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Sponsorship, variety show, pledge endorsement… What tricks did giants & cutting-edge use in this winter Olympic marketing competition?

apart from the Winter Olympics economy, how did food brands participate in this sports event?

Text: Devin Yu

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On February 4, 2022, at the beginning of the Chinese new year, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games officially opened, and the world’s attention once again turned to Beijing, the world’s first “double Olympic city”. Under the epidemic situation, the Olympic grand occasion is still unprecedented and has become the focus of national attention.
For this reason, the Olympic Games is not only a sports feast lasting for several weeks, but also a marketing event once in a few years. Many brands buried their marketing layout years before the event began. Taking food enterprises as an example, official sponsorship, athlete endorsement, theme restaurants, limited products, program publicity… Olympic marketing has almost become a sports marketing white paper for food brands.
The Winter Olympic Games will officially end today. Foodaily daily food will bring you an inventory of food brand marketing cases of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and explore how food brands can participate in large-scale sports events, so as to maximize the marketing volume.
The host of Bing dwen dwen, how can the official sponsorship enterprises play the Olympic rings and ice Pier?
The official sponsors of the Winter Olympic Games can be divided into global Olympic partners and sponsors signed with the Beijing Winter Olympic group. In addition to 14 Olympic global partners, sponsors are divided into four different levels of sponsorship according to category and investment amount, with different rights and interests, covering five categories: IP use, marketing, official reception, provision of products and services and priority negotiation.
In addition to the official treatment, the rights and interests that can be really linked to the sales conversion of enterprises are mainly focused on the use of Olympic IP and the relatively limited support of marketing.
It is not difficult to find that the official sponsoring enterprises of the event maximize the use of Olympic IP to expand the brand influence within the scope of rights and interests, and try their best to show the brand attitude and product advantages while publicizing the Winter Olympic culture through a series of online and offline marketing events, such as winter Olympic flash, restaurant theme or packaging design, mascots or around the Olympic Games, customized small programs and other omni-channel activities.
Coca Cola: popular winter Olympics Theme and environmental protection concept Exhibition
Taking Coca Cola as an example, as the only food and beverage brand among the global partners of the Olympic Games, since January 22, Coca Cola has opened a one month “Winter Olympic themed gas station” flash event at Wangjing Xincheng Station of Sinopec gas station in Beijing, in which Coca Cola changshuang express with a large number of Olympic five ring elements and abstract decoration has appeared.
“Coca-Cola express” express, Coca-Cola official account
“Coca Cola changshuang express” shows many exquisite wear and daily necessities made of recycled beverage bottles, that is, RPET (g). When consumers put empty drink bottles into the intelligent recycling machine of “Coca Cola changshuang express”, they can start a journey of regeneration of beverage bottles on the spot. Through this intelligent concept car combining beverage experience and beverage bottle recycling, Coca Cola not only shows the enthusiasm and vitality of the brand to embrace the Winter Olympics, but also makes its concept of sustainable recycling deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
In addition, a total of 45 sponsoring enterprises signed with the Beijing Winter Olympics group are divided into official partners, official sponsors, official exclusive suppliers and official suppliers according to their authority. There are 11 official partners, of which the only food brand is Yili Group; There are 11 official sponsors, including six food brands, including Tsingtao beer, Yanjing Beer, golden dragon fish, yum China, Panpan food and Shunxin agriculture. As the “protagonist” and “host” of the Winter Olympic marketing, they do their best to expand the brand exposure, and at the same time have the responsibility of spreading China and ice and snow culture.
Yili: using technology and concepts to create concrete Olympic quality, products + private areas break the circle in multiple directions
Su Bingtian, Yang Yang and Li Xian speak for each other and have shining moments in their respective fields. Photo source: Official microblog of Yili Group
“Olympic quality, I shine at the moment”. Yili takes the word “Yao” as the core brand new proposition, relies on the immersive theme flash activities in four cities to create experiential marketing, launches a series of New Winter Olympics products, and detonates the private field through the construction of offline terminal and online user stickiness, which not only aroused widespread public attention, but also greatly strengthened the public’s awareness of Yili’s Olympic identity.
