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The war on weight loss launched by a few people, and most people have become refugees in the war

is the tendency to hoard fat engraved in human genes?
“Three kilograms of fat every festival”. After the Spring Festival, have you fallen into the battle of losing weight again?
How profitable is the weight loss business behind every beauty lover?
Huge market
In March 2021, after saying goodbye to Guo Meimei, who had been in prison for less than two years, she “entered the palace” again and was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and nine months.
This time, let her take risks, is a profiteering Gray Business – diet pills.
Guo Meimei was arrested together with a gang involving 75 people, involving an amount of more than 50 million yuan.
Before the incident, Guo Meimei was an active wechat business, claiming to have a “monthly income of more than 600000”. She sold “chenk slimming candy”, claiming that “eat a box of 7 kg thin”. One box is priced at 699 yuan, which can be eaten for 10 days. Two boxes are a course of treatment, and the cost is less than 10 yuan.
▲ Guo Meimei wechat circle of friends
Sibutramine, an appetite inhibitor, was added to the diet sugar, which has long been proved to increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, resulting in side effects such as elevated blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, anorexia, insomnia and abnormal liver function. It died in severe cases. It has been listed as a prohibited drug as early as 2010. However, due to its low cost, it is widely added to illegal weight-loss drugs, and the “vest” is frequently replaced and circulated on the black market.
Guo Meimei is not a case. Once, every once in a while, there was news that gangs selling illegal weight-loss drugs were arrested.
Zhao Benshan’s female apprentice “Pangya” was also sentenced to three years for selling weight-loss drugs live. Under the guise of “pure traditional Chinese medicine weight-loss capsule”, the price of each bottle was as high as 1900 yuan.
These expensive weight-loss drugs, with a production cost of less than 10 cents / pill, are sold at a price of more than 10 yuan / pill, with a profit margin of more than 9000%.
In 2017, after the police in Loudi, Hunan cracked a dens of weight-loss drugs worth more than 100 million yuan, the city’s public security director Wang Chengliang lamented that the profits of weight-loss drugs far exceeded drug trafficking.
There are many accidents, but they are not stopped because the industry is too profitable.
The opposite of ash production, that is, the weight loss market in the sun, is also in the size of hundreds of billions.
Global Newswire estimates that the global weight loss market will reach US $264.68 billion by 2025. AI media consulting predicts that the domestic slimming food market will reach 400 billion yuan by 2023.
The keyword “weight loss” has fed too many people.
Starting from food, it feeds the market segments of sugar free food, fat reducing meal and substitute meal; Starting from drugs, L-carnitine and slimming tea have created high profits for Bishengyuan; Starting from sports, gyms, fitness equipment and electronic scales are derived from the economy of weight loss; In the current fan economy, weight loss bloggers are highly sought after; Even in medical cosmetology, it is also a big revenue generating tool of the hospital – thin face and thin leg needle and liposuction surgery are very popular.
Even the star group wants to squeeze into the weight loss universe and take a share.
In the past two years, the keyword “star + weight loss” has frequently appeared on the hot search. In this list, there are veteran artists Zhang Shaohan, top stream flowers Ouyang Nana, Guan Xiaotong, and many new traffic stars.
Yin Zheng is one of them. Three months after he settled in xiaohongshu, he surpassed “top stream” Cai Xukun, angelababy and others and became the most popular star of xiaohongshu.
Yin Zheng’s secret is to release his daily notes on weight loss. Since he entered the residence, he has released more than 200 “eating” videos, which has rapidly increased the powder by 2 million, and countless circles of powder with one “Yin Zheng stewing”.
Since binding with weight loss, Yin Zheng has received at least 10 cooperation and promotion of low-fat brands, including high-end skin care products such as the mystery of sea blue and Sisley.
Behind the gold absorption effect, the broad mass base of weight loss can be seen.
According to the latest data of the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents (2020), at present, more than half of Chinese adults are overweight or obese. At the same time, AI media consulting research shows that in terms of willingness to pay for slimming, 91.6% of the netizens surveyed said they were willing to pay for slimming, of which nearly 60% were willing to pay more than 1000 yuan.
In 2012, life times sorted out the messages of more than 10000 netizens and summed up the top ten new year wishes of Chinese people. Weight loss ranked sixth, even more than finding the other half.
This is a rising golden mountain.
A “war” launched by a few people
The foundation of weight loss Jinshan is a concept called calories. Most of today’s concept of weight loss is based on this, but it has nothing to do with weight loss at first.
