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Gem tea, tea bomb, amulet tea bag… The secret of making net black tea. Don’t you want to have a look?

spend young drinking tea and have fun, creating a new idea of online red and green tea.

Text: Monica Dai

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

The history of Chinese tea drinking has been thousands of years since the Western Han Dynasty. Tea drinking has gradually developed into an indispensable way of life in Chinese life. According to AI media consulting data, as of February 2021, the number of tea consumers in China has reached 490 million, and 51.0% of tea users tend to make tea in bags. As an innovation of traditional tea, bagged tea has a large audience base. Coupled with its advantages of convenient brewing, convenient carrying and diversified tastes, the market scale of bagged tea has increased significantly, with a growth rate of 155.9% in 2020, accounting for 48.57% of the online market scale of tea.
Chali, tashanji, willcha future tea wave… Bag tea brands have sprung up one after another and are engaged in the torrent of competing for the market. However, foodaily observed that trapped by the morphological restrictions of “bag” tea making, most brands fall into the inner volume of taste and packaging innovation, and always feel that something that can hit the hearts of consumers is missing.
Indeed, in this war without winning or losing, it may be a good outcome, but at the same time, it also means that the innovation of the tea industry gradually declines and enters the dusk in the dull. So, how can we break through the current homogenization situation and create a bright bag tea product? Foodaily today introduced a unique “gem tea”.
Source: Taylor half baked
Tea gems gem tea, launched by Taylor half baked, an American brand specializing in baking products, creatively integrates sugar base and bag tea, presenting a gem like texture and shape and bringing a shocking visual experience. In addition to the three characteristics of pure and degradable gluten, it also has no place in the current market.
How can a baking brand create such subversive tea? What kind of opportunity prompted the birth of tea gem, a net red product? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory points out that people will first be attracted by the beautiful appearance, and then taste its quality… In addition to the beautiful appearance, what other factors are needed for the successful creation of a tea product? Different products have different answers. Taking gem tea as the starting point, foodaily led everyone to explore this mysterious world.
“Ordinary old tea is too boring”,
Gem tea shows the perfect blend of art and tea
When you open the purchase page of teagems, you will see a highly conflicting sentence – “plain ole ‘tea is just too boring”. This sentence directly explains the original intention of tea gems creation and shows its difference from conventional tea.
Inspired by semi precious stones, tea gems is made by hand. Each tea is carefully matched with edible flower ingredients and equipped with a specified tea bag (made of sugar base, soluble in water and edible). It not only looks beautiful, but also tastes great. But who could have thought that such a product was extended from baking?
Source: Taylor half baked
Taylor half baked is a baking brand mainly serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. in the United States. It provides customized services for cake desserts, including wedding cake, cupcake, activity cake, etc. The brand takes the original nature and delicious as the center. In addition to the main high quality, its creativity and style are also commendable, and its colors are bright, complex and eye-catching.
Source: Taylor half baked
And it all came from a 22-year-old girl named Taylor Caldwell. According to the introduction of the brand, its founder Taylor Caldwell is not only an entrepreneur, but also an artist and a free thinker full of enthusiasm for creativity. Taylor half baked started her business to show her love for cake art and all baked things, while teagems’ success stems from an accident: Taylor Caldwell’s friends’ love and obsession with tea inspired her idea of making handmade products for more tea lovers.
Countless attempts to overthrow the beauty of tea have failed. Since then, this unexpected creation has attracted the attention of thousands of people, and Taylor’s entrepreneurial path has also taken a turning point. She will make gem tea and create a gluten free and vegetarian biodegradable product as her wish and focus, and is eager to encourage tea drinkers and crystal gem lovers to enjoy tea in an unconventional but exciting way.
Source: Taylor half baked
In order to ensure that the appearance of gem tea is clear and clean, the inner layer of sugar base of the shell is wrapped with the contents by a tea bag soluble in water. In this way, in the process of drinking tea, it not only reduces the generation of waste, implements the concept of sustainability, but also reduces the trouble of people discarding garbage, and it can be clearly seen that gem tea is melted into tea.
