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Wang Laoji applied for yuanuniverse trademark, Jiapei kiwi fruit achieved a new high, black gun coffee was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, fresh e-commerce laid out the prefabricated vegetable industry chain, and the food price in the United States hit the largest increase in 41 years last month

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Wang Laoji applied for yuanuniverse trademark

Tianyancha shows that recently, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Wang Laoji, applied for the registration of the trademark of “Wang Laoji yuanuniverse”, which is internationally classified as beer and beverage, and the current trademark status is under application. (Financial Associated Press)

The price of Maotai Chinese Zodiac wine in the year of the tiger is almost halved

On February 10, the market price of the original box of Maotai lunar new year tiger wine was 4580 yuan / bottle. Although this price is still higher than the official market guidance price of 2499 yuan / bottle, it has fallen sharply compared with the price approaching 6000 yuan / bottle at the beginning of the year. (Daily Economic News)

Fresh e-commerce layout prefabricated vegetable industry chain

HEMA will have six central factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi’an, of which the central factory in Wuhan is planned to be put into use in mid-2022. Different from traditional factories, HEMA supply chain center has added functions such as temporary feeding, fresh processing and central kitchen. While establishing the Department of prefabricated dishes, dingdong Guyu Songjiang processing plant has been established, and three product lines of pork, 3R food and pasta have been built to penetrate the upstream of the agricultural product industry chain. (Interface)

Lulu of Chengde appoints Liu Mingshan as the board secretary

On February 10, Chengde Lulu announced that the board of directors decided to appoint Liu Mingshan as the Secretary of the board of directors of the company. The term of office starts from the date of deliberation and approval of the board of directors to the date of expiration of the eighth board of directors. (company announcement)


Today, Panda Dairy announced that Guo Hong, the major shareholder and director of the company, and Zhou Wei, the person acting in concert, plan to reduce 2499600 shares of the company (accounting for 2% of the total share capital of the company) by means of centralized bidding within 6 months after 15 trading days from the date of disclosure of the announcement. (company announcement)

Listing of “erythritol” supplier ternary biology

On February 10, Sanyuan biology, the largest manufacturer of erythritol, officially landed on the gem, with an issue price of 109.3 yuan / share and a closing price of 128.01 yuan / share, an increase of 17.12%, with a total market value of 17.27 billion yuan. Sanyuan biology plans to raise 3.686 billion yuan this time, of which 770 million yuan is used to invest in the project of erythritol and technology center with an annual output of 50000 tons, so as to consolidate its advantageous position in the global erythritol industry. (blue whale Finance)

Personnel changes of xinlaite board of directors

Today, New Zealand xinlaite dairy company disclosed to the market that Qikai Lu (Albert), a representative of the board of directors of Guangming dairy, will no longer serve as a director of a listed company due to the adjustment of work content, and Dr. GUI min (Gracie) will replace Albert. The appointment will take effect immediately. According to the latest announcement, Gracie is currently the sales director of Nutrition Department of Guangming dairy. (Aohua Finance Online)

Jiapei’s performance in the last planting season reached a new high

The performance of New Zealand Kiwi supplier Zespri continued to improve, and the unit rate of return of several major categories of products in 2020 / 2021 planting season hit a record high. Jiapei’s financial report shows that the continuous increase in sales and the high market recognition of Sungold have helped the company achieve record excellent performance. The 2020 / 2021 performance report shows that Jiapei’s global total revenue reached NZ $3.58 billion, an increase of 14% over the previous year; Global sales increased by 10% year-on-year to 181.5 million discs. (issued by the company)

“Liangle” expects inflation to put pressure on profits

Coca Cola and PepsiCo, the world’s two largest coke makers, warned yesterday that rising costs would put pressure on profits this year, although their sales performance exceeded expectations due to strong demand and rising prices. (Reuters)

Kellogg expects price rise to drive performance

Recently, Kellogg’s estimated that due to the rise in the prices of breakfast cereals and snacks such as pop tarts and Pringles, the adjusted annual profit per share increased by 1% to 2% on a currency neutral basis. (Reuters)

Amazon UK groceries revenue exceeded £ 1 billion

Recently, the competition and market authority (CMA), the UK antitrust regulator, said that due to the increasingly frequent activities of Amazon in the UK grocery industry, it is now necessary to comply with the code of conduct for grocery supply (gscp). The UK’s code of conduct for grocery supply applies to retailers with an annual turnover of more than £ 1 billion ($1.4 billion). Amazon has not released sales figures for its UK grocery business, but CMA’s decision means that its sales have exceeded the threshold of £ 1 billion. (Sina Technology)

Coca Cola promises that reusable packaging will account for 25% by 2030

Coca Cola promises to make 25% of the world’s packaging reusable by 2030 and 16% by 2020. The move was welcomed by environmental groups. (Sina Finance)

Black gun coffee listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Black river coffee, an American coffee brand, completed the merger with silver box engaged merge Corp I, a special purpose company, yesterday and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange at a price of $1.7 billion. Through this transaction, black rifle coffee can obtain $225 million in cash to support the company’s growth. After the completion of the transaction, the new company was named BRC Inc. (Leidi network)

Beston completes the expansion of its plant in South Australia, and the output of lactoferrin will increase six times

The Jervois dairy factory of Beston global foods, located in Murray lands, South Australia, has completed an expansion and upgrading plan of a $9.5 million and officially opened recently. Hamish browning, CEO of the company, said that after the equipment upgrade of Jervois, the output of lactoferrin will increase six times, and the annual output is expected to increase from 3 million tons to 20 million tons. (Aohua Finance Online)

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Research: the catering industry is expected to usher in a real fundamental inflection point after the second quarter

Galaxy Securities pointed out that in the short term, the catering industry chain represented by condiments has basically completed the bottom building process. The overall dynamic sales of the Spring Festival are stable and marginal. With the continuous recovery of terminal demand + the gradual decline of cost pressure + the gradual conduction and landing of price increase, the industry is expected to usher in a real fundamental inflection point after the second quarter and realize double-click. In the long run, with the continuous increase of rent and labor cost and the superposition of factors of population structure change, compound condiments, quick-frozen food and prefabricated vegetables enjoy broad growth space. At present, the enterprises that have been laid out have the first mover advantage. (First Finance)

American beer association refutes the market monopoly argument of the US Treasury Department

Recently, the American beer association refuted the claim that the dominance of Budweiser group and Morson Conson hindered the competition and price in the United States. In response to a report released by the US Treasury Department on February 9, the representative of the organization said that the US beer industry was experiencing “unprecedented healthy competition”, and denied that the market share of brewers would bring higher prices to consumers. These two companies account for about 65% of the national beer sales. (Just Drinks)

Us CPI rose 7.5% year-on-year in January, the highest in 40 years

Inflation in the United States accelerated to an annual rate of 7.5% in January, reaching a 40 year high, as strong consumer demand and supply constraints related to the epidemic continued to push up prices. Food prices soared 7%, the biggest increase since 1981. Driven by the year-on-year jump of 8% in fast food prices, restaurant prices have increased the most since the early 1980s. While meat and egg prices continued to rise at a double-digit rate, grocery prices rose 7.4%. (Wall Street Journal)

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