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The balance between health and delicacy is held by the new generation of healthy yogurt

enjoy while reducing the burden. How to seek balance is the invariable proposition to break the inner volume of yogurt

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With the changes of people’s eating habits and lifestyle, “healthy, low sugar” and other elements have gradually become the standard for people to pursue health quality. A series of sugar and fat reducing yogurt products came into being. However, the extreme pursuit of purity and simplicity will always sacrifice the experience of taste and flavor.
At the same time, in order to cater to the taste of consumers, many brands often add excessive sucrose to reconcile the sour taste of yogurt, which not only tastes delicious, but also increases the burden on the body.
On the one hand is the pursuit of constant “zero” health, on the other hand is the delicacy of crazy feeding. Addition and subtraction seem to be opposite sides.
“Children make choices. Of course, adults want them all!” Facing the “picky” demand of consumers to be both healthy and delicious, how to find a new balance between the two has become an urgent difficulty for major brands.
Foodaily found that Chunzhen’s new generation of healthy Zhen yogurt skillfully captured her heart by reducing sugar, adding dietary fiber to reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach, and enriching the taste bud experience with grains and fruits.
With “pleasing her” as the key to breakthrough, how can Chunzhen grasp the balance between health and enjoyment through the product form of screening yogurt? Looking at the whole yogurt industry, how many possibilities of innovation are there under the game of health and pleasure?

She who wants and wants,

Has spawned new business opportunities for yogurt?

To be healthy and happy, dairy products are setting off a new round of revolution of “pleasing her”
As one of foodaily’s business hotspots in 2022, milk is light and sweet, and the new pleasure proposition of “900 million girls” points out that with the rise of women’s self pleasing and health needs, dairy products with health awareness and longitudinal taste will gain greater potential under the economy of pleasing her.
Cbndata pointed out that compared with other groups, exquisite mothers and cutting-edge white-collar workers are more willing to spend money on yogurt, and the growth rate of online yogurt consumer unit price is significantly higher than that of other groups. The preferences of these consumer groups for the pursuit of healthy and nutritious quality, food flavor and taste are very consistent with the dairy products with healthy and nutritious blessings. Compared with pure milk, there is no lactose intolerance in yogurt, which is easier to digest and absorb.
Source: cbndata “2021 yogurt consumption trend report”
It can not only meet the quality pursuit of health and nutrition, but also retain the longitudinal experience of “pleasing oneself”. The yogurt with its own “health gene” and “delicious taste buff” has naturally become her new choice. As “she” represented by exquisite mother and cutting-edge white-collar workers has increasingly become the main group of consumers, for yogurt brands, how to express themselves with differentiated innovation and capture the hearts of women who “want and want” has become a new business opportunity.
How can split yogurt find balance while enjoying and returning to zero?
However, at the same time, with the increasingly serious internal volume of the yogurt Market, the yogurt track is showing a split development trend at the industry end.
On the one hand, in order to achieve the ultimate enjoyment of delicious, yogurt began to “crazy whole live feeding”. Chocolate, cookies, fruit Various flavors and small materials are launched in turns to continuously stimulate consumers’ sensory nerves. However, consumers also have concerns about “too sweet and greasy”, “high sugar” and “increased burden on intestines and stomach” for yogurt with too many ingredients. The excessive pursuit of delicious and novel experience undoubtedly weakens the health characteristics of yogurt itself.
On the other hand, returning to the natural health of yogurt, some brands began to reduce the burden of yogurt by reducing sugar and fat, so as to deeply shape the health attributes of yogurt, or add dietary fiber to strengthen the role of yogurt in promoting digestion and reducing the burden on intestines and stomach.
However, to the extreme, the delicious and indulgent taste experience that initially attracted consumers has been diluted. When reducing sugar and burden on yogurt, many brands often ignore the original flavor experience of yogurt and cannot achieve both health and delicacy.
In the face of this problem, foodaily observed that Chunzhen started from this pain point and launched a “new generation of healthy yogurt” that is free of burden and delicious as a coping strategy.