In addition to the refreshing appearance of the product, the connotation and symbolic significance of gem tea is also very unique and enlightening. Taylor takes the symbolic meaning of the original gem as a reference, and selectively matches the ingredients and flavor of gem tea, which is also close to the meaning of the original gem.
For example, this vanillachai tea gem is inspired by ruby and uses black tea with cinnamon and other spices. It can be drunk directly or chilled with a little milk. It has a strong and bold flavor and is catering to the symbolic meaning of Ruby’s strength and passion. In order to meet the needs of people with or without caffeine, it is divided into two types of tea with different caffeine content, i.e. 16mg-50mg tea and 50mg tea without caffeine.
On the left is ruby, and on the right is vanilla chai tea gem inspired by ruby
In addition, gem tea also has many flavors, such as berry Hibiscus (inspired by red tiger eye), spiced Cider (inspired by sodalite), roasted coconut (inspired by Mariam Jasper), etc. it is really a good choice for those who like to hunt for novelty.
In terms of price, gem tea is also positioned within the acceptable range of the American public. The price of a single gem tea is $7, while the six piece assorted box set is only $40. All products can be purchased on the official website of tea gems.
Not only gemstones, these tea innovations are also worth learning!
Of course, there are fierce disputes and competition among princes. The popularity of online black tea is inseparable from the brand’s keen insight into consumer demand and its determination to innovate and stand out from the encirclement. Foodaily also found many tea product cases worth learning from when scanning new products in overseas markets. Next, we will explore the popularity mystery behind online black tea through innovative products in several directions.
1. To “move” to get static, let the tea drinking process “noise” up
Inspired by the most popular hot chocolate bomb during the festival, the Maison de dessert tea bomb, which is similar to tea gemstones, contains a tea bag or loose leaf tea inside and is covered with tasteless edible glittering powder outside. When drinking, you can add everything from cow’s milk, cream to sugar as needed. The experience is very “shining”.
In the case of shell making, Maison de Dessert takes into account the fact that diabetics and people who are more cautious in controlling blood sugar levels make use of low calorie sweeteners made from Stevia, not only controlling calories but also making products healthier. This unique design made it popular and won wide discussion on INS. In addition, Maison de dessert also makes classic hot chocolate bombs and flash bombs that can be added to wine or champagne glasses to broaden its sales scene.
Source: maisonde dessert
Tiktok teabombs, image source: saltysidedish
The Canadian brand beverage bombs hopes to “make every beverage experience explosive”. It focuses on pressing and integrating high-quality tea and coffee, fruits, spices and other extracts into a soluble tea / coffee bomb, and shaping it into a rose shape, so as to provide a more novel drinking method for traditional coffee or tea, taking into account vision and flavor. At the same time, in order to prevent the residue after the dissolution of tea or spices from affecting the taste, the product will be attached with a brewing bag to ensure a better drinking experience for consumers.
Source: beveragebombs
Source: beveragebombs
2. Return to nature and give full play to the power of tea itself
Unlike deep-processing tea products, Millennium tea advocates returning to nature, eliminating cumbersome and complex processing steps, and creating an ideal health drink with fresh tea. Its main product superfood tea cubes is made of raw organic camellia tea within hours after picking, which is quickly frozen after screening for pesticides, heavy metals and coliforms. Compared with dry green tea made of the same leaves, the content of EGCG antioxidant is five times higher, so as to retain the substances beneficial to health in tea to the greatest extent.
Source: trendhunter
In the use scenario, superfoodtea cubes can be added to smoothies and even sauces and soups to enhance the flavor, in addition to making a cup of hot tea, because they only have a light green tea flavor and no bitterness or astringency. From the feedback of customers, sand ice or milkshake has become the mainstream choice because of its high freshness. Good products naturally have a good reputation. The repurchase rate of superfood tea cubes is also surprisingly high. In addition to online sales, millenniatea also opens multiple physical stores offline to meet the needs of consumers.
