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Three in three, the vitality of the forest “winter”


Coming to the office space of Yuanqi forest can quickly capture the fast pace of the enterprise.
multi-functional conference room on the 4th floor – vitality space, discussion after discussion. E-commerce weekly meeting, big promotion activity plan, open screen advertising discussion, Title Program replay… It has almost no quiet time before 9 p.m. On the TV in front of each row of conference tables, the sales data of various channels are put on.
Tang Binsen likes data very much. How much input and output is the premise of his decision-making. The most basic requirement of the work report submitted by Yuanqi forest employees to Lao Tang (the employees call Tang Binsen Lao Tang) on the flyer is to clearly list the changes of data.
Zong Lian, an employee who entered Yuanqi forest from a foreign brand, told slightly larger reference that data is the most basic bottom support for all plans and objectives of Yuanqi forest.
The higher-order requirement is to find the pain points reflected by the data. In Yuanqi forest, as long as you mention the pain point in your speech, it can basically attract the attention of Lao Tang. You should put forward the method to solve the user’s pain point and directly unlock the method of promotion and salary increase.
if there are too many boxes of unopened drinks piled under your feet, it is difficult to feel that Yuanqi forest is a beverage brand enterprise. It’s as painful as the user style and iterative data of the outside world.
After joining Yuanqi forest for 8 months, Zonglian gradually adapted to this pace of work. He reported daily and had more meetings than foreign companies. Sometimes lunch and coffee were also small meetings for discussion. He had to negotiate with colleagues from different departments on how to cooperate.
in the last year, Zonglian has more and more new colleagues around him. The workstation is gradually filled with laptops, and the office area is becoming more and more “compact”. Yuanqi forest focused on digging the corner of “liangle” and nongnongshan spring in the early stage, and more diversified from various consumer brands. The number of employees of Yizi, Mars and L’Oreal has also increased all the way to 6000 now. The rapidly expanding staff of
became the executor of Yuanqi forest’s offline sales of 7.5 billion yuan and online sales of 800 million yuan last year. Similarly, this is also a rapidly expanding target. Sales are more than three times that of last year. The main source of growth is betting on offline channels. In 2020, the sales volume of Yuanqi forest is 2.3 billion yuan.
If you asked the staff of Yuanqi forest how to achieve last year’s goal before August last year. They will confidently tell you that Yuanqi forest has more than 600000 offline sales terminals (the latest data is 800000), and these sales channels can be used by all its product lines.
and the speed of launching new products is very fast, such as aliens, fiber tea, full marks and other products. These new products can be sold through the offline channels of burning tea and bubble water. Including the 80000 freezers launched last year, they can be used as the sales channel of their own products.
simply put, it is n times of channel growth * n times of new products is equal to N times of sales growth.
however, last summer’s “street battle” with nongnongshan spring for 7 million “Mom and pop stores” put extra pressure on the offline growth of Yuanqi forest.
Nongfu mountain spring announced the “God of wealth” plan. As long as the dealer can display the bubble water of Nongfu mountain spring in the freezer of Yuanqi forest, one bottle will be sent to Nongfu mountain spring for each bottle. The terminal price of Nongfu mountain spring is 3 yuan long snow, with a ceiling of 48 bottles.
Subsequently, Yuanqi forest gave orders to all stores. All stores that display farmer spring bubble water in Yuanqi forest freezer will not pay the display fee, and Yuanqi forest is 100 yuan higher than that of farmer spring and Coca Cola.
this is a contest between two highly competitive founders.
Zhong Fuyu personally led the team to execute the “God of wealth” and attack the bubble water track.
Tang Binsen patrols the store offline every day, staring at the data reports sent by instant win, Guanyuan, Hengshi and other institutions. Employees of Yuanqi forest often see photos of product display and placement in offline stores sent by Lao Tang Zaifei around 8 a.m.
The war of freezers that broke out last summer is an epitome of the fierce competition between Yuanqi forest and nongnongshan spring. In addition, nongnongshan spring also stipulates that dealers in some areas cannot act as agents for Yuanqi forest at the same time. The fierce competition of
also continues online.
was promoted by 6.18 in the middle of last year, and Yuanqi forest maintained the first ranking of tmall platform category. However, in Jingdong channel, the performance of Yuanqi forest is weaker than that of “liangle” and nongnongshan spring.
