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Outbreak of prefabricated vegetables to save fresh E-commerce



breakthrough of fresh e-commerce profit
The definition and name of prefabricated dishes are nothing new. As the industrialization trend of the catering industry becomes more and more obvious, coupled with the lazy economy brought by the upgrading of consumption, its market has suddenly become bright; The arrival of the epidemic has only accelerated its outbreak.
In recent years, prefabricated dishes have been favored by capital and their performance is awesome. In the recent Spring Festival holiday, the explosive power of prefabricated dishes has given the track the strength of a new outlet and made fresh e-commerce see a new breakthrough.
According to the data released by Youxian daily, during the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, the sales of prefabricated dishes on the platform increased by 2.7 times compared with the normal day, and the sales of prefabricated dishes on the box horse increased by 345% year-on-year. During this period, the sales of medium and high-end prefabricated dishes increased by more than 3 times year-on-year, selling 3 million copies in just seven days.
Compared with the past, the Spring Festival and the epidemic situation have indeed provided a favorable opportunity for the centralized outbreak of prefabricated vegetables. Before that, prefabricated dishes have long become a hot track. According to the report of China Academy of commerce industry, according to the estimation of the compound growth rate of 20% per year, the scale of China’s Prefabricated dish market may exceed trillion yuan in the next 6-7 years. In the long run, the scale of China’s Prefabricated dish industry is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan.
Fresh e-commerce quickly laid out the prefabricated vegetable track and launched a fierce c-place war during the Spring Festival, which is enough to see the market potential of this field; On the other hand, the whole industry makes a sudden breakthrough in this field, which also reflects that prefabricated vegetables may be an optimal solution to break through the dilemma for the industry in urgent need of business expansion and profitability.
Since last year, fresh e-commerce has received positive feedback from the prefabricated vegetable market. In 2021, the overall sales volume of excellent and fresh prefabricated dishes per day will increase by more than 300%, and the average unit price of excellent prefabricated dishes will reach 80 yuan; Ding Dong’s person in charge of buying vegetables and prefabricated vegetables has also said that if the sales volume of prefabricated vegetables is not good, they will be off the shelf immediately, and the market feedback is very rapid. “Last year, Ding Dong bought vegetables and went on 1500 ~ 1600 SKUs before and after the prefabricated vegetables in the East China market. The commodities sold on the platform for a long time are 400 ~ 500, and the seasonal new products account for about 30% ~ 50% of the total products of the Department.”
In addition to the market potential of consumer demand, there is also gross profit to improve profitability. According to the person in charge of daily excellent fresh frozen food, generally speaking, the average gross profit margin of prefabricated dishes is at least 15 percentage points higher than that of the platform.
In addition to stimulating user activity and improving gross profit and profit, fresh e-commerce also has natural common advantages in choosing prefabricated dishes.
Fresh e-commerce and prefabricated dishes promote each other
The growing demand for prefabricated dishes, in addition to the pursuit of delicacy and laziness by young cooking people, is fundamentally due to the increasingly mature supply chain of the catering industry, which makes it more possible to standardize and scale the production of dishes. With the continuous expansion of the advantages of high efficiency and low cost of prefabricated dishes in the field of to B, the demand in the field of to C is gradually emerging.
Compared with takeout, the target group of prefabricated dishes is young people with cooking needs and willingness: they not only require freshness and quality, but also want to simplify the preparation and cooking process as much as possible. Especially for some novices in the kitchen, prefabricated dishes can greatly reduce the difficulty of cooking.
To ensure the quality of food materials, we need to consider transportation and storage; In addition, in terms of cost, in order to further penetrate the market, we should avoid excessive unit price as far as possible. The threshold for stable and efficient supply in the supply chain, logistics and cold chain technology is not low.
The online supply chain of e-commerce is mainly to ensure the quality and stability of e-commerce and e-commerce. In terms of e-commerce, e-commerce and e-commerce, the supply chain of e-commerce and e-commerce must focus on the pre-sale of fresh products in the community, and the quality of e-commerce and e-commerce must be improved.
Therefore, in the field of prefabricated dishes, fresh e-commerce already has a ready-made foundation, and users have accumulated to a certain extent. Coupled with the operation and development in recent years, it has been able to minimize the scrap rate of dishes and grasp the cooking needs of multiple classes.
As the blue ocean market in recent years, prefabricated dishes are still in their infancy. Fresh e-commerce is betting on this track to seize the opportunity.
In addition, due to the differences of local food culture, consumers’ tastes vary widely, and are more and more not limited to the traditional local flavor. The emergence of prefabricated dishes caters to this trend. Fresh e-commerce can make differentiated push and research and development on dishes from the perspectives of taste, practice and variety, aiming at traditional taste groups and fresh taste groups, so as to avoid falling into the vortex of homogeneous competition.
In short, fresh e-commerce is very suitable for the development of prefabricated dishes. Through the promotion of these platforms, we can effectively grasp and guide this consumer demand. Prefabricated dishes can break out at the time point of the Spring Festival. In fact, these e-commerce platforms are indispensable.
On the other hand, the profitability and growth space of prefabricated dishes also prompted the fresh e-commerce of “fighting back” to enter the game decisively, make rapid layout, and make use of natural advantages to shine in the c-position war of fast-food New Year’s Eve dinner.
The excellent performance of the prefabricated vegetable business can undoubtedly give a reassurance to the fresh e-commerce in dire straits. In 2022, fresh e-commerce must take profit as the goal, continue to explore feasible models, and solve the problem of burning money to buy vegetables without making money. If prefabricated vegetables are successful, they can bring a lot of buffer space.
Can prefabricated dishes support the future of fresh e-commerce?
The fervor of prefabricated vegetables has attracted more enterprises to join the horse race enclosure, but the fresh electricity supplier who has experienced bubble burst may be able to see the challenges of this outlet. First of all, everything is difficult at the beginning. Prefabricated dishes are still in their infancy. The whole industry is not a climate and lacks a large head factory. It is difficult to form a scale effect in the short term. Secondly, to realize the standardization of prefabricated vegetable production, we must first have a standard. There are rich cuisines in various parts of China, and the cognitive standards of traditional practices are different. How to ensure not only the taste, but also the production safety and quality, so that consumers can have a certain reference, which needs to be solved by the whole industry.
finally, in order to further penetrate the market, we need to continue to expand the promotion and change the cognition of consumers. Although prefabricated dishes have been recognized by more and more people in the first and second tier cities, more and more people are still unable to distinguish between prefabricated dishes, cooking bags and takeout, and it is difficult to find their advantages. There are many problems, but the great potential of prefabricated dishes will further accelerate the solution of these problems. For fresh e-commerce, prefabricated dishes are the “second curve” that can continue to overweight development. At present, although it is still impossible to know how much profit improvement prefabricated dishes have brought to fresh e-commerce, it has attracted enough attention to continue to attract capital to stop and join. While developing the prefabricated vegetable business of fresh e-commerce, the expansion of other businesses has never stopped. To support the future of fresh e-commerce, prefabricated dishes are only one of them.
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