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A big reward for milk tea consumption after 00: 21 cups of happy tea a month?

consumption concept after 00, do you understand?
After a year, the oldest is 22 years old after 00.
In other words, the new tea for young people’s business is the business after 00.
After interviewing a number of Post-00 friends, I found that their consumption behavior of milk tea had distinctive characteristics. I couldn’t understand it, but I was shocked.
Today, let’s “align” with your bosses to the consumption concept of milk tea after 00.
Milk tea is “idol ordered it for me”
Great reward for tea consumption behavior after 00
Let’s take a look at a picture. This is the monthly tea drinking picture of a friend after 00 I saw in the circle of friends a few days ago.
I counted a total of 21 cups, covering milk tea and fruit tea, all from Xi tea.
Is this a tea fan? The other party told me that there are two main reasons for crazy ordering tea:
First, tiktok has been able to buy the tea group purchase recently. The price is much better than the daily one, and the willingness to place orders is also enhanced.
The second and more important reason is that the custom cup paste function of Xi tea has been unlocked by her.
It’s not difficult to find the enlarged picture. The above mentioned two love beans, song Yaxuan and Zhang Junhao (from a group that has attracted much attention since 00), as well as different blessing words such as “Happy New Year”, “Happy New Year”, “thank you for your tea”.
It is recommended to zoom in
She said that the custom cup paste of tea can simulate milk tea as “idol orders for me”. In this way, it’s like receiving milk tea and blessings from idols every day. It’s fake, but it’s very happy.
In other words, this friend has not only satisfied his physiological needs of drinking milk tea, but has become a kind of “experience consumption” to meet the needs of the spiritual field.
This may be a common consumption after 00.
Unwilling to spend unjust money
This is the last stubbornness after 00
Another surprise to me is that after 00, these people who seem to have good money are willing to spend money on milk tea and “stingy” at the same time.
Take my cousin in 2002 for example. Starbucks, my daily favorite, is 35 yuan Matcha xingbingle.
But back to my hometown without Starbucks, it became that I directly ordered taro round milk tea or lemon tea without even looking at the menu, completely ignoring the attractive new product posters on the bar.
It’s usually right to order something you’ve drunk
“I’ve tried some new products before, but it’s always unsatisfactory. It’s not good to drink and it’s a waste of money. Just forget it.” She said.
The reason why she chose taro round milk tea and lemon tea is that in her opinion, such a classic style can hardly make mistakes. Even if it is really bad to drink, it can be forgiven for the sake of price.
Another friend who was only willing to order honey snow ice city said that the happiness of drinking milk tea was the same, so he was not willing to pay more for it.
The statement of a netizen on Douban can be said to be the heart after 00.
This is not an example. After lurking in Douban group for a period of time, I found that young consumers in this group are much more sensitive to price than expected.
For example, in the face of large discounts, share them immediately and shout everyone to rush together; Every time a cheap and delicious product is found, it will lead to more heated discussion. According to the Post-00 lifestyle insight report in 2021, the Post-00 is rational and persistent, and they refuse to overspend. They grew up with e-commerce, overseas shopping, group buying and discount coupons. They wanted to be happy, but at the same time they learned to shop around and find the most cost-effective way of consumption behavior. To be honest, I can’t help thinking about the consumption concept of milk tea after 00. The new tea brand is becoming more and more curly. I always want to make the drink more beautiful, from color to shape to taste. How can the core customers be smart while lying flat?
Consumption view of milk tea after 00
How was it formed?
First of all, in the face of overwhelming marketing, after 00 has been basically immune.
As a native of the Internet, the era of growth after 00 also coincides with the era of rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce live broadcasting and so on.
Seeing more advertisements and finding out the marketing routine is an innate skill. If you don’t catch a cold, you won’t be taken away.
Houlang Institute launched a survey on “milk tea behavior”, and the data show that——
  • 67.87% of young people believed that they would not be affected by online marketing and would not queue at home;
  • Nearly 70% of young people think they will not be affected by Shenqu marketing when choosing milk tea brands.
After 00, most of them will not be affected by online Red marketing
Instead, the Post-00 began to focus on the real evaluation of products. The Post-00 lifestyle insight report in 2021 also mentioned that the social networking of acquaintances had the greatest impact on the Post-00 consumption.
In particular, the same online Red punch in on social media has taught post-00s to “anti grass planting”. They prefer to see the real side, even if there are defects, rather than the perfect fake.
For this reason, the “stepping on thunder” sharing of xiaohongshu, Douban and other platforms will often attract more attention after 00.
Xiaohongshu’s share of stepping on thunder reached 350000 +
On the other hand, the generation after 2000 regarded milk tea as a “daily drink”.
After 95, there may be such an experience: when tea loving and Naixue were just rising, they were willing to line up for an hour and a half in the heat, and finally bask in a circle of friends.
For 00 later, they have already become a part of life. After 00, who have not experienced the scarcity of milk tea, they rarely punch in milk tea.
So the question is, in the face of “returning to rational consumption”, what should the new tea do after 00?
New tea, how to get love after 00?
When the consumption habits after 00 change, how should the new tea impress the post 00? Combined with interviews and successful brand cases, I found these ideas:
1. Er Chuang’s sense of participation can impress the Post-00 generation
After 00, I like interaction and subjective initiative. As mentioned above, in addition to “drinking” a drink after 00, they also want to have more sense of participation.
It also reminds me of the advertisement Ruixing invited lilushu to shoot.
After the launch, fans began to spread again. The drinking method of three people embracing each other was named “Da baa drinking method”, which attracted tens of thousands of netizens to participate in the discussion.
Ruixing is also interacting with fans in real time, and has also opened the “Da baa imitation competition”.
Finally, Rui Xing, with a magic advertisement, brushed a wave of sense of presence among young people. The topic of micro-blog 100 million + read, tiktok and little red book were transported many times.
2. Membership identity is also valued after 00
After 00, I care more about the identity brought by the brand than the playing method of adventure hunting.
For new tea drinks, on the one hand, identity comes from the value proposition behind the brand, such as environmental protection and public welfare. After 00, they prefer to “do cool things” rather than attract attention.
Environmental protection claims will attract the attention of Post-00
On the other hand, the identity of the membership system is also valued by them. Since childhood, I have known that the membership system can bring high-quality experience. After 00, I am more willing to pay for members.
A friend after 00 told me that he would pay attention to his member growth system and obtain higher member level through consumption, so as to obtain more member services.
This point does not seem to be prominent in most post-95.
3. Connect with the media loved by young people
Using the Internet to see the world, the Post-00 generation is a more extreme generation.
After tiktok interviewed 00, we all mentioned the impact of group purchase on consumer decisions. There are both advantages and disadvantages. Group purchase is not necessarily suitable for all brands, but it is really familiar with the tiktok after 00.
Group purchase tiktok has certain promotional significance.
Linking with the media platform loved by Post-00 is indeed of promotional significance.
This story may have been broadcast live by e-commerce six months ago and Taobao flagship store a year ago. What media and ways will it be in the future? It needs more “online sense” of new tea to find it in time.
No one can be young forever, but there will always be young people.
New tea does not belong to any generation, but it always belongs to young people.
To understand the preferences and needs of this generation of young people and interact with them is the new tea that can pass through time and generations and become a daily weapon.
Author: Jin Yu; Source: Kamen club, reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily fbic & Expo 2022] foodaily daily food joined hands with the world’s top business and industrial partners to build fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first foodaily Expo “new food era – brand ecology” in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it together. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction). related reading

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