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Valentine’s day play heart attack, fight creativity… See how the brand creates a romantic economy under new consumption?

if there is a festival, we should take advantage of it, and if there is no Festival, we should also pass it. Facing the increasingly normalized festival consumption market, the market competition among major brands is becoming more and more fierce. What strategies will the brand use to impress consumers on Valentine’s day this year?
As a popular festival all over the world, Valentine’s day, which is regarded as the “legal festival” for lovers, has added a lot of warmth and sweetness to the whole consumer market. Looking at Valentine’s day in previous years, the sales of women’s consumer goods such as chocolate and cosmetics are usually the most popular. Now, beer, beverages, fast food, baking and other commodities also begin to be wrapped in the sweet coat of Valentine’s Day elements, so as to improve the brand voice and sales volume.
Valentine’s day has become one of the most important marketing festivals of the brand, and this year is no exception. On January 31, 2022, the annual survey released by the American Retail Federation (NRF) and prosper Insights & Analytics showed that the expenditure during the Valentine’s Day holiday in the United States in 2022 is expected to reach $23.9 billion, the second highest year on record, and the first highest year reached $27.4 billion in 2020. According to the NRF survey, shoppers expect to spend an average of $175.41 per person on Valentine’s Day gifts, up from $164.76 in 2021.
source: NRF official website
In China, baidu index data show that Internet users’ search for “Valentine’s Day gifts” has increased by 271% month on month in the past 30 days. Little red book search data also shows that there are 50000 + Notes of “Valentine’s day limit” alone, and more than 80000 goods with the words “Valentine’s Day”.
It is undeniable that as a global large-scale consumer Festival, Valentine’s day marketing is necessary. But in fact, in the Chinese market, in addition to 2.14 Valentine’s day, there are three other programs related to the nature of Valentine’s day every year. From Western Valentine’s day on February 14 to Japanese Valentine’s day on March 14, from “homophonic stem” Valentine’s day on May 20 to Tanabata day on the seventh day of July in the lunar calendar. Whenever Valentine’s day comes, couples who choose gifts for love feel “bald” in the face of the same love elements in goods and the creativity without much difference in marketing.
So, in today’s increasingly homogeneous products, what kind of Valentine’s Day products can move the hearts of consumers? We can see that while domestic brand owners are actively preparing for the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, many foreign major brands and cutting-edge people have entered the state of preparing for Valentine’s day early and launched a variety of holiday gifts and limited gift boxes. From diverse tastes and novel tastes, the limited theme of the current Valentine’s day, and even the health topics and cross-border inspiration that consumers pay attention to… All reflect the positive response of major brand owners to consumers’ demands. Now let’s catch this romance and take a look at this “high score answer sheet” under “romantic economy”!
Romantic gifts:
N sweet ways of chocolate
In the trend of reducing sugar consumption, chocolate candy, as the representative of high sugar, is often disliked by consumers, but in the special festival of Valentine’s day, candy chocolate has still become the first choice of consumers.
According to the NRF survey report, candy (56%), greeting cards (40%) and flowers (37%) are still the most popular gifts for Valentine’s day in 2022. In terms of consumers, a new survey conducted by the national confectioners Association (NCA) American confectionery Association in January 2022 showed that 91% said they would celebrate Valentine’s day this year, and 93% said they would like to receive chocolate and candy as gifts. Among them, compared with other generations, 32% of millennial consumers said they would increase candy purchase options this Valentine’s day, and 13% planned to buy more candy.
John downs, President and CEO of NCA candy Association, said: “Candy and chocolate products are becoming the hottest category in Valentine’s Day products consumption. Consumers will celebrate chocolate festivals and candy more frequently during this period. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more consumers will use their sweets to maintain their emotional health.” In this context, many chocolate and candy brands have created a series of irresistible Valentine’s Day products through unique tastes or cross-border joint names and customization.
M & M’s launches Valentine’s Day personalized product line
source: M & M’s official website, FDL
In mid January 2022, candy brand M & M’s launched its Valentine’s Day series. In particular, M & M’s has provided consumers with an online configurator for personalized chocolate gifts. Consumers can customize various M & M gifts such as T-shirts, socks, water cups and so on. It is reported that the M & M configurator can help consumers choose the specified M & M color, add text on chocolate, and even upload simple pictures less than 5 MB to print on chocolate.
Godiva x Le Vian launches chocolate inspired Valentine’s Day Necklace
Source: trendhunter
On January 18, 2022, chocolate brand Godiva and Le Vian jointly created three Valentine’s day themed necklaces inspired by chocolate to attract chocolate lovers and jewelry lovers all over the world. It is understood that the special edition Le Vian chocolate diamonds Necklace adopts the most classic style of Godiva, including the classic dark chocolate ganache heart with the pendant of the same name and the Chocolate Diamond on the 14K honey gold chain. To pay tribute to Godiva’s strawberry Cr è me Tarte truffle, the manufacturer also sets heart-shaped strawberry chocolate with warm ruby, Chocolate Diamond and white diamond on the 14K strawberry gold chain.
