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Ten year old Jiang Xiaobai’s biggest strategic crisis: not over marketing, but starting from seriously making the “golden cover” of products

Jiang Xiaobai, who is finally ready to fight a turnaround by making products with his heart, why do we think it is its biggest strategic crisis?
Jiangxiaobai has always been an enterprise with two levels of evaluation, which is highly controversial and controversial.
However, before it was controversial, we always respected jiangxiaobai and thought it was a very admirable enterprise, and it was really not easy to go. Jiangxiaobai has many characteristics of excellent enterprises. Its frequent out of circle marketing ability and capillary like solid channel ability are very worthy of learning by new consumer enterprises.
Of course, jiangxiaobai also has problems. One of the most criticized products is probably the poor products. But recently, jiangxiaobai, who has clearly begun to make products with great care and emphasize quality, makes us think that it is the beginning of its biggest strategic crisis.
After the ebb tide of new consumption, when “advocating product power” replaced the “advocating flow” two years ago with an incomparably politically correct attitude, we think Jiang Xiaobai can be used as a good research object to demonstrate our point of view, “why the so-called product power is not the core of consumer goods enterprises”, why do we talk about raw material planting and brewing technology boldly, The product quality of today’s jiangxiaobai, we feel that the strategic crisis it faces is far greater than that of jiangxiaobai who was “criticized” for not seriously making products.
In our previous research, Jiang Xiaobai was mentioned twice: the first time was in-depth research: where is the “disease” of new consumption In, we use Jiang Xiaobai as an excellent example:
“Jiangxiaobai, founded in 2012, is in the bonus period of Taobao. A large number of so-called” Taobao brands “were born near this time, but jiangxiaobai’s success did not rely on Taobao’s bonus, but fought in offline channels.”,
This is a model of respecting the laws of the industry: it is in sharp contrast to the parasitic dependence of a large number of unqualified “new consumers” on the so-called “channel red” in the market today. In particular, many low alcohol enterprises today are ridiculously stumbling in a single digit online channel, and then putting on a hat that I advocate “drinking for one person” to deceive others.
We all know that offline channels are difficult, and offline channels, catering channels are more difficult than supermarkets. Compared with online crazy smashing traffic and jumping off buildings, they are called strategic losses to seize the user’s mind. They can only deceive people who do not understand brand construction and feel that exposure is equal to recognition. Jiangxiaobai’s channel strategy almost chose to take a difficult and correct path from day 1. Today, most of the basic sales volume comes from offline.
The second time Jiang Xiaobai was mentioned, we classified the consumer enterprises that have achieved a certain degree of success in “in-depth study | different interpretation of Yuanqi forest: success and hidden worries”, which is “different from the all-in-one talk about erythritol and the Productism behind it”, We mentioned the relationship between “Xiaojiang” and “our excellent brand building” again with the ability of “accurate understanding”.
Our classification at that time was as follows:
“Globally, the most successful consumer enterprises must also have” accurate user value understanding “+” excellent brand ability “– representative enterprises: P & G, lululemon, etc;
We think we have excellent brand ability, but there are representatives of deviation at the level of “user value understanding” – representative enterprises: three and a half tons, Jiang Xiaobai, etc;
One of the typical representative enterprises is the protagonist above: vitality forest.
Because the protagonist of the study was Yuanqi forest at that time, we didn’t make a further interpretation of why Jiang Xiaobai was divided into the second category. But in fact, Shangjiang Xiaobai is a very good case to understand the value of the brand and let you see that the power of the brand can even make up for some of the deviation in the “user value understanding”.
Jiangxiaobai and Yuanqi forest are two completely opposite cases to some extent: Yuanqi forest’s brand construction actually has many problems, which depends on the product’s grasp of user value; Jiang Xiaobai succeeded through brand building under the condition of deviation in “user understanding”.
Before analyzing why jiangxiaobai, who started with “Jingai” products and prepared to make products with heart, has the biggest strategic crisis, we will first try to show you the right and wrong of jiangxiaobai before Jingai. In this process, we will take you to see our philosophy again: the only moat of the enterprise is the understanding of user value. Only the user’s consumption behavior can really define the product. The strategic crisis of Jiangxiao baijingai comes from this.
Jiangxiaobai doesn’t know what users want
Jiangxiaobai may be one of the enterprises that most like to emphasize “respecting users” among all enterprises.
When attacked by traditional Baijiu enterprises, Jiang Xiaobai said that the traditional Baijiu enterprise followed the set of flavor standards, not the only choice of users is the answer.
