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Starbucks said that “there is no case of driving out the police to complain”. Fuling pickle group was fined 150000. Hershey issued a clarification statement that beinmei’s Tianjin plant will increase production capacity and Kirin will sell the Myanmar joint venture

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Starbucks China said that “there is no case of driving out the police complaints”

In response to the online rumor that “a Starbucks in Chongqing drove the police who ate boxed lunch at the door”, Starbucks China responded through its official microblog this evening, saying that “there is no case of driving the police who complained”. (issued by the company)

Fuling pickle group was fined 150000 yuan


Today, the Beijing News Center held a special press conference in 2022. Wang Songlin, deputy director of the law enforcement and Inspection Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision, reported a number of cases of infringement of the exclusive rights of the Olympic logo, such as the sale of masks with five rings and the release of publicity pictures containing Olympic content. In the case of Fuling pickle Group Co., Ltd. infringing the exclusive right of the Olympic logo investigated and dealt with by Chongqing Fuling District Market Supervision Bureau, the party concerned published publicity pictures containing Olympic content on its official microblog. Fuling District Market Supervision Bureau ordered the party concerned to immediately stop the infringement and impose a fine of 150000 yuan. (Beijing daily client)


“Where is Hershey”: the left behind employees moved to a new office


Recently, the reporter visited Hershey China’s office in Shanghai Xinmei Union Square. Only the wall soft decoration has not been removed on the two floors, and the remaining equipment has been emptied. One floor has ushered in new tenants, and the construction team is carrying out indoor renovation. According to the reporter’s verification, the company still has more than 10 left behind employees in Pudong, Shanghai, and is dealing with relevant Chinese agency business. (Daily Economic News)

Hershey issued a clarification statement


Recently, Hershey Chocolate issued a clarification statement on its official wechat, saying that the recent claims on the Internet that Hershey “withdrew more counters and closed stores”, “terminated the operation of online flagship stores” and “withdrew from the Chinese market” are inconsistent with the facts. Due to the surge in sales of Hershey products during the Spring Festival, the supply of Hershey Jingdong self operated stores is in short supply. At present, some products are out of stock. Hershey tmall flagship is being renovated, and the launch time of the new official flagship store is expected to be at the end of February. (issued by the company)

Guisheng shares said that the rumor of “backdoor of liquor enterprises” was not true

Today, Guisheng shares issued a change announcement. The company is concerned about the rumors about the company’s “backdoor of liquor enterprises”. The company is not involved in the negotiation or negotiation of “backdoor” and “reorganization” with liquor enterprises, and has no plan to engage in liquor related business. The rumors about the company’s “backdoor of liquor enterprises” are untrue. (company announcement)


Naixue’s tea applies for the trademark of “Naixue life”


Tianyancha app shows that recently, Naixue’s tea related company Shenzhen Pindao Catering Management Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of a number of “Naixue life” trademarks. The international classification involves catering and accommodation, wine, clothing, shoes and hats, convenience food, etc. at present, the trademark status is under application. (36 krypton)


Honey snow ice city subsidiary set up a new company in Hainan


According to the enterprise check app, Hainan lucky Coffee Trading Co., Ltd. was established on February 10. Its legal representative is Qiu Tengyu, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes: shoe and hat retail; Sales of toys, animation and entertainment products; Toy sales; Audio equipment sales, etc. The company is 100% controlled by Henan lucky coffee Catering Management Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of miyue Ice City Co., Ltd. (Sohu)


“Authenticity of snow ice city video” is still being verified“


In the late night of February 13 and the early morning of February 14, some netizens sent videos saying that cockroaches appeared in the production area of miyue Ice City store and used milk tea powder bitten by mice, which attracted attention. On the morning of the 14th, Jimu news reporter contacted the relevant staff of miyue ice city. He said that after preliminary investigation, it was confirmed that the video publisher was a part-time staff member in a store in Henan Province, who had left his job at present. The authenticity of the video and other specific circumstances are still being further verified. (extreme News)


Beinmei Tianjin plant will increase production capacity


Today, the financial Associated Press reported that bainmei said on the interactive platform that the company has industry-leading R & D, production capacity, whole industry chain quality management capacity and industrial resource integration capacity, and the proportion of revenue from related businesses is still under audit confirmation. The Tianjin plant will increase the annual production capacity of 10000 tons of infant formula, 5000 tons of organic infant formula and 5000 tons of milk based nutrition. (Financial Associated Press)