Yili’s Winter Olympic flash tour has four stops, namely Shenyang, Shanghai, Harbin and Nanjing. Yili skillfully combines the regional characteristics of the four cities, relies on the advantages of products and technology to create customized experience activities for local consumers, and shows strong technical strength and product advantages in silence.
Erie Winter Olympic flash Shanghai: Star baking house shows the rich product chain and baking layout of Erie, source: official account of WeChat official.
Yili’s plant nutrition brand plant selection has invited Qiu Jirong, the fourth generation inheritor of Beijing Opera Qiu school, to join hands with cross dimensional virtual idol Ling to create a blockbuster of “Beijing charm Winter Olympics”. Taking a dialogue across traditional ancient charm and future technology as the entrance, it shows the creative concept of plant milk Winter Olympics packaging, It also presents a new attitude to express the healthy and sustainable life of foreigners to the world. It can be said that it has firmly grasped the broken circle secret of Olympic Limited Marketing with the combined fist of “national style and Beijing charm + virtual technology”.
At the same time, Yili launched the commemorative packaging with the theme of planting and selecting the Winter Olympics, skillfully showing the two themes of “Beijing charm” and “ice and snow”.
Source: Yili plant selection
Erie slide show Bing dwen dwen Bing dwen dwen has also introduced 15 Beijing Winter Olympic ice pier pier Edition Limited Edition packaging, skillfully through the ice pier pier cute shape, showing the short track speed skating, speed skating, skating, free skiing and other Beijing Winter Olympic Games all the sub movements, become the star products of netizens scrambling to make a blueprint.
Photo source: Yili tmall flagship store
As the core position of building user stickiness, on the Internet, Yili launched the small program lottery interactive activity of “scanning codes to win good gifts, I shine on the Winter Olympic year” of the dynamic mall to convey Yili’s new year communication proposition of “Olympic quality, I shine on the moment”. Shopping mall Bing dwen dwen Shuey Rhon Rhon, the “Winter Olympic Village”, has been specially designed to create a Winter Olympic theme program. Consumers can do the task of feeding cows, and enough milk can be used to enter the “mall” of “my paradise center”, which is converted to the surrounding Winter Olympic games, including the top row of ice pier, snow Rong Rong mascot series.
“Winter Olympics Yili village” applet, picture source: Yili wechat applet
Tsingtao Beer: Limited packaging, popular science, ice and snow sports culture, creative assistance to improve consumers’ sense of participation in the Winter Olympics
In December 2018, Tsingtao Beer officially became the official sponsor of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. After the official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Tsingtao beer once again joined hands with the Winter Olympics to become the beer sponsor of the “double Olympics”.
Tsingtao beer “Winter Olympics ice and snow cans”, photo source: Official microblog
of Tsingtao Beer gathering time
Tsingtao beer also launched 15 “Winter Olympics ice and snow cans” special beer according to the theme of the Winter Olympics, cleverly presenting 15 Winter Olympics projects on the cans and adding Chinese and English annotations. While strengthening the brand image, Tsingtao Beer popularized the Winter Olympics projects and conveyed the ice and snow culture to the public.
Tsingtao Brewery’s “let’s cheer for the Winter Olympic Games” series of activities, source: Official WeChat official account of Tsingtao Brewery
In addition, Tsingtao Beer intends to shorten the distance between ordinary consumers and the Winter Olympics, launch interactive H5 of “let the Winter Olympics ring your cheering sound”, release a new winter Olympics cheering song, and invite netizens across the country to upload their winter Olympics blessings, cheer for athletes, and have the opportunity to win Tsingtao Beer’s special customized version of the Winter Olympics.
Yum China: the Winter Olympics canteen will be settled in the venue, and the theme restaurant and surrounding areas will be built outside the venue
Yum China operates a number of well-known catering brands including KFC and Pizza Hut independently in the Chinese market. On July 20, 2020, yum China became the official catering service sponsor of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games. Its brands such as KFC and Pizza Hut will settle in three Winter Olympic villages in Beijing, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing during the games as the official catering service for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games.
KFC’s Bing dwen dwen is limited. Source: official account of KFC WeChat
KFC has always Bing dwen dwen, and the limited ice block pier series has earned enough sound. Adorable Bing dwen dwen limited Bing dwen dwen, which is a “hard to get” background, has launched 15 ice and snow sports projects, which are all sold out.