Eddie levian, CEO of Le Vian, said: “In 2022, Le Vian predicts that chocolate diamonds will become a hot topic this year. Godiva x Le Vian’s cooperation is our first creative interpretation of the power, fun and miracle of chocolate. This pleasant series of Chocolate Diamond jewelry is inspired by Godiva’s exquisite high-quality chocolate, made with love and provided to consumers to taste on Valentine’s day.”
Godiva x Hello Kitty launches plush doll gift box
Source: Godiva official website
In addition to cooperating with the diamond brand, Godiva also launched a limited edition Valentine’s Day plush doll gift box with the global popular IP doll Hello Kitty. The gift box is made of Godiva milk chocolate and G cube chocolate with salty Caramel Ganache taste, together with Hello Kitty and my melody dolls. In order to create a strong festival atmosphere, both plush dolls are dressed in pink, with Godiva x Hello Kitty bows hanging around their necks, pink heart-shaped soles of their feet and “Godiva 2022”. The limited edition cooperative gift box is available in two sizes and can be purchased at the sugoi Mart online store.
Silk & Spice x compartes truffles launches Chocolate Truffles
source: trendhunter & companies
In order to welcome the arrival of Valentine’s day in 2022, silk & spice and compartes chocolate, which are famous for encouraging consumers to explore, have jointly created a series of high-quality truffle chocolate gift boxes inspired by silk & spice. It is reported that in the set, each truffle chocolate is injected with wine. In order to bring consumers a unique flavor journey, the chocolate surface is also added with red fruit, vanilla, pink pepper and mocha. These limited edition truffles have the natural flavor of compartes and are ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for gourmets, wine lovers and chocolate connoisseurs.

Chouquette chocolate launches Valentine’s Day Chocolate puzzle

source: candy industry
Chocolate brand chouquette chocolates officially launched two patent pending Valentine’s Day Chocolate puzzles in February 2022. It is understood that the chocolate does not contain gluten, soybeans, genetically modified organisms and corn syrup. The cocoa butter colorant comes from all natural sources. In order to attract more consumers, chouquette divided 100 grams of chocolate into 16 equal parts and designed puzzles with two different patterns. The idea is that consumers can enjoy the fun of solving puzzles and eating chocolate.
The stuffed puffs Valentine’s Day chocolate filled marshmallow
Source: stuffpuffs official website
In February 2022, the confectionery brand the stuffed puffs launched the Valentine’s Day chocolate sandwich marshmallow, which is made of charming pink heart shape and filled with sweet milk chocolate. This marshmallow is not only suitable for putting into a cup of hot chocolate, but also very suitable for matching with other recipes or eating alone.
Romantic drink:
Alcohol, coffee and tea are added to the fun
In recent years, with the iterative upgrading of consumers, the consumption of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as electronic products, accessories and jewelry has declined, while the popularity of emerging wines and beverages has increased.
According to the results of a consumer sentiment study released by numerator in February 2022, generation Z and young millennials are changing their choices of Valentine’s Day gifts. Compared with the older generation, generation Z is 49% more likely to buy experience gifts (such as concert tickets and travel), 29% more likely to buy alcohol, 23% more likely to buy clothes and 15% more likely to buy spa products. On the other hand, the younger generation is 17% less likely to buy Valentine’s Day cards than the older generation.
In the coming Valentine’s day, major beverage brands around the world have launched personalized products and preferential policies to compete for the “cake” in the festival market.
Nipyata pushes a limited time drinkable Valentine’s Day card
Source: trendhunter
The latest holiday greeting card launched by nipyata brand, which is famous for its drinkable Occasion Greeting Card. It is reported that after opening this holiday card, two special drinks will be displayed, one is “Betty buzz tonic water” and the other is “aviation gin”. These cards provide a wonderful way to show your consideration to your loved ones and give them gifts of quality drinks.
Celebrate Valentine’s day with “love position cocktail kit”
source: trendhunter
To celebrate the love season, the “love position cocktail kit” DIY cocktail set created by bartender natalka Burian will add magical elements to your next celebration. According to mystical mixology, the set is equipped with a beaker shaped blender, dry lavender and charming herbal mixture, which can make consumers burst into blue, purple and purplish red swirls when pouring drinks. Beverages can be made with alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktails made without alcohol. Consumers can order kits on the uncommon goods website to make basil, mood ring cocktail, adult Lavender lemonade or rosemary lea gimley gift sets according to the potion formula.
