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Dongpeng’s revenue last year was expected to be nearly 7 billion yuan. Hershey CEO talked about China business. The annual revenue of Coca Cola milk brand exceeded US $1 billion. Then it was passed that the magic claw was merged with constellation, and the latest US stock position of Hillhouse was exposed

Hot company information and announcement


Ruixing coffee Guo Jinyi sent an internal letter: 360 new stores were opened in January this year

On February 15, the Beijing News reporter learned exclusively that Guo Jinyi, chairman and CEO of Ruixing coffee, released an internal letter saying that Ruixing coffee opened 360 new stores in January this year. “In the just concluded Spring Festival Golden Week, even in the face of the impact of the epidemic, our trading volume still bucked the trend and made a significant breakthrough, and the trading volume of stores was three times that of the same period last year.” (Beijing News)

Dongpeng beverage’s revenue increased by 40.72% year-on-year in 2021


Dongpeng beverage announced today that in 2021, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 6.978 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40.72%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1.193 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.90%. (company announcement)


Publicity of phase II expansion project of Yuanqi forest’s annual output of 40 million boxes of bubble water production line


Recently, Dinghu branch of Zhaoqing ecological environment bureau announced the phase II expansion project of bubble water production line of Yuanqi forest (Guangdong) beverage Co., Ltd. Statistics show that the total investment of the project is 600 million yuan, mainly adding five sterile carbonated beverage lines to produce 40 million cases / year of sterile carbonated canned drinks. (Dinghu branch of Zhaoqing Ecological Environment Bureau)


Suzhou RT Mart employees step on frozen goods, the store: all contaminated foods are removed from the shelves and destroyed


In a RT Mart supermarket in Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, an employee stands in the freezer, stepping on frozen goods. A manager of the store said that after learning the relevant news, the store had taken all the goods in the refrigerator off the shelf and destroyed them in a centralized manner on the evening of the 14th. At present, the staff involved have been criticized and educated. (extreme News)


Unilever Taicang plant reduces innovation cycle by 75%


Recently, Li Qiang, deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province, and his delegation successively went to Jiangsu P & G Co., Ltd. and Unilever (Taicang) Company for investigation. Unilever (Taicang) was awarded the global lighthouse factory in 2021. According to the digital needs of consumers, the company has built a flexible digital R & D platform, reducing the innovation cycle by 75%, from 12 months to 3 months. (Taicang Municipal People’s Government)


The winding up petition of Yinji group was allowed to be postponed


Yinji group announced that at the hearing held at 10:00 a.m. (Cayman Islands time) on February 11, the Cayman court ordered to postpone the company’s winding up petition to 10:00 a.m. (Cayman Islands time) on May 5. (company announcement)


Tanzi international parent company will be listed in Japan


Tanzi International announced that the controlling shareholder of toridoll, the parent company of Marui noodles, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan, and toridoll owns 74.60% of Tanzi international. According to the announcement, the financial performance of toridoll Japan is prepared using international financial reporting standards and has not been considered in accordance with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards and listing rules. Therefore, the relevant performance of toridoll Japan cannot be directly compared with the performance of the company. (Ming Pao)


Zunyi dairy industry of Huang’s group started to resume production in an all-round way


Recently, the reporter learned from Zunyi Dairy Co., Ltd. of Huangshi group that on February 4, the production and sales sectors of the project base gradually resumed work and production, and fully resumed work and production on February 7. It is reported that after the company has completed the construction of phase I base of the project and put into operation, it plans to add another 30 jobs this year and increase jobs according to the situation. (sky eye News)


“Yulei Baoyuan” sheep milk powder is a false publicity scam


Recently, the Consumer Protection Commission of Jingning She Autonomous County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province and the market supervision department of Jingning County investigated and dealt with a case of false publicity of sheep milk powder according to law. It is reported that the publicity content of the case clearly indicates and implies that “Yulei Baoyuan” sheep milk powder has the function of treating and preventing diseases. The above content, together with the explanation of the salesperson, is very deceptive and misleading for the elderly. (China News Network)


Fanbo fine brewing completed millions of Yuan Angel round financing


Recently, the fine brewing beer brand “vanbeer Fanbo fine brewing” completed an angel round financing of millions of yuan, led by 36 krypton and followed by Jiayue capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for brand building and scale expansion. (36 krypton)


Yili congratulated Su Yiming on becoming China’s youngest Winter Olympic champion


Yili’s official wechat said today that on February 15, the men’s platform final of snowboarding in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to an end. Su Yiming, a 17-year-old Chinese athlete and spokesman of Yili brand, won the championship ahead of time and won China’s sixth gold medal, realizing China’s historic breakthrough in the project. At the same time, he also became the youngest Winter Olympic champion in China. (issued by the company)

Pernod Ricard is accused of planning to temporarily evacuate senior executives in Hong Kong


Today, the Financial Times quoted “sources” as saying that due to the substantial tightening of epidemic prevention measures in Hong Kong, the world’s second-largest French liquor and spirits producer, Pernod Ricard plans to require the local senior management to evacuate temporarily to reduce the impact of epidemic prevention measures. Pernod Ricard reportedly plans to consider temporarily stationed relevant personnel in Dubai. Paulolica did not respond to the report. (Financial Times)


