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I like guava in tea and Rosa roxburghii in books. Will a small number of fruits come out of the circle this year?

is there any hope that a small number of fruits will continue to be popular in 2022 after the popularity of oil Mandarin and yellow peel?

At the beginning of the new year, tea has new fruits.
Happy tea’s new Valentine’s Day products are guava, aunt Hushang and shushaoxiancao are also on the Rosa roxburghii series, and green plum is also targeted by suppliers.
After the popularity of oil Mandarin and yellow peel, is there any hope that minority fruits will continue to be popular in 2022?
Rosa roxburghii and guava are coming!
Like tea, book also, Hushang aunt are pushing
In 2021, oil oranges and yellow peel became popular one after another, so that the value of a small number of fruits was seen by drinkers.
In 2022, new niche fruits will appear again. In the first month of the new year, a small fruit Rosa roxburghii joined the tea family:
In Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan and other regions, aunt Hushang has introduced three new products: Rosa roxburghii, Caragana oleifera, and Caragana canadensis. Rosa roxburghii is compounded with lemon, Mandarin and other fruits. It tastes sour, sweet, astringent, fresh and comfortable.
The head of aunt Hushang brand said that at present, the Rosa roxburghii series is only part of the regional test. After the test is completed, there are plans to launch new products in stores across the country.
Last Friday, two new products of “full bottle of guava Portuguese and full bottle of guava yangledo” were launched by Xi tea in stores across the country. The ordering strategy in the little red book made many consumers understand the taste and nutrition of guava.
In fact, in the handmade shop of Xicha in Nantou ancient city, Shenzhen, a new double tamped Shanzhu guava was launched last year, which was highly praised on the social platform. This year, this niche fruit was newly launched in stores across the country.  
Just two days ago, a new “Rosa roxburghii lemon pomelo” was added to the book, which was launched in Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha and Foshan with freshly squeezed Rosa roxburghii juice and jasmine green tea. Rosa roxburghii, a wild fruit from Dashan, Guizhou, has once again entered the vision of consumers.
“In order to ensure the stability of store products and restore the flavor of Rosa roxburghii, the pretreatment from the origin to the factory was completed within 6 hours and the physical low-temperature cold pressing was completed within 24 hours,” said the person in charge of R & D of Shuyi
It is understood that after this product is updated, the book also expects that in late February, more Rosa roxburghii products may be added to the store and continue to be added to the Rosa roxburghii category.
There is also a small fruit green plum, which has also been highly expected by people in the industry this year. Ding Jian, a senior R & D expert in the industry, told me that he had bet on another fruit “green plum” this year. He believed that green plum juice, green plum fruit, green plum Ding and other products had the potential of fire. “The fire of green plum wine last year gave this fruit the opportunity to go out of the circle this year.”
Last year, after the fire of a small number of fruits, the supply was scarce and the price soared. The value of many varieties soared 10 times, and the price changed three times a day.
It also makes many peers conclude that a small number of fruits can only be out of the circle for a while, which is difficult to last.
However, in the first two months of 2022, Dalian lock brand has been connected with new niche fruits. Will niche fruits still play this year?
Minority fruit, can it be popular again this year?
According to the product report of 2022, there were 31 times of 59 kinds of fruit in statistics, 18 times of yellow peel, and fruit with local characteristics such as guava, figs, jackfruit and so on, all of which were used in new products.
1. The reason for large-scale use is that the brand value brought by minority fruits is far beyond imagination
In 2021, Naixue attracted great attention from consumers by relying on oil Mandarin and tea and yellow skin. As a typical marketing drainage product, Naixue has brought brand value far beyond the product sales itself.
“In 2022, the popularization of niche fruits is a trend. Nowadays, consumers’ fruit knowledge has increased and their acceptable tastes are more diversified. It is still a good choice for brands to stimulate consumers’ curiosity seeking psychology and improve brand traffic through niche fruits.” The book is also said by the person in charge of R & D.
To sum up, the product combination of mass fruit for volume and small fruit for topic, one for making money to support the family and the other for beauty like flowers, may be the product fundamentals of this year.
2. For regional brands, it is a good way to build barriers
In various regions of the country, countless small fruits have not been excavated, such as haimutong, bufuna, goat milk fruit, star apple, and dinosaur eggs in Xinjiang.
Goat milk fruit and bufuna
According to Ding Jian, a senior R & D researcher, some small fruits have certain limitations in flavor, supply chain and production capacity, which are difficult to be launched nationwide, and it is difficult for large chain brands to follow up.
Therefore, it is more suitable for small and medium-sized brands and regional brands with small store scale and flexible product line, which is also one of their ways to resist large chains and make differentiation and barriers.
3. The supply chain efficiency of new tea is improving
Rosa roxburghii has just been on the market for less than a month, and a mature production line has appeared at the end of the supply chain.
A Rosa roxburghii juice supplier told me that at present, the frozen Rosa roxburghii juice in Guizhou can be transformed into normal temperature juice after a “DHC” technology. Although the current output is not large and can only be supplied in limited quantities, it is not impossible to expand production capacity if this product can establish consumption awareness throughout the country.
The efficiency improvement of the new tea drink occurs in every production link, equipment technology is evolving, and methodology is also precipitating. In the past, it took a long time to find a fruit to meet the national supply. Now this speed has gradually accelerated.
Popularization of minority raw materials
It is the “product opportunity” in 2022
Since the minority fruit can continue to come out of the circle, it makes me think of all the “minority raw materials”.
For a sustainable development industry, sometimes the minority and the public may only be in one night.
Like duck shit. “The single cluster of duck excrement fragrance in Fenghuang town was originally just a super minority tea with low output and high price, but after being explored by the new tea drink, now the whole industry is full of duck excrement flavor. A minority tea has turned into the mainstream tea base.”
In fact, last year’s silver coin tea base and Shuyi bantianyao flavor tea base belong to the application of minority tea in Dalian lock. Through the unique minority flavor, they have shaped the brand’s sense of value and product barriers.
In addition to tea, Guming independently developed a small material “Ruby” last year. The soft and waxy appearance, coupled with Lipu horseshoe as the core, is dotted in paoluda to enrich the taste. After it was listed in national stores in August last year, it quickly became the top stream in Guming small materials.
Compared with pearls, taro balls and coconuts, ruby is a new niche ingredient. However, after being developed by Gu Ming, Gu Ming has a product leading period of at least 6-12 months. For consumers, there is another reason to drink Gu Ming in the milk tea shop in one street.
Whether it’s silver flavored tea base or Ruby small material, if it can withstand the test of the market after being led by the brand, it is bound to lead suppliers and brands to follow up and precipitate into a popular raw material.
The popularity trend of minority raw materials may be a new test for the brand out of the circle in 2022.
A brand can gain a firm foothold and build a city if it brings fire to a niche raw material, triggers the trend of the whole industry, and then establishes market awareness and accumulates brand assets.
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