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Master Kang is the first to promote domestic unlabeled drinks, aliens release electrolyte powder, Tencent shares Ma Jiyong… | hot news for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.

1. Master Kang promotes the first label free beverage in China, leading the trend of sustainable packaging
2, Bing dwen dwen marketing, Erie’s New Winter Olympic theme ice cream
3. Mengniu plant light ice cream is fresh at the beginning of the year. It tastes fresh and herbal
4. Lechunshangxinyou series yogurt protects women’s health and beauty
5. Aliens push new electrolyte powder, 1.7 times electrolyte, specially made for sports people
6. Non alcoholic drinks are popular, and Coca Cola company of Japan will promote its first lemon hall non-alcoholic beverage product
7. Chobani launched two new products, ultra filtered milk and half & half plain, and synchronously laid out ultrafiltration milk and coffee creamer product lines
8. China sports industry launched Xiwang sports nutrition beverage for the first time, and the three nutrients helped improve sports endurance
9. Xu Fuji launched Qiya seed crisp heart candy, a super food to improve the nutrition of traditional formula
10. Tencent took a stake in Lanzhou beef noodle brand Ma Jiyong, whose registered capital increased to about 1.6044 million yuan
11. Nestle group wholly acquired organic nutrition company orgain, and Dehong capital completed its equity withdrawal
12. Ternary biology officially landed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and erythritol became the focus of the industry again
13. Tea brand book also burns fairy grass, with an investment of more than 600 million, and the number of stores is second only to honey snow ice city
14. Jideli, a condiment brand, received tens of millions of yuan in the first round of financing and was exclusively invested by Fuquan Xinghua fund with the participation of Jiangsu provincial government
15. Vanbeer, a fine brewing beer brand, has completed an angel round financing of millions of yuan and takes “emotional fine brewing” as the brand proposition
16. The fine brewed fresh beer brand Ruien fine brewed has completed the angel round financing of millions of yuan, which is characterized by short-term fresh fine brewed
17. Fenge foot food, an unmanned retail brand, completed a round of financing of 300 million yuan and expanded the use scenario with AI smart cabinet as the carrier

Recently, Master Kang launched the first label free beverage in China in a low-key manner, practicing the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Unlabeled products refer to products that are sold in whole boxes without bottle labels and whose label information has been completely marked in cartons. Most of the carton packaging is made of recycled paper and directly sprayed on kraft paper to reduce the ink area and help the cause of environmental protection. At present, this series only involves Master Kang iced black tea and Master Kang sugar free iced black tea. The specification is 330ml. Both of them use PET bottle body. There is no need to separate labels during recycling, which is convenient for reuse. The new product has been launched at tmall flagship point, and the price of both models is 330ml * 12 bottles / 26.9 yuan.
Photo source: Master Kang beverage flagship store


Welcome the Winter Olympics with joy. Yili’s children’s ice cream brand has launched the Winter Olympics Theme ice cream, which is very panda. The taste is set to be Mai Xiang cocoa flavor, and the product shape is a cute and interesting panda shape. Bing dwen dwen, the product will make ice skating, snowboarding and other ice block pier main vision, very pleasing. In order to guarantee the taste of ice cream, the product express pack is transported by high density foam box and -78 degree C strong cold dry ice. Now the ice cream Tmall flagship store sells 65g*8 yuan /69 yuan.
Source: Yili ice cream flagship store


On January 26, Mengniu’s ice cream brand Zhiqing announced five new 2022 products, focusing on the taste of flowers and plants, and continued to explore the flavor of plants. Raw coconut milk tastes fresh, sweet and mellow, with a strong aroma of coconut milk; Chamomile is also helpful for refreshing and soothing the mood; Citronella Jasmine pineapple tastes sour and sweet. It uses milk and pineapple pulp to create a multi-layer mixed structure; Basil apple flavor contains a variety of vitamins; Lemon madea tea contains madea nutrients and tastes fresh. The price of new tmall flagship store combination pack is 75g * 10 pieces / 139 yuan.
Image source: Mengniu ice cream