Sweet, light and delicious,

Chunzhen perfectly grasps the balance of health and pleasure

Firmly grasp the balance between health and pleasure
With insight into the needs of “pleasing her”, Chunzhen aimed at the new track of healthy yogurt this time, and accurately met the needs of consumers for both health and taste bud experience through “controlling sweetness”, “Lightening Burden” and “delicious”.
1) Control sweetness, light burden, subtraction, health without burden!
Pure raw milk is selected as the raw material. Pure yoghurt reduces the addition of white granulated sugar by 42%, accurately controls the sugar content and maintains moderate sweetness. In addition, Zhen yogurt also adds 3.2g dietary fiber to promote intestinal digestion and perfectly handle the characteristics of enjoying delicious food without burden.
“Controlling sweetness” and “Lightening Burden”, combined with the “real material” that Chunzhen has been implementing, the healthy human design of Chunzhen yogurt can be described as solid.
2) 1 kind of fruit + 2 kinds of grains = nutritious and delicious
In addition to laying a solid foundation for health, Zhen yogurt also takes into account the “picky” taste needs of consumers, so as to meet the taste bud experience as much as possible. The moist white peach is sweet, the fragrant, tough and full oats and highland barley are soft and solid, the soft pulp is matched with chewy grains, and the upper layer of the delicate and silky yogurt taste is progressive, so as to achieve the real “good drink”.
3) Lock “her” to please yourself, and set up multiple scenes at will
Chunzhenzhen yoghurt focuses on two major consumer groups: exquisite mothers and cutting-edge white-collar workers. The three characteristics of “controlling sweetness”, “light burden” and “good drinking” not only meet their needs for nutrients and healthy diet, but also retain the personalized experience of pursuing delicacy and enjoyment. Whether you want to make a nutritious breakfast when you get up in the morning, or a delicious substitute meal for exercise and fitness and weight management, or even a convenient partner when making delicious desserts, healthy and delicious online yogurt can match all kinds of scenes.
Photo source: microblog blogger greedy tomato sauce and a cup of soybean milk
Traffic aggregation, IP blessing, “new generation of healthy yogurt” is coming strongly
As a top-notch artist, Wang Yibo, the spokesperson of Chunzhen, matches the image of clean sunshine with the product characteristics of Zhen yogurt health and nutrition. The brand also sets Tencent video opening and new tvc advertising for it on the day of the launch of new products, so as to realize multi-faceted coverage of traffic. The new products are launched through JD e-commerce and customized around to promote further growth in sales.
In addition, the comedy and comedy comedy “fried dough twist”, which is a fun and unconstrained comedy, highlights the product positioning of “no burden, good drinking” in the relaxed and enjoyable program. In the third program broadcast on January 28, soft implanted Zhen yogurt products and used IP to build momentum for new products.

The game between health and pleasure,

How many possibilities are there to please her ideal yogurt?

Through rich fruit grain combination, chunzhenzhen yogurt can reconcile the defects of yogurt taste and flavor experience after sugar reduction, meet the needs of reducing gastrointestinal burden with the help of dietary fiber, and find an ideal balance between health and flavor.
From a general perspective, in fact, yogurt still has many stories to tell around the experience of “health” and “pleasure”.
Looking at the global market, foodaily observed that, in fact, mixed flavors, grains and fruit, yogurt snacks There are many delicious and novel forms that can retain the “pleasant” sensory experience of consumers; Instead of stopping at reducing sugar and pursuing “healthier”, we can also start from the subdivided functional needs such as fat reduction, high protein and immunity.
In North America, Yoplait power, newly launched by general mills, features fruits and Chia seeds. It combines zinc with a variety of vitamins to support immune function. It is also matched with mixed fruits, cream yogurt mixture and Chia seeds to enrich the taste experience. Zero sugar yogurt launched by dairy giant chobani starts with filtering milk to reduce naturally occurring sugar, then uses the method of natural fermentation to make the yogurt culture consume the remaining sugar, and then adds Momordica grosvenorii and alodonose to create this zero lactose yogurt.
In China, Chunzhen launched Chunzhen xiaomanyao series last year, which integrates high protein, sugar reduction and fruit grain grains. The protein content of each bottle of yogurt is as high as 3.1g, about 39% more than the standard, which is much higher than the protein content of flavor yogurt on the market. At the same time, the addition of white granulated sugar was reduced by about 31%, reducing sugar but not flavor. In addition, red grapefruit is added β Strong antioxidants such as carotene and lycopene accurately control the beauty loving heart of young women.
On the basis of health and light burden, this new greedy yogurt presents the interesting snack experience more incisively and vividly. Greedy yoghurt selects sea salt almond kernel crushed, excellent crisp milk, freeze-dried red heart pitaya pudding and jumping sugar as Qiqu ingredients. On the basis of fermentation of four kinds of strains, it reduces 31% white granulated sugar and adds an additional 35% protein content. The high barrier cup body with 8-layer structure locks the freshness of yogurt, and the lightweight and simple custom spoon strengthens the longitudinal experience of yogurt.
These products use additional functions such as promoting digestion and enhancing immunity, combined with reducing sugar and fat to reduce the burden on the body and strengthen the health attribute of yogurt; At the same time, it can also improve the flavor, optimize the taste or match with the combination of fruits and grains to add the “longitudinal” experience of yogurt.
They have achieved a perfect balance between healthy nutrition and pleasant experience.
Cbndata mentioned in the 2021 yoghurt consumption trend report that more accurate and diversified functional nutritional supplements, more diversified sensory feelings and richer consumption experience are the advanced demands that need to be met in the upgrading of yoghurt consumption.
How to meet the increasingly “picky” needs of consumers and convey the distinct and prominent brand concept to consumers through products will be an important issue that must be faced in the long-term development of the whole yogurt industry.
We will wait and see what products will capture the hearts of consumers in the future!
reference material:
2021 yogurt consumption trend report cbndata
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