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GFI announced the acquisition of yofit, a new power brand of plant-based products. Let’s take a look at the innovation of plant-based products in North America?

is a new force in North America for plant-based product innovation.
On February 10, 2022, global food and ingredients (GFI), a Canadian company mainly engaged in plant-based foods and ingredients, announced the completion of the acquisition plan of high-quality plant-based brand yourfitness dish (yofiit), so as to expand the layout and volume of GFI in the market of plant milk and healthy snacks.
It is understood that yofit is one of the most innovative plant-based brands in the global food and beverage industry. It has a number of pioneering technologies. It has made good achievements in the Pepsi Cola accelerator program, focusing on high protein vegetable milk products, and selling snack bars and granola cereal. It is a new Xiu force of plant-based brands in North America.
Alliance with plant-based super players
Strong forces join hands to accelerate the expansion of North America
As a leader in Canadian plant food and ingredients companies, Toronto based GFI is accelerating its development and is committed to working with customers and local farm suppliers to create a sustainable supply chain for beans and other high protein special crop ingredients and push plant protein to the world. GFI has four main business lines: pea protein products, plant ingredients, plant pet food ingredients and plant packaged consumer goods. The acquisition plan of GFI for yofit, a plant-based franchise brand, is an important measure to expand the plant-based consumer goods matrix.
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Yofit’s product portfolio includes a range of plant-based products such as high protein vegetable milk made from chickpea, pea protein and linseed oil, high protein and low sugar snack bars and granola cereals. Due to the unique health proposition provided by yofit products, the brand has gained a loyal customer base in Canada.
“Yofiit has major expansion plans to enter the U.S. market and the whole of Canada. At the same time, it is also developing new plant products, continuing to cultivate deeply and solving the problem of short board of nutrition and taste of plant-based products. We are happy to join GFI to accelerate the implementation of these plans, and hope to directly connect the raw material demand of plant ingredients to the farm level through GFI’s platform.” Marie amazan, founder of yofiit, commented that GFI also said that it was looking forward to yofiit successfully landing in the United States in a few months to help it achieve market expansion.
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Build professional barriers
Make plant nutrition better
As mentioned at the beginning, yofiit is highly innovative and has many initiatives, such as the first milk substitute miylk10 without soybeans and nuts, which can provide practical milk benefits without dairy cows. Yofit is also one of the few brands in the world that have developed chickpea milk substitutes. Yofiit chickpea milk can provide 10g protein and 1000mg Omega 3 per serving without gum and sugar, which makes it have unique health characteristics in the market. In 2018, yofiit also won a place in Pepsi Cola accelerator program.
Source: yofiit
Among yofit’s flagship products, there is also a series of protein bars favored by consumers. Yofit probiotic energy bar fully enhances the sense of fullness and absorbability of the energy bar by combining fiber rich ingredients such as Qiya seeds and prebiotics that contribute to intestinal health. Each energy bar contains about half of the fiber required by adults every day.
Source: yofiit
In addition to the current product line, yofit is also carrying out a major R & D project to develop more vegetable milk SKUs, plant-based yogurt and plant-based egg substitutes. It is understood that yofiit has received a government grant of $1.2 million for product research and development.
Accurate insight and pursuit
Seize the space of plant-based Market
As consumers’ concerns about personal health, sustainability, food safety and animal welfare increase, interest in plant foods soared, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought additional boost to plant based retail food. These factors will continue to promote the consumption of plant foods for a long time.
From 2018 to 2020, plant claims in new foods and beverages in the United States increased by 116%, according to IMT data. At the same time, 35% of American consumers agree that the new coronavirus pandemic proves that humans need to reduce the consumption of animals. In addition, with the development of innovative technology of plant-based products and the gradual recovery of mass consumption power, brands have more opportunities to attract more consumers and expand their matrix of plant-based products.
Source: goodfood Institute
According to the data of the good food institute, in 2020, the annual sales of the U.S. vegetable milk segment reached $2.5 billion, an increase of 20% over the previous year. About 50 million U.S. families bought vegetable milk in the whole year. In 2020, the market scale of plant-based yogurt was US $343 million, with a year-on-year increase of 20% and 68% in two years. As an emerging market, plant-based eggs also achieved a sales performance of US $27 million in 2020, an increase of 168% over the previous year.
It can be seen that the plant-based market in the United States still has great room for development. At this time, global food and ingredients, which just established the U.S. distribution platform at the beginning of last year, will take yofit, a brand with strong performance in the plant-based sector, which is not only a complementary choice, but also a far-reaching layout for the whole North American market.

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