When Chinese Baijiu was not questioned as a new product, Jiang Xiaobai said, “I don’t know if this is not a Baijiu, but I know that this is the product that users tell us personally that they want.”
Jiangxiaobai will invite users to the company for a trial drink, open a shop near the office building, hold a user co Creation Conference, and so on. Indeed, a series of behaviors are a manifestation of “respecting users”. We all know that “respecting users” is very important, and from mindset to action, Jiang Xiaobai does seem to have done everything about “respecting users”; Unfortunately, Jiang Xiaobai still doesn’t seem to know what users want.
Let’s think about it first. How did Jiang Xiaobai do it?
Its story path is called:
Because young people are not love drinking traditional baijiu.
So I want to make a wine for young people →
Therefore, Jiang Xiaobai was made.
This thinking path has no problem, clear insight and clear logic; But one of the biggest problems is:
It is clear that young people do not love traditional baijiu.
But what made it what made a product that was almost the same as traditional Baijiu?
Of course, you can say that there is a big difference. What is the fragrance type of jiangxiaobai? The traditional ones are Luzhou flavor type and Maotai flavor type. You can even continue to subdivide each flavor type into secondary subtypes; But this is the thinking dimension standing in the discourse system of Baijiu, standing in the perspective of ordinary people, they are all baijiu.
How to put it? Suppose a foreigner who has not had any Baijiu drinks three scent, strong scent and Maotai Baijiu, he will tell you, basically all Chinese BaiJiu.
Previously, there was a mainstream media report by Jiang Xiaobai. In the comment area of the report, there was a “soul question” from a young consumer:
“Is not the same flavor of Baijiu?”  
The comment won the first place in the high praise and hot comment, and then another passer-by replied to him, “son, you’re still too young.”
Obviously, the first person to ask is a non-traditional Baijiu user, and the latter is typical of the traditional Baijiu users. From this question and answer, you can clearly see what is the idea of the general public and what the traditional Baijiu users think.
This is the core deviation of Jiang Xiaobai’s previous “user value understanding”: the crowd is not wrong, the insight is not wrong, the logic is not wrong, but the product solution is wrong. The wrong solution is the original jiangxiaobai product.
Many people criticize Jiang Xiaobai for being hard to drink. This seems to be no problem, because it’s really not very good to drink, but it’s not Jiang Xiaobai’s fatal problem at all:
Baijiu Baijiu is a big proportion of the difficult to drink is based on the evaluation system of traditional liquor made evaluation, and the biggest problem of Jiang Xiao Bai products is not that it is not good enough in the liquor evaluation standard system, but the difference between products and traditional Baijiu, Mrs. (of course, there are other small groups of people who say that products are hard to drink, and are based solely on the “entrance beverage” rather than the traditional Baijiu evaluation standard, which we will deal with later).
In an interview with JiangBai, we didn’t know how to make this product, but in a certain degree, JiangBai said:
“At the beginning of Jiang Xiaobai’s founding, in order to know what kind of wine young people want, Jiang Xiaobai did a lot of consumer research, but according to the results of the research, consumers did not give a clear conclusion, but only said a vague concept of light and delicious. Therefore, Jiang Xiaobai did not dare to make a decision easily.”. Perhaps it was barely based on the so-called light and tasty drink that Jiang made the so-called “Fen flavor” baijiu.
This is indeed understandable, because the traditional market research methods, whether it is the questionnaire that emphasizes breadth or the focus group that emphasizes depth, are almost difficult to get real user insight. Real user insight is the decisive thing to make a product. We have mentioned before why marketing and channels cannot become the core factor of product success;
Because it is precisely because of the user’s understanding deviation that Procter & Gamble Coca Cola, the giant with the most marketing and the strongest channel resources in the world, has made countless failed products.
Therefore, although Jiang Xiaobai has always emphasized users and made a lot of efforts to connect with users, in fact, he doesn’t know what users want. This is why Jiang Xiaobai has been walking rather hard, not hard to drink.
That’s not a good product solution,
How did you ever sell 3 billion?
Since the product scheme given by Jiang Xiaobai is not good enough, why can sales rise all the way, from 50 million, 100 million to 3 billion in 2019?
Because it is rumored that the sales volume will decline in 2020, many people give an answer called:
“It sold well before because of good marketing. Many consumers were attracted by marketing, but after drinking it once, they felt it was difficult to drink, so consumers naturally left.”. But obviously, this is not entirely the case.