6.18 at the e-commerce resumption meeting after the promotion, Yuanqi forest proposed to strengthen the operation of Jingdong channel. After the meeting, the uniform action of each business department is to recruit people. Yuanqi forest has clear requirements for headhunting companies. It has worked for first-line brands, not limited to water drinks, daily chemicals, beauty makeup and other categories, and has many years of experience in connecting with JD channels.
recruitment rhythm is nonstop. The interview rhythm of some business executives is arranged every half an hour on average. Moreover, the interview time needs to be strictly controlled. If one of the job seekers delays, almost all subsequent links will be postponed, because the interview is full.
in the past double 11 promotion, let alone Jingdong channel, Yuanqi forest didn’t even keep the ranking of tmall platform and the first category they had been focusing on.
In last year’s double 11 list, milk drink brands were in the top 10. One of the enterprises involved in the category of water drink was nongnongshan spring and the other was Nestle. Yuanqi forest was not on the list. In the double 11 and 6.18 promotion in 2020 and 2019, Yuanqi forest successively ranked first in the category of drinking water.
fierce fighting
A few years ago, the rise of vitality forest earned the dividend of the times. The first product of
Yuanqi forest, burning tea, was launched in November 2016. The sales channel chose to cooperate with convenience stores in first and second tier cities.
that was the era of rapid expansion of convenience stores in China. In 2015, the number of convenience stores in China was about 91000, and by 2019, the scale of convenience stores in China will increase to 132000.
Yuanqi forest has grasped the fast-growing offline channel in China in recent years, and has attracted a wave of consumers who pay attention to ingredients and health with the concept of sugar free. Two products, tea burning and bubble water, have become popular.
however, with the further expansion of the vitality forest and seizing the sales channels previously occupied by liangle and nongnongshan spring, its offensive is less obvious. The most obvious thing is that it can’t control the price.
last year, Yuanqi forest established Ka key customer department to connect with offline hypermarkets such as Carrefour and RT Mart. However, with the cooperation of large channels, it is difficult for the brand to control the price. After promotion activities, the terminal price is likely to be a nominal price. In front of discount promotion, a bottle of bubble water with a price of 5.5 yuan will have a discount price of 3.9 yuan.
For the brand, the price control game with the channel has always been. Just like in earlier years, Dong Mingzhu disagreed with Gree’s entry into Suning and Gome. Last year, Tesla refused to pick up the goods for users who were “carpooling” with Duoduo. In the final analysis, the brand side is unwilling to reduce the price of its own products, which has become a “flow payment” to attract users through channels.
however, the vitality forest has not yet reached the stage of saying “no”. In meituan takeout, the price of a bottle of bubble water is only 2.75 yuan, which is 50% off the price, and the purchase of one bottle is limited. In fact, businesses take gas and water as the “drainage money” to attract users.
over the past few years, Yuanqi forest has received the dividend of consumption upgrading. Tang Binsen said that China’s consumer goods are as backward as chips. The solution he came up with was to overweight the products of Yuanqi forest and use expensive ingredients. Yes, the price of Yuanqi forest products is almost higher in the same category.
this is also the way that new consumer brands have been using in the past few years. With the concept of low sugar and health, they sell their products to a higher price. However, in the stagflation stage after the epidemic, it is difficult to say that this will be a good strategy. The slowdown in the growth of consumer goods is a significant trend since last year. It shows that the slowdown in demand is not a good time to cultivate new consumer brands.
established enterprises are also stepping up the pace of adjustment. Since last year, Nongfu mountain spring has made great efforts to make miracles. All channels and categories to be launched by Yuanqi forest should be done regardless of cost.
competes with Yuanqi forest for super head anchor online. Weiya, Sydney and Luo Yonghao all have long-term cooperation with nongnongshan spring. Sydney also held a farmer’s spring special. Only Li Jiaqi, the super head anchor deeply bound by Yuanqi forest, took out the star products of tea burning and bubble water only in his live studio. On the
product line, Nongfu mountain spring has given a lot of support to the flow of sub line brands, such as making milk tea, Oriental leaves and other products, increasing the online launch and entering the live broadcasting room. The competitive strategy is very clear. As long as we can target the products of Yuanqi forest, we will increase the investment.
opponents actively attack, but the vitality forest makes frequent mistakes.
