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Coca Cola’s New Star River stroll was launched all over the world. Burger King x little raccoon went to the new Kaka Crispy Chicken Burger… | it’s hot for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Coca Cola limited the heavy launch of its new “Star River Walk” to link young consumers inspired by space
2. Sprite has a new sugar free lemon mint flavor, and the essence of Moroccan real Mint is cool
3. Family and sports fitness scenes are arranged. There are two new products of coconut juice and electrolyte water in plum garden
4. Daliyuan promotes the soda water of sinomenine soda, 0 sugar and 0 calorie, and the natural weak alkali meets the needs of human body
5. Haowang water promotes the new product wangningmeng, and the content of fresh juice is ≥ 99.9%
6. Miss the new stewed noodles series on food, with three steams and three stews. The noodles are fragrant, moist and not dry
7. Ozak Shangxin quinoa 9 red cereal, traditional five red soup ingredients + four red ingredients to restore a healthy and good look
8. Burger King x little raccoon went to the new Kaka crispy chicken burger. The crispy noodles collided with the soft hamburger to awaken the memories of childhood
9. China Post has entered the coffee market, and its huge distribution network may disrupt the coffee industry
10. Huanniu cake house, a chain brand of dessert baking, received nearly US $10 million in round a financing, and Shun was the exclusive investment of capital
11. Kirin holdings sold 40% of its joint venture with China Resources for 115 billion yen

On February 17, us time, Coca Cola released its first space inspired limited product, Coca Cola starlight, and simultaneously launched Coca Cola “Coca Cola creations”, the global creative platform behind it, aiming to closely link young consumers with trendy and innovative products and experiences.
The new product adds the element of “outer space” on the basis of the classic taste of Coca Cola. The color is a gradual purple red, with star hollowed out ornaments, showing a sense of mystery and fantasy. As Coca Cola’s first limited product inspired by space, “Star River Walk” hopes to convey that in a world full of infinite possibilities, there may be another Coca Cola somewhere in our universe and another way to connect each other. The new products are expected to officially start Limited sales in China in March 2022. At that time, consumers can buy them through large supermarkets, convenience stores, e-commerce platforms and other channels.


On February 7, COFCO Sichuan Coca Cola officially announced the launch of a new sugar free Lemon Mint sprite on its microblog. New product 0 sugar and 0 fat, especially add real Morocco peppermint essence, cool and full, with Sprite’s own bubble feeling complement each other, more powerful. In order to meet the needs of different people, the new product has two specifications: 330ml canned and 500ml bottled. The latter is now priced at 55 yuan / 12 bottles in JD flagship store.
Source: microblog


It is reported that plum garden has recently launched two new products, namely, coconut juice and electrolyte water, to meet the health needs of more consumers and inject fresh vitality into the brand.
Coconut juice is mainly freshly squeezed and adopts advanced technology to ensure the quality. 600ml boxed large-scale covers a variety of drinking scenes such as family meals, work and leisure, friends’ gatherings and so on. It can also be manually DIY into various desserts with different ingredients. The price of tmall flagship store is 15.8 yuan / bottle.
Source: official flagship store of plum orchard
Electrolyte water is mainly distributed in the sports and fitness scene, with 0 fat and 0 calories. Erythritol is used as the sweet source, and it is rich in electrolytes, vitamin E and vitamin B6 to supplement the energy lost by the body, and the taste of grapefruit makes the product more refreshing. At present, the new products are tasted in tmall flagship store, and the new packaging price is 25 yuan / 380ml * 3 bottles.
Source: official flagship store of plum orchard


Recently, Daliyuan launched a soda drink with soda fruit flavor, mainly natural weak alkalinity, with pH value between 7.0-9.0. The new product has 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie, which is clear, moist, healthy and soothing. It has three flavors: lemon, mint and vitamin C lemon. In terms of packaging design, the bottle body is small and exquisite, easy to hold, the bottom of the bottle with mountain design is stable and reliable, and the color is also very refreshing and pleasant. The product is now 89.9 yuan / 375ml * 24 bottles in tmall flagship store (plus 4 bottles of mint flavor).
Source: Dali group flagship store