Hershey CEO: China’s business transformation boosts profits in the international market


At Hershey’s recent fourth quarter performance meeting in 2021, its CEO Michele buck told Wall Street analysts that despite the continuous interference of the epidemic, the transformation of China’s channel model is still progressing smoothly, which has helped Hershey’s international business reach one of the highest profit levels in history. (snack generation)


Coca Cola fairlife has an annual retail sales of more than $1 billion


Tim doelman, CEO of fairlife, a subsidiary of Coca Cola, revealed that the company’s U.S. retail sales in 2021 had exceeded $1 billion (about 6.35 billion yuan), a record high. Fairlife is the ultrafiltration milk brand of Coca Cola. (DairyReporter)


McDonald’s restaurant will slowly increase the Commission for preparing meals at doordash


American takeout giant doordash will raise its fees for McDonald’s to improve efficiency and reduce losses. According to the report, the relevant summary shows that doordash agreed to reduce the basic commission rate of McDonald’s American restaurants, but will charge higher commissions to McDonald’s restaurants that make delivery personnel wait for meals from next year. (Wall Street Journal)


There has been progress in the merger negotiations between magic claw and constellation group


According to people familiar with the situation, the merger negotiation between talon and constellation group is making progress. If the negotiations go well, a merger agreement may be reached in the coming weeks. But reaching an agreement may take longer, or negotiations may still break down. For reference, the combined total market value of companies of similar size is about $90 billion. (Bloomberg)


The artificial dairy company invested by Coca Cola bottlers has been patented in the United States


Wilk, an Israeli food technology company invested by Coca Cola bottlers, announced that it had obtained U.S. patent approval to start distribution in the country. Wilk has developed a technology to replicate animal milk and breast milk through milk producing breast cells. (The Beet)


Nestle Australia green transformation


Nestle Australia said that in order to help achieve the group’s 2050 net zero emission target, all its businesses will turn to 100% renewable energy and launch more plant-based products. (Food Navigator)

Quick reading of food industry information



Shenzhen Consumer Council: consumers should try to avoid purchasing cocoa butter chocolate


Shenzhen consumer committee of Guangdong Province recently issued a chocolate consumption guide, reminding that cocoa butter chocolate is not equal to chocolate. Cocoa butter is a kind of trans fatty acid, which is harmful to health. When purchasing, consumers must pay attention to check the ingredient list and try to avoid cocoa butter chocolate. At the same time, pay attention to the production date and shelf life when purchasing chocolate, and eat it as soon as possible after purchase. (Guangming Daily)


Ningbo Consumer Protection Commission released Tangyuan evaluation list


Recently, Ningbo Consumer Protection Commission held the “2022 Tangyuan evaluation meeting” to score ten different brands of black sesame Tangyuan in terms of appearance, color, taste, smell, stuffing texture and so on. The final score is as follows. (Ningbo Consumer Protection Commission)


Seven batches of solid beverage packaging failed to pass the sampling inspection by Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau


Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration has conducted supervision and random inspection on the (excessive) packaging of solid beverage commodities produced and sold in the city. 80 batches of products were randomly selected, and 7 batches were unqualified. The specific sampling results are as follows. (Shanghai Supervision Bureau)



869 centralized supervision warehouses for imported cold chain food have been built in China


On February 14, the reporter learned from the General Administration of market supervision that up to now, 869 centralized supervision warehouses for imported cold chain food have been built in China. The centralized supervision warehouse shall uniformly kill and test the imported cold chain food released by the customs port in the warehouse, and can enter the market for sale only after obtaining the warehouse exit certificate. (Xinhua News Agency)


Meituan applied for registration of meituan e-commerce trademark


Tianyancha app shows that recently, Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. applied to register the trademark of “meituan e-commerce”. The international classification involves education and entertainment, transportation and storage. The current trademark status is under application. (First Finance)


Didi was accused of shrinking investment in community group buying business


Bloomberg quoted news that didi plans to reduce its overall number by up to 20% before listing in Hong Kong in order to reduce the expenses before listing in Hong Kong, China. It is reported that most of the core businesses will be affected by layoffs. The online car Hailing business may lay off as much as 15%, but drivers will not be affected. The report quoted the news that the company has shrunk its investment in once hot businesses such as community group buying. Didi finance, which has expanded outside China, and its autonomous driving business have been less affected. (Ming Pao)


Hillhouse’s latest US stock position exposure


On February 15, according to the website of the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hhlr advisors, a fund manager of Hillhouse that focuses on secondary market investment, released the position data of US stocks in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to the newly disclosed 13F document, as of the fourth quarter, hhlr had 76 stocks in the US stock market. The top ten heavy positions were Baiji Shenzhou, on oncoming, legendary biology, saifushi, Tianjing biology,, sea, doordash, iqiyi and ideal automobile, of which 6 were zhonggai stocks. (First Finance)


Tencent Jingdong Lenovo withdrew from the shareholder of Xiaoxiong u leasing company


Tianyancha app shows that on February 14, industrial and commercial changes occurred in Lingxiong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Xiaoxiong u rent, and several shareholders such as Shenzhen Tencent entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jingdong bangneng Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. withdrew. (36 krypton)


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