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How can cutting-edge brands quickly create explosive products through packaging| Foodaily innovation Expo “packaging innovation town”

foodaily joined hands with lion media group to create a “packaging materials innovation town” at foodaily Expo 2022, which brings together many cutting-edge brands.
From May 31 to June 2, 2022, foodaily Expo daily food innovation Expo (hereinafter referred to as foodaily innovation Expo) and the 8th foodaily fbic conference were held simultaneously in Shanghai transnational procurement Convention and Exhibition Center. Exhibitors focus on seven key categories including dairy products, beverages, snacks, functional foods, baking, candy & chocolate and catering, as well as a small number of supply chains and service providers such as strictly selected excellent raw and auxiliary materials technology & solutions, packaging materials & equipment, OEM & ODM, digital content & marketing and brand & design.
The Expo will gather 400 + domestic brands and 100 + foreign innovative brands from Isee Global Innovation Award, and the proportion of brand exhibitors is expected to exceed 65% In addition, there are ten consumption scene experience areas, innovation towns, global innovative product tasting areas, global innovation awards exhibition areas, food innovation archives and other theme exhibition areas.
As an important functional module of foodaily Expo, innovation town undertakes the core function of linking brands and high-quality and strictly selected industrial resources. At the moment of the rapid outbreak of new brands, matching brands are quickly launched to provide one-stop solutions. Foodaily will work with lion media group to build a “packaging materials innovation town” at this innovation Expo, build a bridge between cutting-edge brands and packaging supply chain, provide packaging innovative solutions for brands, and bring new growth points to brands from the packaging dimension.
The birth of packaging materials innovation town
Looking at the current consumer market, cutting-edge brands emerge one after another. Most of the success of these cutting-edge brands is to set foot on the high demand consumption track of specific groups, open up new consumption scenes and form finely differentiated categories. Therefore, they have achieved explosive growth much higher than traditional brands in the short term.
Cutting edge brands can rely on the Internet and new technologies to quickly create explosive products, but at the same time, the market competition is also extremely fierce. How to maintain vitality and develop products quickly in the fierce competition? How to make explosive products into classic products that can cross the market cycle? In this link, many cutting-edge brands wisely choose to seek the support of “packaging”! Eye catching packaging can help cutting-edge brands quickly establish brand recognition and open the market. Advanced packaging technology can help cutting-edge brands improve the listing speed and seize the dividend of the consumer market!
But for many cutting-edge brands, the understanding of packaging is not very thorough. How to empower the brand and create explosive products through packaging? How to use packaging to realize the transformation of brand from online popularity to “Changhong” In order to enable these brands to better understand and make good use of packaging, foodaily joined hands with lion media group to build a “packaging materials innovation town” at foodaily Expo 2022, which brings together many cutting-edge brands.
We hope that through the “packaging materials innovation town”:
Build a bridge between cutting-edge brands and packaging supply chain;
Let more brands understand the value brought by packaging and enjoy the benefits brought by packaging innovation;
Let more suppliers directly meet the packaging needs of cutting-edge brands, obtain the direction of technology R & D and improvement, and serve more brands from 1 to 100.
A preview of packaging materials innovation town
In the packaging materials innovation town, we have set up a centralized display area covering more than 20 first-line packaging supplier enterprises; An “innovative packaging service zone” covering four subdivided fields of beverages, dairy products, snacks and functional foods; And a mini talk technology product showcase. As long as you want to know about packaging innovation, you can visit the town.
(schematic diagram of packaging materials innovation town)
Harvest of packaging materials innovation town
At “packaging materials innovation town”, you can:
  • Look: see a variety of “new, strange and special” innovative packaging forms of front-line packaging supplier enterprises, as well as the display of functional packaging technology and products;
  • Listen: listen to the mini Talk Lecture on cutting-edge packaging technology, and understand the latest packaging technology and products in a short time and efficiently;
  • Communication: carry out efficient communication and docking of packaging needs, and solve packaging problems on site. Come with problems and innovation needs, and go with technology and solutions!
  • Proofing: professional digital printing service providers settled in the “packaging materials innovation town”, communicated with them about packaging innovation ideas in advance, took away exclusive proofing products on site, and assisted the rapid incubation and landing of packaging products.
How to participate in the innovation town of packaging materials?
The town welcomes the participation of the following groups:
1. New and cutting-edge brands that hope to empower brands and create explosive products through packaging;
2. Traditional brands with urgent packaging innovation ideas and packaging improvement needs;
3. Packaging suppliers with a wide range of products and excellent product innovation ability;
4. Be willing to understand the packaging needs of popular fields and racetracks and connect with packaging suppliers of cutting-edge brands.
To participate in the “packaging materials innovation town”, please scan the code and contact us
(please specify company – name – title)

Foodaily创博会2022以“新食品时代·品牌生态化”为主题,邀约500+全球最创新品牌、4000+中高层行业决策者参加…在会议(Foodaily FBIC 2022)模块,我们设置1场全球创新峰会、3场主题大会、6个品类论坛,围绕十大硬核话题设定100+场焦点话题头脑风暴,并邀请120+行业商业头部大咖进行分享~2022.05.31-06.02,上海,我们不见不散!(点击图片查看详细介绍)。


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