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Yili flash “shine” green winter Olympics, 17 years together, practice the Olympic quality!

On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was officially held. This top event of ice and snow sports made the world’s eyes turn to China. Guided by the concept of Green Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics has also become a low-carbon “mobilization meeting” with the participation of the whole people.


As the only official dairy product partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, Yili set an example for itself this year, guided young people to practice a new zero carbon lifestyle with “small” action, started from the “source” of products, attracted and advocated people to practice green environmental protection with the concept of zero waste, recycling and reuse, and resonated with the concept of people’s environmental protection, Explain the responsibilities and responsibilities of dairy giants.



With the promotion of the dual carbon strategy, the concept of green environmental protection has gradually penetrated into the concept of young people, who are willing to practice a low-carbon life with their daily actions.

When “green and low-carbon” has become an indispensable lifestyle for contemporary young people, how can the brand arouse the value recognition and emotional resonance of young groups? Yili handed over a wonderful answer at the intersection of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics.


On February 7, Yili officially announced the brand public welfare event to further enhance the green sustainable development of the brand with the help of the Green Olympics.

With the help of Yili’s strategy of low-carbon Olympic Games, we can realize the sustainable development of Yili’s enterprise and realize its own sustainable life with the help of Yili’s double carbon strategy.


As Pan Gang, chairman and President of Yili Group, put forward the goal of “overall value leadership” in November last year, it is not difficult to see that Yili is steadily moving towards “social value leadership” through various practical actions.


The survey shows that people’s understanding of green environmental protection can be summarized as “low-carbon life, refusing excessive consumption, carbon neutralization”, etc. many people place their hope on the “zero waste” of product design. Therefore, this time, Yili started from the “source” of products and attracted young people with the concept of zero waste, recycling and reuse.



Under the microblog topic of “my low-carbon Winter Olympics essential trendy products” initiated by Yili, netizens have shared their views on low-carbon environmental protection and their “low-carbon Winter Olympics essential trendy products”.

With the thinking of “zero waste”, Yili launched a “low carbon life +” activity to guide young people to practice the new lifestyle of ≈ 0 carbon.



In order to advocate young people to adopt a recycling and low-carbon lifestyle in all aspects of life and make their own contribution to realizing the unlimited approach to zero carbon emission, Yili launched limc → 0 (unlimited approach to zero carbon) environmental protection box.

Yili’s recycled product packaging and plastic bottle caps have changed into bamboo fiber cups, environmental protection badges and seed postcards in the environmental protection box… Through the recycling of milk boxes, Yili has successfully unlocked the environmental protection fashion item “limited environmental protection bag in the year of the tiger”, which fully caters to the preferences of young people nowadays.


By recycling the packaging and making it into various high-value and practical living surroundings, Yili proofs the green lifestyle and environmental protection thinking, so that more people can experience and feel the fun of low-carbon life.

On February 7, taking advantage of the green winter Olympics, Yili launched a low-carbon creative hand competition, and uploaded videos such as tiger head bag, milk box lamp and ice cream stick photo frame made by hand experts. In the name of “low-carbon life + shining the future together”, consumers can experience the low-carbon Winter Olympics and convey the efforts made by the brand to help the development of environmental protection.



Xiaoshidai noted that Yili has always attached great importance to green and sustainable development. Up to now, Yili has conducted carbon inventory for 12 consecutive years. It is the first enterprise in the industry to commit to achieving the goal of carbon neutralization, and it is also the only enterprise selected by China’s dairy industry in the report on sustainable development action towards zero carbon enterprises in China issued by the United Nations Development programme.


At the same time, Yili’s carbon reduction case was also selected into the enterprise carbon neutralization roadmap officially released by the United Nations Global Compact, which is the only representative enterprise case in the world’s agricultural and food industry. Taking 2010 as the base year, Yili has reduced 6.51 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in the past 11 years.


Yili’s “green road” continues. This time, Yili has helped the green winter Olympics with practical actions, highlighting Yili’s social responsibility and corporate responsibility, and contributing to China’s realization of the 2030 double carbon goal.




While practicing corporate social responsibility, Yili’s original intention of adhering to product quality has not changed. Over the past 17 years, Yili’s product quality has withstood the severe test of many Olympic sports events. In this process, Yili has also achieved the “Olympic quality” that matches the world’s top sports events and has been endorsed and certified.


It is precisely because Yili always takes “Yili is quality” as its creed and strictly controls quality, so as to obtain the recognition of more and more young consumers. On this basis, Yili has frequent highlights in Olympic marketing.


With the upsurge of Beijing Winter Olympics, Yili has created a new way of Winter Olympics marketing and rebuilt the path of dialogue with young groups with the theme of “Olympic quality I shine at the moment”.


To this end, Yili innovatively launched the special milk for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which integrates the Chinese Red representing the Spring Festival and the snow white implying the Winter Olympics in the packaging design. Taking the Chinese Winter Olympics athletes as the visual center, Yili skillfully covered the two scenes of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, opening the first leg of the Winter Olympics marketing.


Around the launch of special packaging products for the Winter Olympics, Yili also released its first freeze frame video animation as a gift to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. This 300 hour, more than 50000 knife hand carved animation perfectly integrates the brand proposition with the current mainstream consumer groups and consumption environment, and “plays” with young people in the form loved by young groups.


At present, consumer demand is moving from the rigidity of brand awareness and product quality to the elasticity of brand preference and enterprise spirit. In the era of traffic, the marketing method of eager for quick success and instant benefit is often unsustainable. The real long-term and effective marketing needs to return to the brand values, so as to avoid the brand “disappearing all people”, and help consumers establish their trust in the brand.


IBM pointed out in the gen Z consumer market insight consumption report that young consumers do not reject brands for opinion output, and 66% of respondents believe that brands should have their own personality and stimulate their resonance.


It is worth noting that from insight into consumer needs to product innovation and marketing, Yili really embraces young people and obtains consumers’ emotional recognition and resonance in interactive value communication.

Behind the eye-catching marketing, in addition to being able to stand in the perspective of youth, the most important reason is still Yili’s unremitting pursuit of quality from beginning to end.


As the world’s only “double Olympic” dairy enterprise serving both the summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games, Yili continues to cultivate Olympic quality.

Since 2013, the company has invited consumers to visit Yili base through online and offline channels every year, entered Yili’s pasture, factory and milk culture museum, disclosed the product production process and quality control standards to the public, and deeply felt the Olympic quality of Yili.

Since 2005, Yili has been associated with the Olympic Games for 17 years. Over the past 17 years, based on the Olympic quality, Yili has constantly made bold innovations, actively embraced the younger generation, and made the younger generation truly feel the Olympic quality and spirit of Yili by rebuilding the dialogue path with young people.

Good marketing is inseparable from good products, and excellent quality also makes Yili icing on the cake in its new marketing methods. Yili not only interprets the responsibilities and responsibilities of dairy giants, but also provides new ideas for China’s dairy industry.

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