Why do you say that?
Because the above answers are actually more in line with most new consumers today: because of an online red grass planting / bringing goods / Beauty / trying to get in, the product is bad / there is no demand / no memory point, so there is no re purchase. All new consumption has been popular for only two years, and even many of them have a round of travel. Only la Xin has no re purchase, and the sales volume has fallen precipitously. This is called relying on marketing to pull a wave of people, and almost all of them are lost after one consumption.
For jiangxiaobai, on the one hand, its basic offline sales do not rely on online shopping, while offline consumption depends on the spontaneous choice of users. In a large number of supermarkets and catering channels like capillaries, the consumption behavior is a long-term flow, and bottle after bottle occurs in every dining / shopping behavior, rather than online goods hoarding consumption; You said that the sales of about 1.1 billion bottles, distributed in 10 years, is a state of only pulling new without re purchase, which is obviously absurd.
On the other hand, jiangxiaobai has been established for 10 years, and the sales volume rises with curve fluctuation before 2019; Even if the decline in 2020 is not a cliff like decline, it also superimposes the offline impact of the epidemic on Jiang Xiaobai, and Jiang Xiaobai’s marketing out of the circle occurred many years ago. Therefore, the statement that users “come because of marketing and lose after drinking once” obviously cannot be established, because it is completely inconsistent with the sales curve.
Then why do we clearly say, “the understanding of user value is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, but for jiangxiaobai, jiangxiaobai, whose understanding of user value is biased, has not failed, and even the sales volume has continued to rise before. We understand this:
First of all, whether the “understanding of user value” is correct or not determines the “life and death” of the product when entering a new field; In a traditional field, it only determines whether the product is “mediocre”;
For example: Microsoft, the overlord of the PC era, developed the mobile operating system much earlier than today’s IOS and Android, and even earlier than Nokia’s Symbian; But never succeeded. Because Microsoft’s user value understanding has always been: users expect smart phone system to have the same experience as computers; Therefore, the direction of efforts from beginning to end is how to copy the functions of complete windows to mobile phones, but it is clear that the market tells Microsoft that this is not what users want. Therefore, the windows mobile system in the Nokia era lost in a mess to Saipan, and the windows phone system, the transformation of the mobile Internet era, lost in a mess to IOS and Android. This is called entering a new field. The wrong understanding of user value is fatal and determines the life and death of the product, because you define a new thing. There is no mobile operating system before the world, but users won’t tell you what I want, because they don’t know the way. They will only vote by behavior after the enterprise really makes it.
What is in a traditional field, that is, the evolution of products from traditional coffee to fine coffee, from blended whisky to single malt whisky, from dandruff shampoo to nourishing shampoo, from pearl milk tea to milk covered tea; This so-called new product has not changed the nature of this traditional category in essence. For users, the evaluation and cognition of it are still in the same discourse system as a whole.
This can better explain the difference between the two in the context of tea drinks:
If the user value of a tea enterprise is understood as: Master Kang iced black tea, as the first tea in market share, is not enough to represent a good tea product. Consumers deserve “better tea” and wantonly launch “original leaf tea”; In the past ten years, almost all products, whether international giant Coca Cola, Nestle or local giant nongnongshan spring, have completely failed, which is called entering a new field, because pure tea and beverage tea are not sold at all;
However, if you think Master Kang’s iced black tea is not good enough, and then launch “iced green tea” and “Jasmine honey tea”, you think you can make more popular flavor tea based on other tea bases; This is because you are still in the same relatively traditional field, and you have not changed the core of beverage tea in essence.
Baijiu Baijiu, which is a clear product, is a love product that Jiang Xiaobai has no idea of. But when all the Baijiu Baijiu is almost the same, it only lets it enter the traditional liquor evaluation discourse system, and has not entered a death field.
The core of claw’s study of Chinese apprentice is a more important view of claw’s success, “Most of the world’s consumer goods are composed of functional and emotional parts, but for most categories, they are far more functional than emotional: coke is first a refreshing and sweet beverage, followed by the representative of happiness; Muji is first a good-looking and comfortable home, followed by the representative of minimalism, etc.
However, it is extremely rare in the category of wine. The significance of carrying social function has always greatly exceeded the significance of carrying beverage function. For a long time, due to the particularity of the category of wine, it has been regarded as the meaning of “alcohol”, “social”, “cheer” and “emotional export”; Are far more than its own significance as a drink.