Foodaily found that Lechun recently launched a new “hello” series of yogurt, including “you’re relaxed” and “you’re skin”. The new product adheres to the standard of Lechun’s consistent pure formula and 0 sucrose. “Hello and relaxed” focuses on intestinal health. It selects the strain bb536 imported from Japan, which is more friendly and can prevent the increase of harmful flora in the body. A cup of heat is 77kcal, with two flavors of original flavor and white peach; “Hello skin” is jointly created with Huaxi biological black zero, especially adding sodium hyaluronate and aloe gel to add q-bomb taste and help nourish the skin. The selling price of tmall flagship store is 199 yuan / 14 cans for your ease and 149 yuan / 12 cans for your skin.
Photo source: Lechun flagship store


On January 26, a new pineapple sea salt flavor electrolyte powder specially created for sports people on the alien tmall flagship store declared that “it is scientifically proportioned and done in one box”. The new product contains 338mg electrolyte (including potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium plasma), which can make up for the sweat lost during exercise and maintain the balance of body fluid; At the same time, it contains vitamins B6, B12, VE and 800mg branched chain amino acid BCAA to supplement the nutrition needed by the body and promote recovery. At present, the official price of the product is 8g * 6 bags / box / 28.9 yuan.
Source: Alien flagship store


On January 25, Coca Cola of Japan announced that it would launch the first non-alcoholic beverage brand “よわない lemon hall”, which can be understood as “drunken lemon hall”, in response to the booming demand for non-alcoholic beverages. The new product refers to the practice of lemon hall. The lemon juice made by the whole lemon process is extracted with juniper nuts, and the alcohol concentration is kept at 0, making it contain a strong sense of lemon and more realistic flavor of lemon Sava. It is reported that the new products will be sold in major convenience stores from February 7, and will be distributed nationwide from February 21.
Source: Kyoto real estate

7、Chobani推出Ultra-Filtered Milk和Half & Half Plain两款新品,同步布局超滤牛奶、咖啡奶精产品线两个领域

It is reported that American Greek yogurt giant chobani recently launched ultra filtered milk and half & half plain in order to expand its product portfolio. Ultra filtered milk is filtered by a special process. It does not contain lactose, and its sugar content is only half that of traditional milk. Its protein and content are 2.5 times that of traditional milk. It has four flavors: full fat, 2% low fat, fat free and chocolate. Half & half plain (cream and milk in half) is made from a mixture of farm fresh milk and cream, offering both plain and lactose free options. This product belongs to its coffee creamer product line, which can help the brand expand its influence in this field. The new product will go on sale in the United States this month.
Source: Foodbev


Recently, China sports industry has crossed the sports beverage industry for the first time, launched a sports nutrition beverage product called Xiwang, and accelerated the layout of the “sports +” track. Origen is its main R & D party and manufacturer. The new product focuses on sports nutrition, adding caffeine, vitamins and taurine to help improve sports endurance, quickly refresh, resist fatigue, enhance physical function and supplement lost electrolytes and water. Metal aluminum slimming bottles and cans are selected on the package. The 38 caliber bottle mouth can enhance the drinking experience. The 250ml specification is convenient to carry. In addition, the product improves the internal pressure of metal bottles and cans through accurate liquid nitrogen filling technology, which solves the problem of deflated cans in the process of transportation and storage. The new product has entered the stage of mass production.
Source: Sohu


Recently, Xu Fuji launched a series of master hand-made Qiya seed crisp heart candy, breaking through the traditional formula of crisp heart candy and injecting new vitality into old products. The new product selects super food, imported Qiya seeds, xiaobaisha peanuts and other high-quality raw materials, which are carefully prepared to give the product more nutritional quality, and adopts the manual sugar pulling process for more than six times to fully integrate the broken nuts and produce 128 layers of uniform sugar skin, creating a wonderful taste of fragrance, crispness and dissolution. The new product is now priced at 220g / box / 59.7 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Xu Fuji


On January 27, industrial and commercial changes occurred in Shanghai Overseas Chinese Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Lanzhou beef noodle brand majiyong, and Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was added as a shareholder. The registered capital of the company increased to about 1.6044 million yuan, an increase of about 13.48%, and new Internet sales were added to its business scope.
Shanghai Huaqiao Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established in July 2019 and its legal representative is Hong Lei. At present, the company has invested and established more than 20 catering companies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places.
Picture source: noodle shop franchise network


Recently, Dehong capital (DCP) announced that its invested organic nutrition company orgain was wholly acquired by Nestle group. Since investing in orgain in 2019, Dehong capital has helped it successfully enter the Chinese market and recruited and established a Chinese business team and sales network.
The sales volume of functional products such as vegan milk shake and organic milk powder, which were founded by California based Dr. orgain in 2009, is the first in the United States, including the sales of vegan milk shake, organic milk powder and other functional products. With the joint efforts of its management team and Dehong capital, orgain’s business in China is growing exponentially.


