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Which foods will catch fire in 2022? What does foreign retail giant Kroger say

analyzes the popular food and beverage types that may become popular in 2022.

Kroger, a well-known supermarket chain in the United States, recently released the food trend in 2022. Through industry data, consumer survey and supply chain, Kroger identified ten key trends affecting consumers’ eating and shopping habits, and analyzed the types of popular food and beverage that may become popular.

Popular one: fresh
Like sweet, sour, bitter and salty, fresh taste is one of the five basic taste senses. It is usually easy to get in protein rich foods such as fish and meat. Asian cuisine has long used ingredients with high flavor content to help enhance and enrich the flavor of dishes. The flavor trend is exploding in new products, national cuisine, traditional cooking and mixed food.
Miso tasty, a food brand, has launched a range of Japanese sauces, including the following flavors: sweet and sweet sunshine sauce, sour and sweet miso flavor and grapefruit miso flavor, which can be used as pickling for meat, fish and vegetables.
Pop 2: earth based food
The concept of earth based diet was first officially introduced by the World Wildlife Fund at the end of 2020. It aims to promote a food consumption model with high nutrition and low environmental impact, which is known as “win-win between man and nature”, Its main objectives include: (1) reversing the loss of biodiversity; (2) feeding human beings with existing cultivated land; (3) optimizing crop yield; (4) achieving negative carbon emissions; (5) building a society living within the global food carbon budget. The idea of this diet is driven by a central theme: to mitigate or completely address the significant impact on the food system by changing eating habits – which will help protect nature and help its recovery.
Under this concept, consumers continue to pay attention to the health of the earth, using plant ingredients and upgraded recycled ingredients and recycled packaging. In addition to providing healthy choices, food in 2022 will pay more attention to indulgence, comfort and nostalgia, while helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint.
British cheese maker Wyke farms has launched the “world’s first” carbon neutral brand cheddar cheese: Ivy reserve. Ivy’s reserve ferments under wood for 18 months, with a hint of sweetness and nut flavor. Cheese is made of 100% green energy. Electricity and natural gas come from solar power generation and biogas from farm and dairy waste.
Pop 3: higher standard convenience food
Cooking at home is no longer just for convenience, but to simulate the home restaurant and travel experience through upgraded “instagram able” (social network popular) meals. Today’s consumers have raised their standards for the dining experience at home, and frozen food has begun to be high-end.
Although the frozen meal of primal kitchen chicken and garlic is a convenient food, it does not sacrifice the flavor to the greatest extent and maintains the taste and texture of the original meal as much as possible. No dairy products, gluten and grains. Black broilers without cages are used. Each meal contains 18 grams of protein and 5 grams of net carbohydrates. Ingredients include cauliflower, cooked black broiler (black broiler, water, sea salt), broccoli, zucchini, basil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic almond paste, garlic paste, salt, organic concentrated lemon juice, organic black pepper, etc.
Pop 4: natural oral beauty food
More and more people are turning to natural ways for beauty. Consumers are looking for natural products to add beauty from the inside out. Beauty oriented diet is becoming popular. Foods and beverages with health and beauty promoting effects, including fermented Kombucha tea, bone soup rich in collagen, antioxidants, probiotics, anti saccharification ingredients and omega-3, will usher in an outbreak.
Dr. kellyann, an American Nutrition brand, launched a chicken bone soup base containing collagen. The bone soup base is composed of stewed chicken bones, vegetables and herbs, containing 15g protein and 5.5G collagen.
Pop 5: share happiness with cake
Whether you are a vegetarian or prefer organic food, gluten free food, ketogenic food, etc., you can enjoy the cake and share it. A large number of cake products suitable for specific dietary patterns are emerging on the market. Everyone can enjoy them, and no one will be excluded from delicacy.
Evolved ketogenic chocolate cake is made of batanaki butter, cocoa, Siraitia grosvenorii extract and MCT coconut oil. Each cup contains 130 calories, 10 grams of healthy fat and 2 grams of net carbohydrates.
Pop 6: childhood flavor
As consumers cook more at home, their childhood recipes are bringing comfort and happiness to people, and the nostalgia of the 1990s is making a comeback and widely used in food.
Birch benders birthday cake flavor pastry, made of tiger nuts, almond powder and coconut, 4G carbon water per serving.
Popular seven: small multi meal
Food companies are providing consumers with a variety of small portions of food as a supplement to the dinner. They can be baked goods, fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Country Archer launched plant-based dried meat, which has three flavors: spiced bacon, barbecue and sunburn. The dried meat is made of mushrooms. Its appearance, texture and taste are similar to those of traditional dried meat. Each contains 3 grams of dietary fiber, low fat content and no preservatives.
Pop 8: tequila
Tequila has complex flavor. The newly brewed tequila has outstanding acidity and citrus and coffee flavor; Aged tequila wine will become softer and mellower, developing wood, vanilla and caramel style similar to aged whisky.
Tequila has a large number of flavor combinations to explore. Beverage enterprises are using tequila as the basis to produce various mixed flavors.
Coca Cola’s TOPO Chico has launched a new hard soda in the United States: TOPO Chico ranch water hard seltzer. It is reported that the product features tequila, lime and soda. The abv content of the product is 4.7%, and each product contains 100 calories.
Popular nine: salty food
According to the data released by IMT, Asia leads four fifths of the world’s salty snack innovation, and the number of new salty snacks launched in the Chinese market ranks first in the total number of new salty snacks in the world. Asian consumers have more preferences for salty food, but high sodium food threatens people’s health. How to reduce salt and sodium while ensuring the normal salty taste of food has become a challenge.
Quaker released the brand’s first salty cereal with high nutritional value for leisure scenes: Seafood macaroni crisp. Seafood Macadamia crispy is mainly Caribbean seafood flavor. In addition to baked oatmeal, cereal crispy and other cereal cereals, there are also dried vegetables such as okra diced and red pepper crispy, as well as seaweed slices and salted egg yolk fish skin. The protein content of each seafood wheat crisp is equal to 2.5 times the protein of the same weight of milk, and the product is light truck, light salt and 0 fried to meet the needs of young people who reduce fat.
Popular ten: Super localization
Consumers will pay more attention to the organic properties of food and focus on buying local products grown or manufactured near home. The demand for local products is not only necessary because some products have not been available due to large-scale supply chain problems in the past two years, but also because shoppers want to connect through the community more than ever before. By adding local suppliers and using signs and shelf labels to attract attention to these products, retailers can build a sense of unity and pride for their consumers.
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