Recently, there is a popular saying that in the past, consumer goods were mainly functional, and now consumer goods are mainly spiritual; This sounds absolutely right. In fact, it is almost completely untenable, and the rare category is wine. Because the symbolic meaning of wine is far greater than that of drink, and drinking is rarely for taste, so it is not so good to drink.
Therefore, although Jiang Xiao Bai is not very good at drinking, but the user does not have a particularly high expectation, as mentioned above, the Baijiu is the same type of flavor. The ultimate driving force of human behavior is never the absolute value of facts, but the relative difference between facts and expectations. Because there is no high expectation, there will not be a big gap; Or before the company makes the product, the user does not know what kind of Baijiu products should be expected. Just like before apple made the iPhone, consumers didn’t know that they expected the iPhone, but they still flocked to traditional phones, making it difficult to find the popularity of Nokia N97.
When analyzing Helen’s, we also mentioned that a large number of users never care about the taste of wine, and it is these talents who really contribute the most to the sales of wine. Simply think about it: where do you drink 1 or 2 bottles of refined beer? People who interpret various flavors are real users; Or a box of beer, a few people playing dice and killing them are real users; In the end is to take the Baijiu in that first to smell, then taste, and then feel the taste of the people is the real user, or friends to drink high, a person, a Jin, everyone is good brother’s people are real users. Therefore, it’s meaningless to criticize Helen’s products for being “not good enough”. We can only say that we know nothing about human nature. If we think that young people only love to be slightly drunk, we can go to the door of Helen’s company at 2 a.m. and see the staggering young people. From this point of view, Jiang Xiaobai should learn from Helen’s company.
Young people who drink whisky, coke barrels, shots, drinks from Helen’s own drinks, Few people are drinking the flavor of the wine “Because the value of wine is much higher than drinking value. This is almost the same for any wine: red wine, whisky, Baijiu, the same for high-end or low-end brands, and even for young people or middle-aged people: those who drink French intermediate red wine, drink 18 years of mountain wine, and drink Moutai almost no one is drinking” wine taste “. (except for enthusiasts and understanding kings).
It’s not enough just not to be fatal, ”Jiang Xiaobai “When the contents in the bottle are clearly not so pleasing, Jiang Xiaobai relies on strong brand power to establish strong spiritual resonance with users, and users buy the spiritual identity provided by Jiang Xiaobai. This is why we put it in the second category. When the understanding of user value is not so accurate, strong brand power can make up for one part Points.
Jiangben Xiaoming liquor is the only brand of Jiangben Xiaoming liquor, which is almost the only brand of JiangBai Xiaoming liquor. The category of wine is particularly important. As we said above, all along, due to the particularity of the category of wine, it has been regarded as the meaning of “alcohol”, “social”, “cheer” and “emotional export”; Are far more than its own significance as a drink. Since in any case, it is not for taste, then the spiritual value is extremely important, and Jiang Xiaobai relies on this.
Recently, there is a popular saying that brands should make efforts to make content. That sounds absolutely right, but I’ve been thinking for a long time and really don’t understand what a brand should do; If it means doing content like a content production company, I absolutely don’t recommend it. Later, I carefully read the opinions of a large number of experts who claim that brands should do content. They say that the content includes brand positioning, brand story, brand design, VI, name, and even advertising content production and social media content. I suddenly realized that this is not the most traditional consumer goods enterprise P & G Unilever, which has talked about the most basic brand composition for hundreds of years? Why has this century old business common sense become what consumer brands should do today, and why should we call it content? A better name?
But whether they do or not, consumer goods companies do have something worth learning from content companies. The most important thing is to tap user resonance. In Hollywood’s film and television industry, the core of screenwriters is to make users resonate with characters; Comedy talk show actors, the most important thing is that the passage can resonate with users. Jiang Xiaobai has done very well in this regard. A series of operations of Jiang Xiaobai are establishing strong resonance with users. Although white-collar workers in first tier cities, especially some advertising practitioners, feel “pretentious”, “embarrassing” and “not advanced enough”, their ideas are almost never important. After all, they are not target users.
Why can jiangxiaobai succeed in making the brand core young? Today, many new consumer brands also claim to be the core of the brand, but they are young, but they do it in a mess. On the one hand, I believe you have seen Jiang Xiaobai prove his marketing ability countless times; On the other hand, almost everything about jiangxiaobai brand is done around the young point. The brand core, product design, slogan, the way to interact with consumers, advertising and so on all need to be consistent, which is the foundation of the brand.