“Calories” was originally just a simple measurement unit. When the U.S. government founded the U.S. Bureau of agriculture in 1894, the research team created “calories” in order to find a unified unit to measure the energy value of different foods.
It was really “socialized” after 1900.
At that time, the United States was setting off a wave of “science”, and people’s worship of science reached an unprecedented level. Science is right and science is justice. At that time, almost all the media opened a scientist column, among which Lulu Pitts was the most famous. She provided content for more than 400 newspapers across the country and popular “calories” in one hand.
▲ Lulu Peters
Lulu Pitts is a medical expert with pungent and ironic language. It is precisely that she hates obesity. She thinks that obesity is a person who has no self-control and can’t control his weight, which is morally problematic, and her articles often attack fat people personally:
“All your problems come from one word, fat. Dead fat! Come on, tell me first, how many kilograms do you have?”
More than 100 years ago, she was the first person to introduce the concept of calories into weight loss and put forward the popular calorie calculation method today. She talked about her strict control of 1200 calories a day. She also published a book, diet and health: the key to calories, which topped the best seller list for two consecutive years in 1924 and 1925.
At the same time, the fashion industry also began to abandon those fat clothes. Represented by vogue and Chanel, they began to emphasize cutting and body curve, releasing a strong signal: thin is fashion.
So the banner of weight loss has been raised since then. It overturned the trend of plumpness for beauty in the past and involved people in the war on fat.
In 1940, the metropolitan life insurance company published the world’s first “ideal weight scale”, saying “no” to the view that “adults can gain weight with age”.
Five years later, Paris fashion designer Lewis reard invented the “bikini”. Since then, “beauty”, “beach” and “bikini” have appeared repeatedly in various film and television works, showing a clear rejection of fat.
In 1956, the world’s first TV weight loss program was launched, and more than half of women in the United States began to jump with TV.
The trend continued until 1994. A European magazine surveyed 1000 young European women aged 18-25. The results showed that 54% would rather be killed by a truck than gain weight, and more than 70% would rather be stupid and uneducated than gain weight.
Obesity has been demonized year by year.
After the reform and opening up, such a wave has also invaded China. Most of the popular Qigong in the 1980s are running to lose weight and pursue slimness, which has gradually become synonymous with women in the new era.
▲ in the 1980s, it was said that practicing Qigong could lose weight. A 6-year-old boy weighing 47 kg and 120 cm tall was practicing Qigong to lose weight
Today, the trend of weight loss has lasted for a hundred years and is becoming more and more intense. From bird legs, cartoon waist to BM style, weight loss has become a national consensus, and thin has become a national aesthetic. We subconsciously respond that fat is not good, thin is good.
So fat entered the moral field from the physiological field.
Under such moral requirements, thin has become a symbol of success, which represents personal self-discipline and self-control, while fat is completely on the opposite side, and weight loss has become a social pressure. At a time when high calories are becoming more and more accessible and the obesity rate is increasing year by year, the horn of weight loss has become louder and louder, and fat has become a public enemy of the whole people.
The weight loss market naturally makes a lot of money.
But in this long and protracted war, there is an underlying loophole: will there really be a winner?
An inescapable but deliberately ignored fact is that weight loss is still a problem that human beings cannot overcome.
At present, there are no more than two kinds of weight loss methods popular on social media: eat less and move more, and the “ketogenic” diet with high wind.
David Ludwig, a professor at Harvard Medical School who has long focused on food and obesity, wrote in his best-selling book, always hungry It is useless to point out that “eat less and move more”.
The starving diet plan is doomed to cure the symptoms rather than the root cause. A strong sense of hunger will stimulate the body’s resistance, make the short-term weight loss effect fall short, and even exceed the weight before weight loss after rebound.
While eating less, increasing exercise can not effectively help lose weight. It will make people more hungry and eat more food to “compensate”.
The key to continuous weight loss is to adjust the diet structure, reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates, stimulate the vitality of fat cells through healthy food matching and appropriate exercise, and let the metabolism enter the weight loss mode. When the sense of satiety increases, the weight will also begin to decline.
“Ketogenic” was invented as early as 1972, but countless scientific experiments have proved that it is not feasible, and even the company founded by the inventor has long gone bankrupt.
Scientists have turned their attention to deeper biological mechanisms.
In 1962, anthropologist James v. Neel first revealed the “frugal gene” hypothesis, pointing out that in order to cope with the lack of food in ancient times, when there is enough food, humans give priority to the genes that convert energy into fat and reduce consumption as much as possible.