Ma’anshan dairy products are supplied to Hong Kong and Macao markets


During the Spring Festival, Ma’anshan customs supervised the export of dairy products with a total value of 1221100 yuan, enriching the Hong Kong and Macao markets. These include fermented dairy products produced by Mengniu Dairy (Ma’anshan) Co., Ltd. sent to Hong Kong, China. Chu Linhai, export manager of Mengniu Dairy (Ma’anshan) Co., Ltd., said, “our dairy products were originally only for the mainland market. In the past two years, we have received orders from Hong Kong, Macao and the United States.” (Wanjiang Evening News)

Hungry? Release the blue knight development and Security Report


Today, hungry released the 2022 Blue Knight development and security report. In order to implement the requirements of “algorithm centring”, hungry carries out a series of upgrades to the scheduling system and rule settings. In some complex delivery scenarios, automatic matching and flexible delivery time. Hungry? It is still piloting to adjust the estimated delivery time of the knight from “time point” to an elastic “time period”, and the delivery within the time period will not be counted as overtime. At the same time, it is forbidden to induce or force knights to turn into individual industrial and commercial households in any form to avoid the responsibility of the employing subject. (36 krypton)


Kirin to sell Myanmar joint venture


Today, Kirin holdings, a Japanese beverage maker, said it would withdraw from its business in Myanmar and terminate its joint venture. The spokesman said Kirin would now seek to sell two joint ventures in Myanmar, namely Myanmar brewery Ltd and Mandalay brewery Ltd. (Reuters)

McDonald’s will provide plant-based mcplant
in more stores


Recently, McDonald’s announced that the new mcplant will be on sale at about 600 stores in San Francisco Bay and Dallas Fort Worth from February 14. McDonald’s developed the vegetarian friendly “meat patty” in cooperation with meat substitute company beyond meat, which said the product was made of “plant ingredients such as peas, rice and potatoes”. Last October, McDonald’s tested the water in eight local restaurants. (Merced Sun-Star)

Quick reading of food industry information


Shanghai Lingang issues the first food production license


Recently, Shanghai tongcai Industry Co., Ltd. received the first food production license in the history of Yangshan special comprehensive bonded zone, which is also the first food production license issued by the market supervision bureau of Lingang New film area since its establishment. It took only 4 working hours from application to certificate issuance. The market supervision bureau of Lingang New Area and other departments said that the output value is expected to reach 1 billion yuan in 2022, and hope to be the first in the Yangtze River Delta, so as to explore a new path and provide new economic growth points for Yangshan special comprehensive protection zone. ” (Shanghai market supervision)

Chain restaurants gather to be listed


Recently, representative enterprises in chain catering have heard the news of impacting the capital market. Chain Chinese catering brands such as Hefu Laomian, rural base, Yang Guofu and Laoxiang chicken are getting closer and closer to listing. Wen Zhihong, a catering chain expert and general manager of Hehong consulting, believes that the upsurge of capitalization in the catering industry has begun. The deeper reason lies in the implementation of the securities issuance registration system in the securities market, and the listing of catering chain enterprises should be more and more relaxed. (First Finance)

Pinduoduo curve cut into express delivery


Recently, the reporter of Beijing business daily learned from the investigation that at present, pinduoduo’s community group buying and buying vegetables is trying to operate the collection business. According to many post station bosses, the business system can not only store fresh food, but also send and receive express delivery. Almost at the same time, the rookie post station immediately issued an “ultimatum” to prohibit the post station from warehousing and buying more orders, otherwise it will be refunded permanently. (Beijing business daily)

Trembling electricity supplier responsible person responded to investment tiktok: false news


For the “byte tiktok completed to the rabbit express investment”, the voice of electricity supplier responsible person said, the message is not true. Previously, it was reported that according to a person close to byte beating, byte beating has completed its investment in polar rabbit express to supplement byte’s e-commerce puzzle and expand the layout of overseas e-commerce. (Phoenix Technology)


Byte runout independent station damonstudio shutdown and start station is less than April


Recently, damonstudio, an independent station of byte beat, announced on its official website that the operation of the website will be shut down from February 11, and the team will continue to provide after-sales services for shoppers. Users can also contact the team through the official email. Dmonstudio went online quietly not long ago (the domain name was registered in November 2021). The media reported that it was only a few days, and now the shutdown is extremely sudden. (Interface)

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