I have seen a very absurd phenomenon in many new consumer enterprises, which is called: talking about youth is talking to investors, not consumers. When financing, the stories told are all young. As a result, the stories told to consumers return to functionality, one is healthy, one is good to drink, one is ingredient party, one is good-looking, one is easy to use, one is high-end, one is cost-effective, etc. It doesn’t mean that the core of the brand is youth. The core of the brand is trade-offs. You should clearly draw boundaries between what you want and what you don’t want It’s not a little fancy in design. There are some young elements, which are called young brands. Brands are a systematic project.
Relying on this strong brand power, jiangxiaobai even made up for the deviation of some users’ understanding. When the products are not good enough, coupled with the excellent capillary channel distribution capacity, it has built a sales volume of nearly 3 billion.
Too many to count tap water. Jiang Xiaobai is not good at drinking. The user will create many drinks by himself. The volume of the “200 million tiktok” labels on the shaking sound is even more than that of the small water heater. Some users can only launch their own brands through their own brand differences.
“golden cover” products
Almost abandoned all the “foundation of life” of Jiang Xiaobai
Since the ebb of the new consumption wave in the second half of 2021, the statement of “rejecting flow thinking and taking product power as the king” has swept almost all discussions on consumption with an extremely correct attitude. Investors say so, entrepreneurs say so, and experts say so, but almost from the beginning, we denied this statement.
For those enterprises that don’t care about product power, they begin to care about product power. It can only be said that they have changed from the “fraud group” without awe to recognizing mistakes and preparing to be serious enterprises.
But the world has never guaranteed any enterprise. You can succeed if you do a good job in products. When you have made great efforts to make products, but still can not sell, you will be more painful.
Let’s first explain why the saying “product is king” is a trap of “product power”. Then you will understand why Jingai seems to be the beginning of Jiang Xiaobai’s great emphasis on product power, but we think it is the biggest crisis.
First of all, most people have huge problems with the definition of “good product”. What is a good product and what is a powerful product. We have read the statements given by you. The highest degree of overlap is probably “attaching importance to R & D, product quality, supply chain and self built factories”. Even Tang Binsen, the founder of Yuanqi forest, gave the answer of “dare to use good raw materials that others dare not use”.
But we don’t think so. From this point of view, Helen, who has been widely criticized for its poor product power, is an excellent model of the product, as we have given an analysis before; The vitality forest that dares to use good materials actually has many hidden dangers in its thinking.
Let’s start with an example of Ruixing coffee.
Ruixing gained a lot of “positive” discussions in 2021. Compared with the fraud scandal in 2020, many people said Ruixing coffee was resurrected in 2021. It doesn’t matter whether there is resurrection or not. The important thing is why there is such a discussion. I believe many people have heard that it no longer engages in low-cost gimmicks and makes products with heart.
But I want to make a hypothesis first: suppose it is the beginning of 2021, and you are the CEO of Ruixing company. What will you do when you decide that the core of this year’s strategy is to make products carefully?
According to the above statement, the probability should be “better coffee beans, better coffee machines, better baking methods, and possibly better baristas”;
Most of them, except for baristas, are almost the stories that Ruixing has been telling the public since its establishment: “use the same equipment as Starbucks, the world’s best coffee product supply chain like Starbucks, cooperate strategically with food raw material giant Louis Dafu, select good coffee beans, etc; But users’ perception is almost zero.
Coffee industry practitioners almost all know something called coffee flavor wheel. Coffee experts will tell you what kind of flavor a good coffee should have, including all kinds of: flower fragrance, citrus, acidity and so on.
But according to this idea, you can never make Ruixing’s most popular products in 2021:
Raw coconut latte.
The raw coconut latte is almost the only product out of the circle in the whole coffee industry in 2021. The monthly sales volume of a single SKU exceeds 10 million cups. With the follow-up of almost all coffee brands and even milk tea brands, similar products have been launched one after another.
According to the cognition of the coffee industry, the more you work hard, the more you focus on better coffee beans, better suppliers, better coffee machines, better baking methods, better baristas, etc. The more you understand coffee, the more you study coffee technology and baking technology, and the more you want to make the flavor on the coffee flavor wheel incisively and vividly, The more you can’t make a product like raw coconut latte.
This is why Yuanqi forest, the representative of Productism, said that “dare to use good materials that others dare not use” is the key to success. We think this idea is full of hidden dangers. Many subsequent products, such as full score fruit juice, are completely incomprehensible.