Bean box coffee gram shared coffee series
source: trendhunter
In January 2022, bean box specially designed a romantic travel coffee series for coffee lovers in love. The series includes beans from six regions of the world. You can taste coffee from Hawaii, Paris, Swiss Alps, Mexico, Italy and Bali. From the sidewalks in Paris to the comfortable cabins in the Alps, coupled with delicacies such as crispy Ganache and handmade chocolate, this carefully planned coffee tasting series is sure to make people’s heart beat faster.
Tea drops x seltzer warm mood people’s day tea package
source: trendhunter
In mid January 2022, consumers can make their important partner’s heart and body warmer through the “warm heart people’s Day suit”. This comfortable gift set comes with comfortable wool slippers and socks, “tea drop sampler with reusable wooden box” and “heart-shaped bouquet puzzle”. The sample box is equipped with five delicious tea drinks: “citrus ginger”, “blueberry Brazilian berry”, “Matcha green tea”, “Rose Earl tea” and “sweet mint”.
Romantic expression:
Cakes and snacks can also show strong friendship
If the stomach is the gateway to the human mind, people will feel full of happiness after receiving cakes, macarons, biscuits and other baked foods with great visual impact and strong sensory experience. In such a well deserved “dog food” festival, major businesses give full play to their creativity and create personalized products to meet the personalized needs of millennials and Z generation.
Little Debbie limited edition pastry & Valentine’s Day bouquet
source: Little Debbie official website
Baking brand little Debbie launched be my Valentine dessert cake and festival exclusive Valentine’s Day bouquet on the eve of 2022 Valentine’s day, which aims to provide consumers with a simple and romantic way to celebrate the festival. Among them, the shape of dessert cake adopts heart-shaped design. The cake has a light strawberry flavor and vanilla cream filling. The white icing and pink drizzle icing on the surface add a lot of romance to the food. In addition, little Debbie also combines the cakes, Swiss rolls and mini donuts in be my Valentine series into a creative Valentine’s Day bouquet, which is decorated with pink wrapping paper, bows and ribbons.
Costco market opener selling heart-shaped macarons on Valentine’s Day
Source: lechicpatissier
In order to awaken consumers’ sweet memories of Valentine’s day, Costco, the world’s second largest retailer, tried to “capture” consumers by selling lovely heart-shaped macarons. This makaron product is a limited new product carefully created by Le chic P â Tissier brand for Valentine’s day. The product follows the traditional French handicrafts and is composed of two pieces of almond biscuit protein pastry and imported puree ganache. It uses high-quality raw materials such as 100% natural ingredients, fresh seasonal fruits and high-quality vanilla in Madagascar. Le chic P â Tissier hopes that this high-quality and luxurious macarone can perfectly express the strong friendship between lovers.
The little Debbie be my Valentine cake Limited Edition
Source: trendhunter
In 2022, little Debbie launched the Valentine’s day limited cake be my Valentine, which provides consumers with a simple and charming Valentine’s Day celebration dessert. This small cake features a heart-shaped design with the characteristics of Valentine’s day. It perfectly matches the vanilla cake with vanilla cream, and the surface is covered with a layer of light pink icing and drizzle white icing. It has excellent taste and appearance.
Duncan Hines launches epic chocolate sandwich biscuit set
source: Walmart
To welcome this love themed Festival, the iconic baking brand Duncan Hines launched a new “epic Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cookie sandwich biscuit set”. The products provide consumers with recipes and related materials for making biscuits sandwiches, including biscuit premix, biscuit sandwich filling and heart shaped sugar crumbs, which provide consumers with the experience of making products and the feeling of Valentine’s Day ceremony, and add strong emotional value behind the products.
Romantic meals: Custom pizza and vegetarian meals can also create a sense of ceremony
Although the outbreak of the epidemic has had a great impact on the catering industry, it also gave birth to the rise of family dining and takeout economy. Numerator consumer sentiment research results show that in the festival celebration plan during the epidemic, cooking at home and ordering takeout account for the highest proportion, an increase of more than 10 points from 2020 to 2021. Although there will be a slight decline in 2022, these behaviors may continue.
At the same time, as the epidemic gradually became normal, numerator reported that dining out also began to show a strong rebound trend. More than one-third (36%) of consumers plan to eat or drink on Valentine’s day this year, up from 17% in 2021, and 45% of consumers plan to eat out in February 2020.
Therefore, on the occasion of Valentine’s day, catering brands are looking for unique marketing points and new products to meet the needs of consumers.
Donatos launches limited meals for Valentine’s Day
Source: PRNewswire
Donatos, a world-famous fast food chain brand, also made every effort on Valentine’s day in 2022, bringing consumers two Holiday Limited products, heart shaped pizza and Valentine’s twists. As excellent representatives of sweet and salty snacks, the two products launched by donatos meet the needs of consumers with different tastes.