last year, Yuanqi forest focused on the young people’s market in content delivery, gave up the content delivery cooperation with Hunan TV, and deeply bound iqiyi and station B. But we encountered the wind that hit the pink circle last year. Iqiyi’s super-s project “youth has you 3” triggered a strong public reaction because of the milk pouring incident, which disrupted the rhythm of iqiyi’s content creation last year. The two variety shows “burst stage” and “dancer” were launched in a hurry, which did not attract much attention.
the launch of Yuanqi forest in the content field is basically equivalent to no explosion point.
whether it is offline channel distribution or online channel marketing, Yuanqi forest encountered many obstacles last year. The giants have compressed its expansion space too hard.
The ability of Yuanqi forest to create popular models has attracted the attention of water drinking giants.
since last year, Coca Cola’s monthly meetings have discussed vitality forest and analyzed how the latter came out and how their products are competitive.
nongnongshan spring is so anxious to compete with Yuanqi forest because the latter wants to cut into the field of high-end mineral water. As long as someone sells water, farmer mountain spring is particularly sharp.
in the middle of last year, Yuanqi forest launched a mineral water called “youkuang”, whose selling point is that the water source is rich in mineral elements. Although, there is no water spray after going online. However, the plan of Yuanqi forest to expand to the high-end water field still aroused the vigilance of nongnongshan spring.
High end water is a growth field that Nongfu mountain spring attaches great importance to in the past two years. From baby water to Changbai snow mineral water, Nongfu mountain spring has arranged a variety of products. It’s hard for a competitive Zhong to allow his valued fields to be coveted by others. In the second half of last year, nongnongshan spring launched an attack on Yuanqi forest, aiming to slow down the “water sales” of Yuanqi forest.
“youkuang” didn’t make much noise, but Tang Binsen didn’t give up his idea. In an interview with the media, he mentioned that the categories of mineral water and milk can be as big as bubble water. Several kinds of mineral gas products are still being tested inside the forest.
in fact, it’s not just “mining”. Several products newly launched by Yuanqi forest have been silent one after another.
, a new product that was the focus of last year’s bet – Full Score. Even if the dealer was given a commission of 3 yuan per box, which was the highest Commission of Yuanqi forest, the sales volume was not eye-catching, let alone becoming a popular model. The fiber tea with corn whisker as the concept launched by
Yuanqi forest has a weaker market momentum. When analyzing the reasons for the failure of fiber tea, a friend mentioned, “is the fiber word on the bottle body not big enough and eye-catching enough”, so as to satirize the packaging aesthetics of Yuanqi forest, which relies on eye-catching and prominent fonts to attract users, such as bubble water and tea burning with big “気” and “burning” on the bottle body.
The successive failures of a variety of products have led to the hot selling products of Yuanqi forest this year, which are still bubble water and tea burning, which are not much different from the product layout two years ago.
so far, the annual target of n-times channel growth * n-times new products = n-times sales set at the beginning of the year has encountered difficulties in achieving, and each multiplier in the formula has a growth problem.
achieved an annual sales volume of 8.3 billion yuan in the middle of last year, which is still the goal that employees look forward to. However, after the just completed promotion of the Eleventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there are also doubts about such sales figures.
Zonglian began to worry about his option reward. The reward of Yuanqi forest is directly linked to the performance. Even if there is an agreement at the beginning of the year, the performance will be adjusted if it fails to meet the standard. This is an enterprise that pursues pirate culture and rewards people for their achievements. If you do well, if the award option and OKR are not completed well, the option will be deducted directly.
there may not be many employees worried about performance like Zonglian this year. At present, except for a bubble aquatic product with high popularity in the market, the market awareness of other product lines of Yuanqi forest is not high. Its popular success has not been copied to other categories.
Yuanqi forest does not have the second “bubble water” or even the second “burning tea”. Even for burning tea, the sales volume of soaking water with the same gas is 10 times different in a year.
this gap reflects the lack of follow-up efforts of Yuanqi forest in building popular funds.
, founded in 2016, has made remarkable achievements. In less than five years, it has successfully torn open cracks in the giant dominated water drinking market.
but the winter of 2021 is very cold for Yuanqi forest. It has to face the cruelty of frontal competition with giants and prove that it is a challenger who can fight for a long time.
that’s good. How can you know who you are without fighting hard.
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