This is why Helen, which is almost denounced by the whole network, is criticized for relying on low prices and relying on OEM products. On the contrary, we believe that hanging the cognition of a number of new wine brands in the past two years is the representative of the real excellent products.
For the consumer goods industry, the “excellence” of products is really not reflected in the dimensions of Technology / quality, but in the understanding of user value. Other levels can be easily smoothed by efforts.
Today, when the founders of many consumer enterprises and investors in the consumer industry come to communicate with us, they often do something called:
“I’ll send you a batch of samples of the products of our company / our invested company, and you can give me some feedback and opinions.”
I usually do try, but I will also say, in fact, if you give me a product, I will try it by looking at the appearance. It is really difficult for me to give any insights. I even haven’t seen the effectiveness of your enterprise’s PR draft many times, because what matters is not how the product is, but the passing line of product quality, What matters is what your intention is behind you making this product, and what kind of user value this product is based on. It is because different enterprises have different understanding of user value that determines the difference of the most critical core of the hundreds of similar products with extremely similar external functions on the shelf.
Understand what is the real “product power”, not the best raw materials, not the best supply chain, not the best technology, but the best understanding of user value. Let’s look at Jiang Xiaobai’s Jingai again. Why is it the biggest crisis.
We saw the speech delivered by founder Lao Tao at the product conference of King gay. We think that the core user understanding of supporting Jiang Xiaobai to make the gold cover product is very dangerous: it is a product that compromises the traditional Baijiu world and abandons the success of Jiang Xiao Bai.
On the one hand, although the press conference has always emphasized respecting users many times; But all the advantages and signals that Jiang Xiaobai gives to the gold cover products is almost all compromised with the standards of the traditional Baijiu world, not to compromise with the users.

“High alcohol”,

“Grain and wine”,

“Find a bunch of tasting experts for a tasting meeting”,

“Emphasizing the difference between the product Kamatsu Koka and the traditional Baijiu”.

“Emphasis on process”,

“Emphasizing old wine”;
If we look at all these carefully, the discourse system behind it is the discourse system of traditional baijiu. If your target group is still:

Young people who don’t love baijiu.

Young people who drink for fun, not for taste,

It is a group of young people who spontaneously tiktok the lovers of Jiang Xiao Bai and Sprite.
Then, they can hardly have any perception of all these above.
In particular, Jiang Baijiu spent countless efforts in trying to cut the “mud mud” flavor of traditional Baijiu, not to mention the young people of target users, and even to hear the middle-aged heavy users of many traditional liquor. “What does this word mean? Those who can say this word are almost people who are close to tasting drinking. In other words, the opinions of experts at the tasting meeting should not be important at all, because they should live in two worlds with Jiang Xiaobai’s users.
Of course, Jiang Xiaobai also gave a reason for doing so, which is another reason why we think this is a strategic crisis. The reason given by Jiang Xiaobai is: “it’s right to make 40 degree wine to focus on young people 10 years ago, but today, the first batch of users 10 years ago have grown up and become middle-aged people, and their demand for high alcohol is much greater”.
The biggest problem is called:
No brand should accompany users all their life. You can’t change the core of the brand just because users change.
The extreme point is that you are a milk powder brand, because when your users grow up, you become a children’s food brand, and then grow up, you become an adult catering brand, which is not the logic of brand operation. You are a brand that focuses on students. When students graduate, they lose customers. You can only get new student customers, which is very painful, but you can only do so; You are a middle-end brand. Your users are getting older and their economic strength is enhanced. You can’t become a high-end brand because you buy a high-end brand. What you need to do is to persevere in serving the people with your brand positioning.
If the enterprise is unwilling to accept, or you want to continue to serve new people, it is up to you to make a new brand, a brand that has nothing to do with the original brand, which is also a process from 0-1 again;
In any case, you can’t change the core of the product and brand just because the user’s age / economic status / social role / etc. changes, which is equivalent to discarding everything of the brand.
Therefore, although jiangxiaobai’s golden cover is a product that claims to greatly improve the product power, it seems to us that it is jiangxiaobai’s most dangerous strategic decision. It is a signal that it is different from traditional Baijiu, but it is a signal to compromise the traditional Baijiu world. It is a signal that has thrown away the original of Jiang Xiao Bai’s life.
Jiang Xiaobai should learn to shield “noise”
We agree with Jiang Xiaobai laotao that entrepreneurship is a matter of life and death. It is not easy for any enterprise to survive. And we feel that, like Jiang Xiaobai, it is even more difficult to make certain achievements.
