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Haidilao lost more than 3.8 billion yuan last year. The customs reminded to stop eating Abbott, a recalled batch of products, radical investors nominated McDonald’s directors, JUNLEBAO’s acquisition of equity was publicized, and Jane Eyre’s parent company promoted a new brand

Hot company information and announcement


Haidilao issues profit warning

Today, Haidilao issued a profit warning that it is expected to turn from profit to loss for the year ended December 31, 2021, with a net loss of about 3.8 billion to 4.5 billion yuan. During the period, the revenue is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan, an annual increase of more than 40%. Haidilao said that the expected loss was mainly attributed to the following aspects. First of all, in 2021, the one-time loss and impairment loss on the disposal of long-term assets caused by the closure of more than 300 Haidilao restaurants and the decline of restaurant operating performance totaled about 3.3 billion yuan to 3.9 billion yuan. (company announcement)

Pucheng dairy official announced a new brand “op3n”

Today, Pucheng dairy, the parent company of Jane Eyre, announced its new brand “op3n” incubated internally, and has launched its first product yogurt mousse. It is reported that Pucheng dairy and Fuyou United Food (China) Co., Ltd. have established a joint venture subsidiary Puyou United dairy Chengde Co., Ltd., which is specially responsible for the production and manufacturing, brand operation and channel promotion of “op3n”. (issued by the company)

Publicity of JUNLEBAO’s acquisition of shares of Royal laisier dairy

Recently, the General Administration announced the case of Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Yunnan Huangshi laisier Dairy Co., Ltd. and other two companies. According to the document, JUNLEBAO dairy plans to acquire 20% equity of laiser dairy and laiser intelligence held by Huang group. After this transaction, laiser dairy and laiser intelligence will be jointly controlled by Huang group and JUNLEBAO dairy. (State Administration of market supervision)

Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO name change

Industrial and commercial information shows that recently, the name of “Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd.” was changed to “JUNLEBAO Dairy Group Co., Ltd.”. (business information)

The business scope of Heilongjiang Feihe e-commerce Co., Ltd. has increased the retail of pet food and supplies


The business scope of Yuanqi forest subsidiary is new wine business

According to the industrial and commercial information, on February 15, the industrial and commercial change occurred in qingqiaona (Hefei) Technology Co., Ltd., and the business scope was added to liquor business; Food sales; Retail of edible agricultural products; Cosmetics retail; Retail of pet food and supplies; Literary and artistic creation, etc. The company was founded in January 2022 and its legal representative is Tang Xin, which is wholly owned by Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. (business information)

Wang Jie withdrew from the position of supervisor of PepsiCo food and Wang Jun took over

(business information)

Wal Mart fined for selling expired carrots

Recently, Beijing Wal Mart Department Store Co., Ltd. was fined 10000 yuan by Beijing Shijingshan District market supervision and Administration for selling “Zhichun brand fruit carrots” beyond the shelf life. (CNR network)

Taixing a seafood restaurant named “box horse fresh” was sentenced to a compensation of 25000 yuan

Without permission, a seafood restaurant in Taixing was named “HEMA fresh”, which constituted trademark infringement and unfair competition. Jingjiang court ruled to compensate the plaintiff 25000 yuan for “HEMA fresh”. (Jingjiang people’s court)

Feihe was selected into the four departments to jointly announce the list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration factories

On February 18, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of market supervision jointly announced the list of units and excellent scenes of the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration factory in 2021. Feihe (Tailai) Dairy Co., Ltd. was selected as the “intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory of dairy products”. So far, Feihe has obtained 19 registration certificates of scientific and technological achievements, 13 authorized invention patents, 20 accepted invention patents, 14 software copyrights and 4 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. (issued by the company)

Mars: implement sustainable solutions and expand the way of three-dimensional development of enterprises

On February 18, Mars China was invited to participate in the fourth consumer goods forum · China day held in Shanghai. Statistics show that Mars China attaches great importance to the impact of enterprise operation on society and environment, and supports the realization of global goals with packaging upgrading iteration, consumer education and support for the construction of circular economy as the three starting points. For example, Mars Wrigley, in cooperation with China greening foundation, launched the Mars “forest of tomorrow” program, which will donate 20000 trees in Alxa Left Banner Area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2022 (released by the company)

2022 Yibao new advertising film launched

Today, Yi Po releases 2022 new advertising films through the WeChat official account. (issued by the company)

Radical investor Carl Icahn nominated McDonald’s director

In the context of the “debate” between the two sides over the rights and interests of sows, McDonald’s recently said that Carl Icahn had nominated two board members to the company. McDonald’s said in a statement that Carl Icahn holds 200 shares of the company and that the company will evaluate the nominees as any board candidate. (Reuters)

McDonald’s will add diversification indicators to its top incentives

McDonald’s recently said that it would include diversification indicators in the high-level target incentive plan in 2022. It will measure executives according to relevant indicators, advocate core values, improve diversity and create a strong inclusive culture. (company announcement)

LV Japan Ginza flash store will be renovated and opened

In late March 2021, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton officially opened in the renovated Ginza store in Tokyo, Japan. The new store is 7 floors high. In addition to the brand boutique, it also opened LV caf é and the latest business: chocolate store Le Chocolat v. (Hua Lizhi)


Quick reading of food industry information


The General Administration of Customs informed Abbott China to recall a special medical product and issued a reminder

For Abbott’s previous initiative to recall products, the official website of the General Administration of Customs reported yesterday that the relevant batches of products were not exported to China through general trade; Similac hmfortifi, a special medical product produced by the enterprise involved, has a record of export to China, and Abbott China has launched an independent recall. The General Administration of Customs said it would closely follow up the progress of FDA’s investigation and inform consumers in time. (General Administration of Customs)

The list of cross-border e-commerce retail imports has been adjusted, involving tomato juice

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance on the 21st that eight departments including the Ministry of Finance recently announced that the list of cross-border e-commerce retail imports will be optimized and adjusted from March 1, 2022. According to the announcement released this time, China’s current list of cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods will be further optimized: 29 commodity tax items such as ski appliances, tomato juice and golf appliances will be added, and one commodity tax item of sword will be deleted. In addition, in order to implement relevant international conventions, strengthen Import Supervision and management, and adjust the remarks of some commodities. (Xinhuanet)

Byte jumped out of the securities business, and Hualin securities won the dolphin stock app

Hualin securities announced that the company has signed an agreement with Beijing zitiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. to purchase its dolphin stock app. In order to better operate the dolphin stock app and carry out customer service, Hualin securities plans to transfer 100% equity of Wenxing online held by Jiangsu headlines today. Wenxing online is the main operator of dolphin stock app, and the proposed price of this transaction is 20 million yuan. (Securities Times)

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