On the occasion of the upcoming opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, KFC has launched nearly 60 Winter Olympics themed restaurants in Beijing, Harbin and other places, where consumers can learn about ice and snow sports. In addition, KFC has created a series of popular science picture books for children’s ice and snow sports to popularize ice and snow sports. Through these activities, consumers are encouraged to pay attention to the Winter Olympics and actively experience the charm of ice and snow sports.
Pizza Hut launched commemorative dinner plates and commemorative socks as package gifts to let ordinary consumers witness the glorious moment of the Winter Olympics.
Pizza Hut Winter Olympic Games, source: Pizza Hut WeChat official account
Panpan food: enter the Winter Olympics Village, school, airport station, supermarket and variety show, enrich activities and improve the brand “Winter Olympics exposure rate”
As the official sponsor of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, Panpan food has provided more than 20 million packages of products including 32 varieties of Panpan nuts, bread, biscuits, instant noodles and marinated eggs to Beijing Winter Olympic Village, competition venues and hotels, some of which are exclusively provided by volunteers, After the product exposure and good response are obtained through the self dissemination of volunteers and the attention of netizens, the distribution will come out soon.
In addition to product supply, Panpan food also continues to build momentum in brand marketing activities with the help of the Winter Olympics. In May last year, taking advantage of the opportunity of being selected as the official sponsor of the Winter Olympics, Panpan food held a strategic Conference for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, released a brand-new brand upgrading strategy, and put forward the enterprise program of “what people like to eat, Panpan will do well” for the first time.
Source: Pan official WeChat official account
In terms of marketing, aiming at young consumers such as college students, Panpan food entered the university campus and held a Panpan baking creativity competition in cooperation with the Chinese society of food science and technology. In cooperation with the Academy Award, it conducted a national online and offline tour to popularize the story of the Winter Olympics. Panpan food also sponsored the super designated skiing open and invited sports stars and competition champions to enter the Panpan factory to strengthen the relevance of the brand with ice and snow sports and the Winter Olympics.
During the Winter Olympics, Panpan food also increased its online and offline exposure. Offline airports and stations continue to be exposed as official sponsors, and have become the exclusive title brand of the large-scale Winter Olympics youth ice and snow variety show “ice and snow dream group” in the Spring Festival. Among the large chain supermarkets, Panpan food has also opened a special counter for the Winter Olympic new year goods Festival, which perfectly combines the competitive passion of the Winter Olympic Games with the festivity of the new year.
In addition to Olympic IP,
How else can ice and snow marketing play?
After all, official sponsorship has few pits and high threshold, which has great restrictions on the economic ability, brand influence and industry status of enterprises. So, without being allowed to use any official elements of the Winter Olympics, how can the brand grasp this sports feast that two-thirds of the world will pay attention to, so as to take advantage of the power of the Winter Olympics and soar to the sky?
1. Win win with the champion, high-quality athletes’ idols speak and brush the brand popularity and popularity
On the morning of February 8, 2022, Gu ailing successfully won the gold medal of Freestyle Skiing women’s platform in Beijing Winter Olympic Games, becoming the third gold medal won by the Chinese delegation in this winter Olympic Games; On February 18, Gu ailing won the championship again in the women’s U-shaped field skill competition of freestyle skiing in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, winning the 8th gold for the Chinese sports delegation.
Bing dwen dwen fried Chinese leek dumplings, Gu Ailing, fully deserve the behavior of top class sports star, the 18 year old Olympic gold medalist, has a beautiful face, positive personality, elite school resume and mixed blood background, all the attention of the national media. Active and interesting interview is a fire with “ten hours sleep” and “leek box”.
Gu Ailing’s strength won the championship and also achieved the carnival of 26 signed brands behind her. Ruixing, Mengniu, Yuanqi forest and other brands started the championship plan at the first time, boosting the champion’s voice to the peak.
Ruixing coffee: deep binding spokesperson, “star chasing” publicity wins favor
After Gu ailing won the championship, thanks to the speed of early layout and plan update, Ruixing frequently boarded the microblog hot search and ate the “ice and snow dividend” of the Winter Olympic Games.