Similarly, as an entrepreneur, I admire every entrepreneur, whether successful or not, as long as they are not fraudulent entrepreneurs, especially those who fear business.
So I can probably understand what Jiang Xiaobai’s strategic crisis decision comes from; Because Jiang Xiaobai is accompanied by too much “noise” along the way, it is almost politically correct to say that Jiang Xiaobai is “hard to drink” today.
In addition, “hold high the banner of Productism” and almost all “passers-by” feel that marketing is a thing without threshold, and everyone can express some “extremely correct” views. But in fact, the vast majority of people know almost nothing about the brand, and their understanding of marketing is extremely superficial.
When I first started to write business research, I was prepared to write silently for half a year and write more than a dozen articles in order to produce a little effect. Therefore, when the first article aroused great repercussions almost from the beginning, and then the second article was almost reproduced by more than 50 platforms, I once felt terrified, The most I can say is: I clearly think I’m talking about some of the most basic common sense, because the essence of business must be extremely simple.
Later, one person said to me, “because there is too much noise in the market, it is rare to refuse noise and respect common sense when the market is almost full of noise”.
I think this sentence is very suitable for Jiang Xiaobai. Now the evaluation of Jiang Xiaobai’s “hard to drink” in the market is hardly worth listening to. Of course, I don’t say Jiang Xiaobai is good or not hard to drink, but because:
The most widely spread and influential criticism that can be seen by the founders, executives and other decision-makers the more volume, must come from the people and platforms who have the relative right to speak. The relatively influential media almost certainly do not come from the most general public.
These come from traditional Baijiu experts, wine practitioners, mainstream media platforms, business analysis, advertising, investment institutions; The evaluation of product taste is almost meaningless; They are either based on the traditional Baijiu evaluation system or based on their own preferences, but these people are almost Moutai, Wuliangye users, Yamazaki, the users of Bo Mo, Ben Fu’s users, few people are really Jiang Xiaobai’s users. What enterprises should listen to is the voice of those who are clearly criticizing you on the whole network, and still consume most of the 1.1 billion bottles.
In the past, I was often invited to participate in some enterprise discussion activities, and then such a phenomenon often appeared. Some of our guests who were clearly present were experts in business research, supply chain, marketing and so on, but they were often asked by people from the enterprise side,

“Do you think my product tastes good? Is it easy to use? Is it good-looking?

Do you like it? What needs to be improved? ”  
In my opinion, this is extremely absurd behavior.
Because I think we have no say. Most of the time, these experts are not the target users of your products. Their opinions should be limited to professional and good fields such as supply chain, marketing and investment; When they are not target consumers, they have no say in the product, and even their opinions will confuse the real needs of users. Therefore, I almost never give subjective opinions when I am not the target user, because it is extremely irresponsible to give opinions for real users.
Therefore, shielding “noise” has become extremely important, no matter where the noise comes from; In fact, the voice of users should have no real value. Most of the user surveys are almost completely unqualified. Enterprises should try very hard to remind themselves that most of the voices you can see have the right to speak. They can produce a lot of volume, so they will be seen by you repeatedly, but at the same time, to some extent, it means that they are difficult to represent ordinary users.
Similarly, we usually say that thinking about yourself as a user does not mean that you really think of your preferences as users’ preferences; But let you take off all the extremely personal characteristics of you, only retain those common characteristics of human nature, pull them out, and put yourself in the position of a generalized person with the most extensive common characteristics of human beings to think about the most universal needs of human beings. I’ve seen too many people. When facing a phenomenon that is different from their own cognition, they first question “really? How?” based on “I / the people around me / the people I see are not”, rather than curious “really? How?”, You can understand the difference between the two, “really? How can it?” and I think the most rare quality of a person is that he can put himself behind everything without hesitation at any time.
On the other hand, when I recently communicated with a new energy vehicle brand, I was asked a good question: should they sell the product to people who understand it or people who don’t understand it?
I believe that people in many fields will have such a confusion, especially now many advocate seed users.
My answer is very simple: almost any category of consumer goods in the world should be sold to people who don’t understand. Selling to people who don’t understand is not because they are easy to cheat or based on any business theory, but based on the most basic human law: in almost every field in the world, people who understand may account for only 0.1%, and their cognition of things may be completely different from that of ordinary consumers. They can almost never represent the thinking path of ordinary consumers. Real consumers are lazy rather than rational, and “understanding” naturally carries the threshold of rationality.
