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Brain storm, the hottest topic of 100%, and 120 + speakers enter the new food future | foodaily Expo 2022

industrial interconnection, category breakthrough, future brand The agenda of foodaily Expo 2022 is released!
After seven years of polishing, the foodaily fbic global food and beverage Innovation Conference has become an annual feast for Chinese food people. In 2022, we upgraded it to Food Expo daily food innovation Expo (hereinafter referred to as Food Expo). At this conference, we will go further from the starting point of the new blueprint of the “new food era” described for the industry last year and move towards the end of the new food era.
At the Expo, we invited 500 + the world’s most innovative brands, 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision makers and 20000 + professional visitors, and displayed 6000 + SKU’s most innovative products at home and abroad… We look forward to seeing you this summer!
This article will focus on the [Conference – global food and beverage Innovation Conference].
Foodaily fbic2022 global food and beverage Innovation Conference
In 2022, it was the third year that mankind fully responded to the COVID-19 era and the second year of the 14th Five-Year plan. New national policies and changing economic cycles are profoundly affecting all industries and people; The new logic of economic development is also emerging rapidly at the industrial and capital levels. In the new development stage, new challenges continue to emerge:
·What is the impact of the introduction of the double carbon policy on the food industry and how should we meet the opportunities and challenges brought by the double carbon goal?
·In 2025, the size of China’s middle-income group will exceed 560 million people. How to comply with this wave of consumption upgrading and grasp the consumer market with great potential?
·With the tightening of supervision, the return of capital to rationality, the flow touching the ceiling and the slowdown of growth, how to innovate and create a real good brand in the face of the new business environment?
·How can the rise of new brands redefine made in China and lead the national trend?
·Is the meta universe of the fire at the end of 2021 “the future has come” or “a dream”?
Three months later, foodaily Expo 2022 will open. We hope to bring an annual brainstorming to the industry with the high standard content and high-standard lineup of three-day, 100 + speeches, 120 + hard core celebrities and 4000 + middle and high-level industry decision-makers.
Theme: new food era – brand ecology
Time: May 31 – June 2, 2022
Location: Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center (No. 2739, Guangfu West Road, Putuo District, Shanghai)
Highlights of the conference look ahead
1. Focus on the top ten hard core topics and face the hard core challenges in the new business industry environment
2. 120 + top coffee, stronger influence of circle decision-makers, enabling products & Brand Innovation
Food # fbic2022 topic content
Global Innovation Summit
Theme Conference
Category Forum

Note: the content of the agenda will be updated from time to time. Please click “read the original” to view the latest agenda.
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