Recently, the adorable hope of aquatic new lemon, sprouts, products choose high-quality lemon, add perfume lemon, four seasons lemon, citron, Rosa roxburghii and other kinds of vitamin C, each bottle contains about 9 lemon VC; In addition, the product reduces the hand beaten lemon, and the total juice content is ≥ 99.9%. In the production process, the whole fruit is freshly squeezed to retain the skin oil, and herbs are added to boil to enhance the aroma and flavor. Without adding sucrose, bubbles are added to make the taste more refreshing. The new tmall flagship store sells for 79 yuan / 300ml * 6 bottles.
Source: haowangshui flagship store


Foodaily observed that Miss food recently launched a new product, stewed noodles with stewed beans and beans, which has great regional characteristics. The new product uses noodles refined from high-quality wheat to ensure that the taste is smooth and flexible; Strictly control the three steaming and three stewing process, make the noodles fragrant and delicious, and lock the nutrition in it at the same time. When reheating, it is clear that there is no lump at all. Stewed noodles with pork and beans, selected pork and crispy beans, are delicious; Stewed noodles with chicken fillet with rattan pepper have strong Sichuan flavor, spicy and strong flavor. The new tmall flagship store sells for 59.9 yuan / 360g * 4 bags.
Source: official flagship store of missing food


Recently, ozak launched a new product quinoa 9 red cereal, which nourishes red with red and nourishes women’s good look. Longan, red jujube, red bean, medlar, red rice, red quinoa, hawthorn, double petal red rose and red beet root are selected as nine popular nutritious ingredients. They are rich in dietary fiber, protein, a variety of minerals and low in 0 sucrose and calories. They are suitable for fitness, office, breakfast and other scenes. Tmall flagship store sells for 47.8 yuan / 520g / bag.
Source: ozak flagship store

8、汉堡王 X 小浣熊上新咔咔脆鸡堡,香酥干脆面与柔软汉堡碰撞唤醒童年回忆满满

On February 16, Burger King China announced that it would jointly launch a new product, Kaka crispy chicken burger, with little raccoon. It would simply combine noodles with hamburger to create a new trend and characteristic product. The new product is made of flat bread, fried chicken chops and classic Korean chili sauce. It has full Korean flavor and crisp taste, which awakens childhood memories. The special activity price of new small program hall food is 9.9 yuan / piece.
Source: Burger King China


On February 14, China Post Office Coffee landed in Xiamen International Trade Building and officially opened. It is reported that the categories sold in the store include coffee, tea, dessert and around the post office. The price of coffee and tea is between 20-40 yuan, and two services are provided: self collection in the store and delivery to home.
This is another move of China Post after the layout of new tea drinks. Post office coffee is to upgrade and transform the original ITC Post Branch, and superimpose coffee drinks and postal cultural and creative services on the basis of retaining universal postal services, so as to create a new scene of postal cultural experience. In 2022, the post office coffee Fair will successively open a number of characteristic post office coffee shops in first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Source: aifaner


It is reported that huanniu cake house, an original dessert baking chain brand, has completed a round of financing of nearly US $10 million, with Shunwei capital as the exclusive investment and index capital as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be mainly used for store development and brand upgrading.
Huanniu cake house was established in Hangzhou in 2013. With “health + quality + innovation” as the original bottom logic, it creates a “pop perpetual motion machine”, mainly promotes dessert pastries, small cakes, Festival Limited drinks and other products, and provides customized services such as wedding dessert table and enterprise cakes. At the same time, create a retail supply chain model to form strong barriers with its own formulas, customized machines and upgraded processes, so as to ensure that the central kitchen is allocated to the central kitchen one day and the central kitchen is allocated to the store three times a day.
Source: what’s worth buying


On February 16, Kirin holdings, a Japanese beverage manufacturer, announced that it would sell all 40% shares of its joint venture with China Resources to a company called platform consumer Ltd at a price of 115 billion yen (about 994.21 million US dollars), in order to create more value through business restructuring, including share transfer, to accelerate further growth. After the equity transfer is completed, the business alliance with China Resources Group (including the intellectual property license of soft drinks business in China) will continue.
Plateau is an investment holding company, which is held by plateau consumer fund. Founded in 2008, its fund management company is the first batch of professional investment management institutions focusing on equity investment fund management business filed in accordance with relevant national regulations. It once led AVIC The mixed restructuring of enterprises affiliated to large central enterprises such as China Huadian and the investment cooperation of large private enterprises.
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