At the press conference, Jiang Xiaobai also reflected on the four major business mistakes. Looking carefully at these four reflections, I think most of them are unnecessary to reflect, because most of them are reflecting on “noise”. Jiang Xiaobai also said that the strategic direction of high alcohol is based on the voice of users, but I think it is more based on the analysis of the market pattern.
Although Jiang Xiaobai always talks about users, on the contrary, I think Jiang Xiaobai cares too much about the voice of “non users”: This includes the media, peers, experts, and so on; Jiang Xiaobai cares too much about the voice of criticism, but you should know that when a person will stand up and criticize an enterprise’s product strategy / marketing practices, it is almost certain that this is not a person who can really represent the general public among the 1.4 billion people. This is not a behavior that ordinary people will have.
So Lao Tao, the founder of jiangxiaobai, said at an event in 2021, “jiangxiaobai will try 0 marketing from 2019”; In the 2021 open letter, “copywriting is Jiang Xiaobai’s pride and pain”. As an external response to Jiang Xiaobai’s “only marketing”, the noise has been too serious. Because “0 marketing”, even reducing marketing, has a great impact on a consumer goods company. No consumer goods company can do without marketing, which is not worth the argument at all.
No successful consumer goods company in the world can do without marketing. Even if the popularity is as big as Coca Cola, marketing is also extremely important; Procter & Gamble, the world’s most successful consumer goods company, is a typical model of marketing driven. Marketing has never been a negative thing. Marketing is negative only when there is a lack of comparison, but this negative comes from products, not from marketing. So when a person comes to the conclusion that marketing is negative, his opinion is no longer worth listening to. He can almost be sure that he has no professional ability.
At the same time, those who can say the question of “only marketing” are almost either the identity of a business analysis perspective or an extremist. In any case, this question is difficult to come from a real user. A real user will not say “garbage, don’t buy it” because he sees a lot of advertisements on the iPhone on the Shanghai subway; I won’t say “garbage, don’t buy it” just because I saw the variety show named by Yuanqi forest; This has never been the thinking logic of a real user, this is the thinking logic of the industry.
There is no need to make the decision of “0 marketing” in response to the hat of “only marketing” of some non users, let alone reflect on the pain of copywriting. Of course, I believe it is more like an expression than a literal “0 marketing”. But the signal is very dangerous. Enterprises should clearly understand that PR is not unimportant, but PR is only limited to PR; Noise should not affect any enterprise’s strategic decision.
Because what really matters is always the voice of the user; Enterprises should always be vigilant about what is noise. No matter how loud they are, they should not shake the strategic foundation of the enterprise at all; The determination to reject noise and temptation is very important.
From this perspective, jiangxiaobai is an enterprise with solid brand and channel skills; Today, jiangxiaobai’s channel peneration is still the leader among many consumer enterprises, and jiangxiaobai’s 100 statements are still the proof of its strong marketing strength.
But it is hard to say that jiangxiaobai is a user enterprise, although jiangxiaobai seems to have made a lot of efforts in interacting with users. But user value understanding is like the most important secret book running through the Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, the nine Yin Manual of classics. It has great power, but it is very difficult to practice. Most people get the secret of incomplete. From Mei Chaofeng in the hero of the shooting hero to The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber in Zhou Zhi, the half is only half done.
The above is why we believe that jiangxiaobai, starting from Jingai, is a typical case. In today’s era of holding high the banner of “Productism”, better raw materials, better factories, better technology and better supply chain are not stacked with product competitiveness. The incomparable attention to product quality is still a kind of production thinking in essence, Not user thinking; The only thing that can define a good product is a good understanding of user value.
There is a book called “Blue Ocean Strategy”. After reading it, many people said that the cases in this book are simply copy mechanically; Others say that this is not a strict blue ocean strategy, that is, it sets a blue ocean strategy hat; But these are not important at all. Of course, people in business schools like to engage in concepts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blue ocean or not. Even if this book is called Zhang San strategy, it has no impact. The wrong thing is that readers should not read every book as a reference book and expect a 12345 step; Because the most important value of blue ocean strategic thought is to let you completely abandon Porter’s strategic thinking with competition as the core, and completely abandon the cognitive imprisonment of industrial boundary and the thinking perspective of industrial analysis; The only thing you need to focus on most is user value.
Original title: ten year old Jiang Xiaobai’s biggest strategic crisis: not over marketing, but starting from seriously making the “golden cover” of products
Author: Jerry Hou; Source: human centered business review (ID: human centered FIM), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246); Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).
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