On February 10, Sanyuan biology officially registered on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and issued 33.721 million shares at an issue price of 109.30 yuan, raising 3.686 billion yuan. So far, the market value of Sanyuan biology is 18.38 billion yuan.
Ternary biology is a professional manufacturer that started the industrial production of erythritol earlier in China, and has gradually grown into one of the leaders in the global erythritol industry. In recent years, sugar free beverages represented by Yuanqi forest have swept the food and beverage industry, directly driving the revenue of ternary biological erythritol business. Its main customers include Yuanqi forest, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. In 2021, Yuanqi forest became the largest customer of Sanyuan biology.
Source: Official Website of Sanyuan biology


It is reported that recently, the tea brand book also burned Xiancao and obtained indirect investment from Jue Wei food, Qiaqia food and other companies. The scale of this round of financing is more than 600 million yuan.
Shuyishaoxiancao was founded by founder Wang Bin in Chengdu in 2007. Its original name was “85 ℃ tea”, which was changed to its current name by the end of 2016. The brand focuses on burning Xiancao products, and highlights “half a cup is made of materials”, aiming at the middle-grade milk tea price band of 10-20 yuan. In 2021, nearly 2100 related enterprises were added, down 9.4% from 2300 in 2020. However, according to the narrow door dining eye data, shuyishaoxiancao currently has 6660 stores, second only to the honey snow ice city with more than 10000 stores.
Source: Xiancao official website


It is reported that Jideli, a condiment brand, has completed the first round of investment of tens of millions of yuan, which is exclusively invested by Fuquan Xinghua fund with the participation of Jiangsu provincial government. This round of funds will be used to expand production capacity, channel expansion and brand upgrading.
Beijing Jideli Food Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is an innovative technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of kitchen ingredients. Gedley’s total revenue in 2021 is nearly 800 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 1-1.2 billion yuan in 2022. In the future, we will dig deep into the supply chain and channels, try many new tracks such as prefabricated dishes, and actively prepare for going to sea.
Source: 36 krypton


It is reported that recently, vanbeer, a fine brewing beer brand, has invested millions of yuan in Angel round financing, led by 36 krypton and followed by Jiayue capital.
Fanbo fine brewing takes “emotional fine brewing” as the brand proposition, creates a “emotional drink” fine brewing brand suitable for different scenes and different consumer groups through the parent-child brand matrix, deeply cultivates the chain convenience and superb fine super terminal channels, and arranges the offline “fine brewing Experimental Bureau” Bistro and the first intelligent retail machine of fine brewing beer in China. This round of financing will be mainly used for brand building and scale expansion.
Source: Taobao


It is reported that the fine brewed fresh beer brand Ruien fine brewed recently completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, invested by blue ocean Zhongli capital.
Shenzhen Ruien fine Brewing Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in March 2021, is a fine brewing brand focusing on fresh beer. It focuses on “29 minute flash delivery of fresh beating fine brewing” and B2B fresh beer supply chain. Its products cover three series of products: fresh beating raw pulp fine brewing, 5-day fresh live fine brewing and 26 day lock fresh fine brewing. This round of financing will be used for product R & D investment, digital upgrading and market expansion.
Image source: Ruien fine wine


It is reported that fenge foot food, an unmanned retail operator, has completed round a financing of 300 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Softbank Asia venture capital company, followed by CICC cultural consumption industry equity investment fund under CICC capital and Shenzhen innovation investment group.
Feng e foot food was incubated by SF in 2017, focusing on the office field and taking AI smart cabinet as the carrier to provide rich commodity sales services such as breakfast, afternoon tea, snacks and drinks for urban white-collar workers. After this round of financing, Shunfeng related parties Mingde holdings and Softbank Asia were listed as the largest shareholders. It is reported that the financing funds will be mainly used for the accelerated growth of scale, the improvement of operation efficiency and service quality.
Source: fenge foot food
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