review the qualification of 52 online food operators such as “Hangzhou xiaolongbao”, and the punishment unit is Shanghai Putuo District market supervision and Administration Bureau. It is worth mentioning that the company has been fined for failing to fulfill its review obligations for many times. (Qilu Yidian)


Today, Nestle announced the establishment of Nestle Institute of Agricultural Sciences to “transform new agricultural sciences into specific applications and identify the most promising agricultural technologies”. The Institute will work closely with internal and external partners to evaluate and implement comprehensive scientific solutions to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of agricultural raw materials and improve their impact on the environment. The Institute will be located in

Nestle terminates Vittel’s operation in the German Austrian Market

Recently, and the Austrian market, the decision may affect 150 jobs




Quick reading of food industry information


Research: the overall growth of China’s food and beverage market in 2021 was 2.3%


According to Kaidu, the overall growth of China’s food and beverage market in 2021 was 2.3%, of which the beverage market resumed growth, the market scale of liquid milk and cheese continued to expand, and ice cream and pet food maintained a high-speed growth trend. After the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the consumer scale and purchase frequency of instant retail (o2o) have increased in the past year, and the overall expansion is still maintained. Food and beverage categories grew steadily, contributing nearly 70% of sales; Dairy products have become the most popular category on o2o platform. (Kaidu)

During the Spring Festival holiday, the average daily currency orders of meituan increased by 56.4%


Within seven days of the Spring Festival holiday (from January 31 to February 6), the average number of daily digital RMB transactions on meituan platform increased by 56.40% month on month, and the average daily digital RMB transaction amount increased by 68.54% month on month. With the expansion of the pilot scope of digital RMB, consumers in pilot cities and regions can use digital RMB payment for the first time in the Spring Festival this year. (International Finance News)

US infant formula shortage continues


According to CNN reported on the 8th, affected by the supply chain crisis, the United States has fallen into a shortage of infant formula. According to IRI, a market research company, the inventory of infant formula in the United States decreased by 17% in mid January compared with mid February 2020. Several retailers said that at present, the demand for infant formula continues to increase nationwide in the United States. They are working hard with suppliers, but consumers may continue to experience the shortage of specific formula products. (CCTV financial client)

BiliBili will hire more content reviewers this year

China’s short video platform BiliBili, which was pushed to the forefront of public opinion due to the sudden death of an employee during the Spring Festival, apologized to the family members of the sudden death of the employee on Tuesday night and said it would expand the recruitment of auditors with maximum efforts and recruit 1000 more people this year. “The increase of manpower can effectively reduce the work pressure per capita,” BiliBili’s official microblog said. (Reuters)

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