Among them, pizza makes the brand’s iconic thin pizza skin into a heart-shaped shape, and can choose ingredients according to personal preferences, creating a customized Valentine’s day dining experience for customers. Twists is to cut the hot bread from the middle and sprinkle it with vanilla icing and Valentine’s Day sugar crumbs. It is understood that donatos launched limited pizza for the first time during Valentine’s day in 2021, and achieved great success, with sales tripled year-on-year. It is believed that after the innovation and upgrading of donatos this year, Valentine’s day meals will bring it a wave of considerable revenue.
Tesco launches three course vegetarian Valentine’s Day meal
Source: trendhunter
Tesco has created a three course luxury vegan Valentine’s day double package with the help of vegetarian products in its cooperative brand wicked kitchen. With affordable prices, the new concept of vegetarianism has created a comfortable night for consumers who enjoy family time. It is reported that consumers can choose an appetizer, a main course, a staple food and dessert for two and a drink in the wicked kitchen series. In order to cater to the elements of Valentine’s day, the dessert in this set meal is a chocolate love brownie with cocoa powder on the surface and a rich chocolate ganeshi heart inside.
Anti romantic: singles should also enjoy the happiness of the festival
In fact, Valentine’s day spent is essentially a shopping holiday. According to numerator, 52% of Valentine’s day celebrators plan to buy gifts for themselves or others, an increase of 4 percentage points over Valentine’s day in 2021. In the post epidemic era, people also began to seek interesting and unique ways to treat themselves.
With the development of the economy of being single and living alone, many brands have begun to do the opposite, targeting singles during this period. If the brand doesn’t want to go with the tide and only provide services for happy couples, it can also learn from the welfare marketing brought to single dogs on Valentine’s day, Tanabata and other festivals.
Raytheon chocolate promotes “return to youth” Valentine’s Day peripheral series for singles
Source: Official Website of ブラックサンダー
Japanese chocolate brand ブラックサンダ゘ dark Raytheon has always been loved by local consumers because of its low price and unique marketing creativity. In order to compete with other high-grade chocolate brands, they always use “human chocolate at a glance” for brand publicity. On Valentine’s day in 2021, funny valentine’s day goods such as black Thor scarf and shoe cabinet were sold online, which triggered a heated discussion on the Internet, and the goods were robbed as soon as they were launched. On the arrival of Valentine’s day in 2022, Raytheon once again launched a series of products specially designed for singles with the theme of “returning to youth”, including couple blasting buttons, anti flash single tent, school desks and chairs, and even prepared personal love letters for singles.
Japanese netizens laughed at these products and left messages saying “buy pop”, “how much Raytheon chocolate hates Valentine’s Day”, “is this what chocolate companies should do?” “Smile to death, really friendly to singles” and “I really want to press the burst button”. Some netizens also said that they have purchased love letters and buttons and look forward to receiving the goods soon.
Fireball whisky has launched a funny anti romantic suit
Source: fireball whisky
Fireballwhisky carefully creates an anti Valentine’s Day Limited gift box for singles, lovelorn people and “lemon essence”. This product uses a heart-shaped box to create the design concept of “Stupid Cupid”, and the gift box contains 10 Mini fireball whisky. It is reported that the abv of fireball cinnamon whiskey is 33%, which can ensure that consumers who drink holiday suits can have a drunken Valentine’s day. At present, consumers can also order the product online and enjoy intimate online wine distribution services.
Wingstop offers boneless chicken promotion for singles
Source: wingstop
This Valentine’s day, American fried chicken brand wingstop launched a boneless chicken Valentine’s Day promotion, which aims to send warmth to “single dogs” during Valentine’s day. It is reported that wingstop will implement a one-day boneless chicken promotion on Valentine’s day to comfort people who are still single this year. Wingstop believes that Valentine’s day may be a lonely holiday for some people who don’t have a partner. Therefore, it hopes to encourage everyone to learn to reward themselves, romance themselves, cherish themselves and learn self love through delicious food this year.
If there is a festival, we should take advantage of it, and if there is no Festival, we should also pass it. Facing the increasingly normalized festival consumption market, the market competition among major brands is becoming more and more fierce.
As the main battle field of festival marketing, there are always several visionaries who can bring new surprises to consumers on the annual “Valentine’s Day”. Peeping into the marketing methods of these brands and businesses is not difficult to find that the key to forming a good marketing cycle is the marketing strength with in-depth insight into user needs and the unremitting pursuit of brands in serving user experience.
【1】Numerator: Valentine’s Day spending starts to rebound from 2021
Authors: Little Zhong, Ma Baiguo; Source: FDL digital food claim (ID: foodatalink), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).
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