This may indicate that human genes have a tendency to hoard fat. The weight loss market is no different from fighting against human nature, and the difficulty can be imagined.
Unfilled loophole
Looking back a hundred years, weight loss has always been a man-made business, flowing huge wealth, but its underlying logic is limited by biological laws and is doomed to fail to form a closed loop.
At the beginning of founding Huawei, Ren Zhengfei was short of funds and once sold diet pills; At the beginning of 1996, when the capital chain of giant group was about to break, Shi Yuzhu launched “giant not fat” weight loss health care products, which made giant group climb up from the mire.
They are the smartest entrepreneurs in China. They know the huge benefits of weight loss and that it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. After Huawei’s capital turnover was normal, it never set foot in the weight loss market. Shi Yuzhu, a marketing master who “played with human nature”, found out the details of the weight loss market earlier.
In the marketing of “huge but not fat”, Shi Yuzhu started with a big promotion with the slogan:
“Effective the next day”, “100% effective” and the classic “ask the people to testify”.
What he focuses on is the mentality of weight loss users eager for success, which has always been the characteristic of the weight loss market. It brings impulse and blindness. Under such publicity, the sales volume of giant fat is rising rapidly.
But at the same time, weight loss users also have a second mentality, which has no immediate effect. They throw it away after use and will not repurchase it. On the biological basis that it is difficult to lose weight, almost no products have immediate effect, that is, this is a one hammer deal. Shi Yuzhu is well aware of this. After the intensive bombing of advertising, there is no more market strategy in the follow-up.
But it is the characteristics of the weight loss market that give birth to a lot of fast money. In recent years, various concepts have been flying all over the world. Enzymes, sugar substitutes, green juice, ketogenic, fat reducing meals, fitness and L-carnitine appear in various forms and packaging. A concept scraped over is a lot of fast money, but it can’t last long. If it doesn’t see the effect in the short term, the concept will die out, so new concepts are needed.
There has never been a real giant in the weight loss market that has lasted for a hundred years.
The most famous myth of fast money is Bishengyuan. In 2009, it spent 190 million yuan on advertising. A year later, it was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first share of health tea in the mainland. At that time, Bishengyuan sold 800 million yuan a year.
However, the good times did not last long. In 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration stipulated that the name of health care products should not contain efficacy propaganda words. Weight loss tea was forced to be renamed “Changjing tea”. In that year, Bishengyuan lost 68.7 million yuan for the first time, down 174% year-on-year.
The rapid fall of Bishengyuan is only a microcosm. This market, which has existed for a hundred years, seems to be open, but anyone who wants to really enter will be hit by a blow. The gimmick of quick effect will eventually disappear quickly.
Today, in fact, many enterprises have begun to reflect on the disadvantages of this market. Take the currently favored brand beast life as an example. Although it is classified as a substitute meal, it focuses on providing “scheme” rather than selling weight loss products.
Replacing products with solutions can offset the negative effect of “sell after use” to a certain extent, bring longer-term repurchase and better survival of enterprises.
Similar to the logic of animal life, there are a large number of weight management brands such as keep and Gudong, which will also provide users with a series of solutions through intelligent device assistance, exercise planning and substitute food according to users’ personal information.
They replace weight loss with weight management, which actually solves many pain points in the weight loss market, from the blind pursuit of thin to the pursuit of a healthy long-term lifestyle, which can make the business model run for a longer time.
However, on a large scale, weight loss is still result oriented, and most audiences are still eager for success.
At the same time, due to the limitation of biological logic, there is no product with exact effect guarantee in the weight loss market, which means that the repurchase rate will not be too high.
This also means that in the end, it is better to spell who tells the story well. Most weight loss products still do not have their own moat, which is difficult to form a competitive advantage, so the anti risk ability is also relatively low.
The probability of weight loss market will continue to fight, old concepts will continue to grow old, and new concepts will swarm into the market.
However, from the perspective of consumers, today’s weight loss market has made great progress. Some players in the weight loss market have realized that emphasizing simple thin and rapid weight loss is not only unsustainable, but also harmful to consumers’ health.
So the wave of anti excessive weight loss is rising. Beast life and keep are also constantly promoting that weight loss should not be a short-term process, and the thinner the better. Perhaps with the continuous cognitive renewal, people will slowly pursue a healthy and long-term lifestyle.
Author: Xin Bo; Source: Huashang Taolue (ID: hstl8888), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Foodaily fbic & Expo 2022] foodaily daily food joined hands with the world’s top business and industrial partners to build fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first foodaily Expo “new food era – brand ecology” in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it together. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction). related reading

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