Gu ailing customizes a new Ruixing Walden ski latte. Picture source: Ruixing’s official wechat applet
Last September, Ruixing officially announced that Gu ailing had become the spokesperson of the brand image, and launched the customized new products of Gu ailing, Ruixing Walden ski latte and blue velvet SA snow latte.
Before the Winter Olympic Games, Ruixing coffee launched the Gu ailing cup cover, with straw signs with the words “Gu ailing yyds” and “Gu ailing come on”, human signs in stores, and two Gu ailing flash theme stores in Beijing.
In addition, the “Gu ailing recommendation” menu bar has also been set up in the Ruixing applet to celebrate the national voucher issuance and photo exposure activities at the first time after winning the championship.
Vitality forest: the king of this winter Olympics, the spokesperson reflects the brand spirit and realizes “out of season” marketing
To say who won the bet on the athletes, we have to talk about the vitality of the forest. Successfully bet on Gu ailing, Su Yiming and Xu Mengtao, who were dubbed the champion prophet by netizens. The frequent hot search of “Yuanqi forest wins hemp” has obtained far more unexpected exposure than expected. Therefore, the popularity of Yuanqi forest as a new consumer beverage brand in the head has been further improved.
Three champion of forest in Qi, photo source: official account of WeChat,
After Gu ailing won the championship, its image has been set as the cover of the flagship store by Yuanqi forest, and the posters of the three champions have also been pushed to the most eye-catching position. The cover images of Yuanqi forest wechat tweets, official microblog, xiaohongshu and other platforms are also posters of the three champions. Among them, the celebration of the top of microblog has been forwarded by more than 20000 people.
A sparkling water drink suitable for summer. Why did you choose to sign up for the Winter Olympics? Yuanqi forest pointed out in the interview that the core of partner selection is whether it conforms to the characteristics of the brand. Gu Ailing is a vigorous girl who loves skiing, Su Yiming is a young and breakthrough young general, and Xu Mengtao is a veteran who refuses to admit defeat and give up. All of them are very consistent with the brand image and value concept of Yuanqi forest as a young company.
Mengniu: explore the spokesperson of spiritual fit and map the brand characteristics with sports spirit
In the early stage of preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Mengniu paid keen and forward-looking attention to the commercial value potential of Gu ailing, laid out the brand publicity layout for the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle in advance, and officially announced Gu ailing as the brand spokesperson at the end of 2019.
The fighting spirit of “being born strong” of ice and snow athletes is highly consistent with the brand concept of Mengniu and has become the starting point of publicity. On the day Gu ailing won the championship, Mengniu released its spokesperson TVC. After Gu ailing won two gold medals, one gold and one silver, Mengniu launched the activity of soliciting creative copywriting from Gu ailing from the whole network. At the same time, it is required that the copywriting should conform to the brand spirit of “being born strong” of Mengniu and contribute to the spirit of Mengniu.
Source: Mengniu Dairy official account
In fact, sports stars have been associated with advertising endorsements since China participated in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. So far, a two-way choice has been formed between sports stars and endorsement brands. Brands hope to get marketing assistance from sports stars, while sports stars gradually cherish feathers and pay attention to personal IP protection. Therefore, a more benign endorsement relationship should be based on the characteristics of the direct fit between the brand and athletes, so as to form the long-term binding and in-depth cooperation between the brand and athletes.
2. Build a brand flash shop near the stadium and “physics is close to” ice and snow sports consumers
In recent years, skiing has been highly praised by outdoor sports lovers and has become the first choice for middle-class and trendy young people in winter. Skiing is also one of the most representative competitive events in the Winter Olympic Games. Therefore, the strong correlation marketing with skiing projects can not only accurately locate the target consumers of relevant brands, but also bring a lot of natural voice to the brand during the special period of the Winter Olympic Games.
manner camp is a youth culture line under the manner coffee brand. It is a community focusing on outdoor and lifestyle.