Source: basicswitch bails
3. Play with your emotions and add some luck to your life with tea bags
Bagged tea has become the most popular way for consumers to drink tea because of its convenience, and the aesthetics and taste of young people have further promoted the development trend of bagged tea, in which festival restriction has become a chip for brands to play.
Lupicia, a Japanese tea store, once launched a limited Etoile Bleue starry sky tea bag on Tanabata. You can get a beautiful tea soup like the night sky by simply brewing, and the color will change with the temperature: it will appear a very beautiful blue when adding hot water at the beginning, gradually turn into Lavender after a minute, and finally turn into amber; In particular, adding lemon slices or acids will turn into super dreamy pink; The higher the water temperature, the faster the color change will be. Even cold water brewing will show a gradual color like sunrise. This product has become a hot topic as soon as it is on the market.
Source: lupicia
In addition to hot drinks, the brand has also designed “magic bubble ice tea”, that is, the brewed tea soup can be added to the ice box to make ice cubes, and then added to bubble water or soda, which can immediately be transformed into online beauty drinks, which is very suitable for entertaining friends or giving gifts.
This product is even more original in the outer packaging: it is designed with the concept of constellation plate, and the Summer Triangle that can be seen only at a special time is printed on the packaging. I hope you can also look up at the beautiful sky when tasting tea, and stop to find the beauty of nature in the fast-paced life.
Source: lupicia
The popularity of these products shows a business opportunity password: there are many invisible pressures in modern people’s life, especially office workers. Busy work and sudden overtime always make them feel irritable, so they urgently need to add some luck to their life.
Boh, a Malaysian tea merchant brand, has also accurately grasped this business opportunity. It uses edible ink to print patterns on the tea bags of chamomile tea. When the hot water is washed down, the original pattern will slowly change and spread out and change into another pattern. The thundering cloud will become an auspicious cloud, the volcano will stop erupting, and the angry Firebird will become a dove of peace, Such creativity will not only make people temporarily pull away from the originally tense mood and unconsciously stare at the cup to observe its change process, but also symbolize that this tea has a relaxing effect, and no matter how much anger can be soothed.
Source: big man
In China, we have also found tea products that can also “express emotions”. For example, students from Taiwan’s National University of science and technology once proposed an interesting “Shenming” amulet concept tea bag in their entrepreneurship proposal. This tea bag takes the people of Taiwan praying for peace under the epidemic situation as the background, seizes the business opportunities contained in the usual people going to the temple to pray for peace tea, or the traditional water drinking culture, skillfully integrates the traditional amulet with Taiwan tea culture, and will also be jointly signed with local temples to produce a unique style, which will be printed with different amulet words according to the divine attributes.
Source: ec-sos college website
Similarly, the tea in the tea bag is also very particular. Different kinds of tea are selected based on the wishes of gods and prayers. For example, the tea bag that often prays for good luck to Guanyin uses Mucha Tieguanyin tea (produced in Mucha, Taiwan), while the pine and cypress evergreen tea that prays for health and safety to Hua Tuo not only echoes the name of the tea species, but also reduces blood viscosity and prevents aortic atherosclerosis. In the interview feedback of 100 subjects, most of them said they liked the combination of ideas and looked forward to the listing of products.
Source: ec-sos college website
It can be seen that the popularity of a tea not only moves consumers in appearance, but also needs to have enough connotation to truly meet, tap and meet the needs of consumers.
China’s tea market has developed in full swing in the past two years. According to the 2020 tmall tea industry consumption trend report, it is expected to continue to increase at an annual growth rate of + 2.8% in the next five years. From the perspective of consumers’ preferences, “flower young drinking tea” has gradually become a new trend, and the concept of “drinking tea and having fun” has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. So, after watching so many innovative tea products with big brain holes with foodaily today, did you get some inspiration?
In a word, in the face of the changes and invariance of the consumer market, peeping at its root, conforming to the current situation, unique and rich in connotation is the best answer to create black tea.
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