As early as December 2020, manner joined hands with spaders and snowwho, the two major ski clubs in China, to open stalls at Beidahu ski resort and Songhua Lake ski resort in northeast Jilin, bringing coffee out of the city and into the ski resort. Manner camp and more than 800 ski maniacs chartered flights all the way to set up tents at the foot of the snow mountain to celebrate the opening of the new year. In this way, they praised the ski youth for maintaining their enthusiasm for life and exploring the unknown boundary with infinite enthusiasm, which also strengthened the brand awareness of manner coffee lovers to knock a cup of good coffee with outdoor spirit.
Source: Manner official WeChat official account
3. Space occupying variety titles and Winter Olympics short films to effectively increase brand exposure
Jun Lebao: grow up with ice and snow teenagers and break the circle with “future Olympic athletes”
Milk powder naturally has the advantage of participating in sports marketing with key words such as quality, health and growth. As a leading enterprise in China’s dairy industry, JUNLEBAO has successfully broken the circle of the Winter Olympics with the help of short films and programs. Its documentaries have been broadcast over 80 million on the whole network, and the topics are still growing with an average of 100 million reading per day.
JUNLEBAO reached a strategic partnership with the China ice and snow conference at the end of 2021 and launched the Winter Olympic Games short film “let the Chinese baby win at home”; In January 2022, it appeared in the ice and snow themed documentary “up, China’s new power of ice and snow” on the client of the people’s daily, with the growth of ice and snow teenagers as the background, recording the growth process of ice and snow teenagers who are indomitable and beyond themselves; After the official start of the Winter Olympics, the TV series titled the Winter Olympics Theme “the name of ice and snow” and so on.
Source: JUNLEBAO official microblog
Although it is not the official sponsor of the Winter Olympics, JUNLEBAO, as the “official dairy partner of China’s ice and snow”, has made the marketing positioning of “leading organic milk powder” through its connection with the Winter Olympics, successfully seizing the minds of consumers. six
Tsingtao beer, Yili and Feihe: through the Olympic variety show and incremental exposure
During the Winter Olympics, relevant variety shows and promotional short films are also important ways to be valued by the brand.
At the 50 day countdown node, Tsingtao Brewery launched a special project “the legendary champion of ice and snow” with the central video, connecting with many world champions of ice and snow sports in China to promote the culture of ice and snow sports.
Yili exclusively named the large-scale Winter Olympic sports experience reality show – the second season of “winter dream” on Beijing Satellite TV.
Feihe bet on the top stream of the interpretation session of the Winter Olympics, took Wang Meng as the best friend of the brand, and put the product star Feifan Zhuo Rui in a prominent position for publicity in Wang Meng’s live program “the Lord is coming”. At the same time, with # your growth, I have been present # on the topic and continuously improved the product volume.
Source: milk powder think tank
4. Brand cooperation, mutual communication and increase customer acquisition
Rosen x Coca Cola
Shuey Rhon Rhon February Bing dwen dwen launched a winter sports fair in February. It can buy 1 bottles of Coca-Cola products and complete 24 points. It can get ice cube pier or snow Rong Winter Olympic crystal ball. It is understood that 7-Eleven has also launched similar activities.
Source: Rosen dot
With the help of the marketing cooperation with the official brand of the Winter Olympic Games, retailers are undoubtedly an effective means to increase exposure, rapid drainage and win-win. However, it was also found that due to the rush of launch time, the release channels of relevant activities were not clear and accurate; The communication for the staff in the store is also lack of standardization and unity, which not only causes the surge of store workload, but also easily leads to consumer dissatisfaction, thus affecting the evaluation of retailers. 7 this is also a problem that brands should pay attention to and avoid when planning similar activities in the future.
Across the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Valentine’s day, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is coming to an end, and this much-awaited sports feast and marketing event is coming to an end. During this period, the major food brands showed their magic power and created the marketing model of sports events in the use of official IP, flash activities, product packaging, online interaction, star endorsement, program title and other aspects.
It can be predicted that sports, especially ice and snow sports, will become more popular and popular under the influence of the Winter Olympics, and sports events will continue to become the key event of brand marketing. Despite the universal experience, how to maximize the brand exposure and lasting brand voice through the best channel selection and resource allocation within the limited time and budget, and convey the product advantages and brand concept to the target consumers will be a new test